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As some of you may know, I am a huge tech person. I love gadgets, computers, electronics etc. Back in the days, people that liked this stuff were called nerds and geeks. That was a time when it wasn't cool to be those things. Now it is hot to be a nerd and geek. This is probably a direct result of nerds running billion dollar companies like Google and Apple who end up being your boss. lol Now if you think about it, we're all a lot more geekier than we were a few years back. You probably have a flat screen TV, ipod, cell phone and use the internet way more than you should. Don't worry that's just a natural progression as technology invades our lives. But did you know that one of those gadgets I mentioned can make you money? Yes the internet can make you money. But that's not the one I had in mind. Let's talk about your cell phone or if you're like me, your super cell phone also known as a smart phone. I use to have a Treo and later upgraded to an iPhone. I love my iPhone. Talk about smart, yes it can make phone calls but it does so many more things that I never imagined a cell phone can do. But even though my cell phone can pretty much do everything my laptop can, the biggest feature I use is texting. And I know darn well I'm not the only one. Let's keep it real. How many of us really like yapping on the phone anymore when you can easily send a text message to someone? Yes, I know it's viewed as impersonal for some. But for the most part we're all getting accustomed to it. There was also a time when people thought phone calls were impersonal. But that's obviously changed.

What's The Point?

The point to all of this is that as new technology becomes more widely used, the more opportunities there is for folks us like us to make money with it. Text messaging is a great example of this. Apparently there is a company known as KGB that is offering the opportunity to get paid to text message. Let me clarify some thing. This KGB isn't associated with the Russian secret service and the text messaging that you'll be doing isn't "adult" oriented. I know dirty texting aka "sexting" doesn't necessary jive with many of you. So now that's out of the way, let's get into the details.

How To Make Money Texting with KGB?

Here's the job description ripped right off their site: The Mission: To research and respond to 2-way text inquiries quickly and accurately Special Agents combine ingenuity with research skills to solve real problems for real people every day. Some questions require a serious answer, others require a sense of humor, and some require both. Requirements: * Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age * Must have a U.S. Social Security number or other taxpayer ID number * Must have a U.S. bank account * Must agree to work as an Independent Contractor * Cannot already be employed by kgb or any of its subsidiaries * Must have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection * Must have access to Mozilla Firefox or be willing to download it Qualifications: * Skilled Internet researcher * Ability to quickly identify keywords * Excellent grammar and spelling * Fast and accurate typing * Enthusiastic, passionate, creative, clever, curious, and dedicated

Is the KGB KGB Special Agent Opportunity A Scam?

Not from what I can tell. I did my usual research using the methods described in our scam video and found nothing. This could be because the opportunity is relatively new. So time will tell. I am not really inclined to join opportunities first. I like to wait until the dust settles and hear what others have to say. But you may be more adventurous than me. So if you're willing to give this a shot, just click here to work as a Special Agent For KGB (Please note that an ad will appear before taking you to the intended page, just click on the skip ad link on the upper right hand corner to visit the correct page). If you decided to give this opportunity a shot, feel free to come back and share your experience.

Questions about this opportunity?

Answers to your questions and more details about this opportunity including the pay, hours, etc. can be obtained by clicking here (Please note that an ad will appear before taking you to the intended page, just click on the skip ad link on the upper right hand corner to visit the correct page). Hope this turns out to be a winner for all. Good luck! As always if you're looking for more conventional work at home jobs, click here to visit our work at home jobs lead page or visit for job leads without the sponsored ads.


This opportunity no longer exists!

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  1. I have been a specialist and vetter. I have been on chacha for 4 years. I still do it when I have time. the only difference is they now use paypal and you can cash out anytime and you get your money the same day in your account.

  2. Hey eddy, KGB is not hiring. I applied, took the test months ago, past it. i emailed them to see what was taking long and they told me they werent hiring.

  3. Kgb isn’t a scam, I was an IC there for over a year. However, as they added overseas employees that started taking most of the work it become hard to even make $1 an hour. I have worked at ChaCha for about 18 months, also not a scam. They pay either monthly once you hit $100, or you can get a debit card through the Bank of Indiana and get paid whenever you want. I have the card because I like instant gratification lol.  

