Super Affiliate Machine Review – Is it Legit?

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As many of you know I make my living as an affiliate marketer and I'm not ashamed to admit. I'm in a fortunate place where I get paid to help people on the internet by providing them information and companies they want. In my opinion it's very different than certain business models where you're taught to harass your family and friends with over priced products they don't need or really want.

So I sleep well at night with what I do. I'll be the first to admit that it takes some hard work. But that's okay with me because I'm from the “school of hard knocks” where you actually learn to bust your butt to make things happen. Now with that said, I'm all about working smarter rather than harder when I can. But there are certain places where I just don't take shortcuts because they don't work.

Unfortunately there are many marketers out there that don't think like your boy Eddy with a y. They perverse this legitimate industry with the crap they peddle promising fast money with little work. Unfortunately some good folks like yourself fall into the crap. You quickly realize these guys are full of it but now you mistakenly assume all of affiliate marketing is a scam. Well today in my Super Affiliate Machine Review we'll see if this is the type of company that gives my industry a bad name and leads you astray.

super affiliate machine reviewWhat Is Super Affiliate Machine?

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) is marketed as an “All-In-One” solution to build websites automatically, apply high ranking content and also certain SEO techniques.

In addition, SAM includes a keyword research tool which, supposedly, has the intuitive ability to find low competition keywords that rank easily, and determine if any related niche market is viable.

The Sales Pitch

Of course, there is the usual “get rich quick” and “fire your boss” BS. But compared with the promos of other scammy products, Austin and Dave chose a much milder approach.

I was surprised that they actually show how the product works and builds niche websites in no time at all. They could have gone into more details though, but hey, it's a sales video and what they show you, is sufficient enough.

My First Impression Of SAM

My hats off to Anthony and Devin, SAM, (the website building component), actually works. You are able to manage your WordPress sites from within SAM. Building a new site is pretty easy and fast and I could find nothing wrong with the technical aspect.

The discounted, pre-launch price of $47.00 is ok, in my book. But charging $147 for only 3 sites is a bit pricey; and if you want to build and maintain more than 3 sites, you have to shell out $167.00.

How SAM Is Supposed To Work

Actually, the idea is not bad…..if it works. The creators claim that anyone, experienced internet marketers and total newbies alike, can use and profit from Super Affiliate Machine. Everything is automated and not much left to do for the user.

The basic idea it to build multiple websites around various topics to generate multiple income streams

Here is how it should work.

  • Use keyword research tool to find low competition keywords with high search volume for high ranking for any niche
  • Search for expired or “parked” domains. They claim that “nothing gives you a bigger advantage in Google than expired domains”. SAM will let you know you if an expired domains are available or not.
  • Buy domain and hosting
  • Create Site: This is the heart of SAM, so to speak. There is a menu item “Article”. You activate the process by clicking on a tab. Sam now strolls around the web, looking for high ranking sites related to your keyword, copies an article, spins it and adds it to your site.
  • You can add affiliate links, images, video, tags and headlines to the article.
  • The last step is to click on a menu tab “Google”. SAM is doing something in the background now that takes a few minutes. I assume it does some SEO work and snoops around the web, again, to apply some back links.

You are done; lean back, relax and wait for the dough to roll in.

That's the theory behind SAM and the idea of “automatically” building a number of mini sites that will make you between $500 and $1,000 each month. But does it work in real life? I have my doubts and here are the reasons for it.

The Cons of Super Affiliate Machine

1) The Advice To Purchase Expired Domains Is Bad

I admit that using an expired domain CAN have advantages; but these cases are extremely rare. You don't know why a domain has been abandoned. I could be that it got de-indexed for bad SEO techniques like the use of low quality and bought backlinks or for any other reason.

To find out these things requires extensive research and knowledge. They don't give you training or tools to do all of that, they just tell you that “old domains are good”.

2) Automated SEO

Let me put it mildly. Automated SEO is pure nonsense and I tell you from experience that applying the correct SEO to your site is maybe the most important factor for good ranking (besides providing quality content, of course)

For my WordPress sites, I do use tools like SEO by Yoast. But it's not a fully automated solution, there is still some manual best practice things I have to do for the tool to help me. You need to have knowledge about the correct way to apply SEO and no automated system can do that properly in my humble opinion without the risk of getting you penalized by search engines like Google.

3) Spun Content Copied From Other Websites

This will be the death of your website, period. You can watch a video I found on Youtube that shows you that the content is ‘automatically‘ added to your website. They don't explain where it comes from, but it's obvious that it has been copied from another site based on your keyword.

So you may escape the “duplicate content” issue because the content is spun. But have you actually read the crap that content spinning software produces. You probably have and didn't realize it was. But it's horribly written and usually makes little sense.

