Is A Scam?

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! is one of the few original get paid to read email companies that were launched in the late 90's. The concept of getting paid to read emails was revolutionary back then but not as much today. Seems like every where you turn there are new get paid to read email programs like springing up every week. But the major difference is they tend to go out of business as fast as they came in. I've been a member of for several years. At the time I was really into get paid programs as a way to earn some extra money on the side. I'm not as active with these programs anymore because I've since evolved into running sites like this one. But when I was involved I was definitely making some money.

The thing you have to keep in mind about any get paid program is that you'll never get rich or earn a lot of money doing just one program. You can get paid for reading emails with but don't expect to make enough to support your family. The key with get paid programs is to do many of them at once to earn a decent income. And if you really want to make big money without doing anything then you should refer others to get paid programs. Honestly that's where the big money is. But that being said you can still earn some money reading emails for but I doubt it's the money they're claiming.

In most cases you'll get emails paying you a few cents. It's not much but it's something. If you're doing several programs like this then this all adds up. So as long as you go in there with a proper expectation you won't be disappointed. I think people are quick to call get paid programs like a scam because they set unrealistic expectations as to how much they would be earning. And the way the companies promote the programs may have something to do with that. But I wouldn't call a scam because you do actual earn money albeit little.

I've read some other reviews about this program and I can't help but chuckle at the cynical nature of some of my fellow blogging counterparts. They'd have you believe this program is a scam because you're not making a boat load of money. Maybe it's just me, but most people I know that are looking to work at home or make money online are very happy making some money. So I don't know how can be referred to as a scam when you do actually earn money with the program. Maybe I need to be more cynical to understand this?

So, does this program work? Yes it does. Do I recommend, Yes I do! But only if you plan to make it one of the many get paid programs you would be involved in. If you have realistic expectation of get paid programs and understand that the real money comes from participating in many of them at once and/or referring others, then eventually you can earn some big money! So give a try and in addition to other get paid programs. I feel confident if you follow this strategy you will eventually earn a decent amount of money from home.

At the end of the day programs like are free to join and you might as well get paid for something you do anyway which reading email!

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  1. My cell phone number changed – same phone, but with new number.

    They responded that I needed to send them a copy of a government i.d. to confirm who I am before they will change my cell phone number on their site. As long as the cell number remains unchanged I can no longer participate in some certain activities including cashing out earnings.

    Under no circumstances will they be getting a copy of my government i.d. because what they are claiming makes no logical sense.

    They previously confirmed my phone by sending a verification number to my phone as part of the signup process. They also randomly have you reconfirm your phone such when you seek a payout, print coupons, or confirm a message within. All this does is confirm that the person using their website on a desktop has access to the phone being sent the verification number. It does not prove that the name you’ve given them is actually your real name since the cell phone does not share information about unlisted numbers with them. At best they can confirm that the phone’s location is near the home address entered as part of their site’s registration, assuming the phone’s geolocation is turned on.

    Yet to change your email address all you need to do is send them a message with at least of the following details.

    “For our team to change your email address, please provide 3 of the following items on your account.”

    Date of Birth
    Full Name
    Mailing Address
    Security Answer

    The first three are publicly available. That means that anyone wanting to steal your accumulated earnings can simply change the email address with three easily obtain details and have your funds transferred to another PayPal account using that new email address.

    Someone wanting to steal a user’s accumulated earnings is not required to provide a copy of government i.d., but someone simply wanting to change their cell phone number, with the money going to the same PayPal email address, is required to provide a i.d.

    I’ve earned and cashed out over $200 and as thanks they treat me like a criminal.

    Do not accumulate any large earnings – cash earnings out as quickly as possible so they can’t scam you. Fortunately they only stolen $11.

    I abandoned the previous InboxDollars account using the old number and set up a new account using the new number. After accumulating over $12 in the new account they suddenly stop sending verification codes to your phone and then claim the only way to fix it is to send them a license. No, the only way to fix it is to send an actual verification number to my phone as you’ve done multiple times before.

    This company is a scammer!

    They have just earned themselves a complaint with attorney general of my state and the state they are located in as well as the FTC.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for warning people about various “take surveys & earn money” scam websites, and informing us about which sites ARE LEGIT- explaining what to expect from the companies we are considering! By checking your blogs regarding survey companies, I was able to make a much WISER & INFORMED decision… Instead if being suckered into a situation where there are empty promises & dead ends!

    • Inboxdollar is a SCAM. They asked me to fill in the IRS form with my Social Security Number when i reached a payment for $300. i had withdraw $150 and when i was about to request another $155. They did not allow to me to do so till i don’t provide them with filled IRS form. First of all why would i provide a company which does not even provide a number to call them with my Social Securiy number. when i started writing to people on twitter and Facebook to be careful as they can do the same to others.They blocked me my ID so that i don’t write to people about this scam. To be it seems like they are making a database of SSN number and they would sell it off in few years to someone and scam people. They terminated my inbox dollar account which has $155 (just imagine it would have taken me ages to make that money) . they blocked me from writing on their Facebook and twitter and barred me from letting others know to be careful. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT GET INTO THIS SCAM. They are in a way buying your Social Security from you in $300..

