Company Representative Needed (Payment For Services) Scam!

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I have to tell you these scam artist are very creative with the art of ripping people off. Lately what I've been noticing is that these scam artist are using legitimate company's real names and contact information.

Why You Ask?

Well it's the reason you probably got to this page. Most work at home seekers have been taught to use search engines to do research. So presumingly you did a search for this company's name and got to this page. But in most cases the scammer is hoping you'll land on the legitimate company's website which should then lure you into a sense of security. They hope then you will actually email the scammer back where they can continue the con.

But here's a way to figure out if the person that is claiming to represent the legitimate company is who they say they are.

  • Email the company directly using the information or contact form listed on the given site not in the email you received.
  • Or call the number on the company website and not that one that was provided to you in the email.

At the end of the day, just be on your guard. Real employers don't email you out the blue without knowing your qualification or seeing a resume you sent. Just use your common sense. You can find legitimate work at home jobs here at Work At Home No Scams or at Work At Home Careers. Don't fall for the fraud job below. It's not real and any variations of it should also be avoided. By the way don't keep this information to yourself. Be sure to share it with others you know looking for work at home or if you visit message boards, etc. The best way to fight scams is to share the truth with as many as people as possible. So don't be selfish. Share the knowledge.

By the way the legitimate billards website listed in the scam email below has actually taken action against this scammer and has a warning at the bottom of the page so they are aware of the misuse of their name and are helping people fight back. We commend them for that!

In any event, I've listed this latest creative work at home scam email below:


From:;;; CO@km21

Jyuben Woodwork Co.,Ltd.Singsing Rd

Heng Tang 128 Industrial Park Tong Xia

Dongguan, Kwangtung, China

Tel: 86-769-7722116

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr.Jyu Ben,managinig director of JYU BEN WOODWORK CO,LTD taiwan/china. We are a trading company that is into the import and export of goods like funature, industrial, and office equipment, we export these funiture equipments to U.S.A, Canada, Africa and Europe. Owing to the large amount of clients that we have in the U.S.A,Canada, Africa and Europe, we are having difficulty in reaching all of them, therefore we decided to employ representatives in all the states of america,Canada, Africa and Europe to help us get to our clients.

As our representative, you shall serve as a link between us and our clients and you will also be responsible for the collection of payments on our behalf.and here is our website if you wish to view, Note: that you shall have a 10% commission
for every payment that you collect on our behalf.

Please if you are interested, please fill this form below and send it back to us through my email——– via,








Subject to your response, we shall have our company's attorney draft out an agreement to seal up this contract.

Best Regards,




No thanks Mr JYU Ben Scammer! Keep your scam to yourself!

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