ShoeMoney Network Review

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shoemoney network reviewJeremy Shoemaker is good, no doubt about it. He went from being unemployed and broke in 2003 to earning 8-figures in just a couple of years. His first big paycheck of over $133,000 came from Google Adsense for the month of September 2005.

The founder of and ShoeMoney Media is well respected in the industry, and always had the dream of teaching people how to make money online. In April 2015 Jeremy launched ShoeMoney Network, a task based course that teaches people Internet Marketing.

Needless to say I wanted to find out what Jeremy had to offer and here is my ShoeMoney Network Review.

What Is ShoeMoney Network?

Although Jeremy sold over 40,000 copies of training products over the years, he found out that most folks simply did not follow through with everything that was laid out, and quit because they didn't make money overnight.

This gave him the idea to…..

a) offer a training system for free

b) pay the participants real money for completing certain tasks

So he created the ShoeMoney Network which is a site that provides step-by-step tasks, and videos to help you learn how to make money online and get paid in the process. The training is designed for complete beginners and does not require any programming or techie skills.

Jeremy is a big fan of Wrestling and Martial Arts, so it should not come as a big surprise that YOU will earn “A Belt” for the completion of each course level. Your first goal is to become a ‘Black Belt Ninja', which then is followed by SIX Ninja Levels.

To become a student is 100% free; you learn by completing tasks AND get paid for doing so. The money will be deposited into your Paypal account the minute you have completed a task or soon after. How is that Jeremy doesn't lose his ass by paying his students? Well, he has sponsors that are obviously paying a kick back when you complete tasks using the sponsored sites he's recommending. Then he's basically sharing the money with you. I'm not mad at that since everyone wins.

How Does The ShoeMoney Network Work & Does It Pay?

Once you join for free, you gain access to YOUR Ninja Dashbord.

The Eight Belt Levels of ShoeMoney Network:

  • is shoemoney network a scamWelcome Video – Share the Link on Facebook
  • Web Hosting, Build Website, Install Plugins, Publish First Post
  • Setup Google AdSense, Author Box, Gravatar Setup
  • Go Social, Go Mobil, Tweak Your Website
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Broadcasting Your Site, Auto Responder Intro, Blog To email
  • Setup Your Facebook Page, Ninja Ways to get Likes
  • Black Belt Bonus & Benefits, Make some Money, Make IT Rain!, Ninja Promotion

There are payouts of $1 to $3 for the tasks on the Belt Level. All together you are supposed to receive a total of $15. The last task is an ad campaign to boost your Shoemoney Review on Facebook and Jeremy will reimburse you $5.00.

The Six Ninja Levels of ShoeMoney Network

  • Tracking Ninja: Implement Site & Email tracking, implement Google Analytics
  • Legal Ninja: Legal Introduction
  • Copywriting Ninja: Copywriting Introduction, The 3 Crucial Ps, Copy Ninja
  • YouTube Ninja: Make some Videos, Video Basics, Marketing Strategies
  • Pinterest Ninja: Intro to Pinterest, Choosing & Formatting Images, Hashtags & Rules, Traffic Strategies
  • Auto Responder Ninja: Landing Pages, Click Triggered emails, Sequences Ninjitzu, Re-engaging Subscribers

That's it in a nutshell. Sorry, but I am not able to tell you how much Jeremy spitting out for completing the Ninja Level Tasks. I quit after the Belt levels and will tell you why a bit later on.

Does ShoeMoney Network Actually Pay?

Yes it does as you can see with the screenshot below. I received my money within a few minutes of sharing my link on Facebook.


What Are The ShoeMoney Network Complaints?

This is the spot where I usually say “Every company, even the best one, gets complaints blablabla“, but I forgo this in the case here. There are NO complaints, period. Who in the right mind would complain about learning something, AND getting paid a few bucks in the process?

However, with that said there are some weaknesses about the program that I want to point out. They're not deal breakers per se but just some things to consider.

It DOES Cost You Money.. Eventually!

True, you don't have to pay Jeremy a dime for the course, BUT you will have to spend some money right from the get-go. Here are the investments you will have to make:

Purchase of Domain Name & Hosting: $11 Domain, $4.95/month for hosting, totaling $70 for first the year.

Purchase of Auto-Responder: GetResponse, free 30-day trial, $19/month – up to 2000 email addresses.

Paid Ad Campaign on FB: Amount unknown

PPC Campaign: Amount unknown. This is the “Make It Rain” task on the last belt level to be rewarded with the black Ninja belt. I quit the program at that point. Paid ad campaigns are risky, and in my opinion, this risk should not be taken at this point in the training.

