My Personal Recommendations

I am often asked by my loyal subscribers; “Eddy, what are some work at home opportunities that you personally recommend or have tried?” To answer this common question I've created the page you're reading. Many of the items listed below are non-traditional extra income opportunities. They won't necessarily pay all your bills on their own. But they can often be started right today and will make you some money RIGHT away which is always better than making none at all.

I'm a strong proponent of multiple streams of income. This basically means I'll work on various opportunities (like the ones listed below) at once even if they pay me smaller amounts. Because when you combine them all together they can add up to some decent money that you might just earn with one job. But the advantage of the multiple streams of income approach is that you spread your risk. If one opportunity dies down, you still have many others that are making you money. Whereas with putting all your eggs in one job, if you get laid off you're screwed! As the saying goes, multiple little streams flow into big rivers! . So keep this philosophy in mind. It will make you very successful in this industry. You wouldn't put all your money in one stock investment would you? So you shouldn't do it when it comes to making money online either.

That all being said, I understand that we all have different preferences, needs and comfort levels. So I've done my best to include some traditional career options as well. If nothing below appeals to you, there is always my traditional salary based work at home jobs which can be found by clicking here. So you have options either way.

I'm confident that by the time you finish visiting some of the links in this article, you'll be well on your way to earning money today instead of losing or wishing for it! So good luck! Although I doubt you'll need it now that you're on this page! =)

Low Paying Work At Home Opportunities

The following are easy make money opportunities that are legitimate, free and can be started right away. All you need is basic web skills. Because these opportunities are so easy and aren't labor intensive, you won't get paid a lot. But if you approach it with the multiple streams of income mindset, all of these opportunities combined can add up to some decent money over time. Many of these opportunities are things you're currently doing unpaid anyway. At least now you can get paid to do them!

  • Internet Users – Get Paid To Use The Internet! (Watching Videos, Reading Emails, Clicking Buttons)
  • Elance – Data Entry, Typing, Customer Service & More.

Fast Money Making Opportunities

The following section are for people that need money pretty quickly. Just like in real life it's damn near impossible to make a lot of money rapidly unless it's a illegal. We don't condone or specialize in such activities. But we do know a few companies that can get you some cash in your hands fairly quickly. It may not be a lot but it's probably better than nothing.

  • Elance – Data Entry, Typing, Customer Service & More.
  • Minute Worker – Simple Data Entry, Typing, Offer Sign ups & More. Quick Payouts.

High Paying Work At Home Opportunities

A lot of you need replacement income rather than extra income. I get that and this section is for you. Unfortunately since these opportunities will pay you the most, you'll need to do a lot more work. Training or experience is usually required and it's going to take a lot more time before you'll see your first pay check. If any of that scared you, stick with the easy low income opportunities listed above. If you're fine with the challenge then try the opportunities below.

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