Empower Network Scam Review : Is It Legitimate?

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Empower Network ScamSo for the last year or two, I've been meaning to dig into this company because I've seen so many people promoting it. But alas it slipped my radar and the promotions seemed to have calm down. However I think it's about time I give my take on this company. I'm pretty sure many of you have read all the self-serving positive Empower Network Reviews but let's face it, none of them really paint a complete picture. Most Empower Network Reviews are clearly designed to do one thing which is to get you to “go all in”. Well I'm not a Empower Network member so my Empower Network Review is designed to actually help you make a decision for you and not to fatten the pocket of someone trying to promote this so-called opportunity. So let's get into it!

What Is The Empower Network?

The Empower Network was created in 2011. The owners of the site and program are David Wood and David Sharpe. The Empower Network basically sells a “blogging” platform and various high-priced marketing training that allegedly teach people how to make money on the internet.

The other aspect of the Empower Network which is where they make most of their money is via their business opportunity. Here you have the highly encouraged option to recruit other members into Empower Network and make commissions when these members purchase the products or recruit other members.

How Do I Sign Up?

There's an upfront $19.95 fee that is then billed monthly and there is also a $25 monthly membership fee. And you will be aggressively upsold many other “marketing” products inside the website that range from $100/month, $500, $1,000, $3500. So the fees really start to add up.

Empower Network Commission Plan

The Empower Network commission plan is strictly based on getting other members to join Empower Network and having them buy into the various products. The commissions can be very high because of the price points of the various Empower Network “products” can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Empower Network Complaints & Scam Reports

You should know my spiel by now. Every company has complaints because you can't please everyone. It's perfectly normal and it doesn't always mean the company is bad or a scam. Sometimes there are just things that rub people the wrong way. But in this case, the complaints against Empower Network are egregious and numerous. So unlike most of the Empower Network Kool Aid sipping reviews you've read, I'll actually dive into the many EmpowerNetwork.com Complaints here. By sharing the complaints they like to hide, you will be in a better place to make a decision for you and not the rep that is pressuring you to join because they want a fat commission check.

Start Up Costs

Any business opportunity will have start-up cost. But for some people that is a turn off right off the bat. Empower Network obviously has start-up costs as well. But they lure you in with some low fee but then you are basically bombarded and pressured into spending more money with their company so the start-up cost can actually end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. By the way, If you don't pay their monthly fees, you cannot promote their program.

High Pressure & High Priced UpSells

Once you become part of Empower Network at the lower startup cost, you are quickly pressured, (bullied) into upgrading and purchasing the full library of alleged “training” videos which can cost hundreds of dollars. This alleged training only teaches you how to get the members signed up under you to “go all in”. This basically means pressure anyone under you to purchase ALL the expensive Empower Network “training” materials so you can make higher commissions. Some of the tactics taught is things you might find in a school yard such as name calling and other unethical marketing methods. If you've read some of the comments on other reviews you'll see this tactic used numerous times.

Poor BBB Rating

Empower Network does not have accredited ratings with the BBB and they have over 100 complaints filed against them. BBB complaints aren't really uncommon but it's if they are numerous and unresolved, that becomes a major red flag. In fact the BBB literally has a red alert on this company. Apparently many of the BBB Empower Network complaints are unresolved. Many of the complaints deal with;

  • Dishonest sales practices
  • Consumers have found it near impossible to cancel their subscriptions
  • Consumers have found it near impossible to cancel their accounts
  • Empower Network have changed their compensation models and policies without consultations and agreements of the consumers

You can see the details Here.

Empower Network FTC Complaints

Oh if the BBB complaints weren't enough, they apparently have over 100 complaints filed with the FTC as well. You can read them here courtesy of Truthinadvertising.org. But of course the Empower Network folks will resort to bashing people who have filed complaints rather than actually addressing their concerns. I always see company reps as a great reflection of the company. They tend to follow what their leadership preaches. So it just validates these complaints when you see reps bashing people for bringing up valid complaints.

No Real Products & Outdated “Training” Material

Technically there are no real products to sell for the Empower Network. The training videos you see in the program are simply training materials to get others to join. Even their glorified blogging platform is something you can get for free on your own or provided by My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. To make matters worse, the majority of the video trainings are outdated marketing techniques and information that actually hurt you. In addition, most of the tools and strategies taught are redundant and no longer exist; and most certainly NOT worth the crazy fees being charged. Ultimately the training is teaching you how to build a real business around a niche or passion you have. Instead it's just a way to get more people to join Empower Network and continue the pyramid-like cycle.

