What Is Google Sniper 3? Hot Scam Or Hot Money Maker?

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It seems Boy George needs more money. No, not the British singer/artist weirdo. I am talking about another Brit; The George Brown who made, as 17 year old boy, well over $500,000 in 2010 with his online product Google Sniper. The first update to Google Sniper 2 took place in 2012, and just recently, August 2014. George, not a boy anymore, blessed the internet community with yet another update of his product. Google Sniper 3 has arrived and is the subject of my review today.

What Is Google Sniper 3?

Young George was pretty smart, I must admit. Back then, he detected a flaw, or loophole, in Google's search engine algorithm that made it relatively easy to get high rankings with mini niche websites. He put together a video training course, supported by a 102 page pdf file that teaches people how to exploit this loophole and achieve high rankings for their sites. This seemed to work for many folks, if done correctly.

However, almighty Google in its never ending quest to deliver the best possible search results to their customers, performed many updates to its algorithm which resulted not only in ‘closing George's loophole‘ but also penalized site owners using Googler Sniper methods with de-indexing their websites.

According to George Brown, Google Sniper 3 will still enable you to profit from the loophole that Google claims to have fixed.


What You Get With Google Sniper 3

Once you have access to the member area, the Getting Started Tab will give you an overview of what to expect and George is showing you a flow chart of his program.

is google sniper a scam

These are the steps it takes to build these money making sites

  • Find popular Clickbank products to promote
  • Find the niche that product is relevant to
  • Find profitable low competition, high search volume keywords
  • Create EMD's (Exact Match Domains) for those keywords
  • Create mini sites and squeeze pages to promote (sell) the products

You are now ready start the training and hit the ………

  • Google Sniper Tab. This is the core training and consists of 25 videos and a supplemental pdf eBook which will help you along the way. The videos are not half-ass bad, of decent quality and some of the content is quite interesting and helpful. Once done with this part, you move on to the…………
  • Further Training Tab. Here you will find 8 more videos which go into more detail about ‘Sniping”.
  • The Empire Module Tab: This is a new addition to Google Sniper and reveals a bunch of ‘tricks and secrets' about outsourcing your work
  • Behind The Rolodex Tab hides the training ‘how to build your list‘. You heard the saying “The Money Is In The List” and I will tell you that this is true.
  • The Sniper X Tab will get you weekly updates of Google changes, and information about marketing tactics and strategies that are used by other successful internet marketers.
  • The Support Tab explains to you ‘how to get help if needed‘ and also general info about technical problems, and how to get a refund if you wish to cancel your membership.

All in all, the package seems to be pretty decent and helpful to get started in Affiliate Marketing.

How Much Does Google Sniper 3 Cost?

George Brown offers you a 5-day trial deal for $1.00. If you do not cancel at day 5, your cost will be $47.00 per month. The product is sold through Clickbank so there is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What Are The Google Sniper 3 Complaints

Nothing New?

  • Users of previous Google Sniper version(s) voicing their dissatisfaction about the fact that there is really nothing new in Sniper 3, with the exception of the added ‘Empire Module' about outsourcing your work.

George Brown does not even make the effort to hide that version 3 is nothing else but the ‘recycling' of Google Sniper 2. Look how ‘New Training” is introduced in GS 3 and what you really get:

“In this section you will find new ‘X' Training videos which are updated regularly, the video's cover new and cutting edge techniques to make your Sniper sites more powerful and profitable”

google sniper X video

So much for new stuff; this is a video carried over from GS2 and George didn't even bother to change the heading.

Promises Promises…

Apparently George Brown promised customers of GS1 & GS2 that future updates will be FREE to them. This is not true. You will be charged $47 per month if you want access to the ‘new/old GS 3″.

Personally, I call this a ‘slimy guru tactic'.

Want to see my #1 FREE recommendation that does NOT charge updates?

It Does Not Work!

Well, well, well; I am not surprised though. If you dig deep enough, you can find hundreds of these complaints in different forums. Let me show you just one that speaks for the rest.

is google sniper a scam“Didn't do the one on one but according to the course that should be enough. Got the members area access though. Been 6 months and no results. George's Keyword Research methods outlined in the course don't work anymore, many complain about that part and not really being able to start because of it. I had to get help from other IM'ers to get more accurate and up to date keyword research methods.”

