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Eddy_FB_2014-300x300Hey, If you have any questions about my products just leave a comment below. Tell me the specific product you're interested in and the question you may have regarding that specific product.

If you're having issues logging in, please keep in mind your login details were sent to the email address you used when making a payment using Paypal. So check that inbox or spam folder of that email address. If you have an email address that ends with “”, our emails are blocked by your email provider. So use a different email provider such as to contact us so we can send your info.

If you no longer have access to the PayPal email address you used to make a payment or you're having any other login issue leave a comment below.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response and I'll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. However Eddy with a y doesn't work on weekends or holidays because my family wouldn't like that. So please be patient until I get back to you. Multiple emails aren't neccessary.


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99 thoughts on “Got a question?”

  1. Hi Eddy, I am still having trouble accessing the two that I paid for. I have cleared my browsing history, cache, and cookies from the beginning of time. When I click on the links, it says “redirected too many times, clear cookies”.

    • Hi Amy,

      I have resent your user info. Check your inbox or spam folder. And make sure you’re only trying to access products you purchased. You’ll see all products when you login but you’ll be able to click and access the ones you paid for. You should clear your cookies and cache again before using the info sent.

  2. Hi Eddy,
    I recently purchased your Multiple Streams of Income and I had no problem logging in the first time. However, I decided to take another look at the opportunities and I’m unable to log in. Please help me.

  3. Good Day,
    I am experiencing difficulty logging into the site for the 2 for 1 course special. The error message states that the site has been redirected too many times. I have cleared the cookies, restarted the computer, etc. The message still states that it has been redirected too many times when attempting to log in. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

    • Hi L’Tonya,
      I just resent your login details. Please check your inbox and spam folder in a few minutes. The 2 for 1 details just provides you access to all the products in the member area when you log in EXCEPT the multiple streams of income. If you try to click on that product, it won’t work for you since that product isn’t included in that deal. So try logging in again but clear your cookies and cache following these instructions.

  4. I have been trying to log in on the site each time I try error message comes up telling me wrong username and password combination.. when I try to use the new log in credentials,I still am not able to log in… please advise


    • Hi AnnMarie,

      I just resent your login details. Check your inbox or spam folder in a few minutes. You may need to clear your browser cookies and cache before trying it again. If you have a preference in passwords just send it to me and I’ll update the password for you.

  5. Hi, I just joined up an hour ago, and it wont let me log in, you did send me another password but that did not work either. thanks Joanne

    • Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for contacting me. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.
      So I just want to confirm when you say you can’t login, you mean you’re not able to login at all versus not being able to access a product like the multiple streams of income which you didn’t purchase. Sometimes people confuse that they have access to that product because they see all my products when they login.

      But you’re only able to click and access the ones you actually purchased. So according to my records you have access to all the other products except the multiple streams of income.

      I can see you have been able to access the other product pages. Let me know if you’re still having problems accessing the products you purchased. But it looks like you’re in.

    • Anna, you didn’t really specify which product you’re referring to. That said each product has a question section that lays this out and a demo that walks you through the course. So be sure you’ve read that and watched the video demos.

    • Hi Shawn,
      I do provide you with an offer to get some of my other products at a discounted price. But each course provides you everything you need for that given course. I don’t leave things out of a course just to upsell you that piece of missing information as an OTO if you’re worried about that.

  6. Hi, Eddy,
    i’m from Slovenia. Do you have subscribers from Slovenia and what are the courses that would be the best for work with in this area?

    Best regards, Mladen

    • It depends, are you able to use paypal to receive or send payments. That’s how most of the companies work. So if you’re not able to do that, then this may not be for you.

  7. I just paid for My Secret Passive Cash Method and fell for the Special 2 for 1 Offer too. However, 10 minutes later, (I am on site) I’m still waiting for confirmation, my official link and password. Says it’s waiting for payment confirmation.

