Easy Shift Review: Does The App Really Work?

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Easy Shift AppChances are you spend a lot of time on your smartphone. You probably use it places you shouldn't which is why I don't touch other people's phones. But I digress. How would you like to make money using your smartphone? Apparently there are many apps and websites that allow you to do just that (Swagbucks.com, Ibotta, Checkout 51, etc) They will not make you rich, but you might be able to put a little spending money in your pocket. Today in my Easy Shift Review, I'll show you how this new smartphone app helps you to earn a little money right from you phone.

How Does The Easy Shift App Work?

First and foremost if you're wondering what is the Easy shift app, It was created by Quri, Inc. You can find this app at www.easyshiftapp.com. Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps like this at Swagbucks.com & FusionCash.com. But basically the Easy Shift App pays you for completing small, simple tasks. These tasks are known as shifts. According to the website, it will give you shifts that you must complete within a certain time limit. These are called reservation periods. The tasks include going to local stores and taking pictures of whatever product that is requested. It may also have you check the prices or review promotions that are available. You don't have to worry about a store not being near you, because the app shows you shifts that are available in your specific area. So, when you are out and about running errands, you can earn a little bit of cash.

How Much Money Can You Make With Easy Shift?

Unfortunately, there is no set price. Your pay depends on the shift, the company who is paying the commission, and the store you are sent to. The average pay ranges from two dollars to twenty dollars. Hypothetically, you could earn quite a bit of money using this app, but that depends on your area and the shifts available to you. Certain tasks will require you to make purchases. If this happens, easy shift will reimburse you once the shift is complete.

How & When Are You Paid?

At the moment, all payments are made through Paypal. Once you complete a shift and it has been approved, it should only take fourty-eight hours for your payment to reach your Paypal account. Unlike most apps similiar to this one, there is no minimum pay out. This means that you don't have to wait months and months to reach a certain amount before you can have access to your money. Certain payments may take longer to reach you. For example, if they have to reimburse you for a purchase you made, it may take longer to process.

Who Can Use The App?

If you have an IPhone or an Android smartphone and you are at least 18 years of age, you can use this app. You must have a smartphone, though. The app isn't compatible with tablets. If you don't own any of these devices you can still make money with Swagbucks.com & FusionCash.com. Also, while you have to be at least 18 to download the app, certain tasks won't be available to you unless you are 21 or older. The app is free to download and you can download it onto your smartphone at www.easyshiftapp.com. You just download the app, sign up with your information, and then check the shifts that are available in your specific area.

Easy Shift Hacks To Earn You More

Although this app doesn't pay you through points, they do have a point system in place. As you complete your shifts, you will collect points. As you collect points, you go up in ranks. The more points you have, the higher your rank will be, and the more shifts you can do. You will start off as a Rookie. At this level you will have 0 points and can only reserve one shift at a time. Once you have 25 points you will be known as a Clerk, but you will still only be able to reserve one shift. The next level is an Agent. At this point you will have 75 points and you can now reserve two shifts. At Sr. Agent you will have 150 points and three shifts. At 300 points you will reach the status of Manager and be able to reserve four tasks. At Supervisor you will have 500 points and five shifts. Then you will move onto Director with 700 points and six shifts. The last two levels are VP and General Manager. At the VP level you will have 1,000 points and seven shifts. At the General Manager level you will have reached the highest rank and have 1,500 points and ten shifts.

What Are The Easy Shift App Complaints?

Unlike a lot of the make money from home apps and websites, this one does not have very many complaints against it. But here are the few we can identify.

Customer Service Sucks..
The first complaint that popped up quite a bit is about the customer service. A few of the users complained that it was very difficult, if not impossible, to get through to customer service.

Don't Quit Your Day Job
The biggest complaint was that the shifts varied depending on your location. This means that people who live in smaller places won't receive as many shifts as someone who lives in a larger city. Some users said that they had the app for a few months and only received one or two shifts. So don't expect to make a full time income with this.

