How To Get Paid For Socializing Online!

The web “has become” a very social place. Most of us are involved in some type of social network whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Folks would have you believe this phenomenon is new. But it's been around from the very start. Before there was an official “social network” label a lot of us where socializing on things called message boards, forums and later blogs (said in my sarcastic voice).

Fortunately these mediums haven't gone away. They're still very active but don't get all the hype of Facebook or Twitter. In any event have you ever thought about how much time you spend on places like Facebook, your favorite blog or forum? You probably don't because you're there for fun or gaining some useful information.

Now imagine if you could get paid for all the socializing you do online? Think about the countless hours you spend babbling about American Idol, politics, sports, etc. I've seen the status updates of some my various friends and followers and some of y'all are on FB all day long babbling about nothing! Don't worry I'm guilty of it too. lol Well today I want you to get paid for all that time you spend online socializing. If you're interested then you may want to check out

What is

Post Loop is basically a website that brings Forum Owners (Blog Owners too) and website users together. When you initially start a forum it's hard to get it going because most people won't really hang out in a dead forum or blog that doesn't have a lot of activity. It's like going to a night club (aka Disco for your older folks. lol) and when you walk in there's no one in there. Chances are, your ass is walking right back out. The same applies for forums and sometimes blogs. They need help to get the party going.

So Forum owners hire a company like to get them users like us to participate on their forum. In turn PostLoop pays you to participate on forums or for commenting on blogs.

How much money do you make?

PostLoop uses these point system sort of like MySurvey. Points are basically equivalent to cash so don't let that turn you off. At the time this review was written, on average forum posters can expect to receive about $0.08 per post (comment or new thread started) that they make on Postloop forums. The exact amount that you earn per post can vary depending on a number of factors. So it can be less or more than the average previously mentioned. It was closer to $.05 per post for me. The great news is there is no limit to the amount of money that you can earn at Postloop.

Provided you can supply useful posts, threads or comments that give value to the topic at hand, you can make as much money as you want participating on various forums. So those few cents add up very quickly during the course of a day. Some forums do have limits of how many times you can participate per day. But if you pick numerous forums to join, you'll still be able to make some decent money as a whole.

I only really participate on 3 forums. The days I'm actually pretty active I have earned over $1 in a day. Keep in mind that's probably spending only 20-30 minutes at most on all 3 forums within a given day. I would obviously make a lot more if I spent more time there and selected more forums to work. But I have this website and other money generating activities that require more of my attention. I've read that some people are making $100 per day with this. I guess it is feasible if you're doing this and nothing else all day. However I think most people can realistically expect to earn a couple of bucks per day with this.

Now let me take a moment to address the Negative Nancy out there that is already doing the calculations and raising the red flag. No this opportunity isn't really meant as replacement income. It should be viewed as extra or supplemental income that can be coupled with similar opportunities like it or with a traditional work at home job. For some people the math and time required to make money with PostLoop may not add up for their circumstances. That's fine, I'm not knocking you. You're better off focusing on a traditional work at home job which list daily here.

But for others who are happy bringing in some extra money doing something you probably already do for free anyway, this may be a great option for you. Different strokes for different folks, so let's not rain on anyone else's parade. (You know who you are. lol)

How do I get my money?

They pay via Paypal and the payout time is very quick. You can usually have your money in a couple of hours or 1 day at most. Like most supplemental non-traditional work at home opportunities there is a minimum amount of cash you must have to withdraw. In this case it's only $5 (this may change by the time you read this review). This equates to around 80 to 100 posts a day. That may sound like a lot but it's not when you're yammering on about topics you have a passion for. Trust me, this “work” goes by a lot faster for that sole reason.

How do I make more money?

– First and foremost just provide a lot of value and feedback in your posts. This is when being verbose is a good thing. Use your spell check. Most browsers have this built in. Don't write like this is a text message or twitter. Write full sentences with proper grammar. If your grammar sucks like mine, keep the sentences short. But use many of them. I find I make less grammatical mistakes that way. I find that 3-4 sentences is pretty good for most of the forums.