  4. I checked out Cha Cha, signed up and watched the mandatory videos.  I was interested in being a Generalist/Specialist, but they made me a Vetter.  They warned me that I could only take the test once so I should be ready.  I put it off til I was rested.  Before I took the test I got an e-mail congratulating me for being accepted as a Vetter.  I also started getting e-mails about them having a “high volume alert” and a “red alert”.  I went on Firefox and downloaded the toolbar as required.  I spent a couple nights fielding questions.  The first ten were my “test”.  The answers I had to choose from were up to three years old and some were rude.  I found it fun just the same, but frustrating since I didn’t seem to be making any money.  They pay a half cent per question to Vetters.  The questions come non-stop so you are tied to your computer and cannot multi-task at all, on your computer.  I read some of their forum and people are complaining that they have taken “Duel Roles” so they could add Vetter work only to find that all they get now is Vetter work.  Sure they have contests and offer bonuses, but you have to Vet 1600 sessions to get $1 bonus.  I was up to 50+ sessions an hour so do the math.

    I’ve since gone to kgb.  I like the feel there much better.  I took their test and felt quite good since I got mostly 100%, but I failed the math.  (Been a long time since I’ve had any math classes.)  Their message was encouraging – you’re so close you should take it again.  I looked up a math formula I had missed, took a break and took the test again.  This time I had lower scores but passed the math.  You have to pass all the categories.  Then they ask you why you took the test, fun or for work.  If you’re looking for work you then have to give them more information and an idea of when you plan to work.  They then tell you you’ll receive an e-mail within five days.  Two days later I got the message of congratulations, but we don’t need you just yet.

  5. Laura,
    I have to respectfully disagree. Online most companies provide you with various choices which include, paypal, direct deposit, check or even in some cases debit cards or all of these options. I’ve worked with enough companies online to experience many of these options. So it’s not common for only providing one option. Even if offline when I worked for the man they always gave us the option of direct deposit or checks.

    I personally like direct deposit or paypal because I don’t like waiting for my money. lol But I do agree sometimes companies may not have a wide range of payment choices because it is more work and does cost more money. So no argument there.

  6.  KGB is absolutely not a scam. It is 100%  legitimate  business.  I made a nice pocket change – had I had more time to invest in it I could have made more.  I easily made $20-30 a day sometimes. (downfall, they only pay once a month where you can pay yourself multiple times a day on ChaCha if you wanted)  It’s not easy work but it’s not super difficult either and you do have to schedule yourself into time slots to work.  So it’s flexible in that you choose when you work, but inflexible like ChaCha where you can just jump on when you have an extra hour to blow through some questions.  For me, being a SAHM, the scheduling thing just didn’t work for what I needed.  What I like most about it is you can choose what you want to answer vs ChaCha who sends questions to you automatically.  They pay about twice what ChaCha does as well.  They’re agents are better trained and screened and they do ongoing evaluations of your answers to make sure you’re adhering to their policies &  procedures  and not just sending BS answers.  You also get the opportunity to take questions from the UK, which I found really interesting seeing what other countries asked questions about.  Mostly they were train schedules.  No one seems to own a car in the UK.  LOL  

    • Hi Cheryl, I’m a bit confused and read this twice to make sure I didn’t somehow miss something, but which company are you talking about pays better than ChaCha. You mention KGB and ChaCha, but it makes it sound like you didn’t go with ChaCha due to pay as well as it was more interesting but it also sounds like you didn’t go with KGB due to the scheduling, so who was it that you ultimately went with?


  7. Hi hgil, Where do I find information to join a virtual call center? I’ve been looking for something like this for some time now and can’t find any legitimate resources. I’d certainly appreciate your help.

    • Hello Eddy  I’ve been looking for a work  @ home jobs for moms,  for a wild now. (customer service/data entry) but everyone I found was scams. can you recommend some.  Thank you  , Tashayah

  8. I’m confused because I qualified they just dont have any openings…and I failed at chacha but I just think it’s because I hate being under pressure

    • What are you confused about? You passed their test but there just aren’t any availability. If there is then I’m assuming they will contact you. It’s no different than any other job I would think.

      Just move on to something else until you are accepted. Make sense?

  9. I don’t think that Kgb would be good for me. I checked out the site and it requires your bank account information so that they can pay you. Why they can’t pay you by check or even paypal. You have to be very careful about your bank account information. Someone could actually withdraw all of your money from your account

    • It makes no sense to have direct deposit as the only option. Most other companies provide at the very least a check option. So I understand why you would be wary. But KGB is an established legitimate company although not without cons. As always if you do your research it’s very difficult to be scammed. That being said most banks have fraud protection built in so if by chance someone failed to do their research and did give their payment information to the wrong person they would be able to recover the funds. But again this all can be avoided by doing one’s research before sharing any personal information.

