Work At Home Update: Fusion Cash Tasks

So a few weeks ago I discussed ClickSense Task opportunity and I see many of you have taken advantage of this. So I've decided to introduce another one that offers the same type of option.

Fusion Cash is well known for paying people to try offers, answer surveys, but they also have an option for doing various small jobs known as tasks. If you've read my Amazon Mechanical Turk article, you're familiar with these type of sites. If not, be sure to read it before giving this a shot at Fusion Cash.

But in general a task site is basically when you have a big job that is broken down into smaller tasks that many people can do online. So for instance, let's say I need someone to search google and data enter websites they found when they searched for a certain keyword. I could hire a company like Fusion Cash to find people that will do this work for me at a certain rate per website entered.

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Is A Scam?

No not food, we’re talking about getting paid to listen to music. Getting a slice of the pie, make sense? In my roaming for different …

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