Top 5 Paid Online Survey Websites

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Have you ever read one of those ads claiming you can get paid for your opinions? Chances are you've run into a clickbank product which are basically ebooks or "guides" that are created by middlemen who are basically selling you a list of various free paid survey companies.

However you don't need to pay for this for these lists! We've been involved in the work at home field since 1998 in various capacities so we can smell bull from a mile way. As a result we've decided to come up with a list of the best get paid survey companies on the web based on our years of experience. All the companies listed have been personally researched by us and we've been members of. The websites we have selected are free and legitimate so you can check any past experiences or skepticism you may have at the door.

I've personally tried each of the market research companies listed below and have been paid by all of them. So I can assure you that they are not scams, rip-offs or frauds.

We like these companies because you earn real cash, not sweepstakes entries or crappy gift cards to stores you never use. Some of the companies pay the cash based on a point system but it shouldn't deter you. The points you earn for the surveys are equivalent to cash and the companies makes redeeming them very easy!

So if you're tired of being scammed and paying for stupid lists then sign up for each of these websites and start getting paid for your opinions. At this point what do you have to lose? Trust me when I say it won't be money! AKA NFO

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