Is A Scam?

Is Lion Bridge A scam?

Lionbridge is a global company that provides support to companies all over the world. One of the many services they offer is to help companies improve user experiences on their website search. Better user experience is very important to a website because it usually leads to increased revenue for a company. Think about how many websites you've visited and soon after left because it was too hard to navigate or couldn't find the information you searched for. Well you may have stayed longer and probably bought something if this website had a company like Lionbridge to advise them on what improvements to make.

I'm sure you probably have a lot of feedback to give when you see crappy sites. Well with LionBridge you can get paid for that by becoming one of their Internet Assessor.

What does an Internet Assessor do?

The role of an Internet Assessor involves evaluating results of a web search, for appropriateness based on the search query inputted. For instance, let's say you visit a company's website and you do a search for salary. You would expect the search results to come up with pages that discuss salaries, how you get paid etc. But let's say the pages that came up were actually porn pages. Then as an assessor you would probably flag those results as bad based on a set of guidelines that Lionbride may have provided you. So that's pretty much how that works.

What are the requirements to become an Internet Assessor ?

You need to be comfortable with the ins and outs of Internet usage, a high speed Internet connection, have lived in the country you are applying to work from for at least 5 years, be fluent in English both reading and writing, and have consistent 10-20 hours a week to put into this. This is a lot of time to dedicate to an online gig each week. Personally, I would rather spend that time working on My Top Free Recommendation.

Anyways, Once you are accepted, there is quite a bit of pdf manual reading. This is necessary to learn about the business. Fortunately, you are given a couple of weeks to learn the material. They continue to send more pdfs to read as you take on new jobs and different sorts of websites. So this probably is not a good fit for those of you who fail to read articles meant to help you or job descriptions carefully. (Yes, you know who you are! lol)

In all honesty though, not many of us like to do a lot of reading so this might be a turn off for some. If you are one of these people then you can look into other opportunities that might suit you better., and are doesn't require a lot of reading. But they pay you for things you already do online such as watching tv, playing games and more.

Is it an international opportunity?

Yes, they do hire people from all around the world. Check the open recruitment section of their Internet Assessors job page to see if it's available in your area. However keep in mind you're expected to be fluent in speaking and writing English.

How do I sign up?

Work at home seekers must first successfully pass an exam before being able to work as Lionbride Internet Assessor. The exam consists of two parts: Section 1 has 24 theory questions and Section 2 consists of 150 practical questions.

After you've completed the application process, they contact you via email if you are accepted (or not). You can apply by clicking here.

What's the work availability like?

Work opportunities listed on the site today, my not be available next month, so be sure to double check what is available. If this Internet Assessor job for the US is not listed, then come back in a month or two to see if the status has changed. Here's a link to their job page for your reference.

How much and how do I get paid?

You would be an Independent Contractor, so all the tax stuff is on you. Be sure to check out my tax article for more insight on this.

It appears that the earning potential is nothing compared to My Top Free Recommendation. It looks like the pay is about $14.50 an hour but I got that from forum babbling. So that can be totally off and based on someone that has been working with the company for a while. Once you've worked a given amount of hours, you submit an invoice once a month and you need to keep your paperwork up to date to get paid. I would think there is a system in place that tracks this automatically where submitting an invoice would be unnecessary. But it doesn't appear that way from what I can surmise.

I couldn't really figure out if the method of payment was paypal, check, direct deposit or all of the above. It wasn't too clear on their website. I don't know why companies make us dig for this information. I did read on one thread that payments made to U.S. residents were assessed some type of bank fee.

Ultimately I'm sort of sketchy on the details of the payment situation because the information wasn't clearly spelled out on the website. Or I couldn't find it. I don't know but it sounds like they need to use their own Internet Assessors to improve the user experience of their job page, talk about irony! lol

So I am going to really depend on you my loyal subscribers to fill in more details about the payment or correct me on anything else I get twisted in this article. I will be anxious to hear clear details from you all on how this works. So far on paper this looks like a decent potential work at home opportunity. But before you go off skating off to their website, let me tell you what the bad stuff is, at least from how I look at it! So here we go.

LionBridge Complaints

– Suspect Invoicing system?

The main complaint I found was with issues with the productive time chart that keeps track of your hours and where your payment gets figured out. There are two clear camps on this. There are those who have never had a problem and do not know what people are talking about, and those who claim they have to keep lowering their time numbers on their payment invoices until the system accepts it.

It all has to do with something called minimum productivity numbers. These people claim that Lionbridge is like a slave labor force, and even though the pay may be $14.50 and hour, due to all the things you cannot count as paid time it really ends up being closer to half that. What they are saying it may take two hours to build up one hour of enough productivity minutes. There were enough complaints about this to let me know it was more than a few whiners. So that's something to consider. Maybe it's people not really understanding how the company works in this respect. Or maybe it's a case of the company making things more complicated than it has to be. Damned if I know. But I'm sure those of you who have worked for them might have some words to chip in.

In any event, it seems like the job requires quite a lot of time and energy for little pay. Fortunately you don't have worry about with the other opportunities that I recommend like and

– Non Paid Continuous Training.

The fact that they keep sending you pdf updates and manuals to read, shows they want their workforce to be up to date and competitive which is great. However not paying you for that time, can get a bit old after rather quickly. I have no problem whatsoever with not paying for INITIAL training. Some companies will pay you during training which is great, but the reality is many do not. So I can swallow that. However not paying you to read frequent updates that get sent your way, is like workers having to clock out to read a memo from the boss. Even McDonalds pays the workers for mandatory meetings when there is a procedure or menu change! I can see if these updates come all the time, that this would be frustrating and time consuming.

– Walk the walk and talk the talk.

How the hell are you going to offer a service on improving website user experience and your job page fails to provide some of the most basic information that work at home seekers would be seeking? That just doesn't make any sense to me. So hat's a con because a lot of people may not apply just because of the fact that you fail to provide them key bits of information. It would make me wonder why are they hiding this stuff?

So is LionBridge Legitimate?

Based on what I've seen on the web, this looks to be a legit work at home opportunity that has a decent pay scale, but a few questionable practices. I'm not saying not to look into this further, but do it with your eyes open and I would suggest some comparison shopping with other companies in this field. (We'll review those soon.) Just know, like most of these things, it may not replace your income. But it might supplement it and be one of the multiple streams of income that I always preach you should have. If you want to learn more about an online opportunity that can replace your Full-time job then feel free to…

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By the way, they also offer a similar work at home opportunity described as Social Media evaluations. To do that you must be an active Twitter user. Anyway, I did not look into that part, but if you are interested, here is the link.

If by chance this opportunity doesn't appeal to you, feel free to check out and which are all great opportunities that I recommend. You can also check out our work at home jobs page which is updated daily with various opportunities that may be better suited to your needs.

Well I'm looking forward to any feedback you have about this company. Take care and good luck.

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