Blood & Work At Home Dreams Don’t Mix!

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So today I want to talk about something you may have probably experienced ever since you decided that you wanted to leap in to the wonderful world of working at home. To most people when you mention work from home, 2 prevailing thoughts come to mind about this industry depending on the individual.

1. Scams.
Let's face it, shady schemes are a reality of this industry. Scams out number legitimate opportunities 84 to 1 last time I checked. The odds are obviously stacked against you. For my loyal subscribers that actually READ my material, that isn't the case. Chances are these folks have watched my scam video, read the scams and comments listed on my scam page. Scams are rarely a concern for folks like us because we know to do our research and trust our instincts. But for people that just venture into this industry without this knowledge, the odds are in the favor of the con artist. So I can't really hate on people that think of scams when they hear the concept of work at home. It's totally justified.
2. Myth.
To a lot of folks the reality of working at home is often likened to big foot or free national health care here in America. It just doesn't exist. There is a large portion of the population that feels that if working at home was a viable option then everyone would do it. Or they also assume that since they weren't successful at it or don't know anyone that has been, it can't be a reality. I can understand how folks feel that way. After all we're all shaped by our experiences. As such it may limit our perspective about the world at large. So this is an understandable presumption.

Mother knows best?

Unfortunately most of these feelings regarding work at home are present in the people we love the most which are our family members or close friends. I remember the first day I made a couple of cents reading emails. Me being the bigger thinker that I am, had already seen the possibility of magnifying these few cents into the thousands of dollars I now earn. So I told my mom, I'm going to work at home and make some big money.
My mom being the hard working caribbean immigrant that she was, basically told me that I was crazy. I needed to do what all hard working Americans that are successful in this country do. Go to school and get a "good ass" job with benefits. Well if I were a different person, that conversation with "moms" would have ended my dreams of working at home. But alas along with a good value systems and advice, my mother passed down the trait of stubbornness. I've always been the type that wanted to prove people wrong. It probably had to do with some of my self esteem issues growing up. If someone told me I couldn't do something or couldn't have a certain girl, Lord was I determined to prove them wrong. The thing is I had strong resolution when it came to this mission. I didn't care if it would take me years to achieve my goal of proving you wrong. If I felt strongly about it, oh you were going to eat those words.
So when my mom told me that my dream was impossible, it might as well have been Medieval France when gentlemen ran around smacking each other with a glove to challenge one another to a duel. Oh it was on popping, Mom!
The reason I'm telling you this story is that many of you may not have the stubborn genes I have. 99.9% of you probably have family members and friends looking at you cock eyed when you talk about your ventures in the work at home industry. They snickered when you told them that you earned a few cents at ClixSense or They tell you you're crazy for getting your swag on on Swagbucks to earn that "funny money". They think your opinions are worth nada and can't even imagine that MySurvey would want to pay you for them. They're telling you Eddy can't be making that type of money he's talking about and is probably a drug dealer or one of those work at home scammers out there. I'm sure you've heard variations of all these things.

No disrespect intended, but….

Your family is like Willis from the 80's TV show "Different Strokes". They don't know what the hell "they talkin bout" when it comes to this industry. Look I'm not here to bad mouth your family or friends. If they're anything like my "moms", they probably think you walk on water and your farts smell like roses. Our family members truly do love us. But when it comes to work at home, I hate to say this but you need to treat them like most people do books. Ignore them.I know it sounds harsh but that's just real talk. Let me give you an analogy to bring this point home.
Ladies, if you're having problems dating men, are you going to get advice from:
A. That bitter girlfriend who's been a professional serial dater for most of her life and has never had a serious relationship that lasted longer than 6 months and thinks "men ain't [email protected]"! Coincidentally this same girl friend has also come to the brilliant conclusion that the 50+ men she dated in her long miserable lifetime were always the ones to blame for the break up.
B. Your happily married girlfriend who has been in a few successful monogamous relationships and never had any problems finding a good man.
Hopefully if you have any good sense you will have taken the advice of girlfriend B. If not, you have a lot more issues to work out that are more important than landing a little ol' work at home job. But I ain't one to judge. lol (P.S. if you are girlfriend B, my bad…)
In any event, this is obviously an exaggerated example but it is very similar in regards to looking towards family members and/or friends who have never succeeded at working at home for advice or encouragement. The concept is foreign to them so you can't very well expect that they will be supportive. Bless my mom, I knew she had the right intentions for me. After all she was just trying to guide me towards a proven blue print that she and others around her had followed. But I just knew in my heart there was money to be made online and earning the few cents I did from reading emails was proof to me. So I had enough strength to push forward and obviously ya'll seen how that played out for me.

I'm man enough to admit it…

Were people right about the scams? Yes of course they were. If you know my story, you know the reason I created my websites was because I was scammed. But I turned that lemon into some pretty profitable lemonade and was determined to help as many people avoid that experience. It just happen that this passion was also a great way to make money. However imagine, if I would've listened to my dear mom. I would still be working for the man instead of being here sharing this gem of knowledge with you.

Great minds think alike….

Ultimately our loved ones tend to have our best interest at heart. But when it comes to this industry it may be the one time you may want to look elsewhere for guidance and support. Maybe it's visiting forums where other like minded people congregate. Or maybe it's a matter of hanging out on a work at home related blog that provides you with education while making you pee in your pants. (Hint, hint). It doesn't really matter what it is, but you need to surround yourself with like minded folks that understand your situation. This is especially the case for you brave souls that have decided to get into the affiliate marketing business like yours truly. For all Wealthy Affiliate University's imperfections, the one thing I absolutely love about their site is their member forum. It's always great to read from people that understand your day to day struggles or can appreciate your minor victories. When the rest of the world thinks you're speaking Greek, it's great to be in a place you can call home. It's sort of like that bar Cheers where everyone knows your name. Except in this instance everyone knows your joy and pain.
Hopefully this all makes sense and none of you want to beat me up because you think I was disrespecting your momma or any other loved ones. I just want you to know that I was where you may be right now with your family.

Fairy tale ending?

Let me tell you how the story may end if you follow my advice and push forward through the pain. One day you may be in the Bahamas at the world famous Atlantis Hotel with your family members. You're in a nice suite overlooking the water and your mother is an adjacent room with the same view. You head over to your momma's room which you paid for with that pipe dream she said you were on. You both look at the balcony and you tell your mom, you see mom. I told you I would be able to do this and I'm happy that I could prove you wrong and take you here. Your mom turns and hugs you and says she loves you. Then she tries to cop pleas about she always believed in you but just wanted you to be safe, blah blah. You then reply stop fronting mom! But I love you anyway.
Now your story may end differently but you get the point. Don't give up on your dreams because it seems like everyone else around you doesn't believe in it. Believe in yourself and be a stubborn ass and make it happen. I don't care what you use for fuel, but take action and make your dreams a reality. Because if I can do it, there is absolutely no reason you can't. You don't need to neccessarily find my path. You have options, it can be a work at home job, or some home based business. It doesn't really matter. Just do you and don't look to people who haven't achieved the success you want for approval or praise. Follow and surround yourself with people that have what you want and try to mimic and listen to them. After all they're where you want to be.
Well enough of my yammering on. Was this helpful to any of you? Have you been going through this problem? If this speaks to your experience, let me hear about it below…
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