    • Actually it is pretty common to require direct deposit as the only form of pay.   I work for a brick and mortar college in Chicago, and we require all of our employees to be paid via direct deposit.   It is just so much cheaper and more efficient for the company.   I would not let that scare you away from a job opportunity at all.   Just be sure you don’t give out your bank info until you are actully hired and completing other paperwork like tax forms etc.

      Laura S.

    • I work from home and the only option I have is direct deposit. I have a virtual call center in my office. They do direct deposit because then they know you get your money.

    • For six years I worked from home doing virtual call center work West, Working Solutions until I lost my position with them a week after my husband committed suicide due to not being able to focus, unfortunately since then I’ve not been able to find a job and they apparently don’t rehire once you’ve been fired, but with each of those companies I was with them a long time. They both gave me the option of either check or direct deposit. I personally prefer the direct deposit because you have no waiting for your check and always get it on pay day vs. a few days later. I have to say that although It bothers me that WSOL won’t rehire someone they fired (taking certain situations into consideration) out of the two, they both had perks and minus’s WEST I worked on Cricket Cell Phone which I loved that job, but WSOL is an amazing company to get onto, but they do take a long time to get hired. It took me like six or eight months to get hired. I had forgotten that I’d applied with them because it took so long but well worth the wait.

    • In a case like this, I would open a small account with $30.00 and have that be the account for your pay checks.

  10. eddy i can’t sleep tonight sure am doing a lot of reading on your site tonight lol going to send this one to Calvin too

  11. Ok this job use to be ok when it first started. They pay .10 cents per answer you give customers. But if the computer system already has the answer you have to choose it and it only pays .05 for answer. Not to mention you aren’t randomly handed questions you have to click faster then everyone else working to get the question to make any money. I worked there 8 hours a night 5 nights a week. after a month i made about 27$. That is NOT work that can build any income. Plus there are people on there who have programmed their computers to fast click and answer customers… they make thousands by “cheating the system” while the people actually working get screwed.

    • I’m trying to figure out how they would program their computer to “fast click” and answer customers. I never had a problem with getting them answered off quickly.

  12. @Jacklyn:
    Here is a blurb I send everyone. If you want more info I will help, I can also give you tips once you are started that will help you with speed of computer and short cuts to help with your job. I have worked for them since 2008 and I love it! I made over $900 from May 22 to June 22 2010, and $400 from June 22 to July 22. Others can make more, it just depends on what you are willing to put in to it. You do have to be 18 years old to work for ChaCha.

    ChaCha is a mobile text service that anyone can text into and ask questions and have them answer by a human being vs a computer like google mobile. So there are many jobs at ChaCha we have EX- expediters
    who clean up questions or use answers to question that have been asked/answered before. Then there are generalists/specialists who answer questions using there computer and searching the internet with a special guide tool bar.

    You are paid per question that you take care of. It is .02 for Ex and questions take 5 to 30 seconds each and SP/Gen make .10 to .20 per question based on category. We also have awesome contests for cash prizes and extra bonus money when you hit so many transactions. I am an expiditer and I can do between 150 and 200 in a hour, so $3 to $4 an hour. Others can make more It depends on internet speed and computer speed. All guides make about the same an hour. Right now they are currently hiring Sp/generalist.

    It is a fun fast paced job with no set hours, you can work how ever much and when ever you want 24/7. It is fun to learn the trivia and facts by answering questions, and I am surprised everyday by the questions people ask. It is really a fun way to make money.

    I am sure you are wondering how you get paid? You can either be paid monthly on the 15th to your own account, note you have to of made $150 to be paid, otherwise it will just stay in ChaCha account until you have made $150 by the 15th, or you can choose a pay me ow option, which I did.
    You sign their paper and send a copy of your DL or ID to bank of Indiana (which is where HQ is) and they up an account and end you a debit card. (You can use it any where for anything.) Then you can pay yourself any time no matter what you have made.
    You can make as much or as little as you want. I pays all the extras in our house as well as cell bill and electric and auto insurance!
    Go to and go to the bottom of the page and click on become a guide.
    Or go to to get started!
    When you do if you could enter my email address that I referred you, I do NOT make money of you, I just get recognition for recruiting other guides.
    If you have any more specific questions you can email me back or call 712-520-0130 Jessica
    There is no start up cost, just like with any job you go through training, then they test you over your job, then you start!

