Six Figure Mentors Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

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It got kind of quiet in the non-product MLM industry after the almighty Empower Network Scam came crumbling down. A handful of copycat attempts by folks trying to recoup their immense losses made a little noise in the immediate aftermath of the EN collapse, but that died down soon too.

It seems the last man standing with a high ticket scheme was Matt Lloyd and his MOBE Scam. But just when you think it's all good in the hood, here comes Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, the owners of Six Figure Mentors. What's up with all these companies using 6 figures in their name in the first place? Do people really fall for this? A few months ago I wrote a Six Figure Ignition review and Six Figure Income review. Now we're at it again with this company. If I have to see another one of these, I'm going to scream. LOL

But I still have some patience for one more for you guys. So I searched the net and found many Six Figure Mentor reviews written either by folks promoting it, or posted by people calling it an outright pyramid scam. Well let's dig into my review to find out if this is a good opportunity or something that should be avoided.

What is Six Figure Mentors?

stuart and ross-owners of sfmIt is a program that teaches you ‘how to work less and earn more‘ and so you can allegedly live the same lavish lifestyle Stuart and Jay enjoy so much. Their program is suppose to provide you with the knowledge, training and tools required to run a successful online business.

They claim that their system is for everyone; as a beginner you will learn from scratch, or you will learn how to make the business you already have more successful.

Six Figure mentors also offers you to become an SFM affiliate and make commissions of up to $1000 per sale. If the uncertainty of running a business makes you uncomfortable, you may want to look into Fusion Cash, and instead.

Before You Join

Of course you are not ready to jump right in, especially when they offer you a series of seven videos with some more information. In exchange for your email address, which will add you to their subscriber email list, you receive the link to one video for seven days.

The videos are pretty good as far as the production is concerned. The content however is really nothing special and, if you would take the time to search the net and Youtube, you could find the same information from different sources.

But Stuart & Jay are experienced marketers with just the right touch to convince you that Six Figure Mentors is the right thing for you.

Six Figure Mentors' Training and how much it cost you!

The Application Process: $29.95 fee PLUS $25 per month. This is called the ‘INTRO Membership‘ and Stuart explains the two reasons for the application process.

  • He has a chance to evaluate YOU to figure out if you will be a good fit for his program
  • YOU will have enough time to determine if SFM is indeed the right program for you

six-figure-mentor-reviewIf you don't like the idea of an application fee for the potential of making money, you may want to look into Fusion Cash, & instead which is totally free.

By the way, you learn that the application fee is refundable if you decide to cancel your membership within the first 30 days, and the monthly membership fee is not due until after day 30.

You are now a Basic DBL member with access to the digital Business Lounge are. You can watch exclusive SFM Seminar Footage and have access to an Introductory Module.

On top of it all, you are assigned a “Personal Business Coach” who will answer all the questions you may have.

Everything is pretty peachy but the real thing, meaning the heavy business training, is not going to happen in this Intro membership. Your personal coach will let you know, almost on a daily basis, that in order to get the best training, you need to upgrade to …..

is six figure mentors a scamThe Basic Membership: $297 up front PLUS $97 per month. Now you are getting the heart of the program……almost. You are now a Premium DBL Member with full access to the lounge and all SFM modules.

Weekly live marketing training awaits you as well as a new Senior Business Coach. By now you have your own website landing pages, the Aweber autoresponder system is all set up and you started List Building efforts to grow your business.

The training modules are ok, but you are missing something. You feel like they are holding something back and you ask your personal coach about it.

The senior business coach is right on your side for support, but mostly he is hard on your behind to become a Six Figure Mentors Affiliate. That's where the big money is to be made. And you want the big money, right?

The senior guy reminds you daily that the big dough is right at your fingertip. All you have to do now is get your darn credit card out and become a……

how much does six figure mentors costElite Member: $2,500 per year PLUS $97 per month. Finally, you have arrived. Not exactly where you planned to go when all of this started, but you arrived at the destination Stuart and Jay had planned for your trip in the land of Six Figure Mentors.

You now will get live coaching by the Guru's themselves, Stuart and Jay that is, and you also qualify for the High Ticket Affiliate Commissions. 40% commission for every lead you created and the SFM sale team converted into a sale.

Yes, you just bought yourself the privilege to sell The Six Figure Mentor Program.

And you bought yourself into the ‘Digital Experts Academy‘. This is kind of an online university that provides interaction with industry professionals (meaning Internet Gurus) and also the second leg of SFM that is actually the base of the Six Figure Mentor Affiliate Program.

As is common with high ticket MLMs, the Elite Membership is not the end of it. There are four more packets you ‘can buy the right to sell'. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black are prohibitively expensive; the Black package would set you back a whopping $30.000.

Of course, if you are able to sell just ONE of these every month, you'll make a 6-figure income; indeed.

Six Figure Mentors Complaints

Hopefully as you read through the description of their alleged program a number of “HELL NAH” bells went off in your head as it did for me. But just in case you missed them, let me layout why you may want to avoid Six Figure Mentors like the ebola virus.

