iWriter Review: Is it An Outright Scam or Legit?

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iWriter ReviewWhen I was growing up it always amazed me that people could just get paid for putting words together, whether it was in a song or book. I wanted to be able to get paid for my words but it seemed allusive to me at the time. Because I knew I didn't write like a New York Time's author and I definitely couldn't rap like Jay-Z. Fortunately the internet was born and I was able to realize my dream via writing on my own blog. That said there are far more opportunities online for people that dream of writing for a living. There are writing platforms that will hire writers of different skill levels all over the world.

Recently we looked at the writing platform TextBroker, and now we're going to look at one of their competitors in this iWriter Review. There are tons of factors you should consider before writing for these websites. So let's take a look at iWriter.com and see if it's a legitimate site or a scam.

What is iWriter?

iWriter.com is a platform to purchase articles other people have written and write articles for other people to buy. iWriter is a subsidiary of Bryxen Software, Inc. This company mainly does internet marketing but also manages a few platforms like iWriter. It appears to be owned by Brad Callen.

How do you join iWriter?

iWriter is remarkably easy to join, especially compared to some competitors. Once you go to their homepage, you can just click “Sign Up” and fill out the form and wait for confirmation. You're ready to go write then.

How Does iWriter Work?

iWriter has two sections: a client portal and a writer portal. Clients can order articles and specify the length required, general category, and what they would like to pay. If a client likes a writer's work consistently, the client can send the writer “special requests” that pay the writer a bit more, but still cost the client the same.

On the writer's end, there is an open index of all available orders that have not been assigned to a specific writer yet. The writer can pick any article that is open. There aren't too many open at a time, and they go fast, but there definitely is a wide variety of content to choose from overall. The writer can only select a single article to work on at a time and can cancel writing the article at any time without penalty.

Writers also get “rated” on this platform. There is no introductory article review like other sites have, so the rating is solely based on the average of all client reviews (out of 5 stars). Writers below 4.1 stars get no special treatment and can only be assigned the lowest-paying articles. There is then the “Premium” tier, which is 4.1+ stars. These writers can pick up projects lowest on the high-paying bracket. Then there is the “Elite” status, which requires 4.6+ stars, and this is even more high-paying. There's also a rare “Elite Plus” category that requires 4.85 stars or more. Obviously, the higher the rank, the higher the payment.

What does iWriter pay and when?

iWriter uses PayPal exclusively. The interesting part of this platform is that you can specify when you would like to be paid and can keep doing it. They have four payment options (Every 5th of every month, every 25th of every month, every Tuesday, or every other Wednesday). If you want to get paid multiple times a week, you can keep changing your payment setting, and there doesn't appear to be a limit.

The wages are drastically different among the article, even in the same income brackets. Generally, however, it's well less than one cent a word for the “General” (no star requirement) group. The “Premium” can usually pick up a little less or a little more than a penny a word. The “Elite Group” always has more than one cent a word, and usually a little closer to two cents a word. Finally, the “Elite Plus” projects generally have extremely high expectations and research requirements but will reward the author with 5 or more cents per word.

You'll need to wait until you hit $20 to get any payment, but this hasn't ever really been a problem for me.

iWriter Complaints

Where oh where do I begin here? So many complaints, so little article space.

Diluted Market

Unlike some other platforms, iWriter lets literally almost anybody in to write, leaving thousands of incompetent writers to hoard projects and dishearten clients with lack of writing skill. This makes it look like there is no work available, since all jobs get snapped up quickly, sometimes by people who can barely speak English themselves. This also has chased many clients away, and many high quality, high paying clients have gone to other competitors for their articles.

Terrible Clients

This might make me sound mean, but there are some clients who are utterly terrible on iWriter. Many are very kind and decent people, but a lot of unchecked scamming goes on there. Some clients will order articles and “reject” them, and unfortunately that means they're rejecting your payment as well. That's right, sometimes you will not even get paid because a client decides they don't feel like it, and there's nothing you can really do. Oh, and on top of that, the client can leave you a terrible rating and not pay you, which can really make for the beginnings of a bad day. Sometimes, you can tell right off the bat, especially when a client has a 1% approval rating and somehow hasn't been banned.

Drastically Variable Payment

Each client sets a price based on a minimum for tier of writer being requested. So you can get paid very little or very generously depending on the random price of that single article, making it very variable how much money you can make, so don't count on getting that extra bar money for this weekend!

Where's the International love?
iWriter use to be open to a lot of countries, but recently they have been blocking certain countries, at least according to this Reddit.

So is iWriter legitimate or not?

It depends on who you ask. Some writers will claim its a scam because of the crappy pay and the shady clients. But for the most part writers are paid, but only if the client hiring you feels your work is quality or not. This can be very subjective but the reality is the client has more of an advantage here. And they know it and sometimes abuse it. Some writers claim that iWriter is aware of this can do more but they turn a blind eye.

So as a writer you're taking a calculated risk here. You can end up spending a lot of time writing a killer article that can be rejected by an A-hole client. It doesn't happen all the time but it is a risk. I've used iWriter to hire people to write my content and initially my experiences weren't all that great because I would get the crappy writers. But once I started to be a lot more specific about what I wanted and specified only US writers the quality jumped up significantly. So from my experience it has been good on the client side and I've happily paid good writers. But I've also rejected some crappy ones. That said I can see how that would suck as the writer. So although I don't think iWriter.com is an out right scam designed to screw writers over I can see how you could have negative experiences with the platform.

What's Next?

Given the potential of dealing with shady clients that may reject your work at iWriter, I'm happy that this is never a concern for me as a writer for my own blog. I control the content and how much I get paid. I don't have to worry about getting rejected or splitting my money with a third party site. If you want that type of freedom and the ability to earn a real full time income, then Check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. It can teach you how to make money writing without dealing with the nonsense I laid out above about iWriter.com

That said, if you really want to maximize your income online you need to take a multiple streams of income philosophy and have various ways of earning money. If you understand that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, then I would encourage you to look at my Work At Home Courses as well. The more options you have the more likely you are to make some real money from home. It's been the secret to my success and hopefully it can be for you as well.

In any event, I've babbled enough. I would love to hear your thoughts about my iWriter Review. Have you used this site? What is your experience? Feel free to post a comment down below on your way out.

I'll speak to you soon.

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