    • Uh Kiddu,

      It’s common knowledge that any legitimate company will require your tax id because at the end of the year you’ll get a 1099 and have to report your income to the government. Companies request this to cover their own butts. Inbox dollars has been around for years paying people. If they were just in the business of stealing people’s ID and selling it, they would have been busted a long time ago.

  3. I receive about 4 emails a day, give or take. I’ve only been on this site for about 2 months, and already made $50. If you’re going to freaking complain about free money, get off the computer and go get a job.

    • Wait till you try to get that $50, then get back to us. I am planning on getting members together to file a complaint with US Consumer Protection Agency.

  4. I have been part of this one site and no they only send 1 email a week and 2 cents is just not really worth visiting daily and I did email them asking why I only get 1 email a week and they have never responded(this is a new account, since they deleted my other one, it was I was only able to visit 1/2 a month since not always remembering I had the account, did earn 1 check that was it).

  5. I had the opposite experience. What a scam! I spent a couple of years reading their paid emails only to be downgraded to weekly emails (because I was apparently not spending any money on their sponsors!) and then to no emails. At that point, I decided to cash out only to find out that in order to cash out you had to have an active account. That is an account where you are basically receiving the emails … which I no longer was.

    (Un)helpful links showed me other ways to remain active (1, spend money; 2. complete surveys, etc.) so on my second request for a payout (on the same money) I decided to do a survey just before the pay out processing date so that my account would be active and my check processed. Any guesses as to whether I received a check? Nope.

    So, third try, I contact customer service directly to find out EXACTLY what I need to do to have an active account on the processing date so that I can receive a CHECK. I get the runaround with several responses to look at the (Un)helpful links I have already seen, and finally was referred on to some other department who is supposed to be helping me within 24-48 hours.

    I already know I’m not getting a check. I wasted my time. DON’T WASTE YOURS. This is a scam company, or as close to it as you can probably get without being sued.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. The whole purpose of these websites is for them to make money. They’re definitely not giving money away out of the kindness of their heart. The money is earned when you’re active with their sponsors which pay the bills. So you have to keep that in mind. I think they’re pretty clear on the requirements on how to receive a payment.

      Either way, I hope that you do get paid. But most people who have used this company do make money and get paid. They wouldn’t be around as long as they have if they made it a habit of not paying folks.

  6. I personally enjoy Inboxdollars and Send Earnings (both sites being owned by the same company), though I usually do the surveys and not the offers, as none of them really appeal to me, in all honesty.

  7. I started late last year made $30 after a long time asked for my money because you cant get it until you earn $30 I did that last november its now march and heard nothing from them stop getting e-mails from them so dont do it there a scam in the works thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. But it definitely doesn’t seem to represent the norm for most people. But it doesn’t discount what may be happening to you. That being said I don’t believe this company is a scam. They’ve had a long history of payments and have a good rating with the BBB if you care about that stuff.

      Thanks for sharing though.

  8. Comments seem to be across the board about Inbox Dollars! I have been with Inbox Dollars since 2006 and I have made $209.96 this year with them so far. They aren’t perfect…it’s definitely not a way to get rich. It IS easy work, though!

  9. I have had good luck with these guys (as well as SendEarnings). I’ve already received 2 checks from them (although it takes me FOREVER (about a year) to earn enough to cash-out since I tend to only do the e-mails). I’ve noticed that they’ve added a new section where you can get paid to watch videos. So far I’ve been impressed with this part of the site, considering that I’ve joined other Paid to Watch sites that never panned out. It seems like you can usually watch a few videos for 2 cents a piece, so that helps out in reaching that cashout threshold. Plus the videos are from national advertisers, so the production quality of the ads are usually very good, so it’s actually enjoyable to watch them (like watching your favorite Superbowl ads, and getting paid for it!). One added benefit about it is that, if I read their TOS correctly, you can actually get referral income from ref’s that also watch videos. The TOS mentions that you can get credit from ref’s completing “Qualified” offers, which unfortunately e-mail are not considered “qualified”, but as far as I know videos are. This may be the reason why lately I’ve been earning more ref bonuses than I had in the past. And as others have noted, once you cashout the first time, you are automatically considered a Golden Member and get refs for free (which is how I’ve gotten my 3 ref’s).

  10. If you unsure about this opportunity or any others just create a separate valid email address from Yahoo, gmail, etc. You can also get a free number from google voice. Then provide these new accounts when signing up for this opportunity or any other ones you’re sure of.

  11. The thing I’m worried about with this site being a scam isn’t how much money I’m making, but the results of me giving them my address and phone number, are they going to use this information for ANYTHING other than sending me checks?