Below are screenshots of two “content samples” from the videos. I retyped them for easier reading:

super affiliate machine review

“If you want to successfully stop smoking you have to first change your mindset. Most people have the wrong mindset and tell themselves they could immediately stop smoking today if they wanted. That is usual habit of smokers. To stop smoking you need willpower in the first line. If you have really made up your mind to stop smoking you made the first and hardest step into a brighter future. Besides there are some points that help you stand on the road and not fall back”.

super affiliate machine-example of spun article

“Today, in the market there are plenty of weight loss pills which are designed particularly to help you lose off the unwanted pounds from your body. These pills have been used by loads and loads of overweight persons who within a very short duration of time were able to put off the extra weight and became quite well-shaped and slim. Weight loss is something that countless people are concerned about reason being that obesity is something that not just affects your fitness but your entire life. Due to a bulky and heavy body, you tend to feel quite uncomfortable in every walk of life, which you certainly realize sooner or later”

Would you keep on reading, and more importantly, buy anything from this website, or would you just leave and try your luck some place else?

Now I may not be a NY Time's Best Selling author but I can put some sentences together so you get value. The fact that you're here speaks to this. But imagine if my whole blog was spun content you'd be out of here faster than White Castle burgers go through me. Sorry for the visual but you get the picture.

When it comes to building an affiliate website your aim is to provide your visitors with enough GOOD information that firsts helps them and secondly provides them with solutions via trusted affiliate programs that you promote that make you money. That's just the way I was trained by my Top Free Recommendation and I do pretty well for myself following this philosophy.

4) Keywords Recommended By The SAM Keyword Tool

Again, the sample is from the videos. SAM recommends: “Weight Loss Pills Target“. Besides the fact that it sounds as gibberish as the spun article, It will NOT rank your website. Target is going to rank, not you.

Other idiotic sounding keywords that are recommended by SAM are: “my stop smoking” and “stop smoking results“. Both make no sense at all and are definitely not buying keywords.

5) Misleading Income Pitch

superr affiliate machine
They want you to believe that all you need to do is churn out a bunch of automated sites and you make $500 to $1,000 per month. I agree that mini sites can work for you if you have the knowledge how to build them and know how to SEO them. It is needless to mention that it also takes effort and a lot of work.

6) No Guarantee Of Program Updates

SAM will cost you $147 or $167 and is a ONE-TIME payment and not monthly usage fees. That raises the question about maintenance and updates of the system. What is going to happen after WP updates, for example? The question I have is how they plan to handle that.

7) No Help & Support System Or Member Forum

I know from experience how important help and support is, particularly for the newcomers to the industry. Anthony and Devin do not provide any kind of support. Even if SAM seems to be an easy to use software package, there will always be the need for help in one way or another. This is definitely not a good thing.

So Is Super Affiliate A Scam?

Austin & Devin have created a software package that actually works as advertised. It is priced within the industry norm. However, with the number of serious shortcomings as outlined, I would be hard pressed to recommend the use of this program. Automated software tends to leave nasty footprints that Google doesn't like. So I doubt you can build something sustainable with this. I'm not even convinced it will be fast money either. So for me it's not worth it. I'd prefer to build my websites the proper way.

But you're a grown ass adult, feel free to try this slash and burn way to make money if you want. That might be your thing. It's not for me and I'm sure more of you are interested in building long term income like I've done over the years.

What's an alternative to Super Affiliate Machine?

Look my option isn't as sexy as SAM. You can't just sit on your butt and push buttons that spit out garbage and then collect checks. My alternative requires some work on your part. But fortunately it's not anything that is so difficult that you can't do it. After all my simple simon self has managed to make a living for a decade doing it this way. You can too because of the proper training and ongoing support you get from my My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. Sorry it's going to take time and effort on your end. But ultimately in the long run it pays off as it has for me.

Is it guaranteed to work for you? Damn'ed if I know. Running a business is like being in a relationship you have two choices. Either you make it work or it doesn't. Ain't no more to it. I've chosen to make it work for me but I was very motivated to do so for my family and the fact that I hate the idea of slaving away making someone else rich. So I don't know what your motivation and resolve is. Ultimately it's up to you TO TAKE ACTION and check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. You can do that for free, I promise you, and determine if this is the right thing for you.

I hope you liked my Super Affiliate Machine review and I would love to hear your opinion. So, Chime in on your way out and leave a comment in box below.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Eddy with a y

18 thoughts on “Super Affiliate Machine Review – Is it Legit?”

