Instagc Review: Is It A Scam or The Real Deal?

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InstaGC is GPT to website found at It's a mixture of the following sites:,, Fusion Cash, and the defunct You're basically getting paid to do stuff online. And a lot of that stuff is what you already do. So let's dive into it.

How do you earn money with

You can earn “rewards” by doing the following:

– Watching Videos
– Listening To Music
– Visiting Websites
– Doing Small Task
– Sign Up For Paid & Free Offers.
– Referring others that want to the stuff above.

It's pretty cool how easy it is to earn with this site. But if you'd like to see me do it live, just check out the video below.

Like what you saw? Then click here to join now!

How are you paid and when are you paid by InstaGc?

The good news is that pays instantly just like their website address suggest. But they use a point system (like But don't get your feathers all ruffled. The points can be redeemed for instant online gift cards and cash. They have free gift cards for all the usual suspect stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Apple and a lot more. They have a wide selection for everyone at the time of this review. But if gift cards don't get you going, you can always opt for the slow ass check option.The choice is yours either way.

Is there a minimum to cash out?

Yes, at the time of this review the cash out was only $1.


Here's the reason you may want to join

1. Their parent company Day Online Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited business with an A rating at the time of this review. I take BBB ratings with a grain of salt and you know why here. But if that's your barometer, their rating may make you giddy and confident.

2. has been around and paying since 2011. That's damn near an eternity in internet time.

3. Low payout minimum & they pay instantly. None of this waiting for a month nonsense. If you can earn the very minimum of $1 you can have a sweet amazon gift card or PayPal payment by today.

4. They give you a sign up bonus. They provide you with only 10 points ($.10) to start off your account which means you're closer to cashing out. It's not a lot, but you just got paid for signing up and most of you have never earned a cent online and more of you have lost more. So keep that in perspective before you snicker.

5. There are a lot of EASY options to earn points that don't require signing up or paying for anything. If you don't mind visiting websites, watching videos, liking Facebook pages, or downloading legitimates apps or software, you can easily make money with this company.

6. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can recruit. So this is perfect for people like me who have a website and learned a lot of referral techniques from Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Mobile ready site. I tend to use my smartphone more than I use my laptop. So it was wonderful to see that Instagc has a mobile ready site. It actually makes it easier to find offers that pay me for downloading apps. And I can just work on this opportunity when I'm waiting around at the grocery store or getting my oil change. Shout out to Jay for reminding me about this!

8. You can start earning right away. Unlike a job or a home based business, you can sign up and start earning today. There isn't any waiting which is nice if you're in the process of looking for a job or getting your business off the ground.,, Fusion Cash & are great in this way as well.

9. International. This opportunity is now open to all countries all over the world.

Instagc Complaints

No company is perfect and neither is this one. Here are the things that may give you the heebie jeebies.

1. Earning rewards can be a bit time consuming. Fortunately, most of the ways to earn are for activities you already do unpaid. But for some people this may not be “worth” their time. I spend a lot of down time watching TV and doing other dumb stuff. So it's totally worth my time to work InstaGc during that stuff.

2. Depending on the activity, the reward points can take a while to show up in your account. So sometimes you think you didn't get credited, but you really did. There is a delay and unfortunately they don't always signify that there will be. So keep that in mind before you think you're being jerked of your rewards.

3. Like every “get paid to” company there are a few complaints from people whose accounts have been shut down for “no reason”. I've been in this industry long enough to know that sometimes people violate rules and the terms and conditions without knowing it. Too often we don't read any of that stuff. (Guilty as charged.) And when the company decides to call you out on the violation and take action, then these folks want to take to the web and call a company a scam. That seems to happen here as well. There are also people that abuse the system and their accounts get shut down as well which makes total sense. And of course, there is a small majority that I think fall through the cracks and get shut down unintentionally. Either way the sporadic reports of this doesn't surprise me. You'll find this complaint about a lot of popular companies.

4. It's not a work at home job. Although you can probably make some decent money with this consistently if you're willing to explore all the ways they offer to make money, it's not really a work at home job. So this may not appeal to someone that is looking for more of a traditional 9-5 gig.

Extra Money Bonus

If you do plan on giving this free opportunity a try, I have a little secret method that will help you make money a bit faster and super easy. Best of all it can be used today. It's free too! Do you want to hear about it?

Okay, watch the following video and it will show you how to get free money from as soon as you sign up! Once you watch the video you can use the following booster code: “WorkAtHomeNoScamscom” (without the quotes) It will give you 5 additional points!

How To Sign Up For InstaGC!

