Instant Profit Silos Review – Is Instant Profit Silos A Scam?

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Are you familiar with the concept of “Website Siloing“?

“Siloing is an SEO technique that creates strong keyword related themes on your site, improving the relevancy of your site in the eyes of search engines” (source: Stephen Cronin,

In other words it's how you setup your site so search engines like Google show you love and pick can easily find you.

I am a pretty successful online business owner and it is important for me to stay up-to-date with the changes and updates to the search engines algorithms. Because if I don't you guys won't find me when you're doing research. So I like to stay abreast on products related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). and I stumbled upon an online product called Instant Profit Silos.

Never mind the silo reference, what really got me involved with the product was the sales pitch.

“Create a website and make money in just 12 – 24 hours”!

Is this guy drunk, nuts or a big liar? I know from experience that a new website will NOT be ranked and pulling in traffic in 12 to 24 hours unless he's not actually talking about free search engine organic traffic. So let's dig deeper into this Instant Profit Silos product.

instant profit silos review_is it legit

The Sales Pitch

Surprise, surprise! I see a lot of sales pages as you can imagine, and almost all are plain ugly with overdone highlighting, bad images and full with exaggerated “income statements” and false testimonials by bad actors.

Mark's sales page IS NOT one of them. The site layout is done very professional and without all the hype building nonsense. You won't see fake bank statements with six or seven figure amounts. You are rather presented with Daily Commission Snapshots showing amounts between $8.00 and $60.00. The pitch comes in low, claiming you can make $600.00 a month with one site, which will take you about 2 hours of work to set up.

This sounds good to me, but I still had doubts, particularly when I looked at the list of things “you do not need“!

is instant profit silos a scam

Well, the only way to find out if Instant Profit Silos really works is to buy this darn thing, right? Onward we go.

Purchasing Instant Profit Silos

Mark Bishop sells his product through JVZoo. It is on a dime sale, starting out at $14.00 with a cap at $28.00 (the price will increase by some cents after a certain number of sales).

As you can see in the screenshot on top, Instant Profit Silos cost me $22.48 and will go up after 2 more sales. To my surprise, there is one upsell (also on a dime sale) and I had to shell out another $19.55.

The upsell will buy you 3 bonus videos which will teach you how to increase your profits. It is needless to say that the package comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

What You Get For Your Money

  • Ten Videos: The core of the product consists of 10 videos of good quality, with clear visual and audio. The size ranges from 4 minutes to about 14 minutes. The content is really impressive and Mark Bishop is explaining the method of his system in an easy way to understand. You will learn how to chose a lucrative niche and product(s), research relevant keywords and how to create your mini website.
  • Four e-books in PDF format: These supplementary e-books detail the whole concept, describe in detail how to build WordPress websites and how to write catchy ads.
  • Case Studies & Sample Websites: I found this material excellent. It is aimed at newbies with little or no knowledge of internet marketing. However, even experienced folks will find helpful information.

How Is Instant Profit Silos Supposed To Work?

Mark Bishop's method is based on mini sites. Very popular until a couple of years ago, many people in the industry say that they no longer work, many others swear they still can work.

Maybe the reason why they work for Mark and Instant Profit Silos is “A TWIST“. Take a look at the screenshot below and the red underlined words.

instant profit silos review

Let me show you the 5 steps it takes working Instant Profit Silos and THE TWIST

1) Find A Niche And Product

You aim at a niche/product that already shows decent search results and traffic. Ideal numbers would be 500 to 1000 searches per month on average, traffic of more than 100 and low competition (200 or less)

2) Research The Keywords

You would use a top rated keyword research tool (the best on the market in my opinion is Jaaxy) and pin-point your keywords or keyword phrases

3) Create Your WordPress Website

Follow Mark's instructions and build your Landing Page. Add a product description and relevant images, place your keywords and phrases as instructed. Of course, you need to enter affiliate agreements with merchants of the product(s) you want to sell. This may take a day or so, but let's continue.

4) Buy ONE Domain Name & Website Hosting:

This will cost you about $10.00/year for the name and as little as $6.00 per month for hosting.

5) THE TWIST! Create An Ad Campaign With Bing:

This is the reason why Mark's method MAY indeed work. You totally ignore traffic generation from “organic searches” and rely solely on PAID TRAFFIC. Mark did not mention PPC on his sales page or the short video on his site. PPC is certainly a good way to generate enough traffic, IF done correctly.

At this point, your work is done. So, lean back and wait for the bucks to roll in.

The Bottom Line

It should not take too long for you to find out if your first site makes you some money. Your goal is to generate at least $20.00 per day. If you make more, it would be so much better, don't you think?

Now you are ready to repeat the process and create a new site. You don't need to buy another domain name since you “silo” the new site as a “sub domain” under the domain name you already have.

If all works out as Mark Bishop claims it will, you can easily create one site a day. And if each brings in just $20.00 per day (600/month, $7,200/year) you definitely will be on your way to make a 6-figure income per year.

