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Discussion about various affiliate programs. Which are the best and which are scams.

Yoonla Review: Does this CPA Course Really Work?

Yoonla Review

It’s another day and another internet marketing course is promising you quick and easy cash on autopilot. But if this was truly the case, I guess we wouldn’t have so much people stuck in jobs they don’t like. You probably thought the same thing. So now you are looking at different Yoonla reviews online to […]

Mobile Monopoly 2 Review – Mobile Upsell Funnel

mobile monopoly 2 review

Adam Horwitz is the creator of Mobile Monopoly 2. The website is He claims to have created a “fantastic” program that can allegedly make you rich overnight, even with no previous experience in making money online. He is also the author of two other programs such as “Clickbank University” and “Cell Phone Treasure”. A […]

ShoeMoney Network Review

shoemoney network review

Jeremy Shoemaker is good, no doubt about it. He went from being unemployed and broke in 2003 to earning 8-figures in just a couple of years. His first big paycheck of over $133,000 came from Google Adsense for the month of September 2005. The founder of and ShoeMoney Media is well respected in the […]