1. Click here for my referral link to sign up. (It's totally free)

2. Check your email for a confirmation message from Instagc (might be in your spam or promo folder)

3. Click on the link in the email.

4. Sign in & Start making money! It literally takes 5 minutes or less.

So Is Instagc Legitimate or Not?

Given what I've researched and my own personal experience. I think that InstaGc is legit. As you can see in my YouTube video, I was actually paid and made money! It's definitely worth a shot for the right type of person.

Person 1: If you're looking to replace your income or pay your mortgage and don't know how to get lots of referrals, then this may not be for you. You're probably better off with a job or a business.

Person 2: If you want to earn some extra money for some things you probably already do (unpaid) and believe that every penny counts, then this opportunity is perfect for you. If you couple this with some of my other recommendations, it can add some nice extra money. And if you get your referral game up which is easy to do with the free training and website provide by Wealthy Affiliate, you can really make some serious money with this.

So let me know what you think about this opportunity below. Have you tried it? Is it something you plan to add to your multiple streams of income? Chime in below. Thanks for reading. Be sure to subscribe below if you like this review and feel free to visit my Facebook Fanpage here.

58 thoughts on “Instagc Review: Is It A Scam or The Real Deal?”

  1. InstaGc scammed me out of $200 in rewards. My account was suddenly “locked” and the help desk demanded drivers license and address information. When provided, they told me the information was incorrect. Further communication only gave me responses from them that my timeout was not quantifiable and the delay was on my end. I only have one drivers license and one address. What a joke! I have accounts across all similar platforms with no issues what so ever.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience Henry. I’ve never experienced this in all the years I’ve cashed out from Instagc. It’s usually an easy and quick process. I will admit their support isn’t always the best though. It feels like you’re talking to a robot sometimes given their canned responses.

  2. Nice review Eddy! Instagc is one of my favorite online money making sites. Like you said it’s not going replace your day job but it will provide you with some extra cash. One of the easiest ways to make a little cash on Instagc is with Point Booster Codes.

  3. I cant get my account activated. Using a debit card to try and activate my paypal account. Need advice on opportunities in South Africa pls

  4. Hi Eddy, im really curious about this and i want to give it a try, but i want to know if i cant trust this page cause im still a student so my brother is the one whos gonna loan me his paypal account and want to be sure is secure in all aspects.

  5. Hi I’ve read about your post and wanted to ty instagc. I’ve already signed up and verified with my paypal account. So it says that my instagc account is verified but in order to continue I need an active and verified paypal account. how can that be possible because my paypal is already verified? Do you have any ideas? There’s no section where I can contact support.

  6. I’ve signed up but it keeps telling me that i need to verify my paypal account first. I rechecked my paypal account and it’s already verified. Any ideas on what to do?

  7. InstaGC is AWESOME! After just about a week of doing surveys and watching vids in the background I bought Battlefield One from the Xbox One online store. If you’re a broke college student like myself this is a great site to pick up some stuff you regularly wouldn’t be able to afford.

    • I have been having major issues with this site and getting blocked on the video watch, for over a month at a time. I am not doing anything wrong, and I am not getting that many videos to begin with. I was able to start watching them at work, but now I got the Ecode: 9999 there as well. My home IP was finally opened on Sunday after being blocked for 5 weeks, it was gone later that morning. They keep blaming a third party watch group, I am not buying it anymore. There is no reason to be constantly blocking me and keeping me from my main earning endeavor there.

    • Mon, if you’re talking about when you first sign up for this company and need to provide your contact info I’ve never had a spam issue. If you decide to sign up for companies they promote and pay you for in the member area that’s different. Since those companies are paying instagc for promotion which is shared with you. Those companies may contact you a lot. But you can just avoid this by not doing any offer that requires your personal info.

  8. Eddy, Do you know what happened to Chatabout? I wasn’t on there that long. I received a couple of payouts. I tried to go on this site this site the other day and it was gone. I went to a website to find out what happened and found out others went through the same thing. We all lost our accumulated points. I know sites come and go but it is very disappointing that this happened without warning.

    • Hey Judith,

      Chatabout was on a decline for a while. So I’m not surprised at all. Just read some of the comments on my article about them and you’ll see the consistent pattern over the last year or so. Either way I’m sorry to hear about this for you. That’s why its important to have multiple streams of income just in case one dries up, you didn’t have all your eggs in that one basket. Either way it sucks to lose rewards that you worked for.

  9. Hi! I just recently started using this site and was enjoying it a lot. I went to cash out a 5 dollar Steam gift card and it asked for my phone number. I didn’t know what to think about this so I did some research and it turns out most people who put in their phone number get the verification code but their account gets suspended or they are forced to talk to support to get the account back. I did not enter my phone number yet but would like my gift card. People have told me their accounts were suspected for fraud. I do not want that happening to me. Thank you!