  1. Hi Eddy,
    I had purchased SAM on the recommendation of a considerably good contact when it first launched. They hyped it up so big that everybody and their brother was jumping on the affiliate bandwagon before it launched.
    The day before the increase, I bought it for $67 unlimited websites.
    Everything you said in this article is exactly true. I was truly disappointed. Happy I didn’t pay the $167 the following day.
    I tried to create a site using their technology but found it to be utterly frustrating. I contacted Devin who actually lives in my neighborhood and got no response. Their training videos were 2 hours of wasted time. Very poor training modules and videos. I contacted them about a refund and they said it was over 10 days. I responded that if they were not confident enough to offer a 30 day refund or 7 day trial then they must’ve been aware the launch was premature and the product useless.
    All in all, do NOT buy SAM. It is a waste of your money.
    Thank you for the comprehensive review, I will certainly look forward to products that you endorse. Thanks for all you do.

    All the best,

    • Hey Linda,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this company. It definitely sounds like it was a waste of money and I’m sorry you lost any of it. But fortunately you know there are other options now. Anytime I see a lot of hype around a product launch I’m always wary because I know the hype is really more about the commissions and not necessarily the quality of the product. So it’s a lesson we all learn. Either way thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it. And be sure to check out my recommendation, I’m sure you’ll see the night and day difference pretty quickly when you join.

  2. Hey Eddy!

    Once you started out with the “ease” and “quickness” of “instant” income stream, I was put off.
    My #1 motto is to stay away from sites or ppl that claim I can make this life changing amount of money in a day or a week.

    As usual, great info and insight!!!

  3. Hi Eddy, it always amazes me that people jump on short cuts whenever someone offers one. Before the Internet, everyone new that it takes a lot of hard work to start and maintain a business.
    Why should it be different if you try making your money online? One has to work to be successful.
    But I don’t blame people that try the easy way too much. I put the blame on those gangsters that exploit the weakness of people and are getting rich doing so.

    SAM is just one of many programs out there telling people that it all can be done with a few mouse clicks and crappy looking mini sites with a lot of useless and duplicate content.

    Thanks for telling it like it is and let us know to be aware, always;

    • Hey John,

      It’s always good to hear from you my friend. I agree I think because the internet has made our lives easier in so many other ways people just assume that’s the case for everything. And clearly it’s not. Certain things like making money will still involve hard work. The only reason it may be slightly easier is that you can do it from your couch in your boxers rather than being offline. But other than that there is work involved. So the sooner people get that, the less likely scam artists and shady products promising easy push button wealth will thrive.

      Thanks again for sharing your insight. It’s always appreciated!

  4. Hi Eddy! WOW that company sounds just like the auto cash bot program that came out back in 2010. They had two up sells once you opted in for “free” and THEN you had to purchase a domain from THEM at a bloated cost…wouldn’t even consider letting me use my godaddy domain I had at the time because their software “wasn’t programmed to work with any other hosting site” WHATEVER. They don’t use the bot software to earn their money, they make their money selling the clickbank product to people who don’t know what SEO and keyword search, Alexia ratings and all that are about. SAM sounds like the same gimmick, how about if I go to clickbank find a how to make money online product, find some cool graphics to make it look all flashy, maybe do a video of me driving a rented BMW into the driveway of a nice house then sell it like I’ve been using it myself and made all this money! It sickens me….and the offer of a “30 day money back guarantee”? well that is Clickbank’s guarantee…..ugh….this SAM thing rhymes with SCAM and I call BS on it.

  5. It sounds somewhat fishey to me. Having to shell out that much money when some people don’t have it is crazy. Also that they don’t give you much help on it and you are not sure if it actually works and if it doesn’t they probably don’t give you much help on it. What you really need is someone who can guide you through it if you have any problems which doesn’t sound like they do. Sounds like you are on your own with it.

    • Hey Laura,

      Always good to hear from you. The money factor is a whole different story. It always amazes how people that claim they don’t have any money can really find it when they want it for something frivolous like fancy sneakers, games, expensive ass coffee, etc. But when it comes to bettering themselves they cry broke. So the money aspect can be debated. Some people really don’t have it like you said. But I agree the limited support you may or may not receive is definitely questionable given what they’re asking you to spend and the whole automated stuff just doesn’t sound viable to me long term and even short term. So I’m there with you in that respect. Thanks for chiming in as always Laura!

  6. I would call this a half scam. The product is what they say it is but it sounds like an inferior product. Taking content from other websites especially bothers me. Of course they’ve found a way to make money for themselves by creating a product that relieves the buyer of the parts that intimidate and confuse people. I just think you need to do this one the hard way and put in the time and effort to learn this stuff, or else don’t do it.

