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Is a scam or legitimate

I'm always looking for new ways to make money online. I hate to admit it, but like many of you I do like finding methods that are EASY and don't require a lot of effort. If that's your mindset you'll probably enjoy the following company in this review. However before I get into it, please keep in mind opportunities that are relativity easy will NEVER pay you a full time salary or enough to cover all your bills. After all that's why they're easy. Websites and people claiming you can make ridiculous amount of money for simple tasks are basically just selling you a pipe dream. We all know what smoking that stuff can lead to!

The reality is that easy opportunities are really good for supplemental or extra money. This can be coupled with other income you may make with a traditional work at home job or business. This is the multiple streams of income philosophy that I preach constantly on this blog. But if you don't buy into this and can't appreciate earning money for something you already do without pay, then don't bother reading this article. Because it's definitely NOT for you. Everyone else you'll probably enjoy this as much as I do.

Now that we've established all this, let's get into today's company,

What is

It's basically a website that pays you for using the internet. This company has a pretty good rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if you're into that for validation and has been around since 2008.

You can earn rewards for reading emails, answering surveys, watching videos, trying various products, websites and services. But one of the EASIEST and unique ways of earning with SuperPoints is clicking on their SuperLucky Button a few times a day! Depending on your membership you get a certain number of clicks on that button per day. You randomly earn points for clicking the button. It's sort of like SwagBucks where you randomly earn Swag Bucks for searching on their site. If you're already sucking your teeth and cursing out the idea of damn points, please note points are equivalent to cash which we'll discuss later. So settle down…

Describing how this all works is alright but seeing it in action is a lot more powerful and useful. So you can watch the following video to see how all this works.

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Pretty cool, huh? Ready to sign up? Click here! But be sure to confirm your email address otherwise you'll limit how much you'll earn with the company. I'll explain later in the sign up section of this review.

How are they able to pay me for using the web?

Who cares? LOL So you're probably thinking to yourself, this sounds too good to be true! After all, why would anyone pay us for things we already do online for free? Well like many of many of my favorite legitimate make money opportunities (SwagBucks, Irazoo, Fusion Cash, etc.) these websites make a lot of money displaying various ads on their site. They're usually paid a number ways for these ads.

For instance, they are paid a certain dollar amount for how many times an ad is viewed on their site. They can be paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad. Or they can even be paid if someone buys a product or service because of the ads. I suspect they're getting paid for all these activities. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that with thousands of people visiting their website everyday, they're definitely producing a lot of income from these ads. Unlike Google or your favorite TV network they share this income with you via their point rewards system. This is a business model that has been around for years on the web and is totally sustainable because advertisers will always want visibility and visitors. So that's how they're paying you. Your visits and ad viewing makes them money that is shared with you!

What the heck are points? (I want real money!)

Well you already know I wouldn't waste my time or yours if money wasn't involved. Like MySurvey or Swagbucks, uses a reward system based on points. But fortunately the points can be redeemed for things we actually care about such as cash, gift cards and electronics. I've redeemed both a paypal payment and an amazon gift card.

Depending on your membership level it can take as little as 500 points to redeem your first cash payment or gift card reward. This may or may not change by the time you read this review.

When do I get my money?

Like many of these non-traditional opportunities, there is a threshold you have to reach before being able to redeem your points for cash, gift cards or other prizes. This threshold amount is based on your membership level with SuperPoints. Either way, once you've redeemed your points you'll usually get your reward within 7-10 days after your request. If you want the cash option, you'll need a Paypal account! So depending on how consistent you are (and other factors), you can conceivably get paid every week!

Here are some screenshots of my payments so you know I'm not bs'ing here: paypal payment and an amazon gift card

What's up with this membership stuff you keep yammering about?

You noticed that huh? First and foremost it's totally free to be a member of SuperPoints regardless of your membership level. So if that's where you were looking to find the catch, it's not happening captain. They've basically created this membership stuff to reward the folks that put in a little more effort than everyone else. That's usually how it works in life anyway, so it shouldn't come as a surprise here. You can see the membership level stuff in a nice little graph here.

If the graph wasn't enough, I'll make an attempt to better explain it here and why you should try to move up membership levels. (Just keep in mind some of this may change by the time you read this review.)

There are 4 membership levels.

None Level:

The first is none. I know, it's not a very sexy level and neither are the perks. At this level it means you just created an account but haven't confirmed your email address. At this level you won't get paid super points emails, you can only click on the super lucky button about 5 times per day which significantly decreases your likelihood of earning. And even if you do earn some points, you can't redeem them at this level until you move up. You don't want to stay at this level. It's basically useless.