    • Jim,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your account shouldn’t be suspected of fraud if you haven’t engaged in it. Sometimes people are doing shady things and that’s why their accounts are closed. My advice is to contact Instagc before attempting to cash out and ask them if your account is in good standing. If they say it is, then you shouldn’t have an issues. I would just express your concern given what you’re read from a few people. Anytime I’ve tried to cash out i’ve never had an issue and support is always very responsive to emails. So I wouldn’t just assume the worst. You’re always going to find complaints from people about every company. It’s impossible to please everyone and some times the people that are complaining are people that have actually done something wrong. It’s not always the case but sometimes it is. So you have to keep that in mind. I hope this helps.

  10. Hi there! I’m wondering if you still like the InstaGC site? And if it would be still worth it for me to do it? And if it is can you please explain to me about cookies and stuff so I can make sure I get points. I’m using android KitKat. And don’t understand much about the settings. I found out about you from Pinterest ! Thank you!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Yes I’m still with instagc and still make money with it. Instagc is cool to make extra money with.
      Just google what is a cookie and how to clear it using android KikKat and I’m sure there is an article that explains it.
      That said if you’re looking to make REAL money like the type that you can pay major bills with or replace your income then you may want
      consider this and this. At the end of the day instagc is still legit. But it would be on of many multiple streams of income you should have to make good money online.

  11. Hi, I really enjoy this site and highly recommend it to people. I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks now but I’ve 60 bucks already 🙂 pretty happy about that! But i was wondering what is it that people could be unknowingly doing that gets them banned? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Gwynn,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it as well. Read the terms of conditions. Usually that’s the stuff that most of us don’t read. That’s where you find the things that can get people banned if they’re being ignored.

  12. dude it is such a scam site
    + check their facebook page everyday before they start the mass deletions, same old complaint, amazing how many people try to hack this site, LOL! the scam: they will pick a certain number of people that have 500-1000 points small enough for most people to say oh well and just walk away, then they ban them for hacking,fraud,bots,automation, or whatever strikes their fancy. maybe 1 or 2 people complain so they pacify them and the rest well they just got out of paying out a bunch of money, they know all they have to do is push advertising, that they can do really cheaply, get more rubes, and the cycle continues, the great performers they keep, the part timers? well “YOU IS A HACKEN……BAN!” easy money.

    • I’ve been using them for nearly two years and never had an issue. Support has always been very responsive and I’ve been able to cash out numerous times with no problems. And I have a friend I know personally that has earned many times with this company and never had an issue cashing out.

      I’ve been in this industry long enough to know there are a lot of people that do try to hack reward sites purposely and then run online claiming their accounts were closed for no reason. And then you have some people that don’t even realize they violated a rule and their accounts can get closed. It’s unfortunate for the latter group but it’s hard for a reward site to be able to determine which camp people are in. It’s a tough situation.

      But I don’t buy the claim instagc is out here purposely closing accounts of people for no reason. I can only speak from my experience and like i said I’ve been with them for about 2 years and never had an issue with cashing out or contacting support.

    • Thanks for the reminder Jason! I’m so happy they finally made the switch. It’s about time and now they are definitely beating out other companies like Swagbuck in my opinion. In any event, I’ve updated the article.

  13. doubters can doubt and haters can hate. All I know is between Swagbucks and InstaGC last year I was able to provide a christmas to 6 kids with gifts including bedroom furniture, tablets, video games, etc. I was able to pay for father’s day, mother’s day, various children’s birthdays and so much more. The payouts on InstaGC are instant unless you utilize their direct deposit/paypal option that they have recently added. As long as you take your time doing the offers and use fresh emails for each advertiser it should pay out every time.

    • Sarah,

      I’m a huge fan of both sites as well. Although I like Instagc more. But I agree I use these sites for gifts, buying gadgets, etc. Well said. Thanks for chiming in.

  14. Instagc is not working that well for me. I am doing offers and not getting my points. I was able to cash out for a Amazon gift card and could have cashed out for another one but can’t get my points for activities I’m doing. Yes, it is very time consuming and I don’t mind doing it, but I would like to get my points, plus Radio Loyalty never did work for me. I am constantly contacting support about these problem but they really don’t have any answers. Will stick with it until the end of the year. The only advice I would give others is to keep track of all the offers you do and have proof.

    • Karynne,

      When doing offers you have to be very careful with your computer set up. If you have programs like anti-virus or spyware protection sometimes they mess up the tracking. You have to make your cookies have been cleared and then enabled before doing any offer. Because sometimes you’re not getting credit because you may have another site’s tracking code on your machine and so instagc doesn’t get credit so they won’t give you any. So that’s why it’s important to clear your cache.

