Is a Scam?

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Have you ever watched the local news and noticed the polls they take about various subjects? Usually the topic is very serious and depressing. But most of the time we all answer them in our heads. Or some of us may be adventurous and actually visit the news site and take the poll there.

Now imagine if you could get paid for taking polls like that? Well you don't have to imagine anymore! I've discovered a site called that has made this a reality.

A few weeks back I mentioned in a previous post that my buddy big Phil put me on to a new opportunity to make some easy money. I know that's the best type of money for many of you. So I gave it a shot and immediately made money within the first day. Granted it wasn't a lot but it was more than what I use to make with polls which is the mere satisfaction of voicing my opinion. That's cool but money is better.

I basically waited to write a review on it until I cashed out. You know how I do, show and prove. I don't make it a habit of personally recommending things unless I've given it a shot or researched it. Now that I have worked with the company for nearly a month. I'm ready to share it with you. So let's get in to it.

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS)?

It's basically a marketing research company that pays you for taking silly and serious polls created by people like you and market research companies. If you've ever taken legitimate surveys like the ones at then you're familiar with the concept. Although with ICS the polls are very quick. Did I mention this is a FREE opportunity that doesn't cost a dime?

How does it work?

Just visit Instant Cash Sweepstakes about every 3 hours. They will have about 5 polls. Each poll consist of 3 questions. Take the poll and win tickets, coins or my personal favorite real money! Every 24 hours there is a drawing for $50 where everyone's ticket is basically thrown into a virtual pool. ICS then randomly picks a ticket and you win the $50. But let's face it not many of us will win the the $50 drawing. However you will win a few cents nearly once out of the 5 polls you take per visit. I've consistently won small amounts of cash every time I have answered 5 of their polls.

How much money can I make?

If you happen to win the daily drawing, you win $50! But I'll be honest with you. Like any real drawing or lottery the odds are stacked against you even with thousands of tickets. Trust me I know. I've been doing it for a month now and I haven't won the $50 daily drawing even though I have a gang of referrals. But I know that real people are winning the drawing.

However even without winning the big daily $50 drawing you can consistently earn a few cents a day by yourself or dollars like I do when you have referrals. From the various polls I've taken, the cash amounts I have won range from 01. – .08 cents per poll that I actually win.

Attention Negative Minded People!

Let me address some of you that may be sucking your teeth right now or think you're too good to get paid for something that's fun. (Loyal subscribers and my action takers can ignore the following paragraph. I already know you went ahead to sign up and are probably making money as we speak.) In any event, no you're not making lot of money with this opportunity! But it's not a lot of work either. You're literally taking a few minutes out your day to answer fun polls.

At the end of the day you guys know my mantra. Multiple streams of little income are better than NO income. Most of the people looking to make income in this industry are in the bucket with folks that aren't making money online. You can view this opportunity as a waste of time and continue to get more of what you've been getting which may be frustration and no money. Or you can change your perception and start taking advantage of an opportunity that is legitimate, fun, easy and making you money.

Either way the choice is yours. But please don't be one of those people complaining you aren't able to make money online and you need real money. It's a waste of energy because there is no action behind it. It's no wonder the people I know that make real money will take it anywhere it comes and build on it. They're not running around complaining because they're too busy on their grind and turning cents into dollars.

How do they pay & when?

When you've reached the minimum of $2.00 you can request a cash out via paypal. I love this low cash out because you can actually reach it relatively quickly without any referrals. Once you've made the request they cash out whatever you have in your ICS account within 72 hours. But in my experience it was just a few hours after I made the request. So depending how consistent you are with this opportunity you could probably cash out within a few days of joining assuming you're earning enough money or have won the $50 daily prize.

Can I see how this works?

Of course you can. I've created a little video walking you through this whole thing just in case nothing I said in the previous paragraphs is making any sense to you.

As a matter of disclosure the video has been edited a number of times to show different aspects of this opportunity. So you may notice the amounts in my account will vary in different sections of the video. So don't think I'm trying to be slick and Jeidi mind trick you. I'm no George Lucas so my editing reflects this. Just keep that in mind as you watch the video since it was recorded over a couple of days to get the shots I needed to demonstrate how this opportunity works. Now that's out the way, enjoy my little bootleg production below.

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Hope the video makes it a lot clearer for you. If you've seen enough and ready to go, just visit and get your polling on!

Is this open to people outside the U.S.?

No, it's not. Sorry, I don't make the rules. But no worries visit our international work at home page for other opportunities that may be available in your area.


I'm sure you have them. Fortunately for you, nearly every site I recommend has an FAQ or help section that you can go ahead and read. If you can't find the answer there, they usually have a contact us link you can use as well. So visit: and click on the FAQ link on the bottom of the page.

How can I earn more money with

Well aren't we greedy? Here are 6 ways to make more money with ICS.

1. Play Often!

You're allowed to sign in every 3 hours to take polls. So when you do the math that means you should try to login 8 times a day to maximize the amount of money you win in terms of the smaller cash prizes. Trust me I did this for a month and my smaller cents cash winnings happened each of the 8 times I would log in to take polls. The great thing about their site is there is an email reminder feature that you can opt for every time you've completed all the polls in a given session. If you check the send me an email reminder, in 3 hours you'll get a reminder to go back to the site. That has been a great feature because you know how busy you can get during the day working on your various multiple streams of income. Well you should know how that feels if you're following my advice. (wink) By the way, no they don't spam you!