  12. Another thing about this Inbox Dollars..try to find a phone number or an email address that will help you with the issue of not receiving your check…I couldn’t. Just the live chat, which takes you around in circles and then you wait and wait…I think it is a scam and I loved this website..but I never got paid…

  13. Although it took me a long, long time to make that $30..or what I thought I was making…I finally got to that point and I NEVER received a check. I talked to their live chat several times during Jan., Feb., Mar., 2010..supposedly they sent my check out Jan. 3. Well, after it took me so long to get there, I gave them chances…and I never received my check and I ended my account end of March, as they told me to wait 60 days and they would send another…RIGHT…goodbye Inbox Dollars…hope you all have more luck than I did…

  14. I am a member of Inbox Dollars and I believe they are legit. Their cashout threshold is $30 USD, and they only pay 2 cents/email. But they ARE legit and WILL pay, although it takes LONG time to collect your money and they only pay via paper check.

    Don’t expect to earn a living, but they are for real.


    Maxine: I have completed a number of surveys, offers and games in the last four days, yet have received no credit for them. Please explain !
    You are now chatting with ‘Fiona’
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK164028527154X
    Fiona: Welcome to our live chat service. Please make sure you have added the email address to your email address book and safe list while I read your query/question
    Fiona: Hi Maxine
    Maxine: Hi Fiona
    Fiona: Your account is credited for completing a Cash Offer as soon as the offer completion is reported.
    Fiona: For most Cash Offers, this process occurs within a few business days. Some cash offers with delayed reporting take up to 30 days to credit to your account.
    Fiona: I request that you please wait 30 days to receive credit. If you do not receive credit in that time, you can contact us again.
    Maxine: Is there a place where i can see what is pending? After completing the offer, survey or game, it’s quickly forgotten. Is Inbox Dollars relying on me to just forget what i did?
    Fiona: you can use the confirmation Email form the offer provider. or keep the date with you.
    Fiona: the offer you take is not from us, but form advertiser
    Fiona: they pay us to pay you
    Fiona: only when the offer is reported we can check it
    Fiona: how ever you can view your earning.
    Maxine: So when do i get paid. I am assuming that you dont deal with unscupulous advertisers… I cant complain to the advertiser, my communication is with you, so i am assuming that you have some responsibility in regards to me
    Fiona: yes, you cannot go to advertiser with 30 days offer offer completion
    Fiona: that is the agreement as mention in the term of member ship
    Maxine: Sorry i did not understand your response
    Fiona: we did you read the term of membership?
    Fiona: Within**
    Fiona: you cannot go to advertiser within** 30 days offer offer completion
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: did you read the term of membership?
    Maxine: YES
    Fiona: yes, you cannot got to them
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: as mention in the term of use
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: Thank you for chatting with me. Please make sure the email address is in your safe list.
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

  16. I just want to add in this.. Inbox dollar has a section called Cash Task… This is a nice section where you can earn from .20 cent to 180 cents per task . I have done a few tasks a day and I make around 2 dollars or less a day if you have the time. Yes Some tasks are too cumbersome to read and do. Do the one that just involve searches such as address names and phone numbers. If it wasnt for cash task, I would have given up entirely!

  17. @evelena:
    Hi Everyone,
    I swear Eddy, I want to scream when people call sites that they have barely given a chance a SCAM!! I have been with Inbox dollars and Sendearnings for over 3 years and they ARE NOT SCAMS. Over the years I’ve checked out the whole site and at other times when I was very busy I just clicked on (did not read) the emails.
    Now that I am in school (online) and freelance writing online I need $$$$. But like you’ve said a hundred times…if you have a bunch of small income it adds up!
    For both sites: When I requested my first checks yes, it took a few months. But after getting my first check from both of them I was made a Gold Member. What being Gold has done for me are two things:
    1. I never have anyone to refer to the sites so they “give” me referrals when people join without sponsors. I see 1,2,3 or more referrals on my private section. It happens because I am a Gold Member. And as I said, I was automatically made Gold after getting my first check.
    2. The next good thing being Gold does is although they take $3.00 out of my check, they then immediately credit my account for $3.00. I have gotten checks for both places about 3 or 4 times and was credited the $3.00 back so it evens out.
    3. Taking forever to get my checks only happened the first check. After that I get my checks in 7 to 10 days. ALWAYS.

    It’s hard for me not to cash out when I reach $30.00 b/c I always need it. Each $30.00 check will pay for several bills for me, as follows: basic cable 27.00, water bill 30.00, gas (in the summer) $35.00, Dr. visit or med copay $30.00, a tank of gas $30.00 I could go on. But when is it NOT good to receive $30.00?

    Depending on my schedule and how much writing I have done for pay has to do with how long I spend checking out other parts of the site. I always click on the email, if I have time I will do the free products, etc., and I do surveys depending on my time also. I would never depend on these two sites for an income. It’s extra money. It will pay for some of my NEEDS. I usually get $30.00 from each of them about every 2 to 3 months. I click the emails as I check all my other email.

    For those of you that are honest, give it time to work and be patient, it DOES WORK. Hey, if those who think it’s a scam….unsubscribe…..but do not call it a scam…it is not.