‘The Laptop Lifestyle' Free Video Series

At first glance, this freebie seems to be a great gesture by the owners. In reality however, it's just ‘clever baiting‘ to have you subscribe to their email list. The value of the videos is minimal and half the time is spent bragging about their riches. This is a very subtle, but common technique used by all of these overpriced internet marketing systems. Don't expect to get get a lot of value from these videos.

The Application Process

This is just a gimmick to give you the feeling that their program is something special. Do you think if you would walk in, figuratively speaking, and put 2 ? grand on the table to buy the Elite package, they would turn you down? No way Jose, you would be ‘da man'

You are FORCED to buy the Elite Membership Package

The Intro and Basic memberships are basically worthless. You do not get the training as promised in their promotion at these levels. True, you will get your personalized ‘landing or squeeze page‘ and access to some of the promotional ‘give-aways', but only for the purpose of promoting SFM. You won't really be able to use the initial training they provide to promote another niche or product.

You have to PAY big bucks to become an affiliate

In the real and scam-free world of affiliate marketing you don't have to pay to become an affiliate. It is free and you are allowed to promote the products or services every which way you choose. Think about it. You're helping spread the word about a company's products which means more money for them. Why would they charge you for this in an affiliate program? That said some companies that are offering you a home business opportunity do charge start up costs for marketing material, products, etc. But they're not considered affiliate programs. So I find it shady when these companies charge you to be an affiliate but it's away to pay the person that referred you a high commission rather than promoting a real product.

The real purpose of the training

The SFM courses are not half ass bad, I admit. But they are geared towards one goal, and one goal only; to promote and sell the Six Figure Mentor program. but as I said before, you can find similar, if not even better courses elsewhere for lot less money such

The Cost of Six Figure Mentor

One word: Ridiculous! How these people are able to get folks to cough up thousands of dollars for this stuff is beyond me? But obviously there are folks that have the money and will spend it. Is it actually worth it is debatable and subjective? Paying ridiculously more doesn't always equate to better quality. Most of the time it's just making the product owner's pockets fatter. It's like paying hundreds of dollars for designer jeans when I can I hit up my Old Navy and pretty much get similar jeans for significantly less. It never added up in my mind and neither does paying this type of money for this type of training. But then again some folks feel paying any amount of money to learn new skills or a business is too much. So I guess it's all subjective.

Training is limited by design

The SFM courses are not half ass bad, I admit. But they are geared towards one goal, and one goal only; to promote and sell the Six Figure Mentor program. That's very limiting. We all have different interests and suppose you want to build your passion around your true passion. Well the SFM program isn't really designed or set up to help you pursue that. So although you may be able to apply what you learn to something else it's not like it's encouraged or they help you to do so. This is Wealthy Affiliate is far more appealing in my mind. Their training is geared towards your own passion and dealing with real products from companies like Amazon, Google, etc not just promoting themselves.

Many complaints about Six Figure Mentors

I tend to look at complaints with a grain of salt for the most part. Because even the best companies have people complaining for various reasons. Like they say, you can't please everyone! But if a lot of people are complaining about the same things, that gives reasons to be concerned. If you continue to smell smoke somewhere, chances are there is fire. Apparently there is a lot of smoke rising from the Six figure mentors. Here is one of many complaints that exemplifies what is obviously wrong with SFM:

sfm complaints

So Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

If you push aside the ridiculous price of this program, the training offered by SFM isn't half bad and you may benefit from some of the course modules. The courses cover many topics from the marketing and the technical aspects that can help you grow an internet marketing business.

However, because their training is all about promoting the over priced SFM affiliate program many folks would label Six Figure mentors a scam. The fact that you have to invest such a large amount of money “to be allowed, or privileged, to promote the program” turns me totally off. I make money online as an affiliate of many different companies and had never to pay a dime to do so. That said I have no problem paying for training to help me be a more effective and successful marker. Obviously I have done that and encourage you to do the same so you can speed up your learning curve. But I don't think you need to cough up a mortgage payment.

So from the price standpoint I wouldn't recommend Six Figure Mentors for most people. Because you have similar or better alternatives for way more affordable prices. Ultimately it's up to you to decide. But don't fall for all the positive Six Figure Mentors reviews because now you know it's because folks are making some major bank promoting it. It's not necessarily because it provides more value to you.

I hope you liked my Six Figure Mentors review and would love to hear your opinion. In case you didn't like it, I also would want to hear from you. So, just leave me a comment down below on your way out.

Are you looking for an affordable alternative?

I don't know your “paper stack” situation. Maybe if you do have lots of that green stuff laying around you can afford Six Figure Mentors and what you read appeals to you. I wish you the best with that because I wouldn't spend it.

