Creations Rewards Review: Why Does It Take So Long?

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Creations rewards reviewHave you ever really thought about how much time you spend surfing the internet on your smartphone, laptop or desktop? If you're anything like me you may be clinical addicted to the internet. I'm joking but according to some recent medical reports many of us have an unhealthy addiction to the web. Most of us are spending time online on things that probably aren't adding any real value to your life. But imagine if you could change that and use your time online more productively so it actually pays you. Well that's what we're trying to determine in my Creations Rewards Review down below. It may be worth a read if you're looking to get paid for something you probably already do.

What is Creations Rewards?

You may or many not know this. But there are a ton of rewards programs and paid survey programs online that claim to pay you for doing things that you already do on the web. I've reviewed some of them in the past such as Fusion Cash, SwagBucks, Instagc. Creations Rewards,, is one of the many online rewards programs that make these claims. It was created in 2000 by Christopher Basista and it is based out of New Jersey.

How to Earn Money with Creations Rewards

Like many reward websites Creations Rewards uses its own funny money instead of real cash. In this case you are rewarded with points. Don't worry you can use the points for real things like money. But we'll get into that later. In any event there are many activities available to earn these points. Among these are daily paid surveys, videos that are available to watch every day, websites that you can visit and complete certain activities depending on the website, you can also shop online, complete special offers, and refer your family and friends. You could potentially earn quite a few points by completing all of these.

How much does it pay?

The website claims that you can earn 1,000 points, which is the equivalent to five dollars, just by doing the daily surveys. Surveys are worth anywhere from 50 to 200 points each and if you manage to complete three surveys in a day, you will receive an additional 125 points. After you complete the surveys, you can earn even more points by watching the videos. These are worth various amounts ranging from one to five points depending on the video. Also, by visiting websites you can collect even more points also ranging from one to five per website. Again, the amount of points varies depending on the website and the activities you have to complete. For example, some websites require you to visit them every day for several days before you are rewarded.

When and how am I paid?

As mentioned above, you could potentially earn 1,000 points a day. 1,000 points is worth five dollars. 1,000 points is the minimum payout. You can choose how you are paid. You can either redeem your points for gift cards to certain stores or you can have your money paid to you through Paypal. Although this seems pretty simple, it takes quite a while to actually receive your payment. Non-Paypal rewards, gift cards, take around eight to twelve weeks to process after you request a payout. If you request a payout through Paypal it takes even longer. They claim they are working to shorten this time period, though.

How to Join

Joining is very easy and free. You just visit and the sign up form is right there on the home page. The only requirements are that you have to be at least eighteen years old or older, however, if you are thirteen years old and have your parents consent you may join. You have to be from the United States or Canada. Also, only one account per household is allowed and only one account per computer. You can not use a public computer to create your account. Doing so may result in your account being terminated.

Hacks and Tips

Want to earn more with Here are a few hacks to help you do that. They won't even get you in trouble either.

Shopping Online
You can earn cash back by shopping online at certain stores including Advanced Auto Parts, Best Buy, Disney Store, Dollar General, Home Depot, Kohls, Macy's, Old Navy, PETCO, Sears, Starbucks, VistaPrint, and many more.

If you refer your friends and family and they sign up, you will receive 10% of the points that they earn.

Daily Trivia
There is also a daily trivia game and if you answer correctly you will earn one point per game.

Creations Rewards Promo Codes
Be sure to check the Creations Rewards facebook page for promo codes. If you are the first person to enter the promo code, you receive the points.

Sign up Bonus
You will receive a five dollar sign up bonus if you reach 5,000 points within 60 days.

Complaints against Creations Rewards

Well I've painted a pretty picture about this opportunity thus far. But if you've been on this blog long enough you know I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out the cons or complaints about a given opportunity. Keep in mind it doesn't always mean a company is a scam because of complaints. However I still want you to be aware of them so you can make an informed decision. So let's dive into them.

The math doesn't add up!

