Melaleuca Review: Is Melaleuca A Scam?

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Today we're going to discuss an oldie. Is it a goodie? I'll let you decide. In this review we're looking at Melaleuca because it's a well known company that people either love or hate. So I'll try my best to present both sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision.

I suspect this review may bring out some strong feelings either way. But as always I expect that everyone stay professional and act like adults when expressing their two cents. We obviously welcome feedback from either end of the spectrum but let's keep it civilized.

With that said, let's get into it. Melaleuca is an MLM/Home based business that has been around for many years which isn't the norm for such companies. Furthermore it has a BBB A+ rating which may or may not mean a lot to you depending on what you feel about the BBB. So far so good.

What is Melaleuca?

It is a part of home products/health and wellness industry that has been around since 1985. They concentrate on selling the “green” and “natural” kind of health and household products.. Melaleuca gets its name from the Melaleuca plant, found in Australia where they use the natural ingredients as extracts in all of their products. They of course say this plant is what makes their stuff so wonderful. I've never personally tried it, but who knows maybe it is everything they claim it is.

In any event, the company is basically selling vitamins, supplements, beauty care, detergents and cleaning supplies. There are other things but this is the main push. The products have no additives, chlorine, formaldehyde, coated capsules, all of that sort of stuff that make them a “good green” product.

Their liquid products are sold as concentrate, so once you buy it it lasts a long time. This would be cleaning products, laundry and dish washing detergents, shampoo etc. Vitamins and supplements are generally in 3 month supplies, and make-up and beauty items are normal sizes. The big push is that if you buy what you normally buy, you won't spend any more money, but you will get natural and green healthier living.

Once you join the company as a business partner will save 30-40% off retail on your household products. You can also try to make money by building a business and get others involved.

What makes Melaleuca appealing and possibly profitable, is you are getting people on two effective emotional issues. It is products you normally buy anyway, so technically it's not adding to your monthly budget, and the whole environmentally friendly thing is NOW a proven emotional draw. It wasn't back in the day. So Melaleuca was ahead of their time in that respect.

The whole program centers on this.

What are the start up costs?

You join the company for a one time fee of $35. Then you are required to buy a minimum amount of products each month either for your own use or from your direct marketing attempts to others. This works out to be about $55 each month. They use a point system that I go into in more detail below under “Forced Purchases” It should be noted that a large number of good folks join only to get the products, they do it as a money saver and as a green alternative. Most of them never consider the business side of things.

So How Do You Earn Money?

Apparently the popular way to earn is to get people to join the company so they can order themselves at wholesale prices. That lets you buy your products at wholesale prices. Then you will earn 7% commission on whatever any one of your referrals buys in terms of the products. From what I can tell, I honestly feel that the majority of your business will be this way. This is probably a turn off for most people because recruiting is always a hurdle for most work at home seekers when it comes to these type of work at home opportunities. Lord knows it used to be for me, I am happy that I eventually found a full-time online job that I absolutely enjoy. If you want to learn about it you can have a look at my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. Oh by the way, you don't earn any commission on the $35 sign up fee that your referrals must pay to join the company. I think that's a crappy policy after all you made the introduction. You should earn commission on any fee the company charges.

The folks that tend to succeed with this company are involved in a lot of face to face networking. You can try to market online but it seems the big players do a lot of their recruiting over the phone, home parties, etc. So it's something to keep in mind if you consider this as an option. If you are expecting an opportunity that does not require you to leave home or speak directly to people then you might not be too successful with Melaleuca. Fortunately there are other sites that allow you to make money without having to do face to face contact. You can always check out websites like,,, and since they pay you for things you already do online.

How & when are you paid?

Commission and Bonus checks are mailed on the 15th of each month directly to the business partners/members. This will cover the previous months earnings. If the 15th is on a weekend or holiday, it will be the next business day. Why companies still need to send checks instead of direct deposit or Paypal is a mystery to me. After all it's 2011 not 1911. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that they pay like clockwork. You rarely find any complaints about late payments. So that's great even though the way they pay is antiquated. Money is money so how it gets to you isn't a big issue so long as you get paid for your work. Nevertheless, if you do not have the patience for this payment method then there are countless online jobs that have more contemporary practices, my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation being one of them.

What about company support?

For people who want to make a full-fledged business, one good thing about a company like Melaleuca, is they have all the product information, descriptions, sales and promotional materials available to help make this work. So whether is is printed leaflets (you would have to buy them of course) or articles and copy to use on websites and email marketing lists, they have everything you need.

On the support side of things they are also a well oiled machine. They have training materials that include videos and webinars, and there is always someone a phone call away to help and advise you. Part of the bonus structure of the upper leadership levels requires you to work with the people who are in your down line. So that means there will be someone who will come to your house and meet with you on a regular basis. Local distributors also get together and meet and share advice and motivational and business strategies. This can be good or bad depending on your nature. I'm anti-social by nature and prefer to keep everything at the convenience of the web. So I would hate the idea of regular face to face meetings. But many of you do appreciate being able to talk to a real person for questions and support. So I think this is probably a big plus for many people.

What are the cons?

Like all companies I review, there will be cons. A company that has cons DOESN'T make it a scam. Companies are like human beings, you're always going to have flaws. But it's important to know what these weaknesses are so you can determine if you can work around them or just avoid this company all together. Too often I see reps getting their feathers all ruffled when you mention anything negative about their beloved company. But I think it's worst to present a company as perfect to a prospect because they will eventually learn this stuff when they sign up. Then you end up with disgruntle customers and reps that are going to blast your company to their peers and the web because you failed to be totally real with them about the pros and cons of your company. So keep that in mind as you read through the cons I have identified. It's not an indictment. It's just things people have complained about for better or worst.


I think it is unacceptable for a company this old and successful not to give the referrer a cut of the $35 sign up fee they make from the new person you recruited. That's like marketing 101. I'm sure the argument is that you'll make more on the lifetime of the customer's everyday purchases, but honestly they're making enough money to do both.

Another place they drop the ball in terms of commission is that they do not give you credit for your own purchases! Only the person you signed up under you gets that! Maybe their margins would be too low if they did this or it's the fact you're already getting a discount on your purchases? Either way I think it's a missed opportunity.

Difficult cancellation policy.

Canceling must be done in writing, no exceptions and must be done by a certain date in the month to stop one more automatic shipment. Not surprisingly this has been the cause of many complaints. A big part of these complaints have to be taken with a grain of salt because we all know people fail to read the fine print on the sites they sign up for. But with that said, I think it's still unacceptable that in this modern day and age you can't just push a button to cancel at ANY TIME. After all they made it pretty easy to join. Shouldn't it be that easy to cancel as well? Making you do it in writing at the right time the stars align with the moon is the type of stuff shady businesses practice. A company with a A+ BBB rating shouldn't employ such a tactic.

Administrative issues.

There has also been issues with order mistakes, accidental double billing etc. Honestly that's normal administrative headaches that happen with any big company. So take that with a grain of salt. If it were a pervasive problem that wasn't resolved then they probably wouldn't have the high BBB rating.

Jumping through hoops for no good reason.

In order to discover the ins and outs of their business, you either have to know someone or have to sign up and get a personal home presentation, phone call and/or webinar where they give their spiel about how great they are, and how much money people make. It reminds me of those annoying time share presentations. You cannot just go to the website and read about it. If you're opportunity is that great just present most of the ins and outs on the site. Why make someone go through a presentation and phone call. That should be purely optional for people that want more details. Fortunately for me, my research assistant knows a member, so I was able to get the inside scoop. But the fact I couldn't get the details directly from the site has always been a turn off for me with any opportunity. It makes me think you have something to hide or want to pressure me into joining.

Over saturated market.

One of my major concerns about this business is over saturation. But that can be argued for any business. That being said when Melaleuca first started green products were fairly new. Now Target, Walmart and many other big name players have their own green lines which are pretty affordable, accessible and without forced minimum purchases per month or regular meetings. So when you consider that, what's the benefit of buying from Melaleuca? Well if you got paid for your own purchases and received the products at wholesale, then it might be worth it. But unfortunately that's not the case. That's the type of resistance you're going to get from people you're trying to convince to join. So how do you address it? I'm sure a rep will be able to fill that in and I'll welcome it.

Forced Purchases

Each month you must order a certain amount of products based on a point system. A $20 product might be 15 points, and a $35 might be 25 points for example. Don't quote me on the exact points but you get the picture. Each month you must order 35 points worth which works out to be $55 /month. You all know what I think about thresholds. In this case it is just an excuse to bring more money into the pockets of the people in your up-line, and you do not get credit for your own purchases! Granted, this is not that high and if you spread things out, you could easily figure out $55 worth of household products to buy each month, but still….

If you do not choose your own 35 points worth of products, each month they will automatically send you an order anyway. This is like the forced continuity nonsense I've written about with other companies. It sucks. They're kind enough to allow you to pick things they will automatically ship to you if you fail to meet the points requirement. But you don't necessarily find out about that option right away. If you have not done that, they send stuff they choose, which trust me will include things they are trying to get rid of.

Being forced to spend in order to earn will definitely not work for many of us. Fortunately, there are many other opportunities out there where you won't have to worry about this. My favorites sites are:,,, and which allow you to earn money for things you already do online like surfing the web, playing games and more.

Something smells funny..

Another minor complaint is that there is a definite odor to the cleaning products from the Melaleuca plant extract used in most of the products. It is not horrible, just different, and it sticks around for awhile. Some people are turned off by it. Not a biggie.

Is Melaleuca Legitimate or Not?

Well, first of all I have to tell you there are other companies in this natural, organic green home products line to investigate if you are of the frame of mind to be a “go getter” that thinks they can make this work. So before signing up with Melaleuca, I would investigate all of your options. This is whether you are interested in only buying the products wholesale, or if you want to build a home business. The killer cons of the monthly threshold and forced purchases are the reasons I suggest this step. You might find a company that does not have that particular feature in their business plan.

With that being said, I have no problem with this business, as long as you are fully aware of and agree to deal with some of the little quirks I mentioned above. I would think it would be easier to meet your monthly threshold if you had a large family that takes vitamins every day, and uses lots of detergents, and shampoo. I do know it is possible to bring money in with this opportunity. I also know it takes a lot of work but that's a given for any business. With that in mind you can be sure people will be dropping out of your down-line regularly, so you will always need to replace that income.

As for building a businesses, this it's totally feasible for the right people. If you're prepared to work hard at a home business, you can make money. It's that simple. But most people aren't built for a home business. Folks just want to put in their hours and get a set salary. If that's you, there is nothing wrong with that. But don't join Melaleuca because that mentality won't cut it. Try,,, or instead or focus on a traditional work at home job.

However if you are considering this just be prepared for the long haul. Because there will be ups and downs. But for the chosen few, the rewards are great. If you do decide to join Melaleuca I would also encourage you to try the products first before promoting this business. It's definitely not a good look to push something you are not passionate about or have tried. I preach this constantly with my preferred way to make money which is affiliate marketing.

Trust me I see people slapping up websites all the time and just throwing affiliate links on them that pay them the most. But they never end up making any money because they aren't really adding value via their own personal experiences. Believe me it's much easier to convince people to take action on anything when you're speaking from experience. Why do you think I spend so much time actually trying some of the opportunities I recommend? Not surprisingly it's also the reason why I thrive at my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation, I consistently tend to be top affiliate marketer for most of the companies I work with. So definitely walk the walk so you're better prepared to present the business and products. You'll make way more money that way!

All and all considering the years this company has been around and the success stories, I think its worth a shot for the right person. Like most home based businesses this is based on sales. When you have the proper training (as I constantly remind folks who want to get into affiliate marketing) sales isn't as bad as you make it seem in your mind. It's just a matter of putting yourself in front of people that have problems that you can solve with the products you're promoting. It's not forcing people to buy crap they don't want or need. My only concern with this company is that green products are very common place now and can be purchased damn near anywhere. So it may be a tough sell. But I guess that's why they also have other products.

In any event, I would love to hear from people that have had success with this company or haven't. Feel free to chime in on anything I may have missed or been wrong about. Your respectful comments and views are always appreciated. So chime in below.

151 thoughts on “Melaleuca Review: Is Melaleuca A Scam?”