    • Hi Lydia,

      I just resent your information. Please check your inbox and spam folder. It should be in there.
      If not your email provider may be blocking our emails in which case we can try sending it to another email address you have. Or you can email me directly and I’ll provide you the info manually.

      Please keep me posted either way.

  8. i am having trouble loging in I have used the username and code I loged in the first time by clicking on the link in my email I had changed the p/word but now I not able to log in again

    • Sorry to hear that Ruthlyn.
      Please check your inbox or spam folder. I just sent you an email. Just reply directly to that email. Thanks for your continued patience.

  9. I purchased your product and couldn’t get back after paying with Paypal. I had the introductory page still up and when I clicked on it – it offered a discount of $8. What is that about?

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’ve resent your login details to the email address used at paypal. Check your inbox and spam folder. You should be able to login with it. Just keep in mind when you do login, you’ll see all my products listed but will only be able to access the one you purchased. The other ones won’t let you in. But it looks like you were able to get in from what my records are showing.
      But let me know.

  10. I cannot log in. Keep getting message that is not working. Says I have been re-directed too many times.

    • Hey Forbes,

      Sorry to hear about this. I just emailed you. Please check your inbox or spam folder and reply directly to those emails and we’ll get this all squared away. Thanks.

  11. Eddy…my question would be do you have an option to have an all done for you system with the sales funnel, capture page and everything set up where I can make big commissions. I would have no problem paying a monthly fee for this. Just want something legit and where it won’t cost a fortune.

    • Frank,

      No I don’t sell anything like that. I would be wary of any all done system. Anything that is going to make you real money will require work, patience and effort on your part. Magic bullets usually end up in you losing money. So I would avoid them. Be ready to put in the work.

  12. I would like to know if you can accept money orders ?There seem to be a host of glitches when I attempt to use pay pal, visa gift cards or my debit card online . Thank you JSalehin

  13. Eddy,

    You replied you are not sure whether “How I Earned $8486 Online Without A Job!” will work from Muscat, Oman.

    Now my query is whether this program will work from Dubai, as my place is near to Dubai and whatever works in Dubai will mostly work from Oman also. So can you please confirm whether it will work from Dubai as i’m really interested to try this out. And there is also a option to work through VPN if needed. Awaiting your reply.


  14. Hi Eddy,

    Whether “How I Earned $8486 Online Without A Job!” will work from muscat, Oman??
    I’m willing to join and work provided it works from my place.


  15. Hi Eddy —

    I purchased the Monthly Multi-Stream Income program and am having trouble opening the page through the email link. I put in my login information and keep getting a ‘Safari Cannot Open This Page’ message. FYI it was working a few days ago. Any ideas on the problem?

    Thanks! Kelly

    • Hey Kelly,

      That’s weird. Try a different browser and see if you still have an issue. If that doesn’t work please email me directly don’t leave a comment here. Just email directly. And it would help if you forward the user info email you received so I can try to login with your data. Just forward that to me, don’t copy and paste and I’ll try to login and replicate the issue. Thanks for your continued patience.

  16. im gonna be straight with you as thats the way i looking for an opportunity obviously,and i m interested in getting one of your products.but how do i know that
    your products are not bs like so many other products on the net?you point that out
    yourself.i think that is a fair question.thanks

    • Kevin,
      If you have any doubts about legitimacy, just focus on the free material I provide on the site. Most of the times when people read my free articles they can tell I provide a lot of value and I’m not in the business of promoting garbage. So that’s up to you to decide. I can’t convince you of that. My work helping people avoid scams and making money since 2003 pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks.

  17. Hi Eddy. I tried to follow the link to PayPal so I could pay therent (How I made $87 an hour) and I got an error message “this transaction is invalid etc etc”. What do I do now? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      I’m not sure that product is not working for you. But I’m able to access the paypal payment. And it looks like you were able to purchase the multiple streams of income product. So I don’t know why you couldn’t do the same for the other products.

  18. For some reason I can’t login. I keep resetting my password but whenever i try to login with the new password that was sent to me the website said it was invalid.