    • I’ve signed up for Cha Cha with your email as my referrer. Going to give a go and do my best to post results here later.

  13. I also work for as a guide. I have worked there for 2 years and love it. With ChaCha there is no min or max hours you have to put in. Also they have different guide roles, so not everyone has to search the internet, which I love. I just don’t like that part. Instead I am an Expediter so I answer questions I can using tools they give you and route the rest to a guide who will look up the answers.

    I have never had a problem getting paid, and as long as you pay attention to videos anyone really can join. They also have an amazing support system of other guides to answer your questions 24/7.

    •  Just a heads up!!! ChaCha can cancel your account!!! You have to be extremely careful when answering questions. They cancelled my account because I was giving fraudulent answers which I wasn’t. I was using the answers that they gave me and btw, most answers given to you are completely wrong and useless. You’re not even allowed to look up answers even though the service would be better if you were!!!! I’m now waiting for them to pay me for the money I made… I signed up for KGB and they still haven’t emailed me about it. I’m hoping KGB is better at customer service.

    • I done a little bit of work with ChaCha a long time ago and we got our answers through looking them up on the internet and using some of their tools to help find the answer then we would put up several different sites that we felt were relevant to their questions, they they would rate you which is what the company went by when it came to your pay. It was easy work and I never had a problem with a poor rating and had a lot of fun with it.

    • i am a vetter at chacha, I have looked up answers when i couldnt find any and i never got in trouble for it.

  14. @Lisa:
    I have to agree Lisa. I have answered questions for Cha Cha for about 3 months now. The Cha Cha experience has been a GREAT one so far. They are legit and they do pay, although I don’t think you will become a Millionaire it is definitely a good extra income. Cha Cha too has a little interview process, you are asked to take few quizzes after reviewing some videos, simple if you are a good listener. I have seen a few friends get denied, because they didn’t answer the quizzes correctly. Cha Cha really looks at these quizzes and usually takes around 1-3 days to see if they accept you. Another incentive with Cha Cha is they are always giving away money in contests (usually between 10-100 dollars, if you are lucky enough to get a golden ticket and answer it correctly.
    Props to you Eddy! I have researched and researched to find many scams, but with your great work and expertise, i have found this research much easier and more enjoyable. Thank You, for your honesty and insight. I will definitely be a daily viewer of your website……. Honesty is always the best policy!!!

  15. I don’t know if this will help anyone out or not, but I’ve been a Guide with ChaCha since ’08. It’s the same deal, searching out answers to questions that have been texted in. The minimum pay is .10 a question, but if it’s in a tougher category, the pay goes up, some almost .20. Which yes, does sound like chump change. But when you have no money coming in, anything at all helps! The most I’ve pulled in was 300 a month, but the girl who turned me on to it makes 600-800 pretty regularly. I’ve looked into the KGB thing, but I didn’t like the fact that you had to set up a schedule, and that the per question amount was so much smaller than what I could already make. With ChaCha, you can literally log in and out as much as you want, there’s no schedule whatsoever. They had 2 ways to get paid, and I don’t remember the 2nd one, but you can get a debit card with a bank they have a partnership with, the card even says ChaCha across it… make your money, then transfer it to the debit card. Nice & simple. They’ve not been taking on new folks for a long time, but they are now, for anyone who might be interested.

    •  At chacha you only make $0.01, a penny, per question as a vetter which most people are. You will make more at KGB at either $0.05 or $0.10 per question. I was a vetter and was making about a dollar an hour which is not enough. It’s not worth your time if you need to make a decent amount.

  16. I just signed up for kgb.

    I want to say your sight has been very helpful on finding legit jobs on the net. I wish I have found your site months ago.

    Many thanks and warm regards,

  17. @Sophia Bowser:
    kgb_ is legit! they deposit the money directly into your bank account every month. The best time to work for them is the late shift. Most other workers are gone to bed, therefore more for you.also. alot of the people that text that late are wasted from partying all nite so you see some pretty hilarious text questions..I cant repeat here…lol…but yes they do pay. you gotta be swift like a ninja to make decent can set your own hrs. 8hrs a day, 12 hrs a day, or just 30 minutes a day. if you need extra money, give it a go. I havent been there in a few months, I’ve been researching affiliate marketing. Thanks again Eddy!!