  1. My experience with Melaleuca was not positive. I was invited to a “party” because a friend wanted to “share.” It was a boring presentation with a graphic of a sideways pyramid, and there were no products to sample. I was asked to sign up for auto shipments. I was asked to give the names and numbers of friends to “share” with… umm, that’s a hard no. I was told that getting my friends to sign up was the way I could get stuff for free. No thanks.

    I said I wouldn’t sign up if I couldn’t even try a product first. My friend finally sold me a cleaner against the company’s policy. The product smelled horrible and made me cough the entire time I used it to clean.

    If I want tea tree oil for something, I can get it from the health food store. As far as cleaning goes, I got another 2 bottles of a natural concentrate from another brand. I paid less than $15, and they lasted me for 3 years.

  2. This review is old info and incorrect. First, the membership fee is $1 the first year, $19 the following in the US and Canada. Second, you make 20% on your personal enrollees. 7% on everyone down 7 generations. Third, green is still in. Fourth, EWG is strictly no chemicals at all but Melaleuca has a strict policy on no phenols, no formaldehyde, no parabens, no toxic chemicals. They have proprietary formula so they don’t disclose ingredients. So, every one of the ratings say concern: undisclosed ingredient so despite the company’s absolute adherence to safe, effective, eco friendly products EWG is dumping on them and there are so many Over the Counter crappy companies and outright lies out there… where as Melaleuca has been at the forefront of both environmentalism (using environment friendly non toxic products and no harmful chemicals and not shipping water in products therefore saving gas, shipping, cost, packaging) this thing with EWG is just smokescreen. I just thought to put a correction and hope you will adjust your review. AS for the business, this is not a MLM unless you count Costco an MLM as it’s the same model. Pay a price for the membership and shop at 685+ stores and make money on everyday purchases, like gas, groceries, restaurants, etc.

    • The main correction is that it isn’t always a $1 membership fee. That is a promotion they have sometimes. It is normally $19 annually. With that sign up though, you do immediately get $20 of free product so basically paying for itself. Also you earn money back on over 1900 online retailers.

  3. I signed up for Melaleuca back in 2010 and busted my butt for 6 months and got squat in return. It’s a lot of hard work, yes, but unless you are a social butterfly that lives, breathes and eats sales and marketing 24/7, then this is not for you, trust me. I gave up and took up freelance writing and did much better. 🙂

    My biggest complaint about this company, however, is that their products are not exactly “green”! I did a little investigating on the website, to see the ratings on there for some of Melaleuca’s most popular products. This was the result:

    Diamond Brite Automatic Dishwasher gel and detergent packs, Tough & Tender 12x cleaner, Lemon Brite Hand dishwashing soap, MelaBrite Plus Oxi Color-Safe Whitener & Deodorizer, MelaPower 6X HE Laundry Detergent, Scent-Free and MelaPower 6X General Purpose Laundry Detergent

    These products all received an F RATING for toxicity from the Environmental Working Group.

    This is not exactly what I would call encouraging “wellness,” now is it… Be very wary!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and research. I think people researching this opportunity will find this useful. But I’m sure there will be some reps chiming in and trying to attack you for giving your personal insight. lol

    • I’m sure you’re right, but I’ve already been there. Thankfully, the brainwashing has left the building. 😉 The saturate you in the ‘culture’ and sing the praises of how safe the products are. One of the presenters even told a tale of her 2 year old child downing a half bottle of prepared spray cleaner, but the poison control center told her that it would be just fine, since it was a Melaleuca cleaner. I’d love to hear the recording of that 911 call!

      They do teach you in your ‘training’ how to use free sites, such as Craig’s list, etc., and how to write ads to encourage desperate people to sign up to sell the products. They may be doing things otherwise now, but in 2010, this was the standard method of training that I received. I spent around 12 hours a day trying to recruit people, but it was a huge waste of time, and 6 months of my life wasted, but I did learn something from it, so I guess not a total waste, right? Thanks for offering this forum for people to share their experiences.

    • That is the issue I have with many MLMs. Many times the so called training involves harassing your family and friends. And there is definitely a drink the koolaid mentality taught the reps which makes them fanatically. God forbid you ever point out there are some negative aspect to the business and company and they lose their shit. Although some reps have better sense and can acknowledge when things can be improved and don’t resort to bashing others.

      Either case, I’m happy you found something that works for you. Obviously there are some people that thrive in these types of business but it’s definitely not for everyone. And that’s okay.

    • Thank you Gloria! I have recently hired a cleaning company that uses Melaleuca products to clean my Airbnb. I am an environmentally conscious host and was shocked to see EWG’s “F” rating for all of Melaleuca’s cleaning products. They don’t have a single “A” rating. How can they then claim they are a “wellness” company when their products DO NOT promote wellness and are harmful to the environment?!?! I would like to hear a rep comment on the EWG rating. Shame on this company for making 2 billion in profits every year (according to their website) and harming the environment and human health in the process.

    • Hello Gloria, I was concerned with what you mentionned regarding EWG as i knew the products 20 years ago and loved them and just joined 20 years later as an adult, lol ! And for me it was a no brainer, i always looked at these products as beeing natural and great. So your review shook my fate! But according to what I can see on the EWG, the rating is bad because they don’t have the specific ingredients. I tried to understand why they had a F and thats when i realised that in the section “known ingredients” it’s blank. And about the concern they mention the poor disclosure. Therefore it doesnt mean that the products are not green, it looks like the EWG just doesnt have enough info on the specific ingredients to make a real assessement. It’s just a shame they dont write something like N/A rather then rating it with a F and people who wont look more closely will truly think these are bads. So thank you for having brought that to my attention, i got to learn more about it! Hope it reassures you as well.

    • Not attacking at all but I just wanted to say that a lot of the name brand companies filled with harsh chemicals get high ratings because they pay EWG. Melaleuca doesn’t pay for their rating. If Melaleuca truly had F rated products, their disinfectant wouldn’t be EPA certified..which it is.
      I did see some of your other comments/replies about posting on Craigslist and making ads… I’m not sure who trained you that way but that is actually AGAINST company guidelines. Sorry that you were trained incorrectly and it didn’t work out for you.

  4. Hey thanks for the review on this company. I’ve been using Melaleuca products for almost a year and have yet to find anything distasteful about them. My friends call me Melaleuca because i use it just about everywhere in my life. Since I no longer talk to the person who introduced me to the product line, i’m kinda screwed because i don’t know of anybody other than I using the product but one person. So it has been a bit difficult trying to get in to be a representative. If I’m doing something wrong please correct me.
    Your review was honest and I appreciate you.

    • GREGB- I just became a representative, signed up through my mom. I can sign you up if you haven’t already done so. Hope this message finds you well!

    • I am a marketing exectutive for Mela. I am building slowly because the training I was given was a huge turnoff for me. I enroll 1-2 customers every three months. Love the residual income. I am also not in contact with the people who enroll me but there are tons of great resources on the web page. Let me know if you need any help.

  5. I was going to try to make money with Melaleuca but the main reason why I haven’t been able to join the company is because you can’t sign up with them unless you have a checking account. I purchased a Visa Money Card some years back and I use it for everything I need. I’m able to pay my bills and buy anything I want online and I can use it at any ATM or get cash back from a purchase in a store. But when I informed the representative that this is all I have….I was informed that they will not accept it for my membership fee and I would have to open up a checking account in order to become eligible to be a member. I was shocked and I haven’t heard anything from the representative that was calling me every day trying to get me to set up my account with them. I was figuring that it was a scam since I was being ignored by the representative now. I don’t understand why they don’t want anyone to join unless they have a active checking account. It makes me worry that they want to have full access to my money.

  6. As a very happy customer and business builder of Melaleuca, I first want to say that I think you have given a decent review of the company and have managed to stay somewhat neutral. I would encourage you to update some of your information though. I haven’t seen when this review was written but I did notice that you say its $35 to enroll as a customer. That is no longer accurate, it is now $19 and Melaleuca runs promotions often that allow people to enroll for their first year for $1. This is a membership fee, just like Costco or Sam’s Club. Paying the membership fee allows one to receive the discounts on the products. There are a few other minor things that I noticed that are also inaccurate. I would encourage anyone who is looking it to Melaleuca to get back with the person who introduced you to the company and give it a try. It’s a great company for just shopping or building a business.

  7. Hello there, kerry here and I just wanted to encourage anyone who is interested in the melaleuca products or business to go for it.

    I’ve tried many companys products which have been good, but I am glad I stumbled accross melaleuca.
    It’s got sensational eco-friendly wellness and household products that you use everyday for the whole family, plus you get 15 % cashback on your total order and up to 50% off retail.

    Does your supermarket do this?

    • How about helping people “go for it” by addressing some of the complaints and concerns listed above instead of just trying to just recruit. Doing that is the best way to recruit.

  8. does anyone have any insight on the mandatory orders per month? From what I gathered from the rep trying to recruit me is that it isn’t a must for all the customers just the ones looking to earn income from it. I just don’t want to sign up trying to recommend this to people if they are going to be forced to order each month and itll end up making me look bad.

  9. There has been a significant difference in the smell of Melaleuca products of 2005 to the ones of 2013, which is always a plus! II was with them in 2005 and really wish I had stuck it through, but I’m just not the marketing type. My husband has picked them up recently and I am actually obsessed with a couple of their beauty and body products. The only issue that I have with them is that they have REALLY strict rules on their marketing. No direct links to an affiliate page/site. Can’t mention them on a website, can’t say that you are a melaleuca rep, if you have any blogger friends who WOULD be willing to test the product to get you business… thats an absolute no-no. So the only way to really do business is the good ole fashioned, face-to-face, practically door-to-door salesman kind of way and that limits a ton of people…. especially in a world where we are technologically driven.

    • Thanks for sharing the additional information. It’s been helpful. And if you’re right. If most of this has to be face to face to make money then it would exclude a lot of people. So I appreciate your honesty! Thanks!

  10. For what it’s worth, I am more swayed toward joining this company by YOUR review than I am by the passive aggressive responses of those who disagree with your, or wish to correct information you have clearly invited response to.

    I was not sold on this company by the presentation over the web, because it seemed “too good” and did not give a clear indication of the more difficult points. This cleared those up in a positive and non-judgmental way.

    The angry responses in support of Melaleuca are what have galled me.

    At any rate, thank you for your even and level review. And to all the angry people who communicated insultingly in your responses, thank you for opening my eyes in another way.

    • You’re welcome Dee! Glad you can appreciate what I was trying to do. Information always changes with these companies so it’s always good to seek out the latest. But the basic points I made about the effort required and some of the other concerns still apply. It doesn’t mean the company is bad though.

      But alas some of these reps will always get angry and act unprofessional if you force people to weigh out the pros and cons of a company. They just want you blindly follow the propaganda and marketing. They’re not realizing by giving people the good and bad, you’re more likely to get better referrals because they know what to expect.

      Oh well. Thanks again for chiming in!

  11. Which products did you test that smelled bad?? I love the scents of my Melaleuca products! That’s part of how I fell in love with them. Citrus and thyme instead of bleach, I’ll take that any day!!!

  12. I just recently signed up as a customer and I’m going to try to be an independent business representative of this company, but I don’t think I’m going to make any money with it. But because I’m desperate, I’m still going to give it a try. I had my doubts about it before I even read your review, and my doubts were about the same things that you address in here. I also don’t feel that people shoud be forced to make 35 points worth of purchases each month. I feel that as an independent business owner, that you should be able to make a commission on any purchase made to the company through you, no matter how small. But you suggested investigating other natural organic green companies that may not have the forced monthly purchases. Do you know of any, and how would I find them if they are out there?

    • Hey Renee, I’m happy you found the review useful. Money can definitely be made with this company. Just keep some of the cons in mind. I will say this with any business it’s going to take time to see results. That can mean weeks or more probably months. If you’re in a desperate situation I don’t know of any business that solves that problem over night.

      You may be better served trying to land a traditional work at home job that pays you a set salary:

      So at this juncture I don’t know if a home business might be the right path. I always tell people you should start a home business when you still have other income flowing in via a job or a spouse so you can take the time it will take to build. Otherwise folks give up too quickly. So keep that in mind. In any event, I think Amway is a competitor of Melaleuca but keep in mind what I said about running a business. Good luck & keep us posted.

