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mobile-monopoly-2Adam Horwitz is the creator of Mobile Monopoly 2. The website is He claims to have created a “fantastic” program that can allegedly make you rich overnight, even with no previous experience in making money online.

He is also the author of two other programs such as “Clickbank University” and “Cell Phone Treasure”. A friend of mine from has done an in-depth research of Mobile Monoply 2 and in this review he's going to go into details of this program to see if this program can help you achieve what Adam promises on his website.

The question is: What does Adam Horwitz promises on his website? I will give my full answer below, but for now I can say that Adam FAILS to deliver on his promises and you are not going to become rich with his program or become a monopolist in mobile marketing. By this I don't mean that his program is a scam, but it's really a very poor product that I can't recommend to anyone and in my review of Mobile Monopoly 2 I'm going to explain everything in details.

What is Mobile Monopoly 2?

Mobile Monopoly 2 isn't a free product. The initial costs is $47, then you're hot with a discount price of $37. But then they hit you again with multiple up-sells once you paid the initial fee.

So what do you actually get? The main idea of this product is pretty simple. You are going to tap into mobile marketing world which becomes more and more popular these days.

Adam will teach you how to send people to a mobile responsive landing page and collect phone numbers and then send those people different affiliate or CPA offers through mobile messages. That's it.

The idea of this course is legit and may work if you know how to apply it the right way. But the main problem with most programs that I've seen so far is that theoretically they teach people a great stuff, but when it comes to practice, their strategies simply don't work.

And the same applies to Adam's Mobile Monopoly. Unfortunately…

What is included in Mobile Monopoly?

There are a lot of training videos in the members area, close to 90 I think on different topics. There are some PDF files to download too. At the time Adam also offered live trainings on different topics which was great. This option is no longer available and I think the reason is because his program lost its popularity.



Mobile Monopoly 2 training modules:

  • Quick Start
  • Free Traffic
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Paid Search
  • Email Profits
  • Pay Per Call
  • Go Local
  • Create Apps
  • Software


Generally speaking, Mobile Monopoly 2 teaches you how to collect contacts and then throw a bunch of affiliate products or CPA offers on them. Nothing new to be honest. It doesn't work as easy as Adam wants you to believe. You have to drive thousands of people to your offer in order to get a few sales.

Promoting CPA offers is not easy at all. Adam teaches you how to promote CPA offers through mobile marketing and claims that it works perfect. Trust me, it doesn't matter how you promote, through mobile marketing or any other way.

It's REALLY HARD to get your visitors to complete an action, even as simple as filling out a form or creating a free account.

I have an experience in CPA marketing. I promoted CPA offers through PPC (paid traffic) and Facebook ads ( social traffic) and got a few conversions. REALLY HARD. If you think you can create an appealing ad, drive traffic and collect money, you're mistaken. It won't work this way.

And trust me, I know what I'm talking about because I've been there. You really need to pay for an expensive course and learn the stuff before paying for traffic or otherwise you will easily burn all your budget.

Pay Per Call offers is another “easy” method to make money. Once your visitor completes an action resulting in making a phone call you will get paid. Not easy at all.

Local Business marketing is another method Adam is trying to teach you. The idea is pretty simple. You have to help local businesses to expand their presence through mobile marketing. It may work and may not work depending on the business you are involved in.

Developing mobile phone applications is another great idea to make money, but the question is: Can you make this work for you? Are you an application developer? If yes, you definitely can make money, BUT I don't think you need Adam's Mobile Monopoly to make it work for you.

Generally speaking, Adam's Mobile Monopoly is not that bad when it comes to theoretical knowledge, but it really sucks when it comes to practice.

Has making money through mobile marketing become easier?

As I said above, training videos are ok. You can learn some helpful stuff from Adam, BUT it's a pure theory that can't guarantee you any success with the strategies he tries to teach you.

Yes, it's true that more and more people tend to surf internet using their mobile devices instead of using desktops or laptops. But does it mean making money has become easier with mobile marketing? Definitely not.

I have a good experience in internet marketing, I have experience in SEO, paid traffic (PPC, Facebook). Nothing is easy… Mobile marketing doesn't mean that everything has changed. Nothing has changed. Everything is still the same.

It's still HARD to make a sale on the internet and most people that will come to your site or your landing page, will simply not take any action, no matter how beautiful your landing page is. What Adam wants you to believe IS NOT TRUE.

Pros of Mobile Monopoly 2

  • A mediocre training
  • Some advanced strategies covered

Mobile Monopoly 2 Complaints

  • False promises about making tons of money through mobile marketing
  • No quality support
  • Not for beginners
  • Many complaints
  • Website is no longer working and sends you to Adam's another “great” product called Clickbank University
  • Too many upsells
  • Requires budget for paid traffic
  • Proven campaigns advertised by Adam don't work

Diving Deeper into the Mobile Monopoly 2 Complaints

The main problem with Adam's program is that there are many upsells in the members area once you've got access to it. The main product will cost you $47 or $37 after discount, but it's not going to stop there.