With all of the different point earning opportunities on this website, you would think that it is pretty easy to rack up the points quickly. Apparently, it's not. The main complaint we found online is that it takes a long time to accumulate enough points to actually cash out. Although the website claims you can earn 1,000 points a day, you would have to be on the website all day long. And even if you are it probably adds up to less than minimum wage. So I doubt you can earn a real full time income with this opportunity.

Just Keep Waiting

Another complaint that showed up a lot was that it takes so long to receive a payment. If you request a payout or a gift card in May, that payment or gift card will not reach you until July at the earliest. It's bad enough you won't really make enough money to pay some real bills. But you have to wait even longer just to receive the measly pocket change you earned after all that time.

Survey No Shows

The last complaint was that a few people had difficulty accessing certain surveys. Even though it said the survey was available to them, it would not let them complete it and in some cases it would not even let them click on the survey.

Is Creations Rewards Legit or a Scam?

Even though it seems like receiving payments takes a long time, you will get paid eventually. Yes, this might be a pain in the butt, but they are honest about the time period. So technically Creations Rewards is legit from that perspective. So this might be a site to explore that will put a little extra spending money in your pocket. But if you're looking to make some real bill paying money then I would encourage you to explore two options that have worked for me over the years which are: My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. Combined they can give you multiple streams of income that can help you make some real money online.

If you're patient and willing to work hard, I'm confident they can help you as it has helped me. So give them a look if Creation Rewards didn't really rub you the right away. Either way I would love to hear your thoughts about this company. So please post your comments below on your way out. Thanks for reading.

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10 thoughts on “Creations Rewards Review: Why Does It Take So Long?”

  1. I think it is one of the worst time wasters I have ever had if you don’t want to waste your time like I did I recommend you to stay away from this site they always take away your points and the rewards you claim never arrive.

  2. I just want to update everyone on my Creation Rewards Account, I rec’d all of my pending rewards on June 06, 2020.
    I feel the delay was due to COVID-19 shutdown. Thank you CREATION REWARDS

  3. Creation Rewards have provided me with reliable service for many years. Lately service is slow. After sending numerous requests for status update on reward pending from Feb. 19,2020 and only receiving generic response. I am not sure if the company is at work. I realize the country is going through a pandemic with the COVID-19, coronavirus and employees may not be working but there still should be, no reason the company cannot update system with status or inform participant. I enjoy Creation Reward Surveys and would like to continue working them.

  4. Well so far with some I agree I started working from March 2019 and I was paying punctually every 14 days the Amazon gift goals and I worked with vpn what is the paypal payment request one in March and until the date did not arrive, but with kindness he was paying on time until 8/1/2019 after there I have pending rewards and nothing that pays me or answers me for now is not reliable to work it

  5. Don’t waste your freaking time with CreationsRewards because I have a paypal reward that I requested December 14 2018 and another on May 24 2019 and haven’t received either. I have sent them numerous emails and never a reply as to what’s going on. I have been making money with them for several years and never had a problem before so I don’t know what’s going on now. I even found a phone number online and called and left a message but no reply. Scam Scam Scam Scam alert

  6. I’m starting to think it’s a scam at Creation Rewards. It started out great, I was answering all the surveys honestly & I was racking up the points. I amassed 974 points between Nov 8 2016 to Nov 27 & then it stalled for about 1 1/2 weeks when I again started gaining nicely. I reconcile on an Excel sheet weekly & when I tried on Dec 11 I kept getting messages that I was entering wrong email & password. They sent me another password, but that didn’t let me in. I’d hit around 1150 points & ***POOF*** can’t get into my account. I re-contacted them on the 12th telling them the new password they sent doesn’t work… And all I’ve heard from them since is crickets! I’m thinking this site is nothing but “click-bait” and I really hate being stiffed! I put in a ton of time between them & PeanutLabs (sister site… also locked out of!) and I guess once you come up to a pay-out mark… YOU become the mark!
    Don’t waste your time with these clowns!

  7. Creation rewards is a scam . I’ve waited seems May and can’t get my payout. They won’t even answer my emails. Crooks.


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