2. Sign Up Bonus

When you initially sign up ICS gives you anywhere from .75 cents to $1.00 just for signing up. But that seems to be totally random. I have reports where folks didn't get this bonus. So I can't guarantee you will. When I signed up I earned $1.00 so maybe I was lucky.

3. Video Polls

After a while of taking polls, you may be invited to a pro user status where you get paid dollars for taking video surveys in addition to the regular polls. I received $1 just for taking a minute video survey explaining why I should be selected for their pro user membership. Then a couple of days later I was invited to take a video survey that discussed what I enjoyed about ICS. I'll be honest with you, I was a bit iffy about the video survey. I'm pretty shy by nature. Don't let the picture of me all over the website, my Facebook fanpage or my past news interview fool you. I really am a hermit at heart. lol So I had to eat my bowl of courage to give it a shot. I'm happy I did, because it was fun and easy money. I haven't received another video survey yet. I'm hoping I didn't scare them away. lol

4. Submit Polls

ICS encourages you to submit your own polls. If your poll questions are selected I believe you get 100 tickets to be used in the $50 daily drawings.

5. Converts

As you may have seen in the video listed earlier in this article, ICS allows you to convert your coins into tickets. You can redeem the coins for more tickets which ideally will increase your chance at winning the $50 daily drawing. I've done it a few times but still haven't won the $50 yet. But just because I haven't doesn't mean you'll experience the same bad luck. lol

6. Referrals

Oh you knew that was coming. Yes I'm going to sound like a broken record again. This company like nearly 90% of the legitimate recommendations I have made have a referral/affiliate program where you get paid to share the love about this opportunity. As you may saw in the video above, you basically win whatever your referrals wins which is super generous of ICS because that's rarely the case. Sites like Swagbucks match your referrals winnings but they cap it off after a certain amount. Instant Cash Sweepstakes on the other hand will match your referrals winning full 100% of the times. So as it stands if my referrals win for the rest of their lives I'm winning. If you do a good job, you basically have passive income even when you're not taking the polls. In fact, I'm actually making money right now with this as I'm babbling off about it.

Know why? As soon as I learned about this opportunity from big Phil. I jumped right in. As result I made some cash the first day and then I was hooked. Naturally I wanted to spread the love. So I hopped right onto my Facebook fanpage and told my fans about what I was doing. Within a few hours of that update I had a few people that joined and were already earning me money. I of course earned whatever they earned. I haven't stopped since then. I've obviously added links to my sites and I've told my sister and friends about it. After all, who doesn't want to earn easy money? So my suggestion is to refer people in any way you can. Obviously as a trained affiliate I have an audience of thousands at my disposal. If you can't afford to be trained in this business, then just refer some family and friends. Maybe throw up some flyers with your ICS referral link in it in your area. Any referral you can get will add up and make you some money and more importantly your referral will too! Everyone wins in that respect.


Now that I've sung the praises of this company, it's time to tear it back down to size. I'm just kidding. I don't have a lot of complaints about this company. These are just a few areas of improvements that I see. Hopefully the folks at Instant Cash Sweepstakes see this article. (I'm sure they will because Eddy knows marketing. lol)

In any event, here are the cons or things that should be improved.

1. Have a system like MySurvey or Swagbucks where you can redeem the coins for some various prizes like cash, or stuff. I would be willing to pay an upgrade membership for that.

2. Provide more banners and marketing material so we can refer people. Right now they only provide you with two options: a widget and text link.

3. Improve the poll widget. They give you this cool option where you can place a poll on your site or Facebook page. But it doesn't provide you with a lot of control of the size and look and feel of the pool. You can change the size but it cuts off the poll. So I would like to see a better one.

4. Instead of the $50 daily win, I say get rid of it all together and just pay us more per poll. Right now you may earn a few cents. But if they got rid of the $50 daily prize they may be able to pay us more.

5. Offer other payment options besides Paypal like checks, direct deposit or some of the other online payment processors. Not every country is accepted by Paypal so that eliminates some folks that would be willing to give their opinions as well.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

So is a scam?

Obviously not if you've actually read this review and watched the video above. I think the biggest issue that certain people may have with this opportunity is earning cents rather than something more substantial. But for something as quick and fun as this, i don't really think it's a bad pay off. Ultimately this isn't an opportunity to live off. It's just another weapon in an arsenal of smaller multiple streams of income that I've provided you over the years. Coupled together this stuff adds up as many of you have attested to.

Does this mean you shouldn't pursue higher paying avenues such as traditional work at home jobs or possibly a home business like affiliate marketing? Hell no! Opportunities like this is just a supplement to that stuff. What's great about these type of easy opportunities is that they can be started right away instead of hoping to land a dream job or waiting for your business to take off. Having some money coming in while waiting for those goals to take flight is better than having no money in my humble opinion. But what the hell do I know? I just work at home full time and started making my first dime doing stuff little stuff like this.

You can take my advice with a grain of salt. You can also continue to do whatever you've been doing and getting more of what you've been getting. But based on what my loyal subscribers and Facebook fans have been saying, taking action on this opportunity is a winning move. (Pun intended. lol) So if you're open minded and actually want to start making money online instead of waiting for it, visit today and sign up. It's free and fun!

If you are one of my favorite people, you know the type that takes action instead of complaining, how have you been doing with this opportunity? Chime in and let us know. I'm sure many of you have cashed out and you too probably have some suggestions for improvements or making more money with this opportunity. So feel free to comment below.

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