But if you lack the loot to join SFM or don't want to pay that type of ridiculous money, you do have another option. However before I reveal that, let me preface this by keeping it 100% real with you. I am not going to make crazy claims that you'll make a six-figure income in the next 6 months. Some people are able to achieve that but that's more the exception than the rule. So I'm not going to dangle that in your face as it's likely to happen that way. What I can say is that if you are ready and willing to learn, have patience and work hard, you should check out My #1 Free Recommendation where you can learn the same skills that earns me a full time income from home. It may be able to help you do the same in time.

But that's up to you determine if this is the right thing for you. I can't really say for you. But either way It's free to take a test drive, so unlike Six Figure Mentors, you have nothing to really lose. So again if SFM does appeal to you, feel free to give it a shot. I'm just giving you another option so you don't end up skipping a mortgage or rent payment on the hype that SFM is selling you.

That's it for today my friends. I'll hit you up soon.

Thanks for stopping by

Eddy with a y

74 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?”

  1. So I just recently signed up with SFM, I’m at the very beginning stages where they convinced me to jump, I felt like the first 29 dollar deal did teach me a lot as a virgin to this sort of online business. But during my first video I got the feel of MLM, which to me is simply a scam and yes I’ve been in several, more than several over the years.
    Today as they blathered on I started feeling like I was watching a MLM webinar and really had a hard moving through it. Several times they repeated their heart felt stories which honestly I don’t know are true or not but this you have to work hard, really hard to get where I’m at is not what they first spoke about. It’s not that I mind putting in work but they way I’m not getting much information with each step only little carrots to keep going is making me leary.
    I wish I had seen this review before hand but being as this is virgin territory for me I like the fact that I would have a team helping me though this. But I do not have a morgage payment to give them nor even if I did would I cough up that kind of money unless I was bringing in quadrople that from the information that gave already.
    Thank you I’m going to try and get my money back

  2. Thank so much for your advices, by the way, I was about to get enrolled at a 5 figure online company located in Vancouver and this resembles to the 6 figure company that you mentioned in your blog; they were about to convince me but you made me save a lot of bucks of the fraud. This happened to me yesterday, ya da man, Eddy!

    A lot of thanks and I am a humble old man who has the will to learn new methods for earning some money.

    Jorge from Mexico (Cuautitlán Izcalli, Edo. de Mex.)

  3. If you say $226 ($29+$197 ) for a one time registration and $97 monthly for web hosting, training, webinars and coaching is too much for someone who want to become financially independent or start and grow an online business then you got a problem.
    There is nothing good that comes without a price, the prize is fair and the value you will get stays with you all your life. You can leverage SFM and leave anytime and use their education to continue and build your own business.
    Nothing good comes without a price, SFM fee is fair and the value you will get stays with you all your life. You can leverage SFM and leave anytime and use their education to continue and build your own business.

    SFM has both training and affiliate program just like most businesses in this modern age. You can decide if you want to be an Affiliate for them or start your business or do both.
    SFM does not force you or tell what you must do, they advise you on how to build a sustainable business and such a business is best and sustainable if you build it based on your passion. I guess Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can tell you more about business on passion.
    – Free 7-day video series before you register
    – 5 modules training you on how to start a business from scratch which includes picking a niches, how to market to a targeted audience, list building , website building , how to market on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogging etc,
    – A Facebook community where you can ask your questions and get answers from any member or experts
    – A support team that is available 24/7
    – Weekly training webinars
    – Personal coaching.
    You can constact SFM co-fouders and other expert through many ways; Remember a Co-founder does not mean he is the best expert, members who have succeeded can be of help more than the co-founder. Are you telling me to succeed in software business today you must contact Bill Gates? Definitely no, but you can talk to his support technical team.
    – Weekly and daily Online webinars.
    – Facebook groups
    – one on one coaching with your personal consultant assigned to you when you join.
    – A 24/7 support team that responds to you within 24hrs
    The payment to SFM is for the webhosting, trainings and webinars not for Affiliate marketing.
    Remember, SFM is not primarily a money-making system but more of a training and empowering system. So, you can get the training, get out and apply the skills learned.

  4. Hi Eddy with a y, lol.
    I am so glad I stumbled into your review. I wasn’t even searching for it. It is said, everything happens for a reason!!!!

    I recently signed up for the $297 and have been watching videos of them talking but haven’t really seen any that tells you how to do the business. So I started to wonder if this is really for me or not.
    I also did not know about the 2k that I need to cough out, which I can’t afford and won’t.
    Again, thank you very much! Your review made everything clear and helped me make my decision. Time to ask for my refund.

  5. Thank you. Their ad impressed me by the person’s earnestness. I got my hopes up. I’m retiring soon and wanted a laptop business to travel with. I got the first video and he seemed to brag about himself and promise you would have access to all his study/library. They would help you to figure out your passion to direct your business. I called my son to check it out since he knows way more than me about online work. He found you, Eddy! Soooooooo glad. The second girl I saw on you tube went off the charts about this business and I said, “dang girl you sound like you’ve joined a cult!” But NO one tells you what the heck they are doing! RED FLAGS. So God sent you our way. Thank you. Tytyty!