    • Shyanne,
      You already know you’re preaching to the choir. lol I totally agree with you and you’re obviously living proof this stuff works if you have an open mind, read and take action. But that’s not the case for a lot of people. If something doesn’t fit in the so called normal box, they just ignore it or want to put negative labels on it. But fortunately for the rest of us we’re able to get out that box and make money because of it. So keep up the good work and keep making that money. I find that’s the best way to silence some closed minded people. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. It’s always great to connect with like minded people who are taking action instead of complaining they aren’t making money.

  18. inboxdollars does work i never did any offer i just clicked on the emails and it came it took me about a year to get a $100 check but it does work it was a nice surprise when i got a check in the mail one day from them, this is just my lazy way of getting the money who else you know gets $100 dollars just from checking email just imagine what you could get if you actually took the time out to do the offers 🙂

  19. @V:

    Hi V,

    I pretty much just do the emails and freebie stuff. The cash shopping is nice, I like earning the % back from my online purchases. I totally agree about it taking time to earn the minimum when participating on a very limited basis, but I don’t mind because time flies when I’m having fun. lol If you’ve not done so already, I recommend downloading the handy toolbar … you’ll instantly earn $1

  20. I have an account on InboxDollars. I orignally thought it would turn out to be a scam but truth be told, it’s not. It may take a bit to make the $30 mark (took me almost a year) but doing only paid emails when they send at the most 10 a week, or course you’re not going to get $30 fast. You have to sign up for the free websites, or pay for the other trial/products to make money faster. I don’t pay for anything, only sign up for the freebie sites and paid emails which is why it took so long to get up to the required amount. It’s only a ‘scam’ to those who don’t read the fine print and realize they have to do more work to get money and it’s not necessarily quick cash.

  21. of course an email answering job is a scam unless u are working for a company and they way u communicate to your customers as well as your fellow cohorts or scenario 2 a company sends your customer base to u via email for instance a sales job and constant communication with u and them is via email but a job hiring just to read email i would check them with the BBB.

    • I love how people just make generalizations without backing their claims. 1. Inboxdollars isn’t a job and never claims to be. We actually list customer service jobs here: Inboxdollars is a make money opportunity & there is a difference. 2. This company has been around for years with a record of paying people (present company included). The comments listed above and many on other sites is proof of that. 3. Contrary to popular belief the BBB isn’t the be and end all of determining a company’s legitimacy because there are many companies that are legit that aren’t members because they would prefer to let their business practices speak for themselves rather than paying off a company for a membership to prove their credibility. Now with that said inbox dollars isn’t perfect but no company is, even the ones listed with the BBB. But implying a company is a scam because you lack knowledge of how various types of opportunities work in this industry is irresponsible. Hopefully you’ll learn more about this industry and the various ways people make money legitimately. Because it’s not just limited to traditional work at home jobs which we do list. It’s also non-traditional opportunities like inboxdollars and many others that thousands of my visitors are making money with. So I hope you’ll actually take the time to READ more of the material on this site. If you do so with an open mind you’ll discover a whole other world. Good luck.

  22. Hi, this is my first time to sign-up to InboxDollars and I got $5 in doing that, can you please help me and give me some tips to earn more money in this site. I am still looking for other site which can help me to earn money.

  23. iv been using inboxdollars for awhile and i really like it iv made 20$ so far and have just signed up for the sister sites can wait

  24. I have started just about 30 minutes ago…and already have $6.02 in my account. That’s not bad really. Like you said before, do a TON of these kinds of things and it will add up to be decent income. You do need $30 in order to withdraw and it does take a while…but hang in there. I like doing these kinds of things, a lot of little things do add up to a lot!

    • Jason,

      You have the right attitude about these opportunities and it’s why you’re already making money while others are complaining there aren’t legitimate ways to make money.
      So congrats!

  25. I saw that the only payment method is through check. Will inbox dollars send anything other then the check to my home address? Or will they send other things?

  26. You’re right, it’s not a scam. But, even if you joined every get paid to read emails site out there, you still couldn’t make enough to pay your internet bill each month. I’ll even go you one better. Never join anything that you have to pay for to do surveys. Most of the survey sites they give you can be found on your own. And, unless you’ve been everywhere, done everything, and own everything, you will not qualify for most surveys. I’m beginning to think you can’t make a full time living on the internet. Good thing I didn’t quit the day job.

    • You’re basically repeating what I’ve already argued in the article. Of course you can’t earn a living just doing this. But you couple this with various other non-traditional work at home opportunities:
      and a traditional work at home job or two:
      and now you’re making money at home. As someone that makes money online full time and has been making money online part time since the early 90’s I’m here to tell you when you’re open minded and actually give various opportunities a shot, you can eventually succeed. But sitting on the fence taking shots at legitimate opportunities because of some weaknesses isn’t going to bring you any closer to your goal of making money at home.

