Top 5 Paid Online Survey Websites

Have you ever read one of those ads claiming you can get paid for your opinions? Chances are you've run into a clickbank product which are basically ebooks or "guides" that are created by middlemen who are basically selling you a list of various free paid survey companies.

However you don't need to pay for this for these lists! We've been involved in the work at home field since 1998 in various capacities so we can smell bull from a mile way. As a result we've decided to come up with a list of the best get paid survey companies on the web based on our years of experience. All the companies listed have been personally researched by us and we've been members of. The websites we have selected are free and legitimate so you can check any past experiences or skepticism you may have at the door.

I've personally tried each of the market research companies listed below and have been paid by all of them. So I can assure you that they are not scams, rip-offs or frauds.

We like these companies because you earn real cash, not sweepstakes entries or crappy gift cards to stores you never use. Some of the companies pay the cash based on a point system but it shouldn't deter you. The points you earn for the surveys are equivalent to cash and the companies makes redeeming them very easy!

So if you're tired of being scammed and paying for stupid lists then sign up for each of these websites and start getting paid for your opinions. At this point what do you have to lose? Trust me when I say it won't be money! AKA NFO

Let me know what you guys think of the list above by posting your comments below.

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  1. Minimini says

    I have been on Survey Savvy for months. I have not accumulated a single penny. I have quitted them today.  You can answer questions but when you answer one that defines you not fitting their criteria, the survey ends and counts as if you took none since you did not finish it! Ridiculous.

  2. says

    You’re welcome. I know it’s easy to assume everything related to making money at home is a scam. You step in so much crap it just makes sense to assume. But as you can see you can find some diamonds in the rough.

    So be sure you check out our other recommendations: there is a lot more legit opportunities that you can start right away. I’m sure by the time you read enough of our articles you’ll have a different perception of this industry and the possibilities.

  3. Prettysue24 says

    Thanks for running this info on the web, I felt like for once I get something real that is not a scam who just wants money from membership before actually providing the scheme on how it works. Thanks.


  4. says

    Yeah it sucks but that’s the nature of this industry. Some demographics aren’t as desirable as others in market research.

    You might want to try ICS and PVP:

    You always qualify for their surveys and polls. Unfortunately it’s not a lot of money but it adds up. Hope this helps you. The great thing about this industry is that even when one opportunity doesn’t work out there are many other options like the ones we list on our recommendations page:

  5. Aldenallison says

    I have been a member of all five of those companies for years. You get tired of NOT QUALIFYING FOR SURVEYS.

  6. Zedta says

    I like pretty well  :). I have account spreading through Toluna, Global Test Market, and Opinion Outpost, and I would say with Toluna I earn money as fast as with Opinion Outpost. They have quite a bit of survey though; also the points don’t get credited to your account until the survey has closed in general (not prompt like O.O. or GTM), and they pay by check not paypal. With Global test market one has to be even more patient because they pay check in $50 not $20 (oh, but the joy of receiving a $50 :-D!!). I’m just particularly fond of them because once they gave me this 20 mins survey (not product testing) that award $10 – thought there was a mistake or something :P).

  7. Princeptc00 says

    hello Eddy.. i’m from the Philippines and i tried signing up on the above-mentioned site but sadly, all of them did not went through.. is there any survey site that you can recommend for me and my friends here? thank you in advance.. kodus to you, your family and your team.. i’m very grateful i was able to bumped in to this blog.. it’s very helpful and inspiring.. keep it up and more power.. you’re my angel..

  8. Hollypop1986 says

    Hmmm, I tried to sign up at and I don’t see a sign up link! Plus, in the FAQs it says that you may be called upon to answer a survey once or twice a month? Do you have any personal experience with that site? Thanks for making this website by the way… It’s such a relief to see some honest feedback about all the confusion of work at home opportunities/schemes out there!

    • says

      Hey Brady, I’m doing well. Thanks for asking! That never happens. lol Hope you’re doing well too.
      I believe they pay by check. That’s the type of payment I received a few months ago. I hope this helps.

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