  13. I am sick of Melaleuca reps such as those in South Florida who spam Craigslist with veiled and misleading ads. I would never have anything to do with this company. Very misleading. They are NOT offering a job or a “gig” but keep posting spam anywhere that they can put a free (misleading) ad. Just disgusting.

    • I understand your disdain for reps that misrepresent a company. But it doesn’t reflect the company per se. There are always a few bad apples in the bunch but it doesn’t mean the whole bunch is bad.

    • Hi, Eddy! Thanks for your balanced review of this business. I just signed up as a “preferred customer” a few hours ago, and I wanted to hear about both the pros and the cons of Melaleuca–exactly the kind of thoughtful analysis you offer! I have no intention of making a living at this. But my chiropractor says really good things about the products, and I like paying wholesale as a matter of principle. On the other hand, my sister-in-law could really use the extra income, and I wouldn’t mind being compensated for recruiting her. I am very experienced with MLM (Presto Cookware, Herbalife, Amway and Pampered Chef). In general, MLM is a great way to buy and sell: it skips all the Madison Avenue BS and rewards the individual for persistence and hard work–and for encouraging others to pursue their own dreams. How very American! I emphatically agree with you that recruiters should be more candid from the beginning about the less attractive aspects of each business model. Far from discouraging new recruits, this engenders realistic trust. Still, I harbor no hostility toward the companies with which I have affiliated–and I would still buy many of their products. Most of the negative comments I read here sound like sour grapes: “I didn’t become a millionaire getting other people to sell vitamins or soap,…so it must be a rip-off.” Sounds like a losing athlete complaining that the officials were “bribed.”

    • Those who are making ads on Craigslist, FB marketplace, etc are actually going AGAINST company policy. Unfortunately there are bad apples just like in any company and some people who have that spammy MLM mindset of how to sell.

  14. It is quite obvious from reading your post above that you went into this with a prejudice. In addition, just because you had a ‘friend’ in the company you think you have the ‘real scoop’. The reality is that you do not – and I question the expertise of ‘your friend’. If you really wanted to publish the actual facts, you would have gone to one of the top people in the company, and you would have in deed sat through a presentation via the phone and internet. If you had, you would have seen how inaccurate parts of your post are, and the benefits of this company. It is really a shame that you are allowed to put inaccuracies out there and people read them; I know, because I had introductions to Melaleuca initially from a few reps (probably like your friend) that were very new, didn’t actually grasp all the info and provided ‘mini snip its’ of info which gave me a bad taste for the company and the reps. After I (years later) met someone who had the actual facts and actually knew how to present them, I had alot of questions that got real & valid answers. After trying almost 50 of the products, I can tell you every one of them has surpassed my expectations and thank goodness I got correct info from an experienced person so I would experience these products.

    • I was not sold on the Melaleuca idea at all for several reasons after watching the presentation. So, I searched and found this website. His very frank and level review encouraged me to go ahead and try it, with my eyes wide open. Your comments reversed some of my more positive feelings created by his review. I appreciate the big picture though. In no business do I expect hearts and flowers. I do, however, expect a clear indication of both sides.

  15. Hey Eddy, my first time on your site and came here as a search about Melaleuca. I want to say I liked your article. It seems well-written, balanced, fair, etc. I see some folks added some corrections, which you have published and welcomed!

    I recently checked out another “home business” (Herbalife) but almost right away did not appreciate their initial tactics, so I backed out. Their products may be great (I don’t know, haven’t tried them personally) but again it was that initial “gut feeling” I had on the phone interview I had with another rep. So as many other people are doing, I am cautiously examining companies. Long ago, my husband and I sold for a company called  Yurika (or Eurika?)  Foods (now gone) and we never became rich, but we did make a little extra money now and then to pay a few extra bills. It was really LOW PRESSURE, did not have “quotas” to make, etc. I think there may be other companies now under the same name. . .? The one I knew about sold pre-made dinners, mixes, etc. under NASA technology. Pre-made entrees (like Chicken Parmesan) came in sealed pouches and could be stored on shelves. To prepare them, they could be heated in boiling water. They really were good–all products were excellent and we used many, ourselves. They were ahead of their time. We sold to many campers!

    Anyway, I appreciate your web site–your honesty, candor, and friendliness! I say: keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thanks AP, I’m glad you enjoy the website and this article. I’m all about learning and trying to provide balanced information so folks can make informed decisions. So I’m happy you can appreciate that. Thanks for chiming in.

  16. To some folks $29.99 and the forced purchases would be a lot especially if you’re not making or saving money by using the products. As I said before for some people this makes a lot of sense. But for others it may not and that’s okay. People just have to make the right decision for them and not what just benefits the person trying to recruit you.

  17. Keep in mind this article was written a long time ago. I actually encouraged reps like yourself to correct any information that was wrong and they have with the comments which is why we encourage them.

    I also stated that this opportunity is right for certain people. I never implied the business opportunity aspect was a requirement. It was discussed because folks that visit this site are looking for ways to make money so obviously I have to discuss that part of the company.

    At the end of the day some of the other cons are still a concern and valid. That being said it doesn’t make the company bad. But folks should go into it knowing it’s not all sweet and there are cons that reps don’t want to talk about which is a disservice for people thinking of joining the company. It’s better to know the good and BAD so that the folks that do sign up are already prepared and more likely to stay. Rather than signing up because a rep painted a perfect picture only to find out they lied so they can make a sale. Sorry if that rubs reps the wrong way. But too bad. You’ll get better qualified people keeping it balanced.

  18. Looking over this,review, I am disappointed to know that your website content  has not been corrected up top.   The membership fee is a one-time $29 fee/and $12 renewal (just like Sam’s and Costco, but much less).   There are NO distributors, because NO person who refers others to Melaleuca has to carry inventory, handles billing/collecting, delivery or returns.   There is NO  reselling of products by those who are building businesses, unless they choose – but this is NOT a requirement to anyone, nor is it necessary to do in order to be successful.   It is STRICTLY A REFERRAL BUSINESS.    

    Additionally, regarding your “oversaturated Market comment”: Melaleuca is a world leader in AFFORDABLE, concentrated products that has, for 27 years, contributed to less waste of plastic and fuel (from  shipping watered-down products to stores), along with manufacturing   products that  are free of harmful and toxic chemicals.  

    PLUS, all the products have been tested and research-proven to do what they, Melaleuca, claims they will do.   You don’t get some actor who might or migh not be using their products telling you it is the greatest thing smiply becasue they are getting paid to do so.   Melaleuca spends their money on research and product development – not advertising.  

    Additionally, Melaleuca uses U.S. suppliers and all products are manufactured right here in the good ole USA.  THey have a (WOW!!!) 95% reorder rate each month as well, and the majority of their   customers are STRICTLY customers – not interested in the income-generation plan that Melelauca offers.  It is simply about switching stores.   AND you know what? I, personally, have never gotten a check from Proctor and Gamble or Colgate  Palmolive, or even Seventh Generation,  for telling my friends about toothpaste, or a bathroom cleaner or my laundry detergent.   I appreciate the opportunity Melaleuca offers and would encourage  anyone who wants  to earn a second income or have a “Plan-B” to seriously consider Melaleuca.   I love their products and the team spirit that is part of the Melaleuca package.    

  19. Hi Annette,

    I guess Jess had you read my review. =)
    In any event, the great thing about this site is I totally welcome people to correct or add information. Things change with companies all the time so reviews become out of date.

    That being said there are certain concerns that are still valid regardless and should be considered when joining this business.

    Reps always seem to take issue when you point out cons and concerns that people really do have. They just want to paint a sweet picture and that doesn’t really help anyone make an informed decision. Just because you point out the concerns and cons doesn’t mean the company is a scam or bad.

    But it’s important for folks to know the good and bad. If that ruffles peoples feathers than so be it. It’s not my job to just paint sweet pictures. It’s why people like this site. Even if I like a company and are affiliated with it, I’m still going to reveal the things that may rub people the wrong way. This way you can go into an opportunity with a clear picture of the good and bad you face. No one likes surprises.

    At the end of the day, I agree this business like any business will depend on your effort. I of all people always preach you can’t have an employee mentality when it comes to business. If you do you’re not going to see results. So there is no argument there and stated such in the article.

    At the end of the day this company may be good for some people and not for others. That’s just the reality of the situation. It isn’t any sideways compliments. There are good and bad things about it and that’s with any company.

    Anyone acting like their company doesn’t have any bad points and cons shouldn’t be trusted. Because it just means that person really only cares about making their commission to sign you up and not really prepare you for the ups and downs that every business faces. So if discussing that makes me the bad guy, oh well. That’s what I do here.

    But I always welcome feedback and other points view especially when it’s balanced.

    Thanks for chiming in. It’s great that you’re doing well with this company. It proves my point that it is right for some people but not everyone and that’s okay.

  20. I have to say some of the information is very incorrect, but as I read the comments others have corrected you. I don’t really appreciate some of your back handed compliments but maybe that’s just your style so it’s dirt of the shoulder.

    My father used Melaleuca from ’96 and he swore by it. I didn’t start using it till recently and I have to say I absolutely love the products, I am happy I don’t have to worry about the toxicity of the cleaning products and the ability to make money is really there IF yes you are willing to put in the work, BUT it’s not like you’re toting product or delivering to people.

    Most people have the 9-5 to mentality and feel safer that way, however I am not one of them. I have read loads of bad reviews about this company but knowing what I know, and trust me when I say, I look at all opportunities with a screwface till I feel good about them, I know that many of these reviews are based in BIG TIME MISINFORMATION, or people who haven’t a clue. Humans are creatures of habit, even when it’s bad for them and they know it so switching stores and becoming eco-friendly may be really be too much to handle.   Melaleuca is not niche product like make-up, specialty drinks, or sex toys. Melaleuca products are things we use E V E R Y single day and they are better for us than the crapola we buy at Target(which I love), Walmart or BJ’s.

  21. there are soooo many things wrong with this article that i dont even know where to begin….. Just to start, the “start up costs” is a membership fee (like costco or sams club) and its never been 35.00 its 29.00. thats just the start of his mis-information…  

    • Hey feel free to enlighten us. This review was written a while ago and things change constantly. So if you’re able to enlighten us in a balanced non-self promotional way, feel free to correct whatever may be wrong. I’m sure folks will appreciate it.

    • Yes, it is 29.00 but a few times a year they offer a $1.00 membership fee like in March 2012 when I joined it was $1.00. And let’s not forget to mention all the bonues they offer, like right now if you become a Director this month April 2012 you get $1000.00. Seriously who is complaining about a measley $29.00 when the other benefits are so much more???? Just my opinion!

  22.  The Renew probably is working so well because of the petrolatum in it.   This is what Vaseline is made of.   My child’s pediatrician warned me not to become reliant on petroleum jelly because it blocks pores and the body becomes dependent on it and doesn’t do its own moisturizing. I myself had an adverse reaction to conventional lotions and felt forced to find new products.   I’m also repelled by supporting petroleum based products-that doesn’t seem very “green”.   Raw shea butter is what I have relied upon for eczema.

    Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman is an amazing resource on this topic.   She wrote the “Fat Flush” books which deal with removing toxins and eating right.   Also, consider Dr. Mercola’s website on all health issues and products.