      No one would should quit a day job unless you’ve established a consistent way of making a living online. I didn’t quit my day job until I had proven that I was making more than I was taking in for a good year or two. So no one is arguing to do anything reckless here. The goal of these type of opportunities is to get your feet wet. Build up your confidence that you can make money online. But you need to have the proper attitude to appreciate it. When I made a cent from reading an email in the early 90s I was thrilled! I still had a part time offline job and I wasn’t about to quit it because I made a penny online. But what that penny did was show me that making money online is a reality. Now it was just a matter of replicating the efforts that made me a penny into something that made me dollars, than hundreds of dollars and then thousands of dollars. Obviously I’ve now reached that goal. But if I took your attitude about it, I would have laughed at that penny and gave up. You could too. But then you have to be ready to live with making someone else rich the rest of your life and if you’re cool with that then by all means carry on whatever you have been doing.

      But if you want to a different life than you need to be open minded to try different things because it can lead to a whole new world. This is just my two cents and it’s based from years of experience making money online and losing it. So take it with a grain of salt.

  27. Inbox dollars is not a scam. We all as members or new recruits enter a site a sceptic. I know u anwsered a few questions and then they denied you saying “sorry you don’t meet our standards for this survey” So does that mean they scammed you because you anwsered some questions? Come on now, if they were going to scam you then they would open up and shut down and then open up under a new name and shut down and keep doing it. I know its annoying, you log in, try to do a survey and get denied. I get annoyed with it too, but its like eddy says, if you work a lot of these sites at once, write blogs and leave your referal links, join forums and just leave banners and links with relative information, people will sign up and bam u get extra money and b4 u know it your getting 20 different checks because your affiliated with 20 different companies. The checks may not be huge but even if they are 50 dollars a peice and you only get one a year, 20×50 is 1,000 dollars, i dont know about you but i could use that for sitting down a clicking stuff. haha i mean come on.

  28. Great article! I just requested a payment of $41…

    I’d like to make a suggestion to anyone concerned about spam… create a separate yahoo or gmail account to use for inbox dollars and for all related offers you may sign up for… that way any spam does not interfere with your regular email. This is what I’ve done and it’s worked out very well. I have a gmail account as my regular email account and check that multiple times per day. I have a yahoo account that I use for inbox dollars. I check it about once a day and read the paid emails and just delete all the other emails.

    Anyway, I hope that may be a helpful tip to someone who’s thinking about trying out inbox dollars. Good luck!

  29. Greg I totally agree with you…It is a scam…every survey I took I never got credit for…so I unsubscribed and told them to take me off the list and they are still sending me read this email…so when I go to unsubscribe again it tells me They are sorry but, I am unsubscribed. So, why can’t they take me off their list so I don’t get their junk mail.

  30. Hi all,

    First of all, I want to thank Eddy for this fabulous website and all the work he does. I have not been able to read all of the comments on this page so I apologize in advance if this has been touched upon. I joined a bunch of pay to read email sites including Inbox Dollars. My husband, who is in IT, went off on me because he said the ads that they send you to look at put spyware on your computer. He found some on ours. While I don’t know which one did it, I was doing alot of different sites, you MUST be careful. I’ve stopped now because of this. You can have your identity stolen with spyware for those of you not familiar with the term. Just my 2 cents!

    • Hi Pam,

      Thanks for chiming in. Your husband is correct many of those sites being advertised on any site can install malware on your computer. But if you don’t download anything, have an up to date spyware and virus protection, it becomes less of an issue. Everyday I get emails with that have dangerous attachments in them from various people. But I haven’t had a virus infection for years because I follow the advice I’ve provided here. Furthermore now I have a mac so that’s even more unlikely. lol But it’s just a matter of applying the same vigilance you would with your email or visiting any site. But he’s right I find some of these work at home sites tend to have more of that crap.

  31. Hey guys!!!

    I’ve been to inbox for a while but it’s hard to get what you need. I really that it’s big sam
    Watch out don’t spend your time on internet when you can study your notes or go to work. Your time cost a lot.

  32. I just got my Gold membership on July, they took two months to sent me my check but I finally got it two days ago, it is awesome, it takes a while to meet the minimum to get paid, but once that you are it’s awesome.

    The best tip for this website is to try to take all the surveys that is possible, it is the easiest and fastest way to get your Gold Membership.

    Good luck to everybody.

  33. Eddy as promised here is my comment..
    I just received my check from very cool now I am a Gold member whoohoo!

    Folks this really works if you make an effort out of it I do recommend it.

    Take care and Enjoy your weekend.

    Veronica N.

  34. Hi Eddy. I know this one is not a scam. I have a friend who now live in Idaho (we know each other in person) and she got paid with inboxdollars or sendearnings before like a few times. I am not sure.
    Since I get paid emails from inboxdollars, I know it’s not a scam.
    I am also on sendearnings is another neat one just like inboxdollars. I can’t wait to reach the payout.
    I have been working more on writing and made some income. This is a nice extra income boost from Inbox and sendearnings.

  35. Well, if you think you can sit on your arss, and make money, your wrong. But if you want to make a little money on the side, than inbox dollars, is great. I’m on my third check, lol. Waaaa, if you thought someone was just going to give you money. Get a job, and read emails, you read them anyway.