  19. Are there any writing job available thru your website? I write poems. Don’t know if I want to write a book just yet.

    • Glenda, if you’re looking for a job visit my work at home jobs page. I’ve also reviewed a few writing opportunities: iWriter & TextBroker.

      I doubt you’ll be able to make money writing poems. But you can definitely make money writing articles for others or blogging for yourself like I do. I make a full time income doing this because of what I learned here.
      It’s probably the best way to make real money writing online.

  20. How come the last course titled “Multiple Streams of Income Membership” isn’t working? When I click on it, I get this message: Please let me know if you took it down. Thanks so much for the help, your videos are very helpful 😀

    • Hi Melissa,

      I replied to your email a while ago. Check your spam or unknown folder.
      That said I only see record of a payment for ONE product. But if you have a paypal email receipt for two products, please send them to me at and I can see what happened. But right now my records only show one payment for one product. So email me directly with the two paypal emailed receipts when you can. Thanks.

  21. Hi Eddy,

    I have registered and entered my payment info hours ago, however, when I log in a little window pops up saying: “ says email is not registered yet,” so even though initially prior to payment, it said, you would be directed to the members area where a chart of all available work at home opportunities would be, right after payment info has been entered; this is not the case in reality. How long will I have to wait, Eddy?

    — Dale —

    • Dale,

      I just logged into Paypal and don’t see any payment from you as of yet. So that’s why you haven’t received anything.

      If you successfully made a payment you would receive an email from Paypal and me. Check your inbox and spam folder to check if you have received anything.

      But when I look for the email you’re using to leave a comment dale2lebs@….
      I don’t see anything. Feel free to contact me directly at to discuss this further. But I see no payment from you. Make sure you completed the payment process from
      this page:


      Eddy with a y

    • Hey Tahira,

      I just sent you an email. I think this may be an issue with your browser or device. I’ve sent you some tips on how to resolve this. Respond back to the email when you can.

  22. Hi, I wanted to do this, but I was stopped at paypal credit cart, since I don’t have a credit card to attach its data, please tell me it is not mandatory

    • Hi Mohamed,

      Paypal should allow you to use your credit card but maybe during the sign up process you do have to connect it. That’s something you would have to contact them about. But they are preferred vendor to handle payments.

  23. log in user name and password sent by you to me is not is showing wrong user name and pass word whereas i m typing the log in id and password exact u have sent to me…help me

    • Hi Anand,

      Make sure you’re copying and pasting the exact password including any characters. If not it won’t work properly. If you’re still have problems fwd me the log in details that were sent to you to and we’ll get you squared away. But just make sure you’re copying and pasting the password exactly as it is with caps and all and the same with the user name.

    • Tori,

      I offer tons of free content on my blog here. Most people that read it can tell I’m not scam based on that information that I give away for free there. The media has also referenced me as a source and for being an authority for helping people avoid scams. I’ve also helped hundreds of people avoid scams like this here. So feel free to look at that information and determine if I’m a scam or not. But my record pretty much speaks for itself. I couldn’t be online since the late 90s scamming people. Thanks.

  24. EddY,
    I am interested in learning how to work this. I do have a full time job, and my wife part time. Life is expensive! As are the kids! What exactly do you mean by needing to be able to get out? I’m out of the house daily as is my spouse. Where do you need to go? Can we work this along with all the many responsibilities? For as you well know, there is no pause button for parenting! and we really do want to be there as parents…

    • Hi Max,

      Trust me I know how expensive and time consuming a family is. I have two kids, a wife and mother in law that live with me. So I know that struggle all too well. lol
      Time is always at a premium so I always try to find ways to earn money that fit in my hectic life style. So the “how I earned $87 in an hour” product fits this.
      When I say get out, I mean just that. There are times you may need to be able to leave your home for an hour or two to work with some of the companies I discuss.
      But in return you can earn up to $100 or more for that little time you spend. I can’t really get into more detail than that because the product is based on that information.