  23. First of All, the backup order plan from Melaleuca works, if and only if you fail to order your 35 product point commitment does it come into play, this is explained during the presentation and should have been explained by the person who invited you as I do. It is better than Auto Ship Programs with other company out there, wherein the same products each and every month is shipped because all they have to offer is a limited number of products. I have heard ‘It’s HARD to cancel”, NOT TRUE! If you decide to cancel your membership, it’s really easy to do. All you do is print a cancelation form and fax in your request, why fax?, because of your legal signature, simple! If faxed on or before the 25th of the month, account is canceled for current month and if after the 25th, it will be for the following month. With Melaleuca, There are more than 350 consumable products to choose from. So, Auto Ship Program don’t work. As far as the 35 points commitment to get products at wholesale is nothing, just switch stores do your shopping at Melaleuca. I have NOT ordered lesser than 64 points each and every month that I have been with them. Second, like Amazon, Ebay or any other sites that do business except for companies that issues RMA (electronics), shipping and handling are services rendered or when you return products, you pay. The question is, when you have used up your vitamins for 90 days and decide that they don’t work or didn’t FEEL any improvement or energy, can you return them? With Melaleuca, YES, up to 90 days warranty, no questions asked. Third, I paid $29.- to join Melaleuca for the promise of non-chemical base products and it did make my family healthier with Natural based products, in fact my grandson who had asthma for 6yrs. was healed just by using their detergent, as per me, for the past 4 yrs, my oncologist or cancer doctor has blood test after blood test done on me because I might have Leukemia or cancer of the blood. And after taking their Vitamins for 4 months, I cried when they told me my white cell count went down to normal to everybody’s amazement. Tell me, What price do you put on your HEALTH? Added to that, the revenue sharing program has helped me, I made over 20K last year, just for telling people about products that are GREAT and this all happened for a $29 investment, call me crazy, if you calculate even if you spend $70 or 35 points for a year that’s only $840 for a year for products that my family uses yearly, CHEAP, and this is not even part of “cost of doing business”, we came out way ahead. And even if, I didn’t make money, just with the deduction I had on my schedule C, because I did signed up also to become an Independent Marketing Executive with them and it was worth it. Listen really hard for those don’t have any deductions. Value of products was my main concern; addition income was a pleasant surprise”. I’m sorry, I have not made my first Million Dollar yet on Melaleuca but I’m already a big big Winner when it comes to good health for my family and myself, that is KING to me! I welcome any questions about Melaleuca, their products or even the research I have done, which are now a part of me and my family now as a Blessing’. Call me at 408-771-0296.. God Bless!

  24. I am not involved with the company quite yet and I really do not know if I am interested in doing so. My only experience with Melaleuca is the fact that my son has chronic eczema and my wife and I have tried everything under the sun to relieve it. From prescription medicines to every kind of cream and lotion that claims to help, all with no avail. We tried the Renew and it  has been  a god send for us and is the only reason I would even consider looking at the business opportunity. I am currently in sales with a fortune 100 company and I work my butt off as many of us do these days just to make a decent living. What interests me most  are the facts about the products themselves. I am naturally sceptical about everything these days because we are lied to constantly from the powers to be. The FDA, the medical community, the food industry, the educational system  and so on… unfortunately my beleif is that if money can be made, then generally speaking, your being lied to in some form or fashion and I would include the industry I am in as well. We do what we have to,  to survive in this world, basic human nature and that is the primary reason I work! Because I have a strong need to eat and feed my family!

    I read below that the products that Melaleuca sells have toxic chemicals in them as well and I was wondering if anybody knows where a good place to learn about what is in everything we eat and put on our bodies and in our bodies might be? I cannot speak to the business opportunity here but I can tell you that whatever is in the Renew lotion works tremendously well for us and our son, the proof is in the pudding for me. “Believe about 10% of what you hear and 90% of what you see AND EXPERIENCE” is what a wise man once told me!

    •  Hi Debant2. A book I am reading about the cosmetics industry (not just makeup but body care products) does a great job of explaining many of the most used   toxic ingredients in products. It’s called “No More Dirty Looks” by Siobahn O’Connor can Alexandra Spunt. I hope it answers some questions for you.

    • You can always get the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) about any product Melaleuca manufactures. By law, every company needs to send it to you on request.

  25. I’m a new melalecua mk executive and I’m sold on the products.   This takes  WORK and if your not comfortable with talking to people then this is not for you.   This is a business you must sell it and believe in it.   Just like any  job you have too produce everyday in order to get paided!. How much you get paided always depends on a lot of things and YOUR hard work over time.   Melalecua has changed in very positive way.   Their WEB site is way better and there is more access to the training on it then ever before.   I’m commited too giving more of my time to this then just my job.   Hard work for the things that matter to me always has paided off for me.   This company is truly on the verge of hugh success and I want to be a part of making that happen.  

  26. To reiterate everyone in the thread, Thanks Eddy!! Great discussion (with minimum flaming!)  As a new member of the Melaleuca Kult (mwahahahaaaaa), I have a couple of pennies to throw in the fountain.

    1) I joined because the mass majority of products are made in Idaho Falls… keeping Americans employed at debt free company; shipping with UPS trucks already on the road vs sending “Melaleuca trucks” all over the US (the #1 reason they are green).

    2) It removes me from the “Walmart” syndrome in America.  This isn’t the solution, but I wont be part of the cause.

    4)  If you do ANY level physical fitness (as I do), to meet a 35pt minimum is a breeze!!  Through 3 items, Multi-Vit, Bars & Probiotic (38pts – $58.76), which I’d be buying at a nutrition store anyway (try walking out of one spending less! lol), I have the “dreaded minimum”.  Plus, they DO have the research to back up the products… I’m not going to go for a 10 mile run, and then put garbage in the fuel tank!  🙂

    Will I make money and be independently wealthy?!?  I don’t know.  Do I believe in what they stand for as a company… American, Debt Free, Solid Products, “Green” where they can be, (Possible) Revenue Stream… yes!

    I’m your typical middle-aged American, unemployed with a child, and trying to hold down life with odd bartending gigs and a positive attitude.  I did Amway in my 20’s, last year I tried repping for Beachbody (I STILL love p90x!!!)  So, I’m no stranger to MLM, which this is NOT!.  I don’t think it needs any more complicated than this:

    If your reasons for being in Melaleuca (jeez any company) are truly meaning full to YOU, you don’t have to be a used car salesman (no offense used-car sales men… women… people).   Replace the products that MAKE SENSE TO YOUR LIFE STYLE, and talk to others who SHARE YOUR MINDSET (damn, am I yelling?  Stupid Caps-Lock).

    I’ll let you know in 180 days if I made money, and how hard it was to take my vitamins 😉


    • Thanks! We do our best to get rid of negative comments that don’t really add to the conversation. We always encourage disagreeing feedback but we want adults to act like adults and use their big words and not denigrate to name calling and all the other nonsense I see elsewhere. So I’m happy you noticed that and it means we’re doing a good job of trying to keep the feedback balanced and professional.

      Thanks for chiming in with your experience. I really do agree, you’re a lot more successful with business when you’re involved with a company or service you really believe in. Then that passion comes through in your regular conversations or comments like yours. People are attracted to that which means you don’t have to sell.

      You’re just having conversations with people. I know because I do a lot of it here on this blog and have been moderately successful because of it So I totally agree with you. Personal I try to work out several times a week but my one bottle of multi-vitamins can last me two months. (Partially because I forget to take them every day. lol) So I still don’t necessarily think it’s easy to meet that minimum. Even things like laundry detergent and other types of soaps we can make that stretch for a while. So unless it’s something like tiolet paper, paper towels, milk, water, etc things that realistically folks go through very quickly every month, I still think it would be hard to reach that limit. But obviously some of you are so it’s not impossible.

      Either way, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great to see someone really passionate about a business and not just selling the hype so they can try to recruit people. I see enough of those comments every week and it always turns me off. Thanks for be refreshing!

  27. Here’s what I think you should do. Read my review on Arise Then compare it to what you’ve read here about Melaleuca and weigh out the pros and cons of both. Then you should be able to decide what’s a better fit for your personality and tolerance. They both have good and bad points. But everyone views these things differently depending on their own personality and experience. I think you’ll be able to make a great decision after doing this.
    I hope this makes sense?

  28. hi eddy I want to sign up for Arise. I am in the process. I live with my aunt and uncle right now and they are members of melaleuca. They were suppose to be signning me up but I guess not. Im in need of a job period. They think that arise is a scam and all but truthly I don’t see it any different from melaleuca. Actually I would perfer Arise just of what little information I know so far. To sum it all up I want to work with arise and I would but they have to help start me off as far as money. I trust you and what you post on here about sites. which company do you think I am better off choosing and why? I really need your help and anybody else who know any information. thanks !!

  29. Thanks a lot for the info Eddy. I’m just starting to make a go of this business and to use their products. I just purchased “The Value Pack” today and look forward to my wife and I testing their products. I’m in the process of looking into the pros and cons of this company and your info was a big help. I’m in the process of looking into any studies on their products that they really work; for example, that the Sol-U-Guard Botanical works as good as Lysol without the toxic chemicals. Thanks again my man! Btw, if you get some time now and then check out my book, The Dawn of Intelligence. Right now you can get the entire manuscript for FREE on Wildman Walker’s blog.

  30. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to hear you agree with our observations.
    It’s great to hear you’re doing well with the company and actually love the products. That’s probably why you’re successful. If you truly do believe in the company and products it comes off that way and people are more inclined to work with you. So kudos to you!

  31. Thanks for the updated information. Now folks reading this will have it. I’m glad that you can appreciate the spirit of the article.

    It’s nice to hear you’re doing well with this company. It just goes to show that for the right person this can be a good opportunity. Thanks for taking time to chime in.

  32. Hi Eddy,
    I am a Melaleuca business builder and very proud of course. Just a few clarifications:
    __It cost $29 to enroll not $35
    __ We do get paid for the people we enroll__ ($25) not bad out of the $29.
    Just   my 2cents!!!! Over all good write up..

  33. Here’s the thing about any business, you get what you put in. So he’s right to a certain degree. When I first started getting into affiliate marketing, I was putting in crazy hours that didn’t yield any real money for a long time. But anyone that has been in business for themselves will tell you that the first 2 years of a business you’re basically breaking even or losing money. After you get past that rough time you start seeing the fruits of your labor. Most people don’t really have that delayed gratification. So first be sure you’re willing to deal with that aspect of putting in a lot of time and not seeing any money.

    If you’re fine with that then eventually when you get a nice stride things become easier. But it all depends on the type of business. Some businesses really require that you’re actively out there getting new customers all the time even after you’ve passed the hard start up phase. Others become more passive income once you’ve built it up. (i.e. my websites, affiliate marketing, certain mlms).

    If you’ve done things right your business shouldn’t require that you have crazy hours down the line. But it’s a matter of finding the right business that you really believe in and have a passion for. That’s the key! Make sure whatever you get into you have a passion for otherwise you won’t make it. If you’re considering this business, consider being a customer first and then see if you actually believe enough in the products and company to promote it.

    You’ll make a lot more sales because your passion will shine through from your own experience with the company. That’s assuming it’s a good one. So that’s my two cents.
    I work at home full time now running my businesses so I’m speaking from experience. Good luck to you either way. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to work at home and support my whole family and experience every day of my daughter’s life. It’s a blessing I wish for everyone.

  34. I am just out of college, recently married, and my husband and I are talking about having kids in the near future. I understand that a stay at home business is hard work, especially at the beginning. So, I want to start now so that I can make it grow. I saw an ad on a discussion board and it sounded like a great company so I emailed the guy. He told me that, at the beginning, it’s difficult and time consuming (as I expected), however, he made it sound easy after you get over the initial bump. He made it sound like I can be a mom and not miss my children’s childhood by sitting in an office 7am-5pm everyday, like I am doing now. I’m trying to reach out to all mothers that work in this company. Is it really worth it in the long run?  

    • I’ve been with Melaleuca since 2003 and I LOVE the products. Yes, in the long it is very worth it. As the article stated if you’re passionate about what you do and have personal experience you will go far…I worked my business on very part time basis just to have my products pay for themselves…I have no complaints. It’s very easy to do the business and fun as long as you have an awesome upline that keeps you motivated.

  35. Great advice and comment! I totally agree with you about having to be passionate about a given business otherwise you won’t do well with it. Thanks for also pointing out the recent change they made to making opting out easier. I’m confident the many complaints that were reported about it was the reason for the change. As you can see some of the reps were getting a bit sensitive about the mention of this not realizing that it was a problem in the past.

    In any event, thanks for the insight and feedback! Well said. It’s always nice to hear objective feedback instead of the “this is the best thing since sliced bread” type of comments from reps who aren’t willing to discuss the pros and cons which we all know even the best companies have.