  6. I have a question. I’m looking for reviews who don’t put dozen other sites just to feed everyone their direct links to their digital programs. I have been told by a few people that Wealthy Affiliate basically has the same deal. Signup and go through different levels to purchase more and more. Why doesn’t anyone say how much this is as well? I’m looking for honest reviews. Not a biased review just to pitch another product. I see this all the time. What gives?

    • Kristan just keep Googling for more reviews on this company then that fit your needs. Most people that read my reviews appreciate that I do provide other options that I have personally tried and money with. And they appreciate that I’m upfront that I’m an affiliate and proudly tell folks I am. It’s not a dirty secret I try to hide and doesn’t make me any less objective.

      The only people that seem to have problems with reviews like mine where I lay out the good and bad are the reps for these companies that only want to present their opportunity as perfect. No opportunity is. So people like knowing the good and bad. I make no apologies for sharing that and giving people options that help them and make me money in the process. The only people that would have issues with that are hypocrites who are coming to sites like this to learn how to make money but hate on the blogger that makes money helping them. Biased reviews are the ones where the people promoting the product won’t tell you some of the downside of the product in their reviews. There are tons of those you can read if you want.

      In terms of WA, it is straightforward with it’s fees and nothing like what you’re suggesting. You can be a free starter member or become a paid premium member for $49 per month. The only other fee which is also optional is buying a domain name for your website which is $13 per year. Other than that you’re not required to buy anything else. Some people will invest in a paid version of their keyword tool jaaxy but it’s not required. And some will invest in buying traffic. Again that isn’t required or necessary to succeed. So I don’t see how you can compare the two.

      At the end of the day, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Read through various reviews and make the best decision for yourself. But discount reviews just because the blogger is recommending things that has worked for them and makes them money too. It’s hypocritical to visit a blog to help you make money but discount the blogger that is making money helping you. lol

  7. Hi Eddy. Great article. I light up at your very first sentence because I come from VERY humble beginings getting my first experience in the online space with Empower Network.

    Yup. I went All In. I even got the tshirts that says so haha

    Everything you said about SFM sounds just like what EN was: overpriced training that you paid a monthly fee to be an affiliate, and you have to own it if you wanna sell it. Also, you’re free to promote anything you want but we will shun you if you don’t promote in the name of EN!

    I stuck with EN for 3 years, and went to all of their events. (I got more tshirts to prove that lol) And I’m grateful for my experience (expensive esperience) in EN because a lot of my friends came from there, and I learn NOT what to do.

    But to go through it all again: pressure upselling, no upline support, no team, only mentor is training videos, YouTube, and Google for 2 years (see, humble beginnings) NO THANKS!

    Well, I’m actually doing very well since the ol’ EN days. I’m here on market research. To keep an eye on things like these.

    I’ve heard of WA before and heard lots of good stuff from them.

    Me personally, after I left EN went straight to the very company DW came from before his started EN: MLSP, and I have been there ever since making my own courses and training (no I don’t plan to build my own affiliate program. I much prefer being the ‘middle man’)

    Anyways, thanks for doing what you’re doing, Eddy, and helping people save money and disappoint. I appreciate you.

    • hey Kati,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and kind words. I remember Empower Network. I’m sorry to hear you fell for it. But I think most of us have fallen victim to shady companies. But it’s a good learning experience. You can be bitter and think everything is a scam. Or you learn to be more careful and eventually you find something legit. That’s what happened with me. It sounds like it did for you as well. So I wish you the best!

  8. Hello Eddy,
    Unfortunately, after reading all of the reviews, I have to say that I went a little bit further with investing with the SFM company than most of those who were able to get information ahead of time before making a major investment. I agree with those who stated that Jay and Stuart and those working with them have not been forthcoming with the expected expenses along the way. Your impression is that once you you invest the $27.00 and then the $197.00 per month that you would be on your way with getting started with your educational learning. However, you are told that to go through all of the modules to get more information, you need to become an Elite+ member. You struggle to do that and trust that you are well on your way to learning more steps to begin making money. Only to be told that you need to invest a very large sum of money to get the rest of your education. It is very disheartening and it makes you scared to take that leap. I wish I had learned of your website before I became an Elite member. However, thanks for your insight and for providing the opportunity for others to provide their opinions and insight about their experiences with the SFM Affliliate Business.

    • Hey Sharon,
      Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts about this company. No one likes to be surprised especially with high fees. So I’m happy I can share the good and bad about these companies so people aren’t surprised and can make the best decision for them. It’s just better to be upfront with this stuff.

  9. Hi Eddy,

    I bought into SFM in January and at that point where I’m informed Elite+ is the way to go.
    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this article before i committed. Thank you!!!

    The tips above on a more cost effective route are appreciated. Keen to explore and any other information gratefully received.

    Best Regards Ed.

