How To Make Money With Used Books

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a big reader of books. But I do read the hell out of online articles. Prior to getting my wife an iphone and installing Kindle on it, she would buy tons of books. It's her vice and it's a good one unlike my habit of buying new gadgets every few months. But the problem is we would have a closet full of books that she was probably never going to read again. We didn't feel right about throwing them out. Some of them we donated to our local library or would pass down to family and friends. But recently I discovered a way to recoup some of that money we've invested. It's called

How it works?

It's Basically Four Easy Steps:

  1. Type the ISBN's from your good condition books into the form on the site (look on the back cover, above the barcode). Press the Enter key after each ISBN. Click 'price my books' for a quote.
  2. Give us your contact information and payment preference by going through Checkout. We offer payment via check or PayPal.
  3. Ship your books to us for FREE. Print a label right from your computer, or we will mail you labels. Specific instructions are provided after submitting your books to sell.
  4. Get Paid, FAST! We will mail you a check, or pay you via PayPal, within 3 business days after we receive and process your books.

You can watch this video as well:

Is a scam?

Not from what I can tell. But obviously the first thing I did was was follow the steps in my work at home scams video. As many of you know that's how I research companies. It's also happens to be the place I send people that ask me the dreaded question is a scam? That being said, my research didn't find many complaints if any. And for you folks that swear by the BBB, they checked out great there as well. Click here to see the report. (P.S. If you want to know more of my feelings about the BBB check out my BBB Work At Home article by clicking here.)

In addition to the favorable reviews by the BBB, one of our own users Melissa has also used this company and found it to be legitimate. She also provides some great tips and advice that should be considered regarding this opportunity. Click here to read her comment.


I'm sure you'll have questions. Fortunately they have an FAQ section you can read or email them your questions directly. Visit and click on the FAQ link at the top or bottom of the page.

How To Earn More

Okay so I've listed the common way someone would make money with But as a trained affiliate I'm always thinking outside the box. I can't help it, It's my job. That being said I've thought of some other techniques you could use to make money with this opportunity. Because let's be honest, suppose you run out of books to sell or you're like me and don't really read books. Either way, it's not a problem. Here are two free options to fatten up your pockets with this opportunity.

Option 1

– Head to a classified site like, or anyone you know of.

– Select your city or one close by.

– Look for the wanted section.

– Post a free ad asking for Book Donations.

– You can also post flyers in your grocery store, or book store.

Option 2

– Read your local newspaper or Classifieds sites and see where Thrift & Garage Sales are happening.

– You can find books there for dirt cheap. If you an Internet-enabled cellphone or laptop, you can look up books at as you shop to determine which books are worth buying and how much you can make.

So there you have it two easy options that can help you make money with used books. Not only are you making some money but you're probably helping someone with their spring cleaning and they didn't have to lift a finger. lol

P.S. Of course like nearly everything else I put you guys on to, there is an affiliate program as well (Click here to learn about it!). I know I sound like a broken record. But it's like your Mom use to say, it's because I love ya. Cheers! As always, I would love your thoughts on this opportunity. It's definitely not for everyone. But as always I just wanted to give you another non-traditional work at home option for those of you struggling to find a work at home job.

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