There is one upsell called BeastMobi that can help you build squeeze pages which is a good addition to the program. BUT it will cost you $67 per month which is a huge problem I think.

There are many other alternatives that are much cheaper without monthly payment. Why would you pay $67 per month if you don't even know if you can make any money at all?


Another upsell will cost you $147 which is not worth that much money. With this upsell you will get 5 pre-made videos and also you will be able to upload your own video. Even if you can't create videos you can order one at and it will cost you much less.

The main problem with Mobile Monopoly is that to make it work for you, you need to drive traffic to your affiliate promotions. There are two methods to drive traffic: free and paid.

When it comes to free traffic, Adam doesn't teach it. He shows some methods, but it will take months to start seeing a few visitors a day. When it comes to paid traffic, it requires serious investment and results are not guaranteed.

From my experience I can say that if you drive paid traffic to a proven product you can make money. If you drive traffic to a product that has not been proven to work, you can easily waste all your budget. You really need to think well where you plan to buy traffic.

In his training Adam shows you some proven campaigns that made him a lot of money. He suggests that you copy his campaigns and make money too. BUT, the is a big problem with his “proven” campaigns.

A friend of mine, Steve from, tried Adam's proven campaigns and made $0. He followed all Adam's instructions and copied and pasted all his campaigns and yes, he made zero.

Adam recommended to promote his offers through AdMob website and the site rejected all those campaigns. Steve tried to launch his own campaigns and again made zero $. All his campaigns were either rejected or unprofitable.

BTW, Adam's website is no longer working and sends you to Adam's another “great” product called Clickbank University. This means that what Adam promised you on his website is no more valid because his website is dead. In fact, Clickbank University is another new version of Mobile Monopoly 2 and there is nothing new offered there.


More complaints about Mobile Monopoly 2

A quick research proved once again that Adam's Mobile Monopoly is really not worth your time and effort, not to mention your hard earned money. Take a look at the complaints that I've come across after 5 minutes of research on Google.




So Is Mobile Monopoly 2 Legit or A Scam?

I think there is no way to recommend this product to anyone because:

There is no strong evidence that Adam has made thousands of dollars using the same strategies he is trying to teach you though theoretically his training is not bad.

In order to be successful with his product you really need to be very experienced in paid traffic. If not, then this product won't make you any money. Especially, it's not for beginners.

You need to invest something between $500-$1000 to test things and see how it works. If you're going to invest your last money, I don't recommend it at all.

There are many negative reports on this product on the internet which proves again that Mobile Monopoly is by far not the best product out there.

Adam's website is no longer working and sends you to Adam's another product called Clickbank University. Not a good sign really.

There are many expensive upsells which is really bad. I personally hate such an approach because most of the time it means that the product owner wants to make more money off you instead of helping you.

There is no real support and in fact, it's outsourced to other people. Most likely you can't get support directly from Adam.

Proven campaigns advertised by Adam not only don't work, they simply don't get approved.

As I said above, the quality of the training is not bad from the perspective of a theoretical knowledge, but when it comes to practical expectations I wouldn't really expect anything from this program that could make you real money.

If you come across some reviews that claim that this program is great and has made them tons of money, don't trust them. Most likely, those claims come from people trying to sell the program for the sake of affiliate commission.

When it comes to Mobile Monopoly training, in fact Adam doesn't give any step-by-step instructions on how to implement the strategies he is trying to teach you. He just gives general instructions without going further into details. From this perspective his training is totally useless.

Final glance at Mobile Monopoly 2

  • False promises about making tons of money through mobile marketing
  • No quality support
  • Not for beginners
  • Many complaints
  • Website is no longer working and sends you to Adam's another “great” product called Clickbank University
  • Too many upsells
  • Requires budget for paid traffic
  • Proven campaigns advertised by Adam don't work
  • Verdict: Not recommended

What's An Alternative to Mobile Monopoly 2?

If anything you've read above makes you reconsider giving this a shot, I can't blame you. It would give me pause too. But don't fret there are other options that you might want to consider. I would recommend that you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to see if that company would be a better fit for you as it has been for me. They've taught me how to earn a full time income and I've been doing so for years. The fact you're on this page isn't a coincidence. It proves that what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works. So you may want to check it out especially because it's free to do so unlike Mobile Monopoly 2.

That said I'm big believer in multiple streams of income. So I would recommend you look into my popular work at home courses here. I've literally helped hundreds of people make money following the principles in my courses. So check them out as well so you don't have all your eggs in one basket.

I hope you enjoyed this Mobile Monopoly 2 Review. I'd love to hear your thoughts so please post your comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y

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  1. Dear Eddy,

    Thanks for the review on Mobile Monopoly 2 and you have provided detailed information. I always love the products review because it saves our time, energy, money & efforts. Thanks for the guidance. This review is going to help many people to make their decision on purchasing this product. Keep up the great work and wishing you great success. I will come back to your website to learn more information. All the very best!

    Your Friend,

    • You’re welcome. I enjoy writing and reading reviews because of exactly what you said. I like knowing the good and bad about any company i may do business with. So there are no surprises.

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