  10. Hi
    I actually do not see SFM or a couple of the other top tier companies as a scam, they are to a degree the next level of MLM, BUT, when i decided that if I was going to become a Digital Lifestyle Marketer, then I would get in with the high commission companies and leverage their products. YES, it takes money to get in!! but the commission on the affiliates that you bring makes the hours spent marketing worth the effort, I bring in people from my tribe that see what I see, I get great training from all the Top Tier Companies I am with, I am also affiliated with some great low commission companies, and their training is great too. I decided to fully commit to my new Business I am 500% committed to becoming a top earner in the Digital Lifestyle Arena . NAMASTE 🙂

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I could definitely make more money promoting products that pay the highest commissions. But if I don’t feel the products is of high quality then I wouldn’t feel right promoting it. It’s just a matter of preferences. There are a lot of marketers that promote things that don’t cost a lot or free and make great money. It requires the same effort so I hear what you’re saying.

  11. Sad to say, that I too fell prey to this. I joined yesterday, and luckily I haven’t paid anything as of yet, and have already requested to cancel. I am already a member of WA and like what I am learning from this site. I guess I should have looked deeper into this before putting my CC on their system.

    Thanks for the very enlightening review.

  12. I too am a member of SFM, but not for long. I did however, learn some things, but not as much as i do as a Wealthy Affiliate Member. I would have to agree, if you have the funds and want to promote SFM then its a no brainer really, but i reakon you would have to be pretty good at affiliate marketing to get those type of commisions.

    • Hey Jane, thanks for sharing your experience. I agree there is some value to SFM. But like you said, there are other options people can consider as you did.

  13. You know what? I was a member of SFM, so I have a first hand experience to share.

    What you said in this post are all correct. And I love your conclusion. Why?

    Because I don’t see SFM as a complete scam. I did learn things from their modules. It’s also the platform that introduced me to this online marketing world, which I’m thankful for that.

    The problem is that there are quite a lot of flaws and limitations in the system. It claims to be an affiliate marketing business but due to the limitations, more people see it as a bad MLM business in which they just want to recruit people.

    Also, the price and upsells are crazy. It’s not affordable for many who just want to start small. So what I would conclude is that the system is flawed. But it may be a good system in the eye of the rich who can afford the high-end membership. This is because Stuart and Jay work really closely with the high-end members.

    Anyway, thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate, the best internet marketing platform for entrepreneurs! Thanks for this review!

  14. Hi Eddy , thanks for the very insightful review. There is nothing on SFM ‘s website to indicate what it will cost other than the intro fee . What you have exposed has me running for the hills . I will avoid at all costs.

  15. So if someone was to invest all that money and become an elite member, they would basically become like those guys, trying to scam people into joining SFM, so they can make commissions off of their “training” ? What a conundrum. I’m so glad I read this.

  16. Thanks for the insight into some of these programs Eddy. I find it very frustrating signing up for a program like this and having the proverbial carrot of up sales dangled in my face. These guys are more expensive than most. You saved me a lot of time in research with this helpful review. Looks like I will check out Wealthy Affiliate. I want to build a site and have the education to do it right but I really do not have the cash required that SixFigures ultimately wants. At least they state their costs up front though. Most do not. Thanks again.

    Best wishes,

  17. Hi, I would just like to add my two cents from a different perspective…. I know a person who signed with SFm two years ago and have followed their journey with interest from the start as I was looking into things. This person was in full time employment, a bit disgruntled with things and started with SFM after researching online businesses. To me it was interesting to follow the journey from afar and to know someone personally taking this journey as I had been thinking of doing something similar but didn’t know if these things were a scam. This person is my guinea pig!
    I can tell you that this person has put a whole lot of time and effort in SFM and is now making really good money. Yes, they have signed up for the expensive membership and yes, have put in hours of work BUT is now reaping the rewards and living overseas on a beach and making good money. This person does, now have freedom in their life to work whenever they please but they do have large outgoings per week on marketing ( about a $1,000 ) have invested about $26,000 US in the membership but is making in their best month just over $14,000 US …..however, I will be asking this person the percentage of earnings earned from affiliate marketing versus promoting SFM which I think will be the crux of the argument as such for me. I do know that this person has become very ‘preachy’ as far as SFM is concerned. I am going to find out whether it’s going to work for me because I’m not interested in preaching about SFM… I just want to affiliate market.

    • I suspect most of their money is coming from trying to get other people to buy the overpriced membership. That said if you want to learn affiliate marketing there are definitely other alternatives that are far more affordable and better in my opinion. The type of money being spent for their overpriced membership can be spent in better ways. But thanks for sharing your perspective. I’ve seen a lot of people that do well with certain programs. Because any business just really requires hard work and patience to make it successful. So you can do well with anything even a shady program if you’re focused enough. There are bank robbers and credit card scammers that make a lot of money too. But it doesn’t mean what they do is justified or a good way to earn a living.