The Pros and Cons of Instant Profit Silos


  • Realistic earning potential
  • The training and material is better than average
  • The concept is applicable
  • You can make money


  • PPC does NOT guarantee success. It is not an easy method, and it does take some experience to manage a PPC campaign. There are many nuances that a newbie may miss. So if done incorrectly, PPC can be a waste of money.
  • Mark does not make it clear what budget you need for the PPC campaigns. Most people looking for ways to make money online may not be able to afford the cost for paid traffic or the cost of losing money on campaigns which does happen with PPC.
  • The training does not include SEO which is safer since it really just involves your time rather than money.
  • Duplicate Content. Although Mark dismisses this argument, I am not sure how the search engines will rank hundreds of new sites with identical landing pages.
  • The silo aspect is misleading. Siloing is an SEO technique and Instant Profit Silos is ignoring SEO. All you do is setting up your mini sites as sub domains under ONE domain name.

So Is Instant Profit Silos Legit?

Mark Bishop's product is legitimate and above average. The training and material is definitely worth the money. I believe you can make money with it if you have a large enough budget and experience in PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing). But I think most newbies may be overwhelmed by the whole concept and may set themselves up to lose significant amounts of money while “getting their feet wet” in the online business.

PPC campaigns are risky and more often than not “money losers”. For that reason alone, I cannot recommend Instant Profit Silos for newbies.

I hope my Instant Profit Silos Review was helpful. I would love to hear your opinion or any questions you may have. So chime in and leave a comment below.

What's A Safer Alternative to Instant Profit Silos?

Given the complexity of using PPC I would suggest newbies stay away from it until you learn the other basics of building an online business using free techniques. So with that said, check out My Top FREE Work At Home Recommendation. I cannot tell you it's the right thing for you. That's for you to decide. But I can tell you that it is 100% FREE to check it out. So, give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

That's all for today. Like I said, I am really interested what's on your mind.

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12 thoughts on “Instant Profit Silos Review – Is Instant Profit Silos A Scam?”

    • Yeah but at least this one I think you could actually make the money back and more if you can get the PPC aspect down. But it could definitely end up being pricy to learn. Thanks for sharing either way!

    • Yeah this one I don’t view as shady. But it’s definitely very risky for a newbie. I know what they teach can work but even me who is experienced still struggle with PPC. So I can see why this one would scare away new folks. Either way, thanks for sharing!

  1. This one sounds legit. I’d like to research just how much money it takes to invest in PPC. You never (or they never) gave an estimate. This is one I might be interested in — when I get a job or new income source, that is (UC just ran out). So… Eddy, your basic argument with this is the PPC investment, right?

    • Hey Ana,

      Great to hear from you. With PPC you can advertise with any budget you have. But the competition will determine how much money you really have to spend. You’ll know this when you set up your PPC account and campaigns and start picking keywords you want to bid on. So for instance if you want to promote an SEO product, you would have to use Google Adwords or Bing Ad Center’s keyword tool to find out how much the competition is paying for those type of keywords. And you would have to pay about the same so your ads show up. So if people are willing to pay $10 per click to have their ads show up, guess who has to pay the same amount or near it. You would! So it all depends on what you’re promoting and what the competition is willing to pay.

      So like I said, it’s not something that’s very newbie friendly. Because you have to really monitor how much you need to bid on a given day or even hour because that can change if some new advertiser comes in and decides they’re willing to pay $20 per click now. This are obviously fictitious exaggerated examples. But it’s the type of stuff that has to be considered.

      If the product doesn’t really go into a lot of detail about doing PPC and managing it properly you can lose your shirt within a couple of hours. There are safeguards by limiting your daily spend and things like that. But again it’s definitely a lot more involved process. So I see proceed with a lot of caution.

      Ultimately any business is an investment and has inherent risks involved. That’s why most people are employees. They don’t have the stomach for it and also need the guarantee of a steady paycheck without any risk. But some businesses have less of a risk involved which is probably why I haven’t done a lot with PPC. I can do it now because I’m a lot more experienced and have good training and live support from the WA community if I run into an issue. But if you don’t have the proper support going into PPC it can be very scary. And don’t think Google or Bing will give you the best support either. Many time their reps are just trained to make you spend as much money as possible and not necessarily to benefit you.

      So definitely give it some thought before you dive in Ana. It’s a little like gambling. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

  2. I’m not sure about this that you have to invest money to make money. You always said that you shouldn’t have to pay money to make money. This one doesn’t sound to good to me. don’t think I would do this one.

    • Hey Laura, thanks for sharing your feedback. But I’ve never said you shouldn’t invest in yourself to make money. I’ve done so many times via courses, books and memberships to be successful online. So I would never say that.

      But you’ve probably heard that bad advice from other sites and people. Most of the time these folks are referring to jobs where you shouldn’t have to pay an employer directly to work for them. That’s very different than investing in a home business opportunity, course or membership that helps you start your own business.

      I don’t know any successful business owner that hasn’t invested money and time to get their business to where it is. It just comes with the territory with nearly any business.

      So in my opinion a fee isn’t a reason to dismiss a company if you’re interested in starting a business. It may give people pause if it’s too much or the company itself just doesn’t seem good. I don’t think that’s the case with this particular company. As I said above, I just think it would be difficult for a new person to make money initially because of the learning curve which could be expensive since it involves paid advertising like PPC. But it can actually be viable if you have a good grasp of PPC.

      Either way thanks for chiming in. I do appreciate your comments.

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