– Like most of my favorite supplemental income opportunities PostLoop has a referral program that gives you 20% of whatever your referrals earn! This is great if you can get others to join who are ACTIVE!

– Other ways you can make more money is by selecting forums that have a lot of points to distribute. The more they have the more you can earn.

– You can also earn more points and thus money for spreading your posts out in a forum over time, and fewer points if you make a lot of posts in a forum all at once! So don't try to knock everything out in one sitting. Come back a few times during the day to make your posts.

– You will receive bonus points for a high User Rating! Remember that depending on your rating you get additional bonus points per post. So it's always in your best interest to have high quality comments and posts consistently over time. If you do you can make a lot more money.

– Some forums have stars near them. That signifies that they give additional bonus points per post. So be on the look out for that because you'll earn more money on your efforts in those forums.

– Join as many forums as you can and can provide value too. Sometimes a forum may not seem like a good fit. But you never know until you actually visit the forum. A lot of times they have off the topic sections which are basically areas of forum where you can talk about damn near anything. So don't rule out forums at first glance because you don't think you'll be able to provide value. Always check them out first.

– Some forums will pay you more for starting topics or threads rather than responding to them. So what I do is look at articles online related to a given forum. Or I take ideas from other forums or blogs I read and put my own spin on them. I even get idea from Facebook sometimes. So be sure to do this since it will usually make you more money at post loop.

How do you join?

Visit the following page: and fill out the information. It's totally free to join and takes a few minutes to sign up.

Next, check your email and confirm your email address.

Once you've done that it time for your probation period. Read the next section for more on that.

What's Next?

So joining is the easy part. Now you're probably ready to jump in and make that money. Slow down there speedy there is another step involved after signing up.

I'll be honest this is what almost turned me off or confused me out of this opportunity. Fortunately I fought through it because I kept reading that everyone was making easy money with it. So don't let this section intimidate you. Once you get passed this, it is really easy money!

Before you can actually start selecting forums to get paid for participating in, you must prove to PostLoop that you'll actually provide value to the discussions being had at these forums. So how do they do this? Well they require that you sign up for a “test” forum called the PostLoop Portal. Consider this sort of like a probation period you go through at a new job.

The reason you have to go through this should be obvious. It's to weed out those of you who will suck at this. Don't take it personal! But let's face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Since you're being paid to participate on forums, some shady people may abuse the system by entering half ass comments or use software to make garbage unrelated posts to a forum. This would be bad for and their users. Website owners would stop paying PostLoop because of the poor quality of the posts and we all lose. So to ensure this doesn't happen. They have a simple 3 step process that every new user must go through before even being able to select other paid forums.

1. Every new PostLoop forum posters (or content writers as they like to call them.) is required to sign up for PostLoop's internal testing forum called the Postloop Portal. (It's free so don't worry)

2. Then they must subscribe to that forum so PostLoop can track their activity.

3. And finally you must submit 10 quality posts or comments within the Postloop Portal. (This could be more or less depending on when you read this review.)

PostLoop will review your posts and give you a rating. 5 is the highest. The higher your rating, the better! They sort of rate you like a teacher that might grade a class on a curve. If most people are getting 4s and if you get less than that, you've failed in PostLoop's eyes. Your rating must be as high as everyone else to get in. If you're rated lower than everyone else, then that's pretty much the end of the story for you. There isn't an appeal process and you can't try again. My nephew learned this the hard way. (Sigh)

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Making the 10 posts is a lot easier than it may sound. Here's why, the PostLoop Portal has many types of topics which range from Music, Movies, Television, Video Games, Computers, Internet, Cell Phones, Tables, Wed Development, Cars, Sports, Business Politics and an everything else section. So finding something of interest to yap about should be super easy. I knocked my 10 posts out within 30 minutes or an 1 hour. But you can spread it out if you want.

Tips To Get You In!

The key to success with this opportunity as a whole is to write useful comments that ADD VALUE to the conversation. This is where being a babbler like myself works great. If you're only going to write 1 quick sentence as a response or comment like: “I agree with you.” or “That's so true!”. This opportunity isn't for you. Basic grammar and spelling are a must as well. We all know my grammar isn't the best but I still managed to get in. So if you can handle these simple tips you should be able to get a good enough rating from the PostLoop staff. In which case they'll allow you to get paid for participating in the other great forums they have!