Basic Level:

Next is the Basic level. You need to just confirm your email address which is clicking on a link sent to you via email. (Check your inbox or spam folder for this email.) Once you've done that, just fill in your basic profile (which can be accessed by clicking on your name located in the upper right hand corner of the super points website when you're logged in). The advantages of this membership is that you have more clicks (30 of them per day) on the super lucky button which means more chances to earn super points. You're also able to get occasional SuperPoint surveys which earn you even more super points. At this level to redeem your rewards you'll need at least 2500 points. (Again, this may vary by the time you read this.) Everyone should be able to reach this level with little effort.

The next two levels require just a little more effort but reward you well for it. But like all the levels they're optional so don't feel pressured to reach it. Although you will probably want to after reading about them.

Gold Level:

The 3rd membership level is Gold. You need to do everything you did in the Basic level but you must also fill in the advanced profile which gives SuperPoints more information about you. You must upload a valid profile picture and finally invite 2+ friends who move up to the Basic or higher membership level. For all this trouble you receive 50 clicks per day on that super lucky button. When your friends win on the SuperLucky Button you will win the same prize too! So if they win like 300 points from clicking that button so do you! When your friends takes a Super Points surveys and earns points, you earn the same amount of points. Redeeming your rewards only requires 1000 super points!

Platinum Level:

Finally is the Platinum membership. It's basically all the requirements and benefits of the Gold membership except you need at least 5+ friends that are at the Basic or higher membership. Some of the additional perks of being a Platinum member is that you get 100 clicks per day which obviously increases your chances of winning those random points. But in addition to increasing your chances of earning more, you're guaranteed to earn at least 1 point just for clicking on the button for that given day. That's an additional 30 points per month if you just click on the button every day for a month not including the random wins you'll probably get.

So that's the membership levels in a nutshell. Honestly it's pretty easy to reach the higher levels by having your family members and friends sign up using your referral link, confirm their email address and fill in their basic profile. Even if they aren't really active it just pushes you to the next levels which helps you earn more rewards on your own.

How much can I earn?

As we discussed earlier there are many ways to earn points (aka cash) with Super Points. A rule of thumb is the easier the activity is, the less you'll earn. For instance, they have an offer section where you can earn a lot of points for becoming a free member of netflix, downloading games, liking a Facebook fan page, tweeting, taking polls, or signing up for a certain product or service. Since this tends to involve more effort, personal information, etc., they reward you more. But it can be tricky. I suggest reading my Fusion Cash article on how to maximize doing offers without getting burned. The tips provided there apply to any site that pays you for trying offers. It can definitely be very profitable if you approach it the right way but it's not a requirement to earn with SuperPoints!

Points from activities like clicking on the super lucky button or reading an email can really vary. In most cases you'll earn a low amount of points like 1-10 points per winning activity. But there have been times I've earned 10 points for opening an email and 25 points for clicking the button once! I've read where some people earned 300 points for clicking on the super lucky button. So it super random and can really vary. I find that clicking the button a few times a day is easy and the points can really add up pretty quickly every day. So I tend to focus on clicking the button, watching videos, reading the emails and referring others. I'll do an occasional offer if it's really simple like watching a video and doesn't involve a lot of my time or personal information or if it's a well known company I wanted to try anyway.

Is this an international opportunity?

The site is open to members in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately it's not open to folks outside these areas. Sorry I don't make the rules!

Do they have a referral program?

Uh…. yeah, why do you think I'm babbling on here? (LOL) Like most of my favorite supplemental income opportunities this company has a referral/affiliate program as well. You earn 25 points if you're referral signs up and becomes a basic member. If you're a Gold or Platinum member you also earn whatever your referral earns from clicking the super lucky button or via taking a survey. Having referrals will also give you a higher membership which means more opportunities to earn points and a lower payout threshold so you can redeem your rewards sooner. Please note some of these particular details may change by the time you read this review. Either way getting referrals is a good idea.

How do I get started?

So if you've heard enough and are ready to get started, just follow ALL of the simple steps below and you'll be good to go and can start earning today.

1. Click here to sign up! (It's free and quick!)

2. Fill out the short form with your REAL contact information.

3. Open your email inbox or spam folder and look for the following email and click on the confirmation link!

4. Sign in and click on the validate link at the top of the page. Fill in the basic profile information.

If you do all of that then you're ready to start with this company. By the way, if you want to increase how much you can earn, you should complete the advanced profile section located in step 4 as well. Ultimately you want your Profile completeness to be at 100% so you're not leaving any rewards on the table. But that's up to you.


So all of this sounds good in theory. But you already know how I do. I have to give you the ugly stuff too so you don't go into this blind. Now let me cover some of the bad points although there aren't many in my opinion.

