Lucktastic App Review: Legit Lottery App or Just Another Scam?

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So unlike most people, I'm not a big fan of gambling. Casinos don't get me excited and I never really saw the point in wasting hundreds of dollars a year on scratch off tickets. But that's me. Some of you love to gamble and I'm not knocking you for it. Chances are that's why you've been looking at Lucktastic Reviews online. You're probably wondering if it is a scam or not? Well, let's dive into my review and I'll let you know if it's worth your time.

What is the Lucktastic App?

Lucktastic is a lottery scratch off smartphone app developed by a New York-based mobile app company Jump Ramp Games. Jump Ramp Games was co-founded by Tony Vartanian and Alex Betancur in 2011. It was not until 2014, however, that they rolled out Lucktastic. At the time of this review, the parent company's BBB rating is positive.

How Do I Make Money with Lucktastic?

You need a smartphone and have to download the Lucktastic app and start “scratching”. So it's just like playing those matching scratch-off games you buy at gas stations. Only this time, you earn your scratch cards through using the free app. So yes, it's all based on luck. If you're looking to have a lot more control over the money you can make, you may want to look into My Top Work At Home Recommendation,,,,

How Does The Lucktastic App Work?

The only way Lucktastic can keep this app free is by selling ads. This means you will have to watch a video for you to access your scratch ticket instead of having to buy one like you would in a store. The trip between getting a ticket and earning a token is marred with ads.

Another way of earning tokens is through their referral program. Lucktastic will credit your account with 1000 tokens when your referral uses your referral information to download and use the app.

You will then use the tokens you have been able to accumulate while using the app to get scratching tickets. The number of tokens per scratching ticket will depend on the ticket value. The process of buying tickets using accumulated tokens is known as a ”scratch-game”.

A typical ”scratch-game” involves matching three out of six symbols under the token you tap on. If you choose, for example, a chance to win $1500 and are lucky enough to get three matching symbols, voila! You claim your prize. If you don't get your matching symbols, you receive bonus tokens (the number of tokens varies).

The bonus tokens are what keep you playing. You have to accumulate a certain number of tokens to qualify for redemption of these tokens into actual cash prizes. There is no token to cash conversion, as a cash payout can only occur if you scratch your way to a cash payout.

How Much Money Can I Make with Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a lottery so it's all based on luck. So there is no telling how much money you can make. Whereas sites like,,, can make you consistent money doing simple internet based tasks. So again, there is no telling how much you can make at Lucktastic. If you don't like that type of unknown you should also look into My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

When Does The Lucktastic App Pay Me?

Depending on your luck, it could take anywhere between days and forever, to get a worthy cash payout.

You can choose various forms of payments such as the following:.

  • Dwolla
  • A Mailed Check
  • Visa Gift Card
  • AMEX Gift Card
  • Best Buy Gift Card

What Are Some Lucktastic Cheats and Tricks?

One of the in-app offers, you can take advantage of is the daily bonus scratch card that is on offer every day between 1 and 5pm EST. You might want to enable the notification feature of the app. That's the best way to be quickly notified of these bonus scratch cards.

You could also use their referral program to get 1000 tokens per successful referral.

Lucktastic App Complaints

The great thing about smartphone apps is that they have reviews within their respective app stores. So it's not easy to hide an apps shortcoming. At the time of this review, the app had a rating of 4.2/5 on Google's Playstore and 3.6/5 on the App Store. Here are some of the common complaints we discovered.

Payout Time

It takes too long to earn enough for a payout. The closest you will come is an Amazon gift card. It might take years before receiving your first $5. Whereas sites like,, and can earn you money within minutes of signing up.

Too many notifications

If you happen to turn on the app's notification feature, you may be bombarded with notifications. But if you want to take advantage of those hard to come by offers, the notifications are helpful. So it's a gift and a curse.

It's all based on luck

At the end of the day this app is all based on the luck of the draw. You can't really control how much money you can make. But if you like gambling then you understand this when you sign up for this app.

Location Restriction

You cannot use the app unless you are a US resident. So if you live anywhere else you can't really take advantage of this opportunity.

Limited Gift Card Options and Payment Options

Unlike most websites offering gift cards and cash payments in exchange for using their services, Lucktastic's does not pay through PayPal. Most web earners get paid through PayPal. Their gift card option is also not as expansive as, say, Swagbucks.

So Is the Lucktastic App legitimate?

Apparently there are people that are lucky enough to win money using the Lucktastic App. But the operative word there is lucky. You can't really depend on this app for consistent income and you'll need to jump through the hoops of ads and notification for the chance to win.

If you're fine with that then Lucktastic is the app for you. But if you want more control over how much money you make, you may want to look into My Top Work At Home Recommendation,,, or

I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income so I wouldn't just depend on Lucktastic. I would have various ways of earning online. But that's how I feel. I'd love for you to share your opinions about this app. So chime in below.

Until next time

Eddy with a Y

26 thoughts on “Lucktastic App Review: Legit Lottery App or Just Another Scam?”