The great thing about the initial 10 test posts you do, is that you get paid for them assuming you get a high enough rating to qualify to work at Postloop. Once you've passed probation you're free to start posting in other forums.

Want To See How This Works?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately I've already suprassed that word count and you might still not full understand this whole thing. So I've taken the time to create a video that basically walks you everything I wrote above. Enjoy!

This text will be replaced

Hopefully the video makes everything crystal clear and you're ready to join and make this easy money. But before you do let's talk about some of the minor negatives I see with the opportunity.


So although I love this opportunity and have been paid by them for posting in their forums, I do have some complaints. Every company has flaws. It doesn't make a company bad or scam if they do. But it's important that you're aware of them so you can make an informed decision. So let's dig in.

1. There will be some folks that will do calculations and say that this opportunity isn't worth the time or below minimum wage or whatever other beef they have with the money. That's just a reality of the situation. For some of you, given your circumstances this may not be worth your effort. In which case you should focus on a traditional work at home job or something else that is. I personally make a lot of money with affiliate marketing but I still carve out time for this opportunity because it's fun and easy money that I can use for gas, movies, etc. I already spend a lot of time on FB or email chatting about nonsense with my friends. So making money for doing so on a forum just makes “cents” to me. But to each their own.

2. No other payment options. If you don't have a paypal account or can't get one, You're out of the running for this opportunity. There are no checks, debit card, direct deposit or payment options outside of paypal. This will obviously annoy some folks.

3. This is considered an international opportunity because anyone with a paypal account across the globe can join. However you must be able to read and write English well (meaning proper grammar and spelling). Otherwise you can't earn money with this opportunity. Obviously some folks will be at a disadvantage because of this.

4. Intimidating qualification process. Honestly when I first read about the requirement of 10 posts within their test forum, I was a little taken back. I also really didn't understand it until I actually joined the site. When I got in and wanted to start I was faced with this huge wall of text instructions which was very intimidating. But one I read them, it was actually very easy. However I think they would do well to have an introduction video that walks you through what you need to do next after you sign up. I think that would be a lot less intimidating than the wall of text. Sadly people aren't readers any more. They skim and miss out on a lot of important information. So that has to be kept in mind. A video would address a lot of this. As it is I have tons of referrals but most are “dead beats” meaning they aren't active. I think it's because they don't understand what to do. So a welcome video would go a long way after one signs up. The wall of text can stay but I would add a video too.

5. Sites are disabled randomly. So once you start subscribing and posting to your favorite forums, you may get an occasional message from PostLoop that the forum has been disabled which means you're no longer able to get paid on that particular one. This can be because they ran out of money to pay forum posters or another reason. I've had some of my favorite forums disabled and then come back a day later or not at all. You have to be mindful of this because you can't just depend on your favorite forum for the long term because they may be gone form the post loop system. So you should always be on the look out for new forums that come out. This way if one of your big ones disappears you can still replace it with another new one.

6. Rating fluctuate and expire. The higher your rating the more you get paid. Ratings are based on what the admin for a forum gives you. When I first joined and did my test posts at the Postloop Portal I was rated a 4.8 which is damn near perfect. This meant I was making an additional .75 points per post which obviously meant more money per post for me. I continued to add value and post when I could on other forums. I felt my quality on other forums were still very good. But recently I was rated 4.40 by another admin. That's still good but not as good as the 4.8 I originally had. So you have to try maintain a high level of quality consistently from week to week because it's not averaged from your past activities. You're only as good as your recent activity.

So is PostLoop Legitimate?

Yes, It's definitely the real deal and something I recommend you join! It's an easy way to make money once you get past the probation forum post stuff. And I can see folks with a lot of free time and decent command of the english language making some great money with this.

So let me know your thoughts on this opportunity. I have a funny feeling this will be a winner to a lot of folks. If by chance you don't feel this is the right type of opportunity for you. Be sure to check out our work at home jobs page which may have more traditional jobs you may enjoy. Thanks for reading either way!

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