Want to see all the complaints?

[wpsharely id=”5779″]
It's a Pyramid Scheme

As discussed above, the “training” sold is nothing more than teaching you how to recruit more people. Last I checked if your business income primarily relies on just recruiting other people to make money it's pretty much a Ponzi scheme. Empower Network borders the line because of these alleged training videos being sold and their so-called blogging platform. So they are able to avoid being a full pyramid scheme on a mere technicality in my mind. But their practices seem very close to one. The money isn't really about their “products” it's all about getting people to “go all in”.

Google Doesn't Like Empower Network Blogs

Empower Network links are pretty much banned on social media because their members have spammed these sites. It happens to even some of the best companies because their members are too aggressive and lazy with their promotions. Given the training material provided, it's easy to see how it happens. But apparently Empower Network blogs rarely rank in Google anymore if at all. This is a direct result of numerous poor tactics that Empower network teaches or fails to teach their members. This includes members creating duplicate content and various other spammy methods which Google has come down on. So even if you use their alleged blogging platform, good luck trying to get traffic from one of the biggest sources on the internet and the other social media platforms.

Many more complaints

Honestly this is the first review where I could literally keep going on and on about the complaints. But I would be here forever and “ain't nobody got time for all that”. lol But if you need more complaints, you can read more about them in the few other websites I could actually find that keep it real about this company: Ethanvanderbuilt.com, Truthinadvertising.org [/wpsharely]

So Is Empower Network Legit?

Hell To The Nah! There is nothing redeeming about this company. They give affiliate marketing & blogging a horrible name! That's what really pisses me off about this company. They literally tarnish the image of legitimate ways to make money online with all their hype, poor products and crappy training. This will turn away people that should actually give this type of business a shot.

If you want to learn the proper way to build a business that is about your own passion or expertise and not promoting overpriced training, then you should consider My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. You will be provided with weekly updated marketing training videos, lessons on legitimate marketing techniques that can be used for any business and not to just promote one business. You'll be able to create free websites within 3 easy steps, you'll be taught how to find real companies and products to promote like Amazon, Google, etc. You'll also get live chat support and can actually get assistance from the owners of the company without having to pay thousands of dollars to go to some retreat in Costa Rica.

So if you've been burned or considered Empower Network in the past, I encourage you to give

My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation a shot so you can experience the polar opposite of the Empower Network nonsense.

Alright guys now it's your turn. What do you think of this company? Given all that I've researched, I don't think it's something I can even suggest that you try. But I would love to hear your point of view. I'm sure some of the faithful Empower Network flock will chime in and we'll get to experience the world famous high pressure tactics and name calling they have been taught to push on the web. So I look forward to those comments as well.

Either way, your feedback is always welcomed! So chime in down below. Be sure to share this Empower Network Real Review to anyone you see considering the Empower Network or any blogs you may run into promoting it. Spread the truth so more people don't lose their hard earned money on this.

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Until Next Time… 🙂

Eddy with a Y

27 thoughts on “Empower Network Scam Review : Is It Legitimate?”

  1. Hey there E with a ‘y,

    I’ll contact you on a private link concerning the previous Review done about EN.

    I could not have been more eloquent with the description.


  2. Thanks for the article on Empower Network. Just makes me very happy that I found WA first so that I did not fall for this scam. I appreciate getting your newsletter with the updates and reviews. This really helps as I go through the internet looking for opportunity’s. Thanks again. Have a great week. Robin

    • You’re welcome Robin! I’m so happy you found WA first too. You dodged a bullet with this crap. Thanks for your continued support! I appreciate having visitors like you that look forward to my reviews.

  3. Hi Eddy,
    I love this article. I joined Empowered Network last year and quickly got my money back. I noticed, what am I selling, nothing no real product and the bloging part, I was told in an email to just start bloging. About what, who will see my blog, never got answers to those questions . Terrible stuff. I am glad hopefully others will see your story and just save their money.
    Empowered Network is a big fat joke
    I did laugh last when I demanded my money back, they acquiesced, never heard another peep out of them

    • Thanks Lesli!
      I’m so happy to hear you didn’t spend too much time or money in this nonsense. It’s good to hear people confirming the dirt we dug up. Again I’m glad you didn’t get too deep into this. Thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it!