  1. Hello My name is Brunella Clark and I was contacted from Miss Jessica she wants me to send her $199.00 Says I am the winner of a Car and $2000 cash and $850.thousand dollars

  2. I used this app for months with the goal of reaching 117k to get a $50 gift card. Then there was an app update which bumped the needed amount for $50 GC to 199,999, which meant I’d have to use the app another 4-5 months as I figured the average daily amount collected from the scratch cards to be between 450-600 (rarely ever more than 600). Once I got past the 200k needed I went to redeem and it said (In a green box with orange accents) “Out of stock – Limited Supply, Get Priority ACCESS – Install Partner apps and become VIP Bronze to redeem – Install Now”. So as they say there’s always a “Catch”. It says NOWHERE how many of the stupid apps you have to download in order to reach Bronze, so getting to 199,999 in step 1….Step 2 is download an undetermined number of apps and then ????????????? Granted you pay NOTHING to use this so they are under NO OBLIGATION to give you anything…….but still it’s a legal scam

  3. I have been dealing with this app since 2017. In the beginning it was fine for about 6 months then it started freezing up. I called tech support and they weren’t any help. Well I kept it anyway. Now it runs very very slow. It freezes and whenever you try to cash in tokens they claim that they are out of stock with most gift cards.

  4. I used to play Lucktastic. I played for just under 2 weeks when I was contacted about being the “Random $1,000,000 Winner!” The catch? I have to send them $299 through Western Union first. Out if curiosity I asked for the Western Union information. The guy on the other end said “no when you get to Western Union give this number a call back and I will give you the information you will need.” He told me to send them the money and my winnings would be at my door step within “30 minutes of [them] receiving it as they are already standing by.” I was told that I would have to send the money in order to get a “Golden Eagle Stamp” to be able to release the winnings to me. Apparently it is “required for winnings over $1,000,000.” Needless to say, I never sent the money.

  5. I would like to relate my personal experience…Scam app! I played since April 2017, with the goal of a $50 Amazon card, which takes 130,000 tokens. Now that I have more than enough, and have expected to get this card, they will not allow me to redeem it. In the gift card section it clearly states all you need is tokens and guarantees they will deliver as promised, both are lies. After several emails with customer service which did not say anything other than ask if my issue was resolved, I kept pressuring them, finally they sent me some policy stating there is a tiered rewards system, so that I cannot redeem this gift card without downloading partner apps, amount of partner apps of course not specified! I have read on other websites and reviews many other persons having my exact issue. These charlitans have made thousands of dollars off me during over a year of constant advertising bombardment, yet they cannot deliver on their guarantee to provide the gift card when I have totally and completly upheld my end of the contract to recieve this. I believe their actions may be criminal and I am seeking to pursue any and all options at this time to see that myself and others do not fall victim to this scam, now and for the future. I have screenshots and other evidence to prove all that I am saying. I am not trying to harm their reputation without good reason. I am highly angry that I wasted all that time and frustration with this app and now they are laughing all the way to the bank at my expense. They are shameful.

  6. The most I’ve ever earn on Lucktastic is $1.50. I have waaay better chances with an Lucky Day, The cash out is $10, and they use paypal! I’ve made $6 so far and I’ve only been on a few days. They also have raffles and you can buy things with the tokens you get when you don’t get any money. The down side to that is you need at least 3 million tokens. But it’s easy to get there since they each scratch off card gives you 1,000 or more tokens, plus multiple other ways to earn tokens that range from 400 to 400,000 tokens and up! I’ve reached 1,000,000 tokens in about 3 or 4 weeks.

    • Hey Shanwa, are you still using both apps? Would you be interested in providing feedback regarding scratch-off apps?

  7. Hi Eddy with a Y. Thanks for all the information you gave, it was a huge help to me.
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  8.  I am not a fan of gambling either, and this seems like a lot of “lucky” work to possibly make a very minimal amount. But with that being said, my dad does the online gambling stuff and he actually won a very large amount of money. I told him, well, let’s see if you really get paid….. and he did. So I know that the lucky ones, really do and can get lucky. I just don’t know if I want to spend my time looking for that luck, LOL

    • That’s great for your dad. And I’m sure people do win things like this otherwise lotteries wouldn’t exist. But I’m not big on luck. I prefer to be in control. But I can see how it could be some fun.  

  9. I actually tried lucktastic and it is actually a great way to pass the time while actually trying to make money on a off chance of luck. absolutely not a scam but it is just like a scratch off ticket.Should i download it again hmmm? i think i will. gonna try my luck at the time passing lucktastic once again.

  10. Wow you definitely explained a lot here! I never knew there was such a thing as scratch-off lotteries on the app store.

    This is definitely something that I would look into more. Makes it more convenient rather than having to go to gas stations or anywhere else to always buy lottery tickets. Thanks for the useful information!

  11. This is cool. I have never done any of these earn money in app apps because I feel that my time is worth more than that. This one seems like it is just the way for a gambler to get their fix, and still say they are making money. Which of these apps do you feel are the best option for making money with the least time investment?

  12. I share your feelings about casinos. They don’t build those giant palaces with the neon lights because a lot of people win but the opposite. The way you describe this program, it seems as if it’s just a scratch off game with the same kind of odds, which is fine if you like to do this. Way to much luck involved here. Thanks for the warning.


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