  36. Just a quick note from a retired Financial Specilist – I
    saw a presentation the other day about this company (though I thought the
    presentation would be a normal “health” university at my Chiropractors’
    office), I found it very interesting but as always, I check things both by
    blogs like this one, BBB comments, and by places like Consumer Reports. I am
    still on the fence about the business aspect, but I can see how the $$ moves
    around this company.
    One as a consumer, and then on the business end, Companies,
    like this one, I see as an investment as far as time to money. It’s like a 401K
    rather than a CD (CD’s can be quick interest returns but do not market as well
    as a sound 401K when you’re talking retirement plans) when you are looking at
    these types of companies, as a mid-aged individual, or young starving college
    kid you have to look beyond the right now. This takes time, effort and this is
    one thing I will point out if you like something you will talk about it, if you
    do not like it you are going to talk about it. If you are not impressed or see
    no difference in products you will not be vocal, and that makes a bad
    investment choice for an at home/catalog business. So my word of caution after
    all this is try it – they have made “opting out” easier (side note is that I
    found where the policy on this changed from the ‘in writing’ comment in the
    blog to the present policy {you can do this through a simple “developers” tool
    by Google and use the historical views}). If you like it then go on to the business side, but only if its something you are willing to talk positivly about it, but like it is said above – don’t hide the flaws!!!   I preach honest business is good business.

  37. First of all the first year is $29.00 and each year of renewal is only $12.00   Let’s get your facts right. Also it is 7% to
    20% incmoe back. Plus it is not hard to opt out. I’ve had people in my group do it. You need to updat your facts!

    • Settle down. This article was written months ago so things can change which is why we allow comments like yours to be seen so folks can get updated information. That being said most people read our reviews to get a balanced view of a company. Too often members of a given company just want to paint a rosey picture and fail to provide some of the pitfalls and cons that folks should be aware of to make an informed decision. That’s pretty much our goal with these articles. Folks can always visit a company’s given website to get the latest updates about fees and such. Either way we appreciate the updated information.

      Glad to hear people in your group have been able to opt out easily. This isn’t always the case for other people and why it was mentioned. Take care and thanks again.

  38. Love, love, love Melaleuca! I have been a customer for almost 11 years. Both of my sisters have actually built Melaleuca businesses and have made a lot of money doing this.

  39. The retention rate at Melaleuca is 95% so you dont have drop outs regularly.  Also, they have over 350 products so I find it extremely easy to meet point criteria monthly and I have several singles who easily reach their points.  And the testimonies that we have at our church are astounding.

  40. A mother of 13 children who lives very healthy sold my mom on Melaleuca a few years ago. I think it was a very wise decision to become a member of Melaleuca, because since then we’ve been very aware of our health. It is amazing how eating healthier and using natural products changes the way we feel, look and act. Sidenote: I used to struggle with yeast infections quite often; I tried Monistat, Vagisil, and nothing worked, in fact, Monistat caused me great pain. But once I douched ONE time with a tiny bit of Melaleuca tea tree oil added, I’ve never had an infection since. I’m quite grateful for this company, and when I am 18 in the spring, would love to start my own business with it.

  41. actually you get $25 for every customer you sign up after your first one. and its only $29 a year to sign up, then $12 a year after that. so if you get $25 for every customer and they pay $29 to join, i think that a great commission for signing them up. and thats on top of the 7% to 20% commission you get every time they order. i don’t think its unreasonable that you don’t get commission when you buy your products, who does that? even if you owned your own clothes store, for example, you wouldn’t get paid extra for buying the clothes from your store. you just get a discount because you bought it wholesale. and there are no required meeting of any kind. its helpful to meet with people in your upline to learn from them, but its definitely no pressure to have regular meetings of any kind. and they do have an option for direct deposit to get paid. and its not hard to cancel at all. all you have to do is send in a paper saying your done before the 25th of the month. after all, it takes them a few days to process it. thats not unreasonable. it takes a couple of days for anything to be processed. the automatic order is only sent if you forgot to place an order. its to protect your membership. you can send anything and everything back if you arent satisfied. there are no restocking fees or cancellation fees or anything. it really isnt a scam of any sort. some people are just shy about selling, thats ok. but it doesn’t make this a bad job opportunity.

  42. I have to agree with you. Any business requires a lot more work and dedication than a typical job. Most people aren’t really built for that. So I always keep that in mind when I read people crying scam or bitching and moaning about a given company. I always try to read in between the line to see if there is any real merit to their complaints or is it just another case of a person going into a home based business with an employee mentality which won’t cut it. So I agree with you in that sense. If you’re doing well with Mela, that’s great! So thanks for sharing.

  43. I also had to post here even though it has been months since the last post, but I just came across this site. I have been building my melaleuca business since November of 2010 and love it. Yes, it’s hard work. Yes, its sacrafice. That’s what building a business is all about. If you find that the 2 yes’s are not true then you might be in for a scam. You work hard on the right activities, not the wrong ones. You sacrafice because you are taking time away from your personal time you would have at home. That being said, there are definetly up’s and down’s and with the right support team and attitude anyone can succeed.




    TITANIUM DIXOIDE :   in vitamins, cool shot

    BLUE & YELLOW DYE:   pain-a-trate


    SUGAR, palm kernel oil





    Truth In Aging

    honest truth about beauty and personal care products

    ‘May 13, 2009
    Posted by ErinP 2


    * An active
    sunscreen ingredient

    * Also known as

    * Please read TIA’s
    post on What
    Is It: Octinoxate Plus Other Sunscreen Ingredients and Are They Safe?


    Oxybenzone is
    primarily used as a photostabilizer and sunscreen. As a chemical sunscreen
    agent, it protects the skin from harmful UV-A rays. By absorbing UV rays, it
    also helps prevent the integrity of other cosmetic ingredients from
    deteriorating under the sun. For this reason, Oxybenzone is often used in
    conjunction with other sunscreen agents. It is seen in a variety of personal
    care products including sunscreen, nail polish, lotions, creams and lipstick

    Measures/Side Effects:

    According to the EWG, there are several suspected
    dangers associated with Oxybenzone. Despite its sun protective abilities, it
    has been shown to penetrate the skin and cause photo-sensitivity. As a
    photocarcinogen, it’s demonstrated an increase in the production of harmful
    free radicals and an ability to attack DNA cells; for this reason, it is
    believed to be a contributing factor in the recent rise of melanoma cases
    with sunscreen users. Some studies have shown it to behave similarly to the
    hormone estrogen, suggesting that it may cause breast cancer. It has also
    been linked to contact eczema.

    In addition, there
    exist many concerns regarding the human body’s percutaneous absorption of
    Oxybenzone. In one study, individuals applied a sunscreen with 4% Oxybenzone
    and submitted urine samples 5 days after topical application. All the
    subjects’ urine secretions were found to contain Oxybenzone, suggesting the
    body’s ability to store the substance. In 2008, the US Centers for Disease
    Control & Prevention conducted a similar experiment on a national scale,
    and found the chemical compound to be present in 96.8% of the human urine
    samples surveyed. As a result, it is recommended that parents keep their
    small children from using products containing the ingredient. This is based
    on the assertion that children under the age of 2 have not fully developed
    the enzymes that are required to break down derivatives of Oxybenzone.

    Though a fair
    amount scientific evidence points to the adverse effects of Oxybenzone,
    additional tests are required before making any definite conclusions. It must
    be noted that this ingredient still possesses less severe risks than those
    associated with PABA. Furthermore, many dermatologists insist that, because
    dermal absorption of Oxybenzone appears to be low and still exists as one of
    the few substances to effectively protect against UV rays, this ingredient
    should not be ruled out entirely.

    The FDA
    has approved the use of Benzophenone-3 as a safe and effective OTC sunscreen
    ingredient, but only in concentrations up to 6%

    • Umm, most people are here because of the business of making money. So it’s going to be hard to put that aside. LOL But the other stuff you mentioned is worth knowing.

    • Liz King phd: Too much of anything is bad for you (e.g. H2O, NACl, aka water and salt), but there are safe levels of sugar, molasses, fat, cream, and other ingredients you say are toxic and carcinogenic. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, which has ushered in the Age of Misinformation. From what I’ve heard about the Environmental Working Group, I think they have more lawyers employed than scientists. I’m a fan of Wikipedia and the last two paragraphs are important when it comes to sunscreens. Sunscreens at safe levels are better than no sunscreens at all.

  45. I enjoyed reading this article Mr. Salomon.  As I always appreciate hearing the perspective from an outsider (if you will) on how they view the company.  It is great feedback for me.  Yes, I am a current Melaleuca business-builder.Mind you some of the things stated were incorrect, but as I said, a lot of good points were raised from the point-of-view of someone considering or researching Melaleuca.  For example, good point about more and more apparent green products being readily available on store shelves, but when examined on value (cost-per-use) as well as performance, nothing out there really comes close to what they offer in their Eco-Sense line of products.  And frankly, if someone really pays attention to all of the chemical fillers in most store-shelf products and want to avoid them, then the products the company is offering will be right for themI agree, this is definitely not a JOB it is a home business, and like any own-business you have to work really hard at it.  Not everybody is willing to do that.  For those persons, a 9 – 5 or more simpler work-from-home job option is suited to them.

    Finally, I also think that too often, people are trying too desperately to refer people to the company.  Note, there is a difference felt when someone is pushy.  Also, when people do not take the time to learn about their potential referrals as well as the over 300 products and help their referrals to do the same, that is where people also fall behind.  Personally for me, as a customer, I feel great peace of mind using their products especially with my 10-month old daughter.  There are just the three of us in my little family by the way.
    Sometimes people are too interested in ME instead of WE.  Just this weekend I was contacted by a complete stranger who found my blog.  And I was more than happy to help her with some pointers which she really appreciated.  I am genuinely happy to help people even someone like her who is already signed up and not on my team.  Keep up the good work Mr. Salomon!

    • Thanks for sharing your insight. I definitely agree with some of your points about running a business. 9-5 mentalities aren’t suited for the task and I try to steer those folks away from home business opportunities because I know they’re more inclined to give up or call a company a scam because they didn’t have what it takes to make their business successful.

      Continued success to you! By the way, just call me Eddy. Mr. Salomon is way too formal and I’m not a formal dude as you can tell by my articles. lol

  46. First of all the membership fee is $25 not $35. Most of time melaleuca will run a monthly enrollment special and your Membership will only be a $1 or maybe half price, which does include a membership kit with all the info you will need to start a business or make a educated decision on the products you purchase. Customer service is great and you always get a live friendly person when you phone in during business hours. The company is very well staffed and very seldom is there a hold time. Support is awesome they really do want you to have success. The products are good and do what they say they do. You can’t please everyone. But this company does try to do just that.

    • This isn’t a job. It’s a home based business. So that’s probably one of the reasons this may have not worked out for you. Someone may have mislead you into thinking it was a job. Either way we appreciate your comment.

  47. I had done this last year around March or April. It is A LOT of work if you are trying to recruit people. I was supplied with three websites (which helped) but I purchased my own domain names, I made 100’s of business cards (all by myself), posted numerous flyers all over my town and also sent a ton to a friend in MI and I would post ads for 10-12 hours a day. And what I got to show for it was checks totaling in about $13.00 and total expenses of about $400, which includes what I had to pay for products.

    I am not trying to dog on this company at all but I felt like I was pushed into it at the beginning – I know, we all have free minds but when I kept getting told it was only a $1 to sign up, I thought what the heck. Honestly, at first I believed the business was going to turn out good for me – I had so many aspirations and goals. But it just didn’t work out for me – I found myself being broke (because I didn’t have a job! That is why I signed up in the first place!) and having to ask my mom to order products for me so I could get my $3.20 check for the month.

    I want people to know who are considering this opportunity is that you have to post 100’s of ads PER DAY to really get your business started. You have to create so many different accounts with numerous ad listing websites and you have to follow STRICT rules. To have this business really work for you, you can’t do anything else except promote it. I found myself attending presentations at 10 o clock at night because I was so desperate and let me tell you, that pissed the boyfriend right off! Lol – he wasn’t to keen on the idea in the first place.

    The products every month – you save money on them, which is nice and if you want to be eco-friendly, then it is the way to go but be prepared to spend over $70 to reach your points. I am young and I honestly don’t need half the products they have and I found myself just adding items to my shopping cart that were useless just to get to my point balance. I felt like I was wasting my money (and my moms!) on things I really didn’t need.

    Overall, it taught me a valuable lesson and gave me excellent experience. The products are great, especially the vitamins. Just know your pro’s and con’s before joining a business that basically is a MLM – and that isn’t a bad thing but know what the requirements are.