    • You’re welcome Jeff! Thanks for sharing that great tip about KGB. I think many people will benefit from it because until now there seem to be a lot of folks that have been disappointed with the opportunity. So hopefully your advice will help them earn some more money.

  18. kgb… it’s contracted work, so there is a very low wage. to make minimum wage, you’d have to research and answer more than one question a minute. For that wage, there is still an expectation that agents, just as was said here, “put a cherry on top,” which basically means going the extra mile. Times are tough though, and I think we’ll see more and more low paying jobs like this in the coming days. If an agent wants to make enough money to pay for their internet connection alone, they would necessarily HAVE to be extremely fast. So from the worker’s point of view, unless they have a skewed and self sacrificial motivation (at their own cost) cash money is the reason they are working, so time is of the essence.

  19. @Lisa Quote “I’m going to start KGB training today, but when I took their test that was supposed to take 15 minutes if you were good, I did it in 7 and I got 100% in every section. (I googled answers I didn’t know.) It’s speed that matters, not the hours you put in.”

    Excuse me but I passed the test the first time I passed it to become an agent. And you can be as “speedy” as you want in answering the questions..However, if you are not fast enough to answer the questions and their are alot of agents working that day, well then, you are out of luck! The question will disappear with lightning speed, believe me, this has been discussed many times in the kgbkgb_chat room! So don’t give me the BS you said above because I really didn’t appreciate that comment but everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they (at that time) didn’t even work for kgb_!

  20. I got laid off from my (part time low paying) job earlier today because of my falling ill and wondered about something online. I didnt look into it, I just randomly happened upon kgb_ hours later haha. I went through the initial test, passed, and am now waiting for the email about “training”. Will report back about pay, happiness, etc.

    • Sorry to hear you got laid off Sebastian. Hope this KGB thing works out. If not we list plenty more opportunities on this site. So you’re covered either way.
      Good luck.

  21. @Jen:
    I agree, I’ve gone through simulation training TWICE, using database answers where they were recommended and always got the -it’s not good enough- review. I’m quite disappointed with kgb_, still waiting to find out when I can retry the Sim, though if I don’t get thru the 3rd time, I’m done. They put you through so much “training” on how to research and respond to texts and their protocol is tedious. NOT worth the itty bitty pay you get. A previous poster is correct, it’s not necessarily SPEED, but the QUALITY “Chase the ACE” of the answers. Even so, as much time as I’ve put into it, I’m not very pleased. If I get thru Sim, fine, if not, I’m certainly not going to beat myself up about it.

  22. Hi Eddy. I just signed up for KGB last night. I’m not the smartest cookie on earth so the test took me 5 times lol.(math was never my strong point and i kept failing it lol) so as of now im waiting on them to send me the e-mail. I’ll keep the forum posted on how it goes.

    • No worries Dustin. lol Math wasn’t my strength either. Apparently grammar and spelling aren’t either. But I manage pretty well and you will too. Good luck and keep us posted.

  23. @Nate:
    I tried working for KGB for awhile, but I was ready to pull my hair out before the end of the first week. The pay was horrific, the “training” we got was minimal, and the database answers that you can choose from are frequently pretty horrendous. In fact, on a number of occasions, when I answered a text with one of KGB’s own database answers, I got yelled at for using their answers when the supervisors went in and reviewed my work.
    (Yes, I know, the database is made up of whatever answers everybody else has put in, and it’s our job to flag the ones that suck. Sorry, but I’m not going to waste my time debugging your answer database when I’m only getting paid a couple bucks an hour as it is, and time spent debugging is time that I’m not getting paid for answering questions.)
    I was really pretty disappointed with the whole experience, quite honestly. I’m amazed that people are still working for them.

  24. @Lisa

    I have been working with kgb_ for the last few months. I would like to clarify something that you mentioned. Speed may be vital to earning money at kgb_. However it should not be a priority, you should be focused on finding quality answers, and digging further into your research to score a sweet cherry on top of your answer.

    Chase the ACE!