This is from a conversation between Linda and one of George's affiliate asking her if she bought the ‘One-on-One‘ coaching with Georgie boy himself. This ‘coaching to 5,000 per month‘ comes with a steep price of course, depending on the “see if YOU qualify”!

I am being ‘double charged'

Many users get a rude awakening when they receive their CC statements and discover TWO charges of $47. You see, Google Sniper X used to be included in GS1 and GS2 but is no longer in Google Sniper 3. There is a very small, very light colored ‘check box' on the order form that can be easily overlooked. If you miss to uncheck this box, you agree to pay an additional $47 for Sniper X. This is another typical guru tactic, I call an outright scam.

It is very difficult to receive a refund

The product is sold through Clickbank and it is usually pretty simple and easy to get a refund. I am not sure why so many customers are having problems. Here is one example:


Lack of Support

There is none, period. Although there is a Support Tab in the member area, it goes to a 3rd party support system that does not respond. My team took the $1 trial to take a ‘look see' and contacted support right away with a question. There was no response at all after day 3.

George himself is not accessible, even if you would spend a couple of grands for the One-On-One coaching. Take another look at the ad just above, Mr. Brown would “manage directly“, meaning OUT SOURCING this task.

These are the main complaints from Google Sniper customers. You may ask “What about all the GOOD REVIEWS that pop up when I search for ‘google sniper review'? Don't get fooled by these so-called reviews. They are in fact sales pages from affiliate marketers trying to make a buck by promoting this product. There is nothing wrong with promoting something you believe in and has worked for you. But I suspect that most of the positive reviews are from affiliates that haven't had recent success implementing Google Sniper 3. So you need to take those type of reviews with a grain of salt.

So is Google Sniper 3 a Scam?

I cannot call Google Sniper a scam. Like I mentioned earlier, the core training is ‘not half-ass' bad, and beginners will learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing. However, George Brown scratches only the surface of affiliate marketing, uses outdated and today irrelevant methods and tactics that will probably not lead to success.

In all fairness, there are some reports from GS users that do make some money with their mini sites. Not the thousands of dollars a day George brags about in his sales video, but in the $50 to $100 range. These reports however come from more experienced folks using ‘paid for methods‘ to generate traffic..

Well that pretty much wraps up my Google Sniper 3 Review. As always I would love to hear your thoughts about it. So feel free to chime in within the comment box down below.

Is there an alternative to Google Sniper 3?

Clearly if you're reading this review you're serious about making money online. But maybe some of the complaints listed above are turning you off. Well there is another option at you disposal.

You may want to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation! It's helped me earn a full time income for many years. Furthermore it's based on business principles that are sound and won't be closed by Google.

Hopefully now you see why I recommend this company but it's better for you to experience it yourself. Fortunately it's free and costs you nothing to become a member. So take a look and see if it's right for you.

I wish you the best either way! Thanks.

Eddy with a y

10 thoughts on “What Is Google Sniper 3? Hot Scam Or Hot Money Maker?”

  1. Eddy, I wanted too thank you for this article, it was truly informative! Another source of locating and putting what is needed into our pockets, much more money!!. Reading this article assists the reader in making a knowledgeable choice, thanks for that!!!

  2. What up Eddy. I would like to first say, that I agree with you that sometimes it does takes a little effort on someone part to become successful with any business online. ThE Wealthy Affiliate program does offer a person, a realistic view of what it take to build an successful go at making one’s presents online, become a reality! By the time, there is a cost to pay, you will have accomplished more thru their training, than most people, whom haven’t dealt with what it does take ,have been given to do! I would suggest that those whom have any doubt about what the program training can do for your success? Have a deeper look at what’s been offered. Thanks for the suggestions and keep up the good work.

    • Hey Wesley,

      I’m glad we’re in agreement. Too often people think because a business is online all of sudden it’s easy and no effort is required. But the only quick thing people get is a rude awakening. WA definitely provides people with a more realistic view of what is involved and helps everyone build from a solid foundation. Even if you never decided to go the premium route, you still get more from WA than what most people acquire from these other programs where they waste hundreds of dollars. But it’s one of those things people need to experience first hand which is why I appreciate that WA does offer that free starter membership.

      In any event, thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate it and the continued support!

  3. Hi Eddy,

    After reading the review I’m gonna pass on this one. I’ve run into so many of the same song and dance systems that promise you’ll make insane amounts of money per day, that when I see that, I don’t even bother looking past that.