    Well, that’s my thought 🙂 Sorry if it sounded mean :p


    • Hey Katie,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I don’t think it’s isolated to this one company or that you were bad mouthing it. The fact of the matter is running a business is very difficult. It’s not like a job where if you put in a set amount of money you’re guaranteed a set salary. There are many unpaid hours when you first getting started out. The fact you made some money is actually a great accomplishment in my point of view. Although I know from the 9-5 mindset it’s not.

      At the end of the day, it’s hard to stay focused on building a business when you have bills piling up. Some people can work miracles when under this pressure and can make their business thrive because they have no choice but to do so. But I find for most people that it isn’t the case. I always tell people, it’s better you secure some type of stable income from a work at home job:
      or some other non-traditional ways of making money:

      before venturing into a new business. This way you won’t feel the pressure that I need to make money right away with this business to survive. Because unfortunately that’s highly unlikely. Building a business will take a long time even if you put in crazy hours.

      But I applaud you for trying and sharing your experience. Maybe when you have another means of income that is stable you can give running a business another shot.

    • This brings up a valuable point. If you go into this business, then it will very difficult to succeed if you don’t have a very strong and large support system. If you go the “coldmarket” approach and use websites, post ads, advertsie, etc. then you will struggle. The way to succeed, is using “warm market” and being able to approach your family, friends, co-workers, support groups, volunteer groupls, etc. and tlka to them and warm them up to the idea then you have a better chance to be successful. The membership kit that you get for the $29 has A LOT of information, DVD’s, flip chart that can help you persuade other’s you know in one-on-one or group presentations in your home or at a meeting in a restruansant.

      So, before you join I suggest you ask yourself, what type of business will I have?  Do I  feel comfortable and can I apporach my support group with this information and can I network? Or will I mainly approach  this in the “cold market”?  

      Something to think about….


  48. Hi,
    I joined Melaleuca as a at-home business back in January. I had previous experience as a customer and love the products. There’s only one or two that I’ve come across that I didn’t care for…
    I found your site looking around to see what people were saying about the company. Of course you’re going to have positive and negative opinions-but I definitely see some disgruntled people here…and some positive ones as well.
    Melaleuca is a good company-meaning they do produce good products, they give a full money back guarantee within 90 days, they do pay a commission on your own products you purchase as well as those you sign up as long as they are compliant,they do have direct deposit- and yes they do pay by check-why? because although we are in the age of direct deposit and wiring money to different accounts, there are still people who do not have direct deposit and people who still don’t trust technology and rely on the good ole paper check-so you still need that avenue for those people.
    Just like with any business (and I’m speaking on any business, not just Melaleuca), there’s going to be ups and there’s going to be downs. Good and bad…you know the sayings… but I think what people aren’t doing is really thinking about what they are getting into and their position in making their business be what “they” want it to be. They’re jumping to “Z” before completing the previous steps that start at “A”. (You get out of it what you put into it)-and when it doesn’t work (for them), they want to blame the company. There’s not a (legitimate) business that you are going to run where there are no expenses at all-and $50-$70.00 (which is what I believe are some of the figures I read here), is not a lot of money to put out for the return. Most people spend over $50 in gas a week-and…these are products you get to use in your home or whatever you want to do with them. You’re not buying marketing materials that may end up going in the trash when you give up or decide it’s not for you. They (Melaleuca) don’t make you purchase marketing materials-it’s an option (except your membership kit). Actually, the team I am on provides majority of our marketing materials, trainings, virtual offices, and presentations free of charge, so that’s another expense I don’t have while I’m building my business.
    Basically, again, you get out of it what you put into it. You can use whatever excuse you want~”I’m doing everything they say, yet I’m not making any money” . Think about it and be honest with yourself–“are you really?” Sometimes you have to think outside the box-tweek some things and try something a little different to make it work for “you”. Not necessarily reinvent the wheel, because it is proven that it (Melaleuca) does work and has work for decades. Working your own business, working at home, or working without supervision is NOT for everyone. It does take dedication and hard work. Some people may need someone else telling them how to work, when to work and how much (which is never what you are worth) they are going to pay you. I personally chose to go a different route and I know it is up to me and what I do to make it as successful as I want it to be.
    If you want something for nothing-there’s Public Assistant lines in every state! ..and you’re still going to have to pay to get there!

    Just my opinion…

    • I totally agree with what you’re saying regarding the work ethics it takes to build a successful business. I’m constantly repeating that mantra when people are looking to become an affiliate marketer like myself. Too often there are folks joining businesses that weren’t properly prepared or have a 9-5 mindset which won’t cut it.

      Running a business isn’t for everyone otherwise more people would be doing it instead of being employees. That being said I have also found that people who weren’t properly prepared or have a 9-5 mentality are the ones that tend to give up and call every company they fail with a scam. So I’ve learned to take those reports with a grain of salt and train people here to do the same.

      Every company will always have pros and cons. That’s just life. But people should always keep in mind that some of the cons folks are complaining about are often a function of anger or vendettas against companies because they couldn’t cut it.

      So I hear ya and agree with you. I make it a habit to give folks all the worst case scenarios if they tell me they want to get into a business. This helps weed out the wrong people. Thanks for sharing your two cents. It definitely applies to any business.

  49. I have joined as a business partner just recently I just wanted you to know its only $29 to sign up but right now this month its only $1.00 and its $50 dollars product wise not $55.00.

  50. I joined Melaleuca in October, 2010. The gal hat recruited me is a fellow HS alum, and she is a very nice girl and seems very honest. It took several months of convincing on her part.

    My sister-in-law in FL also has a friend who was a customer, and I ordered some things through her first before I signed up. One of my dear friends also used to be a customer when she lived in IN, and really liked the products, so i took a chance and signed on when the enrollment fee was $1.

    I have to say, I do like the products I have been using. I am not one to just buy all kinds of products just to try them….I only buy what I know I will most likely use, like kitchen cleaner, laundry detergent, vitamins sometimes, bathroom cleaner, dish soap, Renew skin cream and body wash, and shampoo. We have very hard water….my skin is horriffically dry every fall to late winter, and i can honeslty say that after using the Renew and hand dish soap, I don”t have theat problem at all….shocking!

    That being said, I am just now starting to have a slight problem getting to 35 points, but I am doing it. I hate the 35 point guarantee, and the idea of the back up order.My friend has always been upfront with the requirements, so i haven’t had any bad surprises. i am hoping to be able to keep up with using all the products. The orders are at least $50-70 per month. Tax and shipping together can come to $15-20….THIS IS WHERE THEY GET YOU…I don’t like this….My husband is very annoyed with me, and plus, they do not take Amex, and they are linked to my bank account thru Visa…I only order the minimum amt of points each month…

    My main problem is that it can be a very hard sell approach….she calls me at least 2xs a month, she is trying to recruit me into the business end, and i am not interested. She has asked a few times to recruit other customers, and ask if anyone i know is interested in selling. She doesn’t overly push, but I really don’t need all the requests.

    I keep reading about the scam aspect of this…it is always on my mind….I almost feel like Melaleuca is like Scientology, though i have seen no links, LOL….

  51. This company is suitable only to those who has a strong support network to work with. Without this network you will not earn a single thing. You will more than likely loose money. They use pressure tactics often found with direct sales.

  52. Hi, I am a current member of Melaleuca wellness, I entered in hopes to get some money or even just get my products paid for. So far, I have not made any money. The products are really good but a little high priced in my opinion. And the reason they pay your comissions through checks, i think is beacause if you only get a check for say…$6.00 you may not even go all the way to the bank to cash it, so you never get your money, and they get to keep it (this is what happened to me and i am sure I am not the only one) so you add that up and it ends up being a lot of money that the company keeps. I am thinking about canceling it, i will miss the products but I’ll get over it!


    • Hey E.J.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience with us. It’s an interesting theory but I don’t necessarily believe that was the main reason that checks are the only payment option. Either way, thanks for chiming in.

  53. I entered Melaleuca on October 2010, and my experience has been the worst. The person that offered me to enter the company never oriented me about the automatic shipments. My bank acct has been charged 2 times since then, and even when I have notified that I want to cancel my account they don’t do it!!. I will send the form today to cancel. I was very interested in the company until this happened to me. As you told, the cancellation process must be as easy as the signup, because that give me a lot to think about. Now I’m more aware before trying some new company or product.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. This is more of a situation where the person who enrolled you wasn’t upfront about everything rather than the company being shady. That being said, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that they make you jump through hoops to cancel. So that’s unfortunate.

      Don’t let this experience jade you, it’s really a simple matter of doing your research before joining a company and you can avoid surprises like this. In any event, hopefully you’ll be able to get this cancelation in effect before they charge you again. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Thanks for the additional information. I agree with you it’s definitely not fun to twist people’s arms especially when it’s family and friends. I prefer having people come to me which is probably why affiliate marketing appealed to me. But to each their own. As long as you’re able to find your path, that’s all that matters to me.

  55. Melaluca, I know there is several business like this Herbalife, Market America, Amway, etc. I also notice several of these companies come up with different names and way to lure people in. There is a commercial on the radio to or something like that and here it is Herbalife. Saw an ad in the paper for some company that began with a B, did some reach search and found out it was Melaluca. Amway had different names as well. Not sure what they are trying to hide.

    • Tim,
      I’ve noticed the same thing with these companies. I think people have a natural inclination against wellness companies. So they use some of these “marketing tactics” to get people in and hope they can change their minds once they’ve heard the spiel or presentation. It definitely makes you feel something is shady when they engage in such practices.

      But at the end of the day we know the company is legit. I agree you really shouldn’t have to resort to that type of stuff. Let your product and opportunity speak for itself. Thanks for chiming in.

  56. I too joined Melaleuca when my friend was trying to get her business going. I have since switched to another company that is greener and has scientific replicated studies to back up most of their claims. It also has no monthly minimums and give you credit for your own orders.

    Here are my thoughts on some of the comments I have read here…

    One– The smell is and was annoying. Luckily the shampoos did not smell that way. That was the best product.
    Two– About the 35 points– when I was a member it was only 29. We were a family of 4 at the time. At first there was no problem filling the quota each month, as I ran out of things I replaced with Melaleuca. After several years, is when the problems came. Unless it was a month I needed laundry detergent or I needed to replace one of the household cleaners, I could not always fill up my quota. At one point they discontinued the only thing I loved, the shampoo for oily hair so for several month I bought 5 at a time to fill the quota and have a stash..
    Three– Back before convenient Internet ordering I often forgot to call in. So now, 8+ years after switching to a different company that has no monthly minimums, I still have fabric softener, window cleaner and enough little bottles of Melaleuca oil to last two life times from their automated back up shipments.. This is even after my entire extended family got fabric softener for Christmas presents.
    Four– The concentrated products just make it nice as you don’t have to buy the stuff as often. I never thought I was saving. For heavy duty stains, the concentrated products are nice because you use it straight w/o diluting!
    Five- Ingredients– All I can say is after years now probably at least 15 of Melaleuca and then this other company, if I run out and have to use Tide or PineSol or 409, any of that stuff, My house stinks up with those odors and we get headaches—-and my back breaks out in a rash. so how green they are I do not know, but they do take out some of the junky stuff. It is the phosphates in the laundry and formaldehyde in the air they are supposed to be addressing. I do know people whose skin had a bad reaction to Melaeuca creams, so to each his own when it comes to that.

    Like Eddy says, as a money making adventure any of these businesses are tough, it is a little easier now with the Internet, if you have a website you can use IM techniques to drive traffic. But even then, it is hard to compete with WalMart.
    sos anyway that is my thoughts on all of this…

    • Sue,

      Thanks for the detailed response and insight. You’ve definitely hit some great points that folks need to consider. Out of curiosity, what is the alternate company you’re working with now?

    • I have just been contacted by Melaleuca rep. I am doing my homework. Did you ever find out what the other company was that Sue switched too, the one that she states is greener and has scientific replicated studies to back up most of their claims.?   (1/06/2011).   Can you also  give me a list of the other companies out there.   I would like to check them all out and see what all of my options are.   Thanks in advance.

  57. Becky,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Most people seem to love the products so that’s great!

    I agree with you, the forced 35 points each month stuff is a big turn off to me as well. But every company has it’s flaws. It’s just good to hear that most people like the products and they work well. Because then folks can feel confident selling something they believe in and trust. So that’s always great in my book.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

  58. I am a costomer of Melaleuca and I love the cleaning products. I also love the cereal and their cheese crackers. They’re really great. I don’t sell it and I do have a hard time with the 35 points each month, but outside of that, I like the Company.