  36. @Kim:
    I agree with Eddy. I have never had any problems with either or InboxDollars. Of course you are not going to qualify for every survey. If you do not meet the demographic they are looking to interview, your session is terminated. Every legitimate survey site does it the same way. Some of them do offer a small reward for attempting the survey even if you do not qualify. Some of the ones I have been involved with for a couple of years are Ipsos i-Say, and Harris Poll. Both offer rewards even if you do not qualify for the survey.

  37. I am doing research about Inboxdollars and curious about something. Do you get placed on the advertisers and sponsors mailing lists and start getting a bunch of spam and junk mail? I’ve been burned by some of these companies that take total advantage of my inquiries or interest in their so-called “free” offerings. The fine print is often non-existent.

    • Hi CD,

      I don’t recall being put any spam list. There are survey companies that do that. But not the legitimate ones. My top picks are found here:

      At the end of the day when doing non-traditional work at home opportunities it’s a good idea just to have a “work” email address just in case a company turns out to be shady. This way your personal email account is safe guarded against nonsense.

      Spam is the least of my concerns since I’m already forced to deal with it. My bigger concern is being scammed out of money or my identity. lol But to each their own.

  38. I have been with Inbox Dollars for quite a few years now. I have earned about $90 so far. I did use some of my earnings to purchase their “gold membership” where I receive referral income from people that join without a referral.
    I do these paid emails while I am watching t.v. so it takes none of my time to earn money that is out there for the taking!

  39. I am a member at inboxdollars as well. I am not as active like at ehow site where you get paid to write but this is definitely worth spending some time to make extra money. I have a friend that is a member at inboxdollars. She is proof that anyone can make money with it since she had gotten checks by them before.

  40. I tried inbox dolla a feww years ago, for about 4 months, I did the free offers trai, some I kept and some I cancel, I read e-mails like crazy, I enjoyed it, I cash out at about 42.00$ ,,NEVER did receive a dime for some reason, Never dd get a respond back…..

  41. Inbox dollars may be a legitimate deal, they may send you cash after the 3 years it’ll take you to make any money, But it makes you wish you’d never started when your phone rings off the hook (even though you requested no phone surveys) and your email fills up with all the other companys they referred you to. You get 20 minutes through a survey and then answer an age question or location question and are told you do not qualifiy for the survey! No credit there! They were supposed to be sending you surveys that you DID qualify for!
    Another good scam is the My They give you a few surveys the first day to get you going and show some credits. Then they ask you to participate in a 30 day free trial of some kind of internet tracker- keeping tabs on all the sites you visit on your PC. If you decline, they have no more surveys for you. What a bunch of crap!
    Well, live and learn, at least no money put into it. No money out either!

    • It’s always amusing to read how people label things a scam because they don’t agree with a company’s policy. The fact of the matter is that we have statements from
      various people that can attest that and do pay. We’ve also had some folks that have provided some legitimate complaints which are welcomed.
      But your comments are extreme to say the least.

      Most non-traditional work at home companies have a payment minimum that must be met. You meet that minimum quicker you get paid quicker, you don’t and it will take you a long time to see your first pay check. But it’s not like this is a secret. They let you know this before you sign up. If you don’t think you’ll be able to meet the minimum in a time frame suitable for you then don’t join or quit. It’s that simple.

      I’ll admit when I first started doing these type of offers that minimum payment threshold amount made me nervous. But then I learned that there were things I could do to increase my earnings such as referring others to the company that I was making money with. And wouldn’t you know it, I made more money and would meet that payment minimum every month. So that’s in your control. You could do various offers, refer people, etc.

      In terms of MySurvey penalizing you for not participating in their ongoing internet usage survey, that’s non-sense. I get the same amount of surveys that I always did. Surveys are based on a given profile that a company may be researching. If you don’t fit the profile, you don’t get surveys. It’s that simple. There isn’t some conspiracy. lol You also don’t get surveys if you don’t update your profile with the latest data or have failed to provide enough information they can use to qualify you for surveys.

      So that’s my two cents. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Fortunately this post has a nice balance of various opinions so that people can make educated decisions for themselves.

  42. Hey Everyone! I’m just a mother sitting at home. I just started looking for ways to make some money online. I saw this ad for and see I would if you can really make any money and also was wondering if it was a scam??? HELP???

    • Hi Little Mama,

      I’m not sure if you read the article above and the numerous comments below it, but I think you can get a consensus about this opportunity based on that. With that said, since you’re new to looking for work at home I would suggest you get familiar with the real scams listed on our scam page:
      You’ll also learn how to research companies by watching that quick video. This is the first place you should as it will help you avoid a lot of crap as you venture into the work at home industry.

      There is a lot to read but trust me when I say its better to spend time reading advice now then crying victim later. So absorb that page.
      You can find some of our personal recommendations here:

      You should also read the ask page:

      You’ll learn a lot there as well.

      If you read all this information you’ll be well on your way.

      Good luck.