  18. Hi. I’m here to add credibility to what you have said.
    I am an ex affiliate. Everything you mentioned in your post is ultra accurate. As an affiliate, I usually know what I’m selling. With SFM they are ultra vague and don’t give you enough hands on with the program, to gain confidence selling it to others. I could not with a clear conscience make a dime, because I could not bring myself to get someone to pay $2500 up front, not knowing what they’re getting into or buying. You THINK you know what you will get, but they severely under deliver. Also, the $2500 fee is yearly recurring. It is like a mortgage payment.

    • Francis,

      Thanks for re-affirming my review. For such a high upfront fee you better know exactly what you’re getting so I would feel uncomfortable promoting anything like this. I’m glad you felt the same way.

  19. Hi guys,

    Definitely seems to be a scam. I stumbled upon someone telling about this magnificent service. Quickly I discovered that the fellow promoting a laptop lifestyle had actually just started, although his website gave the impression he had it all figured out already and had already spent USD 10k in 6 months… Anyways, Applied for the training 6 days ago and I was impressed by the marketing / sales funnel they promote, very neatly set up and you get into a give more mentality. However I also saw that the product suite is not that spectacular (wordpress based sites set-up with a layer and standard auto responder tools). Given the info I obtained from my referrer and SFM themselves in order for someone to make 100.000 income (leaving out the DEA programs for simplicity) one should acquire 125 Elite members on a yearly basis. All 125 elite members should then also attract 125 members to have an 100% success rate, which implies 244 mln successful entrepreneurs in 3 years! My columns in excel were not broad enough to show year 4 🙂 With a 10% success rate we will have 159mln successful entrepreneurs in 7 years… However 90% have not made it and spend loads of money…. Tonight I have a webinar where they will ask me to become Elite for 2.500k 🙂 I suppose I will not accept the offer and go for the refund. Hope more attention will be given to this scam!

  20. Thank you Eddy, God bless you!!!
    I read all of the other people’s comments and all point to the same … they are in the business of making money, not helping. I just signed up with them and now I am trying to recuperate my money. I was really hopping to find a good learning “tool” … Live and learn!

  21. Hi Eddy,
    I appreciate your straight to the point review, I also read Ana’s comment and I too think she works for the company. I am currently a member and that is mostly bull what she said not all but some. It is just what you said in your review. However in my opinion a lot of there training is full of rubish, mainly the trainers go on long rants about their personal lives and talking about how ” great” Jay & Stuart are as if trying to convince us of their character. A few of the trainers attempt to train on the platforms that they express they don’t use so if questions arise about how to use something they tell you to go to google or YouTube to find the answers, which I find weird since we purchased the system for the very reason to have all the training and answers in one place. Supposedly a ” scalable system” that allows you easy set up and point and click functionalities. Also most the people in the community forum are frustrated and the have a support staff watching for those individuals just to agree with them on their frustration and assure them it’s just part of the process. Very weird. All customer support is via online and usually with someone who is in a 5-8 hour time zone difference so you can go back and forth for days just to get an issue resolved. Not to mention they tell you if you want one on one phone support that is part of the upgrade to that Elite program that is $2300-$2500. Oh, I put in 6-7 hours a day sometimes more into my training and trying to build that blog to sell their stuff, so putting the time in is not gonna make a difference Ms Ana. You still have to have a marketing budget of a decent amount $600-$1200 monthly to use, don’t forget that and at least 2 domains to use their system. You must schedule a Skype call with the upgrade salesman pro, that’s the guy that tries to convince you to avoid all your frustrations by merely upgrading to Elite package. I have been having too many doubts rolling in my head so I started researching again about the company, thanks for your input Eddy.

    • Hey CP1,

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for giving us some additional insight as to what’s really going on with this company. Now it should give people some perspective.
      I appreciate your comment!

  22. Phew glad I read this, I knew that you can’t get rich without hard work, I’m going to learn it slowly and aim for £10 a week and build slowly, 🙂 cheers Eddy.
    Any sites books I should read?

    Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

  23. Hi Eddy-
    Usually don’t leave comments but I also couldn’t resist when I saw the name “Jay Kubassek.”
    Trust me. He is nothing more than a scam artist that cares only about getting your money in his pocket. He’s a true snake that will say anything to make you believe him.
    RUN AWAY from this guy as fast as you possibly can!!
    His last “company,” Pro Elite, has filed for bankruptcy within last couple of years. Not someone you want to recieve “training” from if you ask me.