  59. I’m surprised that I’ve never even heard of this company considering how long they’ve been around. It doesn’t sound like I’m missing too much, though. It seems like it would be really hard to ever make a decent amount of money with them or even break even on the monthly minimum purchase requirement for that matter. I think I would much rather sell Avon or something that doesn’t have that monthly requirement and you actually sell products and not memberships. Oh well, I definitely think I’ll pass on this company and just buy my cleaning and hygiene products from the grocery store. 🙂

    • Alexander,
      I’m pretty sure you have probably run into them. But it was probably under another name or team. Trust me there all over the web.

      To be fair any business is going to take a lot of hard work to break even let alone make decent money with. So that’s not really unique to this company. Building a successful business is just difficult which is probably why most people go after jobs. There is a belief that it’s easier than running a business. That might be the case for some. But for me I always found having someone else dictate how much I can make, when I could take days off, etc a harder pill to swallow. So to each their own.

      That being said, I hear you. I don’t like having to be forced to buy stuff I may not necessarily need for a given month. I don’t care how anyone tries to justify that to me, I think it’s a big flaw and unnecessary. Other than that it may have been worth a shot. But it may still be for the right people. Thanks for chiming in either way!

  60. Just a heads up, I joined Melaleuca recently as a business partner. The recently made it to where you get $25 dollars for every enrollee after your first one. & you make money when you help others on you team advance, you make the amount of half of their advancement bonus actually. (If they make $100 for getting Director, you get $50 etc).

    Another new(ish) thing that they do is your team members/mentors help you build your team. They match your enrollments which will help you advance, and help you make money.

    As for the products costing more, you have to look at it in the long run, they are concentrated products. Melaleuca products such as detergents and cleaners last longer than the products found in stores. Laundry detergent is 6X concentrated, Glass cleaner is 3X concentrated, etc.. If used properly, the laundry detergent should last you about 6X what one container of lets say Tide would, and glass cleaner 3X what Windex would etc..

    You’re right when you say it isn’t for everyone. You do have to be very motivated, put time in, and know your products, as well as know the company. If you don’t know who and what you’re working for and you don’t have the answers, recruiting indeed can be difficult. It mainly depends on your team and how much they are there for you and how well they are trained. You have to learn good advertising tactics, and yes it could help you to know more people than the average person. Most businesses have this networking affect, especially working from home.

    I have been with Melaleuca for simply 3 weeks. I’ve made one purchase thus far, and love each of the items I have received!

    • Good advice about the team you join. I’ve heard the same argued about Ameriplan. Like anything in life it’s about the support you get that can make or break you. So good advice there. Thanks for sharing.

  61. I have been a Melaleuca customer since March 2010, and loved the products so much I started building the business in July. The products have truly helped our families health so much it was a no brainer. My son no longer suffers from eczma, and no longer needs an inhaler. Myself have suffered from psorisis for over 30 years and no longer have any. It used to be on the back of my arms elbows knees, ankles and my entire scalp. It has completely disapeared.

    By the way the membership fee is only $29.00 and that includes a membership/business kit. A great deal since most whole sale clubs in much more than that and you have to pay annually. Annual renewal is only $12.00. And all members get the preferred pricing not just buisness builders. The reason for the 35 point commitment is to keep the prices down. The 35 point is so easy for me because I have completely switched my products over to Melaleuca. My orders are usually 70 -75 points, and I only shop for what our family needs. Anyone that has problems with the 35 points is not completely switching over, they are still buying products from somewhere else. I have also saved alot of money since switching over, and trust me I am a real penny pincher. Plus no one mentioned about the free products they give you. In the first 6 month you recieve $100.00 in free products. After that you start earning loyalty shopping dollars to use towards your purchaces.

    As for the business, it really depends who sets you up. There are alot of different groups out there. I signed up with Internet CEO Moms, and they didn’t hide anything from me. Plus I got a free website and have on going training and support.We do not do home parties! This is good, because that is not for me. We do share this company with people we know. Why wouldn’t I? I love the products and the benefits, so I have no problem recommending them. I would recommend a good restaurant so why wouldn’t I recommend a good place to shop? But our team specializes in using the Internet, and that’s where most of my customers, and business partners come from. This business is not for everyone, but I love it and it has really helped our family financially, health wise, and myself personally. I have made a lot of great life long friends and I can see myself doing this business forever. I know I will be a customer forever, so why not.

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you filling in the gaps we may have missed. Don’t take this the wrong way but most of your comment sounds like a well rehearsed sales pitch or testimonial. I’m sorry but some of your health claims seem a bit far fetched. Reading this one would be lead to believe this company would solve all of ones health issues and the business is easy to make money with which we all know isn’t the case for any business. It’s never that simple and Rosie.

      Either way excuse my skepticism. I’m just basing some of my insight on years of being in this industry. At the end of the day it’s great you’re doing well with the company. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to continued balance feedback about this company from people who have and haven’t thrived with it.

    • Eddy,

      Trust me my health claims are very true. I was very skeptical when I signed up as a member, but the products have proved themselves to me. I don’t believe that my results will be the same for everyone, everyone system is different. What works for me, may not work for someone else, I do realize that.

      I never once said it’s easy to make money. It takes work! You can’t just expect the customers or business partners to come rolling in, you do have to work at it. There is also a learning curve to this business, and you can enrol the wrong people as business partners. Like I said before, it’s not for everone. Plus don’t expect to get rich quick, it’s not that kind of business, it does take time to start earning a good pay check. Some do it fairly quickly, some don’t. It really depends what you put into it, and really helps if your partnered up with the right people.

      Oh by the way I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law is one of my customers, not a business builder. She has never referred anyone to the company, and she receives a cheque from Melaleuca every month. Melaleuca also share revenue with there customers as well.

      Take care!

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for responding back. This sounds more like a real comment than a sales pitch.
      You’ve provided more of a realistic view of what to expect of the products and the company. I agree like any business, it’s hard work to make money. You’re absolutely spot on that results WILL VARY depending on the person. Because not everyone is going to have their ailments cured or is going to make sales at this.

      So I really appreciate you coming back and painting a more realistic view of what to expect.

      At the end of the day with any business there are two outcomes. Either you’re going to succeed or fail. That’s just the reality of the situation. The results you get are up to you. That being said it’s much easier to succeed in a business when you have great training and good products/services you’re promoting that people need or want. Furthermore it’s even easier to make sales when you’re actually a client of what you’re promoting. Mela definitely seems to have good products based on most of the feedback I’ve seen. So I agree with you, it can be good for the right person if you can work around some of the flaws. Thanks again for providing some more real insight.

  62. Eddy,
    A great. well-thought-out analysis of this type of home business. Years ago I joined a reputable company that uses home parties to sell really fine products. I worked hard, but didn’t make any money. The problem wasn’t with the products, it was with me. You have to be gregarious and have no hesitation about asking everyone you know or meet to have a home party or join the company. I couldn’t do it.
    Also, I hated the competitive spirit that the brass tried to whip up among the troops, with prizes and other rewards for pushing harder. Finally, when I discoverred one of their best selling iproducts for sale in a local store for $2.00 less on a $15.00 item, I brought it up at a meeting. You would have thought I had given away atomic secrets. No one would speak to me.

    • Eunice,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      You have me laughing over here about when you brought up how their best selling products were being sold cheaper at local stores. Their silence says it all. LOL Why people and companies do this is beyond me?

      In any event, I have the same personality as you when it comes to sales. I refuse to pressure family and friends into anything I may be involved in even if it will help them. I’m big on just presenting the information and facts and then hopefully my family and friends will see the light. I think leading by example tends to get you more sales. If people see your own success in given situation, that usually sells it to others. But sometimes it doesn’t. But I prefer to do it this way then harassing people. At the end of the day running any business is hard. I’m fine with that and the work involved. I just don’t want it to be at the expense of harassing people.

      Sales when done properly really should be like customer service where you’re just filling the needs of people that have a problem with products you get commissions to provide. That way everyone wins. No one is buying pressured to buying stuff they don’t want and you’re not feeling like a sleazy sales person peddling garbage.

      I’m not big on competition nonsense either. I’ve won a few affiliate marketing competitions. But it wasn’t necessarily done on my end consciously. I just really believed in what I was promoting. So I naturally pushed it hard which lead to good sales numbers. That being said I understand the need for motivation though. Some people need that to do well. So I’m not knocking it. It’s just not a major motivation, it’s more like getting a bonus which is always nice. I prefer to just make money and help people in the process. That’s pretty much all the motivation I need. I don’t really care to compare myself to other bloggers or affiliate marketers in terms of sales. As long as we can all eat and achieve our goals, that’s all I care about. But to each their own.

      Thanks for sharing Eunice! Are you still with this other company?

    • Eddy,
      No, I left the company after working hard on one home party. The woman who gave the party worked even harder, called in all of her numerous friends and relatives in her ethnic community. They bought. The merchandise was good. The party giver made $20.00. I made somewhat less than that and was left with $150.00 worth of quality goods that I used to fill Christmas stockings and birthday gifts for a couple of years. It’s a good program, a good company, but I just ain’t an arm twister.

  63. Hi Eddy,

    My husband and I ‘did’ the Melaleuca business for over 7 years. It is a VERY hard business to make money in, even harder to convince people they will be ‘switching stores’ to ‘save money’! This is the #2 biggest lie you tell potential customers. The #1 biggest lie is that the products are in fact, ‘Green’. They are not. Not by a long shot. They are chock full of the same nasty chemicals and preservatives as regular grocery store and salon brands. No—there is no chlorine bleach in the cleaners. But I can think of worse chemicals and preservatives and by golly they are in Melaleuca products. But then again, you won’t get ALL this information because many of the products have ‘proprietary’ formulas—so even if you got sick from a product and wanted to know what the heck ingredient did it—they don’t have to tell you. Very sleazy indeed. I actually switched to Melaleuca products when our kids were little because I wasn’t buying toxic grocery store cleaners, and so when I heard how ‘safe’ Melaleuca was AND I could build a business….well sign me up fast! Not only did we spend probably double or triple what we normally did on these products, but so did everyone else we signed up. In fact, it cost so much more for everyone, that the drop out rate by 6 months was probably close to 90%. After 5-6 years, I started getting very ill and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I did internet searches for ALL ingredients in my safe Melaleuca products because I finally looked VERY closely at the ingredient labels and was horrified at what I found out! Mainly, they aren’t green or safe. It took my body 2 months to detox the nasty chemicals. I don’t get ‘paid’ to use my truly natural and green products, but my future health is worth it. I suppose if you are a very pushy and good salesperson, Melaleuca can work. But for the thousands and thousands of dollars we spent not only on product, but on the actual materials—brochures, tapes, meetings, travel to customers, annual convention—-the returns were dismal at best. If you are comfortable bending the truth about the safety and greenness of products and comfortable telling people they will be saving money by spending more each month—then you can do well in Melaleuca.

    One thing I notice you didn’t mention—-when you get higher Business Builder designations in Melaleuca—like going from Marketing Executive to Director—you then have to purchase MORE products each month—like you go from your 35 base points to something like 150-200….because at that level EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT you use should be Melaleuca. Just another comment from someone who has been there, done that and tried VERY VERY hard with a team of great people to try and make a good business…and failed because Melaleuca makes it very hard to actually succeed.

    • Wow,

      Thanks for sharing your candid experience and feedback about this company. You’ve given us a lot to think about. That being said what chemicals are in the products do you feel led to your sickness?

      In any event, I can see where one may end up spending more on some of these household items with Melaleuca than they would at their local chain store. So no argument here. It was definitely the first concern I had when reading up on this company.

      In any event, I appreciate you sharing your feedback. It’s given us something to think about. That being said it would be helpful if you could provide the harmful chemicals you’ve argued the Melaleuca products have. I think it would go a long way in validating your argument.

      Thanks either way.