      It’s also why I priced it so low that you have really very little to lose to get the details. But that’s pretty much what I mean by getting out. That said I also cover how to make this opportunity work so you don’t have to leave your home. Either way you’re in control of your time. It’s not dictated by anyone else which is important when you have a family and other responsibilities. These companies are very flexible and try to work with your schedule. I hope this helps.

    • If you’re referring to my secret method, I’ve already answered your question in the question sections when I said:

      What Will I Be Doing Exactly?
      Sorry for the secrecy. Ultimately you’re helping people that are desperately looking to make money & you make money in the process. The greater details is the basis of the product so I can’t tell you here. But what I can tell you is that everything you’ll be doing involves basic internet skills. It’s a combination of watching videos, surfing the web, typing, copying and pasting. And that’s pretty much it. Most of that you’ve probably just done today or in the past. At most you may be spending an hour or two at any given day. Once you’ve initially set everything up you’re spending less than an hour a day working on this.

    • Karen, try exploring the other options I’ve covered here. The best way I have found to make decent money at home is t have multiple streams of income coming in from different places rather than just focusing on job or opportunity. Because it all adds up and allows you to do various things. So I would combine multiple things that I cover.

    • Brittany,

      I’m not sure which product you’re talking about since I sell many.
      I don’t think I said it was easy. It does involve work like anything that makes you money.
      If you’re referring to my secret method, I’ve already answered your question in the question sections when I said:

      What Will I Be Doing Exactly?
      Sorry for the secrecy. Ultimately you’re helping people that are desperately looking to make money & you make money in the process. The greater details is the basis of the product so I can’t tell you here. But what I can tell you is that everything you’ll be doing involves basic internet skills. It’s a combination of watching videos, surfing the web, typing, copying and pasting. And that’s pretty much it. Most of that you’ve probably just done today or in the past. At most you may be spending an hour or two at any given day. Once you’ve initially set everything up you’re spending less than an hour a day working on this.

  25. Hi Eddy,
    Greetings from India. Can I work from here and earn with your methodology? Am interested. Is it open for only people in US/Canada or can I enroll ? Plz answer…regards,

  26. Hi, Eddy.
    I am really interested in your ”How I made 8486 dollar course”. However, I would like to know if I need to have a website in order to apply it. Thanks.

    • Hi Latifa,

      No you don’t need a website to work this program. Although I teach you how to easily create one if you do want to create a website but it’s not necessary for this technique to work. I hope this helps.

  27. Hi Eddy,
    I purchased your program about ignoring our mom’s advise over the weekend. I am still in the process of signing up with companies. Anyway, when I purchased this product, you gave me the option of buying your other two programs for $7.00 for both. I didn’t click on the button, but I would like to get them. Can I still get them both for $7.00?
    Thank you.

    • Hey Gail,

      I’m so happy to hear you like my product so much that you want to buy more. It’s a smart way to give you multiple streams of income which is how I make a lot of my money. I’m never just dependent on one source. So you’re definitely on the right path.

      Here’s a link to my deal. At the moment you get the other two products for $10 not $7
      Either way it’s a steal.

      I hope this helps. Thanks again.

      Eddy with a y

  28. Hello, Was trying to watch your video but it keeps loading and stops . Is there another link to watch? Very interested.

  29. Hello,
    I got your email stating you re-emailed my login info. Not in spam for I white listed you so your emails come straight to my inbox. I don’t have the login details still. Never got the email with the logins.

    • Hey Lesli,

      I just manually emailed your info this morning. Check now.
      If you don’t get that email then we’ll need you to open a free email account at gmail and I can send the info there. But let’s see.

      Thanks for your continued patience.

  30. Hi Eddy,
    I lost my login credentials to how you made over 8,000 dollars online. I try to log in and I get an error message stating that my username and password don’t match. Sorry, I have been out of commission but, I am better now and need some Vegas cash.


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