  25. China,

    I just wanted to address how someone can answer more questions without working more hours. With jobs like ChaCha and KGB, it’s not how much time you put in but how fast you are. If you type quickly and can find answers faster than most, then you don’t need to work as many hours as someone else to answer the same number of questions. I’m going to start KGB training today, but when I took their test that was supposed to take 15 minutes if you were good, I did it in 7 and I got 100% in every section. (I googled answers I didn’t know.) It’s speed that matters, not the hours you put in.

    Nice blog though, I’ll have to check the rest out.

  26. Hi Eddy! I discovered your website last week and I love it! I immediately subscribed to the RSS feeds and e-mail’s! Keep up the good work! I just wanted to share that I recently started working as an independent contractor for kgb_a few weeks ago. First, let me put this out there..Um, you definitely WILL NOT get rich off of this job! After just working for them just shy of a month, I have made a grand total of$25.23! LOL This includes the “shadowing” training period for which you are paid for before they make you a full-fledged “Special Agent”.LOL This job is more for people who want some “chump change” on the side for real! You are paid 5 cents for answers in the database and 10 cents for an answer you have to search for yourself.Needless to say, you have to answer a hella lot of questions to make $.They do have little $ incentives (ex. $25 bonus added to monthly pay,etc.) to encourage agents and they announce who had answered the most questions and who made the most money in the month. (What I found interesting about this is that the people who logged the MOST HOURS and the people who made the MOST MONEY..were NOT the same people! How on earth is that possible?? That alone amazed me! But maybe I’m alone in this regard.) At any rate, I unlike most people I suppose on kgb_, have something called a um, LIFE and do NOT intend to spend it on kgb_trying to make so-called “bank” LOL sitting at my computer for 80 hrs a week making chump change. IMO its just not worth it honestly. So basically, don’t quit your day job (if you have one) and don’t count on this for part-time pay! You can get a maximum of 60 hrs a week and 6 hrs in a day. You have to look at the rota and schedule your hours ahead of time (not surprisingly the morning/afternoon hrs book up w/lightning speed)or you may not get any hrs at all! (There is an easy way around this and that is to just try and log-on whenever you want to and if they need help, it’ll let you on! If not, you’ll be told that you are not needed because enough agents are working already.) Since kgb_ is fairly new to the United States (they started in the UK) they have a lot of organizing to do with their website. IMO the “Special Agent” user interface is a bit “messy” and somewhat unorganized. I trained for ChaCha to be an “Expeditor” (I didn’t make it;though for 2-3 cents a question, I can’t say I was too sad about that for long! lol) and their database is “LIGHTYEARS ahead of kgb_! (ie.extremely organized and user-friendly)But I guess we’ll have to see if kgb_ will improve as they get more established here in the States..Only time will tell..Anyway, thanks again for the great website and keep up the good work!

    • Hi China,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s always great to have various experiences on a given opportunity so people can make an informed decision. Take care.

  27. Hi Sean I was interested to know what website do you work for?
    I am looking for on-line work that I can make a living. No need to
    be rich just pay bills and eat. Is there certain hours that you have to
    be on or do you make your own schedule? What are you exactly doing

  28. @Sean:
    Hi Sean I was interested to know what website do you work for?
    I am looking for on-line work that I can make a living. No need to
    be rich just pay bills and eat. Is there certain hours that you have to
    be on or do you make your own schedule? What are you exactly doing?

  29. Just so you all you know I work at kgb_ While the pay isn’t phenomenal, it is enough to make a decent supplement. You also get a cool job title, special agent, and get to learn stuff you never knew. Today I found out it would take an ant 4.7 years to walk around the earth. I like it!

  30. This is a cool online job. I knew something like this would come sooner or later. Paid to write, paid for surveys, paid for data entry and now paid to text. Just waiting for the paid to surf the internet offer.

  31. I am very happy to see such an online job. Because I have been looking for something like this before, but it was a scam. I thank God that I have finally found the type of work at home I am looking for. One thing I like about this is that it’s free to join. So I think you people are doing a good job for people like us. Keep it up! God will surely see you people through.

  32. Eddy,

    I was totally going to alert you to this and ask your opinion after seeing it posted on HomeJobStop. You beat me to it, with your thorough self 🙂

    I’m thinking about it, but there are other things I’m applying for in the meantime. Haven’t heard back about the Quality Associate position I’ve applied for, but I understand these things can take a while. I also applied for an at-home Responder position with Things are in motion…

    Take care,


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