  24. Hi Eddy, thanks for your post. I lost all my morning today watching videos and reading information from the “six figure mentors” web, and almost decided to join… All of us want a shift in our lives, and that guys seem to be cool, enthusiastic and spontaneous… But I had doubts, so I looked online for comments about a possible scam. I think your post is very clear, it’s not a scam at all, but almost, since they’re just selling a course, a useful one, but just this. Thank you very much. Alex

  25. Wow! It’s amazing to read these scam reports. I am with SFM and have been for months now, I am constantly amazed by the quality education, support and HUGE success of many SFM’rs. I’ve only recently begun marketing, and as far as generating leads, I’m doing brilliantly (and I knew absolutely nothing about online marketing before this). I’m now implementing/learning the next faze and everything I am seeing is exactly as it was taught.
    I KNOW for a fact some people are earning SIX figure incomes a month, people that quit their jobs only months earlier are earning more in a month than their corporate jobs were paying in a year, one woman just started in May and was earning some very good commissions within a month or two. That’s not the norm, it usually takes a bit longer to earn good commissions and nothing is guaranteed, but with determination and persistence you can definitely expect to be on five and six figures a month incomes. If you have the time and a marketing budget to get you going, along with their education and one on one mentoring you can absolutely live the laptop lifestyle.
    These guys are HUGE on support, on community, on seeing their community flourish, and yes, if you want to earn huge and I mean HUGE commissions you pay for the privilege, they need to protect their product and make sure they’re sold by people with a vested interest in the marketing. Not anyone can join SFM, it’s not a GRQ scheme or MLM or anything like that. If you are looking for a serious business/education opportunity then this is like buying a digital franchise but it takes effort and time just like any physical franchise, you can buy into a great system but if you don’t put the effort in your franchise will fail. Seriously, if you don’t think you will find the time to put into this then it’s not for you, the more you put in,the more you get back. You can take a slower path working at the study modules around your job but it will take longer and you do run the risk of loosing momentum and then interest. If you are focused and determined to succeed you really can do it with SFM, if you want a plug and play money making system, this isn’t it. This works only if you do, like most things in life!

  26. Hi everyone,

    If you have recently subscribed to the SFM and are now thinking about leaving their membership, you might be nicely surprised as I have just got a refund from them after a month spent with them. I had paid for the initial fee (around 25 dollars) and for a month subscription (around 200 dollars) when I told them that I wanted to leave on the very last day of my first month. They came back to me saying that I had been refunded for all 225 dollars. I did not ask for a refund as I thought this would not be possible as per their Terms and Conditions but it is always good to know if you are also in your first month and planning to leave. Try to do it before or on the very last day as well if you don’t want to miss this opportunity even if I cannot guarantee that it will still work at the time you read this comment! It will be worth trying even if you have been there for a bit longer anyway!

    Wish you all the best!

  27. Hi Eddy
    Have you ever heard about Karat Gold? Lloyd Merrifield has something to do with that. Nadine Joy is another name associated with Karat Gold and MMM opportunity. I spent 3500.00 to join , their name was Elite Business Nation. They had a lot of people to join some made money at least that’s what they said I never did this sound like Empower Network scam. It’s awful the way these people behave. I used part of my retirement fund to invest. Now I’m being very cautious about how I spend my money. I just making ends meet. I like the idea of WA, it requires time online and I’m trying to work my 9-5 plus OT to live right now. I hope to get the premium package probably next month. I’m still a little gun shy and I want my niche to be travel because I love traveling. Just want to make sure I can spend enough time online to really do something to make extra money.
    I appreciate you doing the research and finding out about these different scams. God Bless you and keep up the good work. Thank you Sandra Ackumey.
    I’m also your friend on FB.

    • Hey Sandra,

      I’ve heard of Karat Gold in passing. And I didn’t like it. I’m sorry to hear you lost money with their nonsense. It always bothers me when people get to this blog after the fact. I’ve could have saved you that heartbreak and more importantly your retirement money. In any event, I’m happy you like WA and considering going premium. Take your time unlike most of the crap out there, there is no peer pressure. You move at your pace and when you’re ready.

      You’re very welcome. I’ll continue to keep you guys safe.

  28. Hey Eddy,

    I could not help myself and had to leave a comment. As soon as I read the name “Jay Kubassek” listed as one of the owners of this company I definitely knew that it reeked of scam.
    I was once stupid enough to be a member of the now defunct Liberty League Incorporated company back in around 2005/2006. Guess who roped/suckered me into LLI? Jay Kubassek.
    I fell for his and the company’s b.s. about how I could become a millionaire if I followed their simple rules about “properly” building up my own business. The company promoted this bogus motivational/education garbage for a ridiculous price. Nowadays you can learn the same stuff from any online college course for one-tenth the price, or doing simple research on the Internet and receiving the same info for free!!

    Jay promised upon me upon enrollment that he would act as my member. I still remember trying to contact him numerous times seeking to ask him questions and gaining his expertise to help me along. My calls were almost never returned as he probably was too busy conning others out of their money well. I could say more about Kubassek, but my intent in this post is to keep things G-rated.

    It figures that Jay Kubassek was eventually kicked out of LLI because of unethical practices that he had in play as he tried to build up his illegal business. It’s also funny how this company disassociated themselves from Jay, only to eventually be dissolved themselves by the Feds, after numerous state class action lawsuits were enacted against high-ranking individuals within the company who suckered a lot of money illegally from individuals just as naive as I was.

