doTERRA Review: Is it a Snake Oil Scam Or Not?

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doterra-scam-legitI'm the first one to admit that I'm a bit skeptical about the belief of slathering some good smelling oil on your skin can cure insomnia, depression, backaches, stress, and the list goes on. But then again most medicine we take are based on nature's elements found in plants, herbs, etc. So I guess it's not that far fetched that oils can have positive health effects. Either way, the idea of healing oils sparked my interest. So I decided to do some research and stumbled upon a company called doTerra that has made a business on selling oils that claim to treat and heal folk's health ailments. In my doTerra Review I'll dig in into these health claims and more importantly the business opportunity side. If you're a hippy… Opps, I meant a person into natural remedies and want to make money with it, then let's dig deeper into what doTerra has to offer.

What is doTerra

doTerra started in the spring of 2008. The name “doTerra” comes from Latin and simply means – Gift Of The Earth. The business basically centers around the sale of various fragrant “essential oils.” The company claims that these specific oils can heal and cure many ailments. The products are sold in United States, Canada, Austraila, and many other countries; including more of Central America.

doTerra Complaints

As always you know I'll dig into any company to find the possible cons or complaints the reps fail to mention or purposely hide. Alas every company has some flaws. It doesn't mean they're scams or bad. But I feel it's better to know some of the complaints beforehand. This way you can make an informed decision especially when you're investing your hard earned money and time. So with that said, my friend let's dig into some of the issues.

It's an MLM

The doTERRA business model is an MLM. Most work at home seekers are automatically skeptical of MLMs for good reasons. Many folks have had poor experiences because of shady companies with poor products or the mlm reps I've discussed before. But it doesn't mean all MLMs are bad. But let's face it some people just don't like them especially when you have complicated compensation plans that you need to decipher. The other reasons people don't like the mlm model is that it usually focus on recruiting people rather than promoting and selling products. However I don't get that impression with doTerra.

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Sign Up Costs

A lot of work from home seekers automatically assume a business as shady just due to the fact that there is a price tag attached. It's simple simon advice and mentality that has been passed around without explaining exceptions to the rule. A home business is this exception. Think about it, there are fees required to start a Walmart. Why should a work at home businesses be any different? You have to keep in mind that a work at home JOB and home business are not the same. Most businesses usually have start up fees. That said some of you will still view that as a knock against doTerra. So it's why I mention it here even if I don't agree.

Limited Payment Options

Unfortunately doTERRA doesn't offer paypal as a payment option. But they do pay via check however it appears there is a minimal check processing fee. Are you serious?! It's not bad enough that banks nickle and dime us but the company that you're helping make money wants to do it to you too. Come on! It's not like the fee is crazy but it's just principle that gets me. Apparently they have a direct deposit option which would avoid this annoying fee but you need to reach the “Gold Level” for that privilege. Ultimately this is a minor complaint and I don't think it's a real deal breaker for anyone.

Not BBB Accredited

Now just for the record, just because a company is not BBB accredited doesn't mean squat! But some of you live and die by BBB reports so with that said there are 11 closed complaints. The nature of the issues deal with product complaints, unauthorized credit card transactions, and warranty issues. In addition, there were two billing/collection issues this past July.

Internal Use Of Essential Oils
doTERRA and its consultants recommends and promotes internal use of their oil products. However, this goes against most health care providers. It has been reported that many people have been harmed in using the products in this way. Poisoning has also been reported. Aromatherapy and Herb associations have taken great lengths to let the public know that internal use of these products is NOT recommended, and flat out dangerous.

Legal Woes

doTERRA is currently in lawsuit with Young Living Essential Oils. Seems that doTERRA has cloned quite a few of their oil products. That of course raised a lawsuit with YL. Apparently there is yet another company that came forth and claimed copyright infringement as well. It's hard to read into this. A lot of legitimate companies experience some legal issues. But given the nature of this particular issue you don't know if it can lead this company into financial ruin or being required to shut down. That might be a stretch but it's a concern.

What's A Free Alternative?

So Is doTERRA Legit?

There isn't anything I've read or researched that has led me to believe that doTERRA is scamming people. From a health standpoint a lot of people have reported positive results with the products themselves. However I'd personally be hesitant of selling health and wellness products simply because I wouldn't want people waving a red flag back at me in case of allergic reactions, and becoming ill from any of the products. That's just me and why I like My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. I'm also not passionate about natural home remedies like that. And it's important to build a business about what you're passionate about and trust me it can be anything which is what my top recommendation teaches you.
Having said all that, if you're not too concerned about the cons listed above, and you still would like to try this company out, then go for it!

However, if you do, I'd sure like to read your comments, thoughts and experiences. As always I love your feedback, both positive or negative! Various feedback helps to give us all a complete picture so definitely chime in. I'll be patiently waiting for your comments but not for too long. LOL

See you next time guys!

Eddy with a Y

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