    • Marilyn,

      I agree with you. The reason push button, automated products can exist and make money is because too many of us are looking for shortcuts. It could be because of desperation, laziness, intimidation or a number of other reasons we try to justify in our minds. But sooner or later folks learn the hard way that like anything in life you just need to suck it up and put in the work. Just because it’s the internet doesn’t change it. It may make it a little easier but you still have to be willing to learn, take action and be patient. And when you do eventually you are rewarded. But sometimes folks need to hit a few brick walls before this becomes clear. And that’s ok. We all learn differently. I’m just trying to shorten the learning curve for some folks. lol

      Thanks for chiming in with some insightful feedback!

    • Hey Allen,

      Let me see if I can make sense of some of that stuff.

      People that usually have their access to writing or communicating on WA is because of multiple members have flagged their comments and activities. WA is really a community that thrives on positive interactions. Folks don’t really tolerate negative behaviour like name calling, cursing, bullying or just being plain old disrespectful and mean. A lot of that stuff is tolerated on other blogs and forums but definitely not on WA and it shouldn’t be because we’re all trying to push each other up, not bring each other down. So the times I’ve seen that happen Kyle & Carson will let said member know that they were basically put on a time out, so chill out and act like an adult. But if the behavior continues they’ll restrict you again and eventually kick you out and refund your money.

      In terms of the other complaints, seems to me many of the other ones come from competing product owners that take exception to folks like me that will review their companies and point out the shortcomings. If you’ve read my reviews you’ll see that I will often still encourage people to try companies I may not necessarily like for reasons that I lay out in great detail. But yes I’ll always recommend WA as an alternative. It’s not so much because of the money aspect only. The bigger part is that I recommend WA because the things they have taught me have really worked for me and have helped me make money online.

      So for me it only makes sense to recommend things that have worked for me with the hopes that may work for you too. It’s pretty much what I do. I like to walk the walk and talk the talk. And I usually back that up my recommendations with video proof of the opportunities I recommend. Sure I can easily promote a lot of the garbage out there that pays me way more but I would just be faking it at that point and there is enough of that out there. And yes any affiliate marketer is in the business to make money and there isn’t wrong with promoting companies that pay you that you really believe in. To make it seem like some how a person loses credibility because they do is hypocritical. It’s like how some people come here looking to me to help them make money online but said person gets mad because I make money with my website. It makes no “cents”, literally. lol

      The issue of people complaining about Kyle & Carson not being responsive to their customer service issues is far fetched to me. Any time I’ve brought issues to their attention for myself or anyone I’ve referred they’re very responsive. Sometimes it may take them a while but it’s not the norm. That said you’re always going to have one or two people that are unreasonable, impatient, demanding and belligerent. I’ve dealt with one personally and regardless of whatever advice or help provided they weren’t happy. They already had it set in their mind that they didn’t like WA, Kyle Carson, sunny days or whatever else they hated on that day.

      When I first joined WA, I did my research as I’m always preaching here. And I found complaints like you do with any company. But the person that referred me to WA was someone I trusted more than random reviews. So I wanted to see for myself. Fortunately I did and was pleased with what I found. I’ve been a member since 2007 and haven’t turned back. And that was back in the day when you couldn’t even try WA for free. Nowadays you can join as a starter member totally FREE and stay that way for as long as you want. Then you can see for yourself if the gripes you read have merit for you.

      I guess you’re trust my opinion otherwise you wouldn’t have asked. If that’s the case, then I say read my body of work and make a decision based on what you have experienced following me. If it’s been spot on then trust me. But if you think I’ve been off and full of it then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. LOL So that’s my take buddy.

      I hope this helps. It may not be the answer you’re looking for but that’s what I have for you.

  7. Hi again Eddy with a Y. Thanks for another great article. I have only just begun my education at WA and am not even completely sure what SEO does. So, I can’t comment on that part but anything to do with content writing that is automated, seems like a very bad idea to me. Computer software is getting good but it still can’t feel emotion. Without emotion our writing is very lacking. It is kind of like those stacks of legal documents that lawyers write. No one, I repeat no one, will voluntarily sit and read those things for pleasure. I think I will stick to writing my own content.

    • Hey HKFan,

      Always good to hear from you my friend. SEO is just an acronym for search engine optimization which is fancy word that describes writing your content in such a way that makes it easy for search engines to find you. This will be more clear as you go through your WA lessons. But that’s it in a nutshell. That said it sounds like you do understand SEO without realizing it because SEO is really about making sure you’re providing your users with relevent content that is useful to them. And I agree having somewhat of a “writing voice” helps in that and is rewarded by Google which is why certain blogs do very well without even trying to apply any technical SEO things. A robot can’t do that for the long term. So I’m with you. I’ll continue to write my content the good old fashion way because it works. Thanks for chiming in as always!

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