  43. Well said Tara!

    I like InboxDollars and SendEarnings. They are like twin sisters. I call it “doubling my pleasure” … lol. When I receive offers, emails, etc. from one … I usually receive identically from the other. Makes that loose change add up twice as fast Gotta love that!

  44. Another InboxDollars supporter here! Yes, if you only read the paid emails it’s going to take a while to reach the minimum, but here’s the way that I look at it: It’s like collecting loose change, and change is good. I don’t depend on InboxDollars as my major source of income but two cents here and fifty cents there adds up. I usually get three to five emails a day. So, while I’m opening emails I’m also doing other things like posting to my blog or doing surveys for other companies. Besides, how much do you expect to earn just by opening an email? Surely not a year’s salary. It’s an easy two cents per email. Why let it go to waste?

  45. WOW AC,
    Sounds like this has been eating away at you for a while. lol
    All kidding aside, I totally understand your frustration. People have to understand that it does take a lot of effort and work to succeed at making money online. But you’re right there is this misconception that it is easy. Maybe it’s because of all those infomercials or work at home products making those claims. Whatever the reason is, people do have to wake up and smell the coffee.

    I have felt some of this frustration which caused me to write the get paid to read article a few weeks ago:

    Now with that said, I think some of the people you’re referring to are the minority and not really the majority. The reason our country is the way it is right now is for a number of reasons. Some of it is because of the citizens you mentioned and another part of it has to do with awful leadership and mis-management.

    But thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  46. Maybe if so many people did not think you could make money for doing NOTHING this country would be in a better state?
    Nothing is free, but we are be increasingly surrounded by get rich quick for free idealists. Do this as a hobby side line if you have nothing else to do. If you want to make more money, get a job, unless you are too fabulous or important to do that. Unless you have earned your due retirement, most people do actually HAVE TO WORK. Freeloading is rapidly becoming a career choice in this society.

  47. Eddy, I am not doubting that people are making money, but I don’t have anyone to refer, so I am stuck with reading e-mails and surveys. I just hope when I go to redeem what I have earned I don’t have the problem I do with “MyPoints.” I will take a look at that site you mentioned.

  48. I have been a member of both the inboxdollars and sendearnings for a couple of years. i do not do alot of the offers but read emails and take surveys. i ave made about $150 or so with both sites. yeah it may not be alot of money for the 2 years, but at least it is money you did not have before and comes in handy. i was reading the post about th “Gold Status” you get to to be in the gold status after you have redeemed payment from them and are automatically put in gold status.

  49. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for chiming in.
    As I’ve argued many times about non-traditional work at home opportunities the key is to work with as many companies as possible and to refer people. Combined this will make you money faster and more of it.
    I show a perfect example of this in one of the videos on my favorite career:

    I think you’ll get some ideas when you see that page.

    Hope it helps.


  50. Hi, Eddy!
    I have been reading e-mails for inbox for about three months I am starting to get discuraged,in 3mo time I have a whopping $7.00, I knew I wasn’t going to get rich but its taking too much time to build up the cash. I will probably unscribe form it soon.

  51. Hi,

    Here’s the thing about non-traditional work at home opportunities like, snapdollars, cashrate, fusioncash, etc.

    People definitely do make money with them but there are many that don’t as well. So what you’ll find is that some people call these companies scams because they didn’t make money or didn’t stick with it until they did.

    So you have to keep this in mind. I’ve heard people complain about MySurvey being a scam even though its listed with the BBB in good standing. So you just have to take everyone’s feedback with a grain of salt. If the comments are overwhelmingly negative than it should be avoided. But if its about 50/50 or more favorable than negative it may be worth a shot.

    So that’s my advice. If I listened to people calling everything a scam than I would have never got involved in being an affiliate and its been the best work at home career I’ve found.

    So sometimes you have to go with your own judgment.


  52. Hi Everyone,
    I just had some questions about some of the programs that were mentioned in other comments on this subject. I heard a couple of you mention and were sites to make money on as well, but what I’m not hearing about them is whether they are legit programs. Could someone please let me know more about them. I currently am only using but understand now that I need to get with some other programs as well to make any kind of decent income, so all information that can be given about the above mentioned would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

  53. Hello everyone, I have been a member of inboxdollars and sendearnings for over a year now, and like all of my other posts, this company is real and legit. I did forget to mention the $3 cashout fee, however keep in mind people that you still made $27 minimum that you didn’t have before! If you do that with both sites you made yourself $ I think its worth it. Now for the question about gold member status..all that means is that instead of having your check processed every 4 weeks, it will be processed EVERY week. I have yet to reach the minimum threshold yet for gold status, however I can only imagine your check will come in twice as quick…hope this updated post helps anyone!

  54. I have been a member of inboxdollars for a month and have made $13.90, I have not completed very many offers, but I trust this site and know I will get paid. Thanks to those who recommended it is just like inboxdollars. Hopefully there iwll be more like inboxdollars and sendearnings. If anyone knows of anymore survey sites like those please please let me know! Thanks!

  55. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of the charge for cashing out. That’s so annoying. That’s like when a bank charges you to get your own money from any ATM.
    But like I said, the key with non-traditional work at home opportunities like is to work with many similar and legit companies and you can start making some good money with them combined.


