Is A Scam?

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! claims to offer a great at home opportunity making $98,500 a year as an ‘Auction Listing Agent". What is that you may ask? Well, it is a position in which you are simply posting brand name products to sites such as Ebay for large companies, and get paid for each post you complete (Allegedly!). Apparently you can achieve this wonderful salary with no education or experience being required. Well if that's the case than the joke is on so many of us who invested in college and higher education to make this type of money. However I doubt any of these claims are real. If you're anything like me you're smelling some BS here too. So let's dig a bit deeper into the surface of this alleged company and job.

How It Works

1. You receive an email or click on a ad.

I came upon this company because I received an email that I had a work at home job offer. This is very strange since I haven't applied for a work at home job in years nor had an interest in one. So the plot thickens. In general, these emails tend to end up in my spam folder where they belong. Companies like this spam the heck out of people because even if 1% of people respond to the spam they can make some serious money. This is why I like going through the spam folder. I'm able see what scam is hot on the streets. However this company also seems to advertise on various sites because I've also seen their ads on various websites which is not surprising. Good and bad sponsors are in every medium which is why you should never assume because you see something on tv, magazine, newspaper or website that it's legitimate. If it's in a clearly defined sponsor/advertisement section, it just means that they paid to be there and you should still do your research regardless. But I digress.

2. Visit site and apply for Auction Listing Agent Position.

Upon visiting the site you will see one long landing page full of persuasive sales copy as well as greeted by the virtual Jennifer Johnson (This may have changed since the time of this review). All you need to do at this point is fill out this small form that will let you know if you qualify, and how many positions are available in your area. We wanted to test out the alleged job availability. So we entered no information at all. Not surprisingly we were informed there were only two positions left in my area. Ohhh, let me rush and jump into this now before my spot is taken. Not! Here's a little secret, there is always two positions left. (Or maybe they wised up by the time this review is out.) Either way, It's a stupid script programmed to trick you into feeling pressured into buying their nonsense right away. Already this pretty much tells you all you need to know about the company. But why stop here?

3. You're accepted, so now what?

Once you are ‘accepted' for one of the only "two" positions left, then you are instructed to input your personal information including your credit card number. Excuse you? I thought this was a job not a home business opportunity or product! Why the heck do they need my credit card info? Oh, it's because you need to pay $197 for the Training Certification Program. What? Didn't they just say I didn't need any special training? Now I have to pay you $197 for, what was that again, ‘training'? Oh hell to the nah! Look I have no problem paying for training to learn a new skill. After all I've done so many times for my internet marketing career. But don't tell me that something is a job when it's not. Then don't add insult to injury by claiming I don't need any experience and training and then spring a $200 fee for training. Even if the training was actually legit (which it probably isn't) I'm now pissed that you've mislead me. So how can I trust that anything you provide me will be on the up and up. Strike two for this company!

The Truth about

If you haven't already figured it out, this is just another misleading company. They make their money from unsuspecting victims that are desperately looking for an at home job opportunity. So don't let desperation cloud your judgment. Hmm, I just had déjà vu. Have I said that before? lol Read between the lines folks. When you do the scam research, has many pages of complaints, a big fat F from the BBB and various other negative information about the company throughout the web. You can't walk around this company and not stop in something nasty. But you would only know this if you actually did your research. Sadly most people don't and become a victim of their fake job opportunity. So let me sum up this opportunity and company for you.

1. isn't an actual company offering a traditional job.

Just like many of those banned Google work at home scams out there, is basically trying to sell you some training product and not providing you a real work at home job. But considering how they mislead you, it makes you wonder what the quality of their so called training product will be like assuming you actually receive it. Either way it's not worth the risk if you ask me. If you're offering something of value that will help people make money at home, you don't have to misrepresent it as anything else than what it is. Companies like Wealthy Affiliate are a perfect example of this. My guess is that is just teaching you about using ebay for affiliate marketing. But obviously they're going about it in misleading way which will just give affiliate marketing another black eye because of shady companies like this that misrepresent it.

2. Nothing about this company delivers, literally.

Not surprisingly most of the victims of have either never received the "training" material, or the website won't grant access past level two. If you call their number, you may be told that the website is down because of too much abuse, so now they will be mailing the material. Don't hold your breath folks. Because of course, you never receive it in the mail either. Wow, I totally didn't see that one coming. I even read where one lady allegedly waited years (plural) on a ‘success package' that she was promised from Jennifer Johnson. God bless her little soul, but years lady? Come on!

3. Up-sells through the….

So you already know with most of these sites they never know when to quit. Stealing $200 isn't enough for them. So what do they do? Well of course you need additional coaching which will help you make more money. And guess what that's going to cost you? Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money! Some have said that ‘reps' have even called them bragging about how great the system is, and if you really want to make the money you should pay them $14,900 for ‘tuition costs' and they will help you start an online business. Folks, trust me, it does not take anywhere near that amount of money to start an online business. These kats are just full of false claims and they just don't know when to stop asking for money. The few that have received startup information and actually tried to make it work have said that it leads nowhere. If you have ever worked Ebay, you know why. You can't just get on Ebay for the first time, list a product for a one day auction, and expect to make anything. There is a lot of marketing, preparation, and other things that go into making money with auction sites like Ebay. But listening to these knuckleheads you wouldn't know this until you've already been sucked dry.

4. This company has more aliases than a spy…

This set up of this so called opportunity has been done multiple times, and in multiple ways. The promoter of, Jennifer Johnson, is mentioned almost more times in complaints then the actual company is. Her real name is Emily Thomas, and if that name doesn't sound familiar maybe this will. She ran another scam with the same setup but it was with a site called She actually has many more companies, aliases and sites for several years now. Visit the BBB report to see the various company names they operate under and their complaints. How this person is still in business is beyond me!

Fight Back!

Unfortunately there are going to be a lot of folks that fall for this scam or variations of it because they won't know to do their research. But do your part by spreading the word. Email this article to others or encourage others to do their scam research. If more people did this, it would be a lot harder for these companies to thrive. But unfortunately we let embarrassment get the better of us. It shouldn't. We all learn from our mistakes. Someone that claims to have made no mistakes in life means they've never strived for more than what they currently have. In any event, if you feel like you've been scammed by these guys, Call them, write them, email them and fax them. Do whatever it takes to get your money back. Personally I would contact my credit card company first and get that charge reversed. Explain the situation and chances are they'll work with you.


In the end guys, please stay as far away from these and other scams like it. The fact of the matter is no job is going to charge you to work for them. So that's the first red flag. Secondly, what they are really trying to sell you is a messed up version of affiliate marketing. They mix this with all the great ideas about work at home, and then try and sell it with a typical scarcity tactic like ‘there are only 2 positions left!'. This way you avoid doing your research and stumbling on an article like the one you're reading.

At the end of the day, this is why doing your homework is so important and why you're on this page. But even if I didn't write this article, all you need to do is follow the easy steps in my scams video and you can avoid many more scams like this. Trust me it'll be worth the 5 minutes. I promise! As always if you're looking for real work at home jobs that don't cost you a dime, just visit my work at home job search page or my work at home companies page. I would also encourage you to read my personal work at home recommendations page as well. Let me know what you guys think about this company. Were you a victim? Did you receive one of their emails? Let's rap about it below.

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