    • The most points you ever have to spend is 75 and that is when you become a Senior Director. I think by the time you get there you are easily spending that much anyway. I am amazed that you did not save while shopping at Melaleuca because my monthly budget has dropped. I think perhaps thou protests too much and by making the comment about the points . . . well it shows your lack of knowledge about the company. I love most of the banter I have found on here. I started my business March 29th of 2011. It is simple but in no way “Easy”. The marketing material they give you is incredible. I love the fact that people I have signed up as members get a check for people I have placed under them. So even if your customers don’t build a business by you continuing to build they can get a check for as much as $50 a month. I don’t think there is another store in town offering that incentive to shop with them! I love the food and better yet so do my kids. As someone else mentioned earlier I am much more aware of health and wellness than I have ever been. That alone has made Melaleuca awesome in my mind. The lady that made the comment about the lotion and you saying she sounded like a commercial ~ I laugh at myself all the time because I think I sound like a walking commercial sometimes . . . but after all this is a word of mouth referral business! I love the fact that I don’t have to carry an inventory . . . I don’t have to bill or collect. It is a beautiful thing. After a few months of working 3 to 5 hours a week I have over 20 people in my organization which qualifies me for 20% commissions. You get an advancement bonus with every level and they reward you for helping others. That is probably my favorite part of the company.  

    • Wendy,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear that you’re doing well with the company. But at the risk of repeating myself, you too sound like a commercial for this company. You only decided to discuss all the wonderful things you love about the company. But what about the stuff that sucks? Every company has good and bad points. When reps for any company just paint a one sided pretty picture of a business, it sets up unrealistic expectations.

      People go into it thinking everything is going to be sweet when it’s not. And what’s ironic is when you do take the time to inform people on the good and bad, you still will get a lot of of folks joining. Know why? Because you were honest with them about the pitfalls to expect. And if you’re really good you show them how to work around it.

      Any company I’ve joined and have done well with, I make it a point to break down the cons because there are always cons. I don’t care how much you love a company and how much money you make. There are crappy things about any company we love that other people are probably going to dislike as well. If you don’t point it out someone else will and then how does make you look as a rep for not bringing it to the forefront.

      I’d rather recruit people that know the good and bad because they’re more inclined to stick through a program. Rather than just paint a pretty picture which that person will soon learn isn’t as perfect. I don’t think it’s a good way to do business.

      The flip side of this is the people that just want to point out the negative aspects of a company just to be spiteful.

      At the end of the day it would be great if everyone just keep it real and gave a true balanced view of a company. Just because one points out the negatives doesn’t take away from the company. But when we just paint one sided pictures, it just kills credibility.

      With that said, this is why blogs like this exist. This way folks can share and read both sides of the coin and make an informed decisions based on the good and bad about a company!

      Thank goodness for the web. I remember the times when you had to depend on a rep for information about a company and of course most of them sounded like commercials or drones for the company. At least now with the internet you can get all sides and filter through the fluff. It helps all make better informed decisions about legitimate companies like Melaleuca.

      By the way I apologize if I sound like I’m coming down on you in particular. My comments are merely an observation of this industry as a whole not necessarily an attack on your experience.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  64. I am currently in Melaleuca. I love their cleaning and laudry products. I don’t like the smell of the mela oil, but it works!
    I am not working it as a business, I just like getting the products. I signed up for $1, but there is a $12 annual fee.

    I do find it hard to order the 35 pts every month, so I have asked 3 or 4 friends who also like the products to help me out. There are some months I don’t need anything and they do, so it works for us!! Just an idea for someone who wants to use the products but can’t afford it every month.

    Thanks for all your great research and articles!

    • one thing too, if you dont order that month they send you a back up order they wont let you cancel a month if you dont want anything.

    • Chrissy,

      You AGREE to that when you sign up as a preferred customer. The backup order is something you verbally agree to upon enrolling. And if you can’t order that month and don’t want a backup order to be sent, you have the option of going to direct, where you don’t get the 30-40% off, but you don’t have to order that month.

  65. Hi Eddy! Thanks for bringing this one up. Just as a heads up-
    I got this phone call a couple of months ago from someone who “saw my resume'”. She had a “customer service position” available and wanted to know if I wanted to come to an “interview”. She said the company was “The Wellness Center”. I got there and found the address was near a medical office bldg. only to find out it was really in a little strip mall behind the building. They had gone to great lengths to hide the product from view until you were completely inside their “interviewing facility”. They handed out coffee and had us sit like an audience in front of their presentation space. What followed was hilarious. They had four people in the audience that were obviously planted there to cheer and clap like they were totally convinced they should sell the stuff. I felt like I was an unpaid member in the audience of an infomercial. These people definitely know their marketing strategies. They could teach marketing course #40101. The people who got up to speak came from careers in education, waitressing, etc. They came into the company with their following already attached. One guy was blind who used to be a drug rehab councilor. So, ya the company is probably not a scam, just a little shady. I would be nervous doing business with any company that isn’t fully transparent.

    • Hey Cathy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this company or one of their presentations. That’s just crazy the lengths some individuals will go to recruit others. I would like to believe this type of behavior isn’t sanctioned by the parent company. I know in this industry there are lot of rogue reps that just do their own things. I’ve seen it in affiliate marketing, Ameriplan and other legit companies.

      I don’t think it’s a true reflection of the company as a whole because a lot of times they aren’t even aware of some of this stuff until the crap hits the fan. But unfortunately some people will just jump to the conclusion that the whole company is shady if the reps that represent them act inappropriately. So it’s an unfortunate situation either way.

      That being said, I appreciate you sharing this with us. I’ve seen the same tactic used by other sales based companies to recruit prospective job seekers into sales job they had no interest in. I think it’s awful because you’re making people believe they may actually be getting a job based on a salary not a commission. Then to learn this is sales based is going to just piss a lot of people off. It’s not a good way to do business or recruit people. But obviously there must be a small amount of people that are converted despite being mislead so that’s why reps will continue to employ this tactic.

      When in doubt, I think if a company can’t tell you upfront what the job is about before you come in, then chances are it’s probably something you won’t have an interest in.

    • Hi Cqui2004,

      I am a new marketing executive with the company (ok, nice title for simply being a start up business builder). Your experience is the type that I would hope I never cause anyone. When I approach a potential customer, I always tell them that the company is Melaleuca. It may slow down any profits that I make but I will be honest. The group that I work with stresses this honesty. We also stress that there is a backup order and how it works as well as how to cancel. I am saddened that so many are shady. If I am ever encouraged to be shady in my dealings, I will immediately cancel my backup order and membership. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It has made me think about being even more cautious.

    • Sounds like you working with the right group! How you’re approaching this is the right way and hopefully it pays off long term. But if it doesn’t at least you can go to sleep at night knowing you did your way which is the right way. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Hi Eddy! Thanks for bringing this one up. Just as a heads up-
    I got this phone call a couple of months ago from someone who “saw my resume'”. She had a “customer service position” available and wanted to know if I wanted to come to an “interview”. She said the company was “The Wellness Center”. I got there and found the address was near a medical office bldg. only to find out it was really in a little strip mall behind the building. They had gone to great lengths to hide the product from view until you were completely inside their “interviewing facility”. They handed out coffee and had us sit like an audience in front of their presentation space. What followed was hilarious. They had four people in the audience that were obviously planted there to cheer and clap like they were totally convinced they should sell the stuff. I felt like I was an unpaid member in the audience of an infomercial. These people definitely know their marketing strategies. They could teach marketing course #40101. The people who got up to speak came from careers in education, waitressing, etc. They came into the company with their following already attached. One guy was blind who used to be a drug rehab councilor. So, ya the company is probably not a scam, just a little shady. I would be nervous doing business with any company that isn’t fully transparent.

  67. Hey Eddy
    Good article, I was in Melalueca some time ago. They tell you that you save money each month by purchasing their products etc and buying from yourself at whole sale prices is cheaper. I on the otherhand with two people was spending more $ so therefore I had to cancel. Yes their products are good but when you learn to coupon like I did you learn to purchase namebrand products for free or almost free which saves me money not cost me more money. I did try to recruit but the commissions never really amounted anything.

    • Thanks Chrissy.
      I appreciate your feedback. It’s great to hear that the products are solid which I don’t think anyone really questions. But your experience speaks to what’s been argued. It’s much more cost effective to join this when you have a bigger family or can really get other customers.

      I hear you about coupons. I use to be a great online freebie hunter for household products. So I know what you mean. Either way thanks for sharing your experience.

    • forgot to mention one important factor: I met calvin thru melalueca lol =) so guess it was a good thing I did for a while, were going on 6 years now lol and i hadn’t done melaleuca since

    • Im going to break this down by each topic because this was a good article.  I would say this Eddy, take time and actuall have someone go through the overview with you this way you will get all of the info not just some of the info.  I have been building my business for 3 years and yes it is hard work but very rewarding.  I am an Executive Director with the company and make a substantial income.  Anyhow this is my feedback by topic:


         Everyone pays the same price for products.  Its consumer driven not recruitment driven.  Vitamins are a 1 month supply not a 3 month supply.


         Its actually 29.00 + tax.  Comes out to $31.09, they dont even charge you shipping on the package that you get for that.  That 29.00 the customer gets a really nice package with catalogs, dvds, magazines.  It cost 24 dollars to make the package.  I will address the commision paid on that 29 here shortly.


         If a large # of folks just come here for the products and we have a 95 percent reorder rate, please explain that.  If you mean having to order monthly to get the percentage discount and have access to the other benefits I see where your coming from.  But i would be safe to say that if Walmart or Shoprite had a monthly plan to shop for stuff your already buying there and in return you get different benefits for that than you better believe everyone would shop monthly (which by the way people actually shop on a weekly basis at those stores).


         If building a customer base as you say “recruiting” is a turn off for most people that want to work from home for themselves in a “Business”, then what they are really saying is that they just want to stay home and do nothing.  If its a turn off, than find a company that will let you work from home and lick stamps or put furniture together.  More than likely they dont offer residual income.


         I liked this article because you were absolutely right on the fact that they have never been late in getting checks out the the field.  I have an anwer though for your question of the paper checks.  My largest check so far has been 25,990.86 for the month.  It would have been a completely different experience if I would received that in direct deposit.  When the UPS guy dropped that thing off and I opened the envelope up and looked at that check man you want to talk about water works.  Thats the difference its a whole different experience when you get that check in your hand.  You earned it.

         Right on the money with this article.  Great support.

      Back to $29 enrollment fee and not being paid on it.  For every person you enroll each month after your first customer there is a $25 enrollment bonus.  There are 14 streams of income here and your right most people will just be customers which is why this works as a business.


         Melaleuca does everything they can to protect their people whether they are just customers or Marketing Executives, which are really one in the same, including the fact that they do need a form with a signature to cancel your membership.  Im going to use my business as an example.   I have 1400 customers that shop every single month like clock work.  Imagine if someone called and said they were me and had my account canceled.  I would be furious.  Instead when someone cancels they match the signature on the cancelation form with the signature on the enrollment for and they cancel their account.  Its not hard I have cancelations every month.  As a matter of fact I have 80 cancellations this month.  Which if you do the math thats right around 95 percent retention.  MAN I LOVE THAT.  
         As far as reading the fine print, it tells you how to cancel right on the enrollment form in BOLD LETTERS.


         There have been order mistakes and billing issues but Melaleuca has an awesome customer service team that is on the ball.  They fix things promptly.


         Its the Marketing Executives job to tell the customer about Melaleuca.  Its not Melaleucas job.  Thats why they pay us the big bucks.  The website is for people that are already enrolled.  That is where they shop from.


         Less than 10% of the US knows about Melaleuca.  Let leaves the other 90 percent to people like me.  And lets be honest you only need a fraction of a percent to be successful.  I have 1400 customers and make well into the 100’s.  (1099 available upon request)


         If you have to be forced to buy toothpaste, mouthwash, deoderant, soap, the neccessities.  This isnt for you.


    • Thanks for the additional information. However I noticed you haven’t discussed the recent events and comments from the massive number of people who were dropped from the company without any real cause. It seems like current brokers are skirting pass this topic.

    • No one at Melaleuca were ever dropped without any real cause. If some said they had_they are not telling THE WHOLE STORY.

    • How many points do you have to purchase on your first order with Melaleuca? I was told by a rep that I needed to purchase 55 points on my first order and at minimum 35 points on the monthly orders after that. I want to be sure before I place my order.

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