  56. No, it’s not a scam, but I only use them for paid emails and the occasional offer and survey. I did request a check from them, remember, they have a 3$ charge for cashing out. If you cash out at 30$, then that means you are losing 10% on every thing you do there. once you cash out you get “gold status”, not sure what that means though. There are gpt sites that are more fun and pay more for the daily survey router and offers, only most of those sites don’t have paid email.


  57. Inboxdollars is not a scam . The key is to be consistent daily and to check surveys on the page a couple times a day until you get one also send earnings is like the sister / page where you can do the same.The prices have gone up so much you almost need pocket change and if you get 2-4 surveys per day that’s 60.00 dollars you didn’t have before. Plus more and going to more than one site you will make money, So do it now.

  58. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve tried Inboxdollars for over a month now and I have had very little success. I made 7.75 (including the 5 dollar sign up fee). Not even worth my time.

    I had much more success with Cashcrate. I made $235.86 in the first month from offers alone. I didn’t even get referrals. Well, I highly recommend the site because there are much more moneymaking opportunities on cashcrate than on Inboxdollars.

  59. Thanks for sharing your experience with this company Fashionnett. Seems that most people are having good experience with this company.

    I’m sure there are a few that may not but that’s a given for any company.

    Thanks again.


  60. To be perfectly honest, I have been using for almost a year now, and I believe it’s safe to say that NO, is not a scam. I was paid several times from the time i joined until now. Sure it’s takes 4 weeks to receive payment but it is legitimate. And I would recommend this site to anyone who is searching for that spare time jobs, for supplement income.

  61. Greg,

    Im not sure exactly what you did, but it sounds like a problem on your end. Like I said before, you DO get paid and everything that you complete 100% WILL get credited usually within 24 hours. Any of the paid emails are instant (about three cents per email) Believe me, I have been paid, and like I said, it does take a while. Another good site to check out, im not sure if this was mentioned, is this is the same company of the parent site cotterweb. Same concept as inboxdollars.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me, im here to help anyone out so feel free also do not use this to spam me, I have a hefty spam filter!

  62. I tried inboxdollars .com and it is a ripoff. I logged on and took a few surveys and later checked my account balance it said i was inactive and did not give me credit for what i did. So they did that to me for about 10 surveys I did. I’m sure they have probably done it to all there 2.5 million members saving them a lot of money and ripping the public off. Sound like it’s time for a class action lawsuit against the parent company.

  63. Hey Nate,

    Thanks for chiming in and providing the good and bad about if you can even call it that.

    You’re right there is a delay initially but if you’re doing it every month, then after the first delay the payments come in monthly.

    I know I’ve joined a few programs where I didn’t get paid until 45 days later the first month but then paid monthly. So people keep that in mind.


  64. I have been using Inboxdollars for only three weeks and have made $60. I have also used there other site sendearnings and have made $25 so far after 3 weeks! So there is the potential, it all depends how motivated you are! I have to say there is a down side to it..I just requested payment today, and they said it will be processed on April 1st! So keep in mind that it will take longer to get your money, but all of the offers I did were free trials and credited the very next day. Like a few people have mentioned, you will not get rich by doing this, and three cents per read email is sloooow..but try the trial offers that pay from 10-15 bucks! That is the only way you will make the money!

  65. Well said Cordell!

    I tell people that all the time. Every little bit adds up and it is very little effort. People can still look for traditional work at home jobs but why not do more of these email reader and survey opportunities. They’re so many of them and when you do a lot of them they all add up. And contrary to popular believe they’re not all scams. lol

    That’s how I eventually started earning decent money. It never came because of a job.


  66. Yes, inboxdoallars does work. It just takes a lot of time. I have been doing this for 2 and 1/2 years and only now am I making a constant source of money. Not nearly enough to live off of ($50 a month) but that pays for your internet with minimal effort.

    It is worth the little effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Hi Kandy,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    By themselves programs like won’t pay you enough to make a living. But where I have found success in the past is by working for several companies like and also referring other people which is easy because the opportunity is free. With this combined effort I was able to make some good money.

    So it’s something others should consider.


  68. I’ve been reading emails for inboxdollars for 3 months now and I have made a whopping $10.77 cents so far. $5.00 was just for signing up and filling out my profile. 3 cents an email just doesn’t add up very fast. Snapdollars and Sendearnings pay the same also.

    • So that’s $1.50 a month not counting the bonus for signing on. Add to that hits4pay, clixsense, ICS, Swagbucks at roughly equal earnings and you’re talking a low estimate of $90 bucks a year, at $7.50 a month and it’s VERY easy money!   Honestly, SwagBucks nets me 8-10 a month alone! Worth it? Yes!   And if you stick with these small things, get some referrals, learn how to do some FREE advertising using your affiliate links on these programs and add surveys to it…. You’ll be making a decent part time side income or better. I have not done all this YET… But I’m learning how and am well on my way!   Cheers!

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