1. Don't expect to quit your day job!

Obviously on your OWN you probably won't earn a full time living with this. It's really just a fun way to earn some additional supplemental income or prizes. I plan to use this to do my Christmas shopping. I figure by the end of the year I'll have enough points to do some serious damage. But I wouldn't really depend on this to pay my mortgage. That being said, if you're good at getting referrals it can actually be some decent consistent money. However that's usually not the case for most people. Despite that you can still earn with this opportunity with your own efforts.

2. Patience is a virtue…

A big complaint I hear is that it can take a while to redeem your first reward and thus not worth your time. Depending on your membership level it can be as long as a month to redeem your first reward or as little as a week or two. Honestly it was pretty quick for me and that was even before I had a lot of referrals. But you have to be consistent with your effort. Folks may not feel that putting aside a few minutes per day to get paid for something they already do unpaid is worth their time. But for me it's a no brainer. I always have free time during TV commercials, using the bathroom or when I'm waiting on someone. Sometimes I just multitask and work on SuperPoints as I'm working on the other smaller opportunities. I even just log in with my smart phone and work on it there too. At the end of the day, it may take a bit of patience especially if you don't plan to refer anyone. But over time it does add up.

3. More videos please….

One of the easiest ways to earn points is watching videos. It's very much like Beezag in that respect. Some of these videos are actually very entertaining or informative. But sadly there aren't many of them on a daily basis. I suspect that they are only paid for a certain number of views per day for a given video and if they've met that number then no more videos are provided. So I wish they had more opportunities to get paid for watching videos like SwagBucks offers. That being said, I have discovered that they do add videos randomly during the day. So it's a good idea to check periodically throughout the day even if they say there are none left for the day.

4. Tell me what to do!

I think they should do a better job of encouraging people to complete their profiles and increase their membership levels. When you complete your profile completely you move up in your membership level and thus can earn more points. But I've noticed a lot of people don't even move up to the basic level which is simple and doesn't involve any referrals. I strongly suspect that a lot of this has to do with the fact that members don't know they should perform the additional steps to move up to various levels. Ideally, I'd like to see a MORE prominent message when you first login instead of that little ass Validate link at the top of the member page that can be easily missed or ignored. I would take it a step further by sending an email directing you on what else you should do to get higher membership level. I think doing this would help SuperPoints earn even more ad dollars and we as members would also have a greater opportunity to earn more rewards. It's a win win for everyone. Just be sure you encourage whoever you refer to confirm their email address and fill in their profile so they get the most out of their experience and so you can earn the most out of their efforts too.

5. You've changed on me…

I'll be really real with you. Now that I'm at the highest membership level, I've noticed that my winning amounts for the super lucky button and emails are lower than when I was receiving at the basic or gold membership level. Now with that said I think it sort of balances out. Because it seems like I'm getting a lot more winnings because I have more clicks and now I'm earning on my referrals for some of their activities. So it might be they adjust the winning amounts based on the fact that I'm earning more as a whole on all the additional activities and perks. Either way it's something I noticed. Initially I thought to myself, ain't this a bitch, I'm being penalized for coming up. But when I started doing the mental math, I realized it was still working to my favor. Then again I've always sucked at math. lol

So is Legitimate?

It definitely appears that way. It's been around for a pretty long time so hopefully that doesn't change in the near future. I've been paid by them several times already (paypal payment and an amazon gift card) and so have others that I know and respect. It's a fun and addictive way of earning rewards for things you probably already do on the internet. No, it's probably not going to pay your rent or mortgage. But it will definitely add some additional funds in your pocket on a weekly basis if you put in the little effort it requires.

At the end of the day, all these little money making activities count in my book. This is more so the case when you haven't been able to earn a dime with your own make money online efforts. I literally earn several thousand dollars per month as a trained affiliate marketer and despite that I still take advantage of companies like every day. I obviously don't need to. But to me, it's easy money. I'll be using the money I earn with this and other smaller sites to fund my christmas shopping or paying for a new gadget I want. If I can earn for what I already do, then why not? Let me know what you guys think about this opportunity? Share your experiences. For those of you who aren't really interested in supplemental income and would prefer something more substantial feel free to visit our work at home jobs page here.

If you like what you've read and want to stay up to date with more topics like this or even job leads, feel free to become a subscriber here. By the way if you know anyone else that would appreciate this article or site, feel free to share it with them using the share icons we've provided below. The more people we can help, the better!

Good luck ya'll!

P.S. As many of you know because of the popularity of my sites I'm pretty decent at getting tons of referrals fairly quickly. It's how I earn my living. That's cool for me but what about you folks who aren't as blessed? Well depending on how many people I see sign up for SuperPoints I may offer anyone that joins under me and is active some free help to get your own referrals. I'll send out details about this in a week or two. So if you're interested chime in below. Include your Super Points user name, and the time and date you earned points and for what activity (clicking the super points button or survey) to get the ball rolling. I'm only interested in helping people that are active!

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