    The cost of joining as a member, which I now cringe because I submitted payment that went directly to Jay was slightly under $1,000. I now want to scream at my stupidity looking back now almost 10 years later, as I ended up not making one dime in the LLI business – along with the same results of many others. I also learned my lesson, trust me. And furthermore because of this experience with Kubassek and LLI, I was educated on one other principle: Being able to recognize a scam for what it truly is.

    Anyone thinking about buying anything from Mr. Jay Kubassek, be forewarned, besides the fact that you need to have your head examined: You’re going to lose out on your investment – no matter how pretty Jay dresses up this opportunity. A pig is still a pig no matter how much lipstick you smear on it’s ugly face.

    You gave this business opportunity two stars, Eddy? From my past dealings with Kubassek all I can say is that you’re very generous. I’d give him a negative 10 stars, rating any business crap that he puts out there as a “six figures mentor” opportunity. Your chances of earning 6 figures from this con artist are about as good as your being given lucrative property on the moon – and just as worthless!

    You’ve been warned, folks!


    • Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for keeping it real with us and sharing your experience. Maybe I was too generous with my star rating considering what you and others have said. lol But seriously I really appreciate your feedback. It just sounds like this guy consistently puts out bad stuff. So I’m happy I can warn people and there are folks like you that can share their experiences.

      Thanks again!

    • Hi Jeff,
      I am absolutely shocked by your comment and I can’t help but say thank you for confirming all my doubts. I was about to give a £1000 to this company and at the very last minute read Eddy’s review. I feel sorry for your bad experience and I also did the wrong choice (I spent around 300$ with them for information that WA has provided to me for free (my comment is at the bottom of this page)).
      I cannot believe all I have read on Jay K and it just confirms all my doubts about this company. You might have lost this money but I am sure you will help dozens of people to save thousands of dollars with your one post…and you will never be scammed again!
      All the best!

  29. Thanks for the review Eddy. I haven’t heard about this one, but thanks for the warning. It sounds very similar to Matt Lloyd’s Mobe scam! Keep up the good work…I appreciate your reviews.

  30. Hi Eddy,
    Always glad to hear from you on different sites that you check out for us. This one sounds like a scam to me and surely wouldn’t be involved in it and they take my money as most of them want you to send and probably have to pay for other things as well. Thanks for all of your info on these sites.

    • You’re welcome Laura. According to Didi’s comment below that’s pretty much what she felt about this opportunity. And now she’s a happy member of my recommended alternative of Wealthy Affiliate. Folks don’t have to spend a mortgage payment to learn how to build a successful online business. There are affordable and better options. And I’ll continue to enlighten folks of this so they can avoid flushing money down the toilet that can be better invested. Thanks for the continued support.

  31. Hi Eddy,
    I was unable to contact you privately via WA because I am not a premium member yet.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you have just allowed me to keep 2500$ in my bank account that I was about to give to the SFM.

    I had some doubts after I realised that there was no application process to see if I would be a good fit for them as I signed straight away for the 297$ option (“luckily” for me they were giving a discount at that time and I’ve finally paid 197$ and just realised the marketing strategy now :() Luckily for me I have been trough many reviews of this SFM before signing for the Elite membership and I am so glad I have found yours which confirms all my doubts about them. I am normally good at detecting scams but this time I only realised after having already spending around 225$. Thanks to you they will not get a single dollar from me any more for the privilege of being an affiliate for them. I did not know anything about the affiliate marketing world and I am so pleased to realise that they are other free options out there which make a lot more sense now that I understand what is an affiliate.

    For those of you who are still hesitating on joining the SFM, the reason why I am calling it a “scam” is because unless you have at least 5000 or 10000$ to spend in the Elite program (which is the lowest membership level), do not ever think about signing for this system. And this is NOT what they will tell you in their videos.

    I have just signed for WA and hopefully this will help me to start everything again without worrying about any hidden fees.

    Thanks a lot again for your honesty and authenticity.


  32. Hey Rufat

    Grovo has seemingly partnered with this company on a white label basis. Why would company like this ruin their reputation?

    My fiance was scammed by The Six Figure Mentors last year.

    • Someone today, most probably SFM affiliate posted his comment on my SFM post and learned about GROVO from him. This is normal 🙂 As Kyle says, they are in the business of making money, not helping folks.

  33. Hi Eddy,

    I really enjoyed reading your fantastic review about SFM. I’ve written my review recently, but was doubt whether my review was just or not. After reading yours I feel that nothing has been exaggerated in my review. These guys really take money over people and it’s just laughable to charge so much money for the cake that can be bought for much lower price. Everything is set up in a way to make them richer and “help” you make money by “helping” others.

    • Hey Rufat,

      It’s great to hear from you my fellow WA member. Thanks for the kind words. No I think anyone that isn’t trying to promote this will be able to see the things we’ve both pointed out are reasons not to pursue this company. But as you and I both know from being WA members, there are definitely better and more affordable options out there. So thanks for chiming in and sharing your opinion as well. Keep up the work on your site and follow what I suggested and you’ll see some good results.

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