      Also if you’re using any hidden ip or vpn set up, that may prevent things as well. So there could be a number of technical reasons for the tracking issues. But it’s good to keep records. I recently just cashed out about $200 in apple gift cards, so I know they are paying. But doing offers for any site is always a bit tricky because of the nature of how they are tracked. That’s usually why I stick with the simpler lower point earning activities. But thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully some of my suggestion help improve the tracking situation.

  15. They are F-A-K-E. I spent several days working hard, being honest and whatnot earning credits. I finally was able to redeem my giftcard and then they locked my account. I sent in a ticket, and got no response. I sent messages to mods, and got ignored. I give 2 thumbs down.

    • Kai,

      I’m sorry to hear what you experienced. But my experience is totally different. I just redeemed over $100 with no issue whatsoever. I also contacted Instagc support about an issue I had and they responded the same day.
      What was your account name over there? Maybe I can email them and get their side of their story. Because in my experience there is usually another side in situations like this. And sometimes it’s because the person violated some rules knowingly or unknowingly.

      So it would be interesting to hear their take on your account. But I have proof that I just redeemed this month so they’re definitely not fake. I also have a friend that redeems regularly as well. That all said, sorry to hear about your experience. There are other fish in the sea. Try tapbooty. You may like it.

      Thanks for sharing your unique experience.

  16. I dont care what people says, I LOVE instaGC.!
    Personally its better than all those other GPT sites out there!
    Yes, i’m sad there is no paypal option but i like the option that you can
    cash out a check if you want! (US only).

    I’m currently an instagc user and my overall earnings is $110.29!
    And still earning. Unfortunately I had a bad day once and decided to cash
    out on amazon to make me feel better.

    So i’m building my way back up to where i was. Currently at $34, and earning 😀

    I love instaGC! of course there are some users there who are dumb dumbs and
    break the rules left and right like there isnt a mod watching us chat. But they clear that up!
    They run a tight shift!

    The people there extra friendly and keep me motivated. I know it is isnt a get rich quick
    scheme, But it will help pay for Christmas presents and my iphone 😀

    I love instaGC!

    • Hey Angel,

      I just have one question. Do you love InstaGc? I couldn’t tell by your comment. 😉

      All jokes aside, I obviously love Instagc as well and I plan to use it to pay for my new smartphone
      or maybe christmas shopping as well. It’s definitely much easier than some of the other sites out there. Like any company it’s not perfect
      but it’s good enough. If they had a paypal option they would be on a higher level for me. Let’s face it, who wants to wait for a check. lol

      Any way, thanks for sharing your subtle feedback about instagc. LOL

  17. insta gc is a terrible site , i tried it and a ton of offers i did did not credit then i had frozen pts which were supposed to be unfrozen after 2 weeks and it didnt happen the staff is rude and the site is a joke alot of offers arent crediting so you are working for pennies on the dollar and you still dont get credited, SWAGBUCKS IS MUCH BETTER AND PAYS OUT

    • Hey “real person” that doesn’t use their real name.
      Sorry to hear it’s been a bad experience for you but you’re definitely the exception to the rule. I and many people I know have redeemed many times from

      As long as you’re not breaking the rules and there are no issues with your browser, everything tracks just fine. The fact you’re anonymous makes wonder if you’ve intentionally or unintentionally violated some rules.

      Either way, I’m sorry for ya. Swagbucks definitely has some advantages. But I do both and happy with them both.

      Good luck to you who ever you really are?

  18. I have cashed out 14 gift cards (Amazon & tonight 1 Starbucks) since December 8 of last year. They are great for getting free gift cards 🙂 I just don’t like waiting for frozen point t clear 🙁

  19. So I joined Swagbucks and InstaGC at the same time all
    because of Eddy’s recommendation. That was on the last day of 2013… In 10
    days I’ve already cashed in two $10 Sephora gift cards on InstaGC! I must
    admit, I’ve not done a lot of tasks. I think I’ve put much more effort into
    other programs than InstaGC but I received much more instant rewards via InstaGC.
    Instant gratification is amazing and that’s what really has me hooked. I
    received my $10 Sephora gift card so quickly that I went to cash it out the
    next day just to ensure it was real! It’s not for everyone but Eddy hasn’t
    steered me wrong yet so I’m going to keep on trying his suggestions!

    Now if only I could get Swagbucks to pay out so instantly…

    • Thanks for chiming in Rai! I knew you would appreciate this opportunity because of your “shopping habits”. LOL

      You’ve been my top referral! So keep grinding away. More of these opportunities coming your way! Thanks for chiming in!

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