    • Hey,
      You are welcomed Eddy anytime. And Tammy, yes I think we should get together and have Empowered Network shut down. That would really be “Empowering” to build a “Network” so people just seeking an honest way to earn money on line would not get scammed. How ironic would that be. I am looking on doing a blog and have it monetized so I can earn from my home office just focusing on scams and how greed plays a hugh role.

    • Lesli,

      That’s exactly why I created this blog. So you can definitely do it! Just be sure you have the proper training otherwise you’re blog won’t get found and have a tough time of monetizing it. That’s why I’m always pushing my top recommendation because it taught me damn near everything I know to run this successful blog and make money with it.

    • Hey Lesli,

      I’m glad as well, may be a good idea to team up and get them banned and shut down hey? lol

      Eddy, have you ever thought about starting a no scam message forum? I think it would do good with the traffic you get? What do you think? 🙂

    • Tammy,

      I’ve kicked around the idea. But I feel like it would involve a lot of work to moderate the comments and making sure everyone behaves. You should some of the comments that don’t make it to my blog because I refuse to give a voice to ignorance or negative people. If I could get volunteers to moderate the forum in return for some free exposure to their own websites or opportunities, I might entertain it. Have you thought about it for your own site?

    • I would be willing to do that 😉 I had one for my wah opps site…in fact I had 2 of them….1 for the site that got dumped too. The spam got too hard to handle and just didn’t have the time for them any longer, plus I couldn’t keep the volunteers doing their part. 😉 So, I hear ya. However, if you could get a couple more people rounded up? Just a thought. 😉

    • Well that’s good to know Tammy. But see it was even too much for you to handle so it’s why I’ hesitant to start one.
      But it may be worth looking into in the future. I like the idea but it’s a pain to manage.

  4. Thank You Eddy with a Y; as always you are awesome and my main to go to guy. I wished you had the time before to right this honest review because I did join Empower and then after that I said where’s the product and what the heck are we selling. Then I started to discover the up-sells and the outrageous costs of them;only to discover if i didn’t buy one of these up-sells if someone joined in under me I wouldn’t get the commission for it because I had to own it first. I really didn’t have a niche so I was really screwed. Not to mention I couldn’t use paypal I had to buy into something I believed called ewallet. Like you stated after I quit and told them not to charge me anymore;some how i still had an account and it took a while to get them to remove that.Sorry for being long winded I just needed to vent a little, Thank You for being here for us regular honest folk you want to earn but do it with integrity. I’m so happy for you being able to make a living doing this and that’s my goal and my sites are on WA now. I don’t know if you get credit for people joing through your site but that’s what I’m going to do…Sincerely, the Ronster

    • Ron,

      Thanks for sharing your experience buddy. I really appreciate it and welcome comments like that. I wish I would have reviewed this company sooner as well. It sounds like you’ve experienced many of the shortcomings I discovered. Fortunately you were able to quit and moved on to bigger and better things via WA. I’m sure you can see the night and day difference of WA vs Empower Network and thus have a better appreciation for it. I appreciate that you want me to get credit for signing up under me and yes I do as you know. It feels good to make a living by helping people rather than promoting nonsense that isn’t going to actually help them grow long term.

      Thanks again for chiming in and verifying our findings. It should be interesting to hear from people that are still promoting this garbage.

  5. Hi Eddy! –

    What a fantastic review!

    I did actually join them over a year ago – but got out as soon as terms – like “Go All In” started be banded

    around. I think I lasted about two days – thankfully there were no issue with getting my money back!

    I always knew I made the right decision getting out when I did – but it’s nice reading your in my opinion –

    very honest review.

    In fact I’m amazed they haven’t been closed down yet – if for nothing else than not having a real product!

    Until your next post Eddy- Take Care!

    Kindest regards

    David Knight

  6. Hi Eddy,

    Nice write up, and what a scam of a company! You have to wonder why they are still in business and still recruiting others. If the over 100 complaints in the BBB is not enough to scare you away from this company, I don’t know what is!! I appreciate the findings 🙂

    • Hey Tammy,

      Thanks for chiming in. You already know I’m not big on relying on the BBB as my only source to determine legitimacy but having over 100 complaints there does tell me alot. The fact they had as many complaints with the FTC is just the nail in the coffin to me. I’m not sure how they stay in business either. But some scams can go on for decades, ask Bernie Madoff’s victims. I just think they squeak by because some technicalities or the fact that one of the owners is in Costa Rica. Who knows? At least folks can now see some of the complaints and make an informed decision.

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