You Need A SmartPhone
Unfortunately if you still have a flip phone then no paying shifts for you. Because of the nature of this opportunity you do need a smartphone to take pictures and such for certain shifts. You would think they could let you achieve the same thing by taking a picture with a digital camera and uploading the info on your computer or laptop when you get home. But I guess in this day and age they expect most people have smartphones. You don't need one with FusionCash.com & Swagbucks.com to make money.

Easy Shift Review Conclusion: Is it A Scam or Legit?

Ultimately the app is legit. You won't get rich or make enough to cover any major bills. But as long as you live in a populated area, you could potentially make a good amount of pocket change. It would definitely be worth downloading and at least trying since it doesn't cost anything assuming you have a smartphone.

But if you don't have a smartphone or you're looking for something that can make you substantial money then you may want to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and my popular work at home course. Combined these two options can help you make some real money and give you the multiple streams of income that I have that have. They may also help you earn a full time income online as I have using them. So give them both a look if that's what you want for yourself.

Thanks for reading. Now it's turn, let me know your thoughts about this app! Is this something you would give a shot or have tried? Chime in below on your way out.

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24 thoughts on “Easy Shift Review: Does The App Really Work?”

  1. I just started and I find the “shifts” very easy and not complicated. I go into a store looking like a regular shopper, which might help from getting kicked out. It won’t pay the major bills, but it is gas money and easy at that!!!!

  2. I have done 4 jobs it’s been a week now and still no payment I need my money how do I get in touch with this company?

  3. I tried to complete one job and couldn’t finish because the staff didn’t want me taking photos of the store. The app requires you to take a lot of photos of the products and the store, so it’s hard to be inconspicuous.

    All it does is make store staff suspicious of random people taking photos.

  4. Hi! This app is awesome. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just don’t be stupid about it and actually read what they tell you to do in the app. I have made over $350 doing this. Easy money. I don’t go out of my way and just pick up shifts that are close to me. It all adds up!

    Sorry for those that think its a scam. My bank account doesn’t think so!

  5. Easy shift is a scam. They have you do the work and they continally reject the work you do. They do not pay you for the work after rejection. They will however use the work and photos you took and submit the report to the companies anyhow. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! I have done a dozen jobs for this company through their app and they rejected a dozen jobs. Some of these jobs take half an hour to complete and 12 miles of travel time that is not reimbursed.

  6. I took a shift that required taking a lot of photos at a grocery store. I was asked to stop by management. The store stares they have a no photo/ no video policy. Was unable to complete my shift after investing one hour of work.

  7. This is great info! I have heard about the app but didnt want to waste my time with it. I’m glad I came across your review of it. It sounds like a pretty easy way to earn a few bucks. I have to say your site is also really fun to browse through. There is a lot of info on every page. Thank you for doing the dirty work so we dont have to!

  8. This one is new to me. I’m always on the lookout for simpler ways to earn a little pocket money. This seems pretty good. I live in a decent sized city so maybe I’ll give it a shot. Hey between this and payed surveys, maybe I can cut my hours down from 50/wk to 45/wk haha. That pocket money can add up if it’s left alone to grow! Great review. Really informative.

    • I’m glad I could share this one with you Danny. You definitely won’t be quitting your day job or cutting your hours for this or paid surveys. lol

  9. Hey Eddy, great review on Easy Shift! Answers to all the possible questions.

    Say though, I’m pretty sure apps like these are focused on U.S or Canda users. I live in a small country, so should I expect substantial income from this?

    And would consider this as your best smartphone money-making app?

    • Thanks Julius. Unfortunately it seems like most of these apps and reward sites are primarily targeted towards the US and Canada. So unless you’re in this countries it’s unlikely that you’ll find opportunities like this in your location. And I definitely wouldn’t view any of these apps as a major source of substantial income. I tend to like the Ibotta app the most so far.

  10. Hi Eddy
    This is certainly something that sounds lighthearted and fun to do.

    Is the app available for download worldwide? Don’t stress though, I will check it out.

    I like the fact that the pay is not dependent upon a certain threshold.

    Will give it a go and let you know how it goes.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Yeah it’s pretty easy to do. I don’t think this opportunity is available worldwide. That’s the unfortunate aspect about many of these app and reward opportunities.

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