    Building a good cash flow takes time. Getting it up to the place where it’s making really good money per month takes time. And unless you’ve got insane luck and play the lottery with 100% success or just happen to hit some jack pot out of the blue, it’s going to take time.

    I think the biggest problem is a problem with patients when it comes to reaching a goal of working from home. In this day and age where instant gratification is pretty common, unless the mind set changes, the lack of patients causes people to just give up.
    How many projects are left half done because they are taking too long?
    The best way to get past that is to make small doable goals. And before long the big goals are insight and before long your there.


    • Agreed Wendy.
      The lack of delayed gratification and patience is why most people will fail at making “Real” money at home. Too often people equate the internet with easy, fast money and no work. But that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately folks will continue to look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow instead of buckling down and just investing the real work and time needed to make good money online.

      Thanks as always for chiming in. I appreciate your feedback.

  4. Geez, here we go again, Eddy! Yet another young college-age looking buck who claims that he’s “cracked the code” to allowing one into becoming a multi-millionaire in the flash of an eye. So some young kid barely out of h.s. claims that he has completely solved Google. And that you can earn $$$$$$ following his “proven” system. Yeah, right and I own valuable property on Planet Neptune.

    Already a member of WA (as you know as I joined because of you) and from what I’ve heard coming from reviews of other knowledgable people like yourself at WA; all versions of Google Sniper created by George Brown, Boy George, Clown Brown or whatever this fraud calls himself are nothing but absolute scams. It makes me sick to my stomach to even read what he has to offer. How can people be so dumb trusting him? I also love the picture of that young Asian dude that you posted along with this review. Probably that dude invested a lot of money in Georgie’s get rich quick theme and at the taking of this picture thought he’d soon be going out and purchasing himself a brand new $700,000 Porsche within a week. What a surprise he’d have coming to him. Bet he wasn’t still smiling a week or so later.

    It still is so sad that gullible people looking to “get rich quick” fall for this type of b.s. that still pollutes the Internet.

    Thank you Eddy for continuing to make your subscribers aware that the Internet is still the Wild, Wild West of the 1880’s. Walk into a strange town, say too much and to the wrong person and bad things WILL happen to you. Just like suckers who fall for clowns like George Brown, they’ll end up losing their shirts ($$$), unfortunately not getting a refund either.

    Thank you for continuing to preach Eddy!



    • Hey Jeff,

      Always good to hear from you buddy. You had me cracking up over here. I don’t want to call people stupid or gullible. A lot of times when you want something so bad it blinds you and a lot of the common sense and inner voice you have goes out the window. Fortunately I’ll be here to remind people. lol

      The reason so many of sketchy products and scams can thrive is because they play on the dark desire we all have to make a lot of money with little to no work. People just assume because something is web based it must be easy and can make you tons of money quickly. But in my experience it’s a bunch of bull. Anything that is going to make you decent money will take time, patience and effort. So the sooner everyone realizes this, the better.

      Thanks again for chiming in and the continued support. I appreciate it!

  5. Doesn’t sound to kosher to me and that you have to fork over $47.00 a month that is outrageous for people who don’t have that kind of money to fork out all the time. Also doesn’t sound good that he has to make changes in it. It doesn’t sound so legitimate to me. These companies are suppose to help you not keep asking you for money. I always thought that when you work for a company you aren’t suppose to give them money to work. Not my kind of deal here.

    • Laura,

      Thanks for chiming in as usual.
      But let me address a few of your points although I think I have many time in the past.
      1. Paying a fee doesn’t mean it’s a scam or bad. We’re not talking about paying someone to work for them. People seem to confuse home based business opportunities or learning a way to make money as a job. It’s not. You shouldn’t have to pay an employer for a job. But you may buy a newspaper to find a job. Or you may buy a book to teach you how to improve your resume to get a job. Some would argue that’s paying for a job. Either way hopefully you understand the difference between investing in training that helps you gain a skill to make money or to invest in starting a business.

      That said given my research about Google Sniper 3 I don’t think it’s worth the fee. The fact they charge one is not the issue if they’re providing some great training that will help me make money.

      2. People do have money to invest in things they want or feel is important. If people can find money to buy cigarettes, expensive coffee, etc. they can and will find it for other things. So I don’t buy the argument people can’t afford it. That may be the case for some people but not everyone. But given what I’ve researched about this company, I wouldn’t want to afford to buy into this company. lol

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