Now this may be a big turn off for certain people. If you're looking for a job then this isn't for you. But if you're going into this wanting to build a business which is what this program is about then you'll understand that any business will involve some financial and time investment. But I can see some people being turned off by this program once they get deeper into it because of the investment you'll need to make.

Levels Are Locked:

You cannot skip a level even if you already are an expert in the topic, or have what you should implement. For instance I already had a site, hosting and autoresponder software that I use. I didn't need to purchase those things. However I did want to get to the other parts of the training that may help me grow but couldn't because of the way the levels are set up. I do understand the reasons for the levels being locked. First off, it prevents students from skipping ahead and missing important stuff, and secondly, Jeremy is no dummy! He makes sure he ‘doesn't lose is ass'. He gets commissions, from ‘his sponsors‘, of the necessary investments you have to make.

The Training Is Too Basic!

The ShoeMoney Network training scratches only the surface of many topics of Internet Marketing. For example, Niche & Keyword research, SEO, and how to create quality content are not covered at all. Building a website is limited to Install a Theme and Plugins and there are not enough different options available. Maybe there was more that I was missing in later levels. But over all they may have over simplified the training which can be a gift or curse depending on the person.

Where's My Money?

Initially after I completed my task of sharing the shoe money link on Facebook, I wasn't paid instantly. I had to click on it and then I was paid. I ran into other people that complained they weren't paid for certain tasks as well. I don't know if this is a cookie issue or some other technical issue that is preventing the ShoeMoney Network from tracking activities properly but either way it can be an issue. The whole premise of this is getting paid to learn so if you don't get paid that's going to turn people off and they'll jump to the conclusion this is a scam. But again I think it's more of a technical issue than anything.

So Is Shoemoney Network a Scam or Legit?

I can say with 100% confidence ShoeMoney Network is not a scam. It is 100% legit and Jeremy does pay you a few bucks for the completion of certain tasks; just as he promised. He teaches you how to get over the initial hump of getting started and gives you a nice incentive to stick with it, which is cold hard cash. Most importantly though, it makes you ‘take action‘, and lets you make your first dollars online in a very easy way.

It always amazes me to hear when people have never earned a dime online when it is very easy to do so with the various reward programs out there which I've covered here. So to me the idea of making some initial cash with this isn't a big deal. But I do like the idea of getting paid to learn how to create an internet business. My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation had a set up like this in the past and it's something I hope they will bring back. Because once you earn your first dime online it's very exciting and really just opens up a world of possibility. So Kudos to Jeremy for making that happen with his program.

With that said, I think it may be worth a shot. I wouldn't recommend it over Wealthy Affiliate which I feel provide a lot more value, support and content to help you succeed long term. But I think the Shoemoney Network is good alternative or supplement to WA.

But that's my two cents. I would love to hear what you think. So feel free to post your comment down below. It's always great to hear from you either way.

Until next time my friends,

Eddy with a y is out!

10 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Network Review”


  2. Here’s my experience with this Shoemoney company:
    I got started and completed the first belt…
    Got started in the second belt and realized I was never paid for completing the last few steps…
    I emailed support (several times) and NEVER received a response till this very day…
    I tried to fix the problem myself but couldn’t get anywhere. I double and triple check my account, settings, paypal info and all that…

    So, total waste of my time, terrible lack of support, lost interest, and just overall false promises. And it looked so promising, sad to say.

    • Sorry to hear that Moises. At the end of the day they are teaching you the skills to build a successful business. So you can still apply what you learn to do that. But it is unfortunate that their customer support isn’t as good. I appreciate you sharing your experience either way!

  3. Sounds good as a course but I find also that I quickly lose interest when I don’t completely understand the training. I was wondering what you think of Easy Paycheck Formula that came out a couple of years ago, is it still around & if so does it work?

    • Hey Mary,

      Yeah its important to get training from the proper resources so when you don’t understand something you can ask questions and get immediate support. That’s the reason I like WA so much because there are so many ways to get questions asked as you’re going through the training. So if you haven’t looked into it, I would recommend you read more about it here.

      In terms of Easy Paycheck Formula, I’ve never heard of it. But I’ma always wary of any company that uses the words quick or easy to describe making money online because I don’t know of anything that is going to make you decent money that doesn’t require hard work and patience. So just knowing this I would probably avoid that opportunity.

    • Hey Jason,
      I agree. But WA isn’t for everyone so this may be an option. But I agree this wouldn’t replace WA for me because WA offers a lot more in terms of the community, new content and so much more.

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