MobileXpression Review: Get Paid To Do Nothing or Scam?

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Do you spend so much time online on your phone or mobile device that you wished someone would pay you just for browsing the web? Well apps like MobilExpression claim they can do just that. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well reading a couple of MobileXpression reviews would be the best way to answer that question. 

So we decided to do some digging to determine whether the company is indeed legit or a scam. We’ve broken down everything you need to know in this MobileXpression review. Based on what we dug up, I highly recommend you stick around to the end before you use the app. 

What Is MobileXpression?

MobilExpression found online at  is an app that rewards mobile device users for simply installing and keeping the app running on their mobile devices. The company is a subsidiary media measurement and analytics giant Comscore. Comscore is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, U.S and is currently under the management of CEO and Executive Vice Chairman Bill Livek. 

How Does MobileXpression Work?

So once you install the app on your mobile device and keep your internet on, it will run in the background collecting information on how you use the internet. As you go about your browsing, the app tracks your behavior while online like the time of the day when you open and close certain apps, how long you stay active on a certain platform, the types of apps you normally use every day, etc.In addition, you may also be invited to take surveys and participate in other forms of market research from time to time. You’ll then be rewarded by MobileXpression based on how long the app has been successfully running on your mobile device. 

How Much Can I Make With MobileXpression?

It’s not really clear how much you can make with MobileXpression. They say how much you earn depends on how long you keep the app installed on your device, and how active you are online. You’ll be earning “credits” and you can check your credits balance in the Rewards area. Once you qualify for a reward they’ll notify you via email to make your claim. 

So it’s not really clear how much money you can earn since the MobileXpression app determines your credits based on a combination of factors. Did you know sites like SwagBucks and FusionCash are willing to pay you to do what you normally do online like reading emails, visiting websites, playing games and more? Well, now you know. is another great site which allows you to get paid to participate in market research as well.

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How Does MobileXpression Pay You?

Now here’s where things get interesting. Unlike similar apps like HoneyGain that pay you real money to do basically nothing, MobileXpression does things a little differently. MobileXpression pays in Amazon Gift Cards (which can be as good as money) to some and sweepstake entries. You can also opt to donate your earnings to charity. Here’s what you get based on your location at the time of this review. 

  • If you’re in the United States, you’ll earn a $5 Amazon gift card for keeping the Mobile Xpressions app running for a week. 
  • UK users earn a £20 Amazon gift cards after two weeks .
  • Users in India receive a 300 Rupee Jabong gift card after 2 weeks. 

As a new member you'll automatically enter into the $100,000 monthly sweepstake in addition to the Amazon gift card. They also have other weekly prizes like kitchenware, Apple devices, TV sets, cameras and more. Ultimately, you’re guaranteed at least a $5 gift card after 7 days according to them. 

How Do I Get Started With MobileXpression?

Getting started with MobilExpression is straightforward. Simply download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store depending on your device and sign up with an email and password. You can also sign up on the website. They’ll then ask you a few questions including age, location and personal preferences to build your profile. After you’re done, MobileXpression will run silently in the background as you accumulate redeemable credits. 

MobileXpression Complaints

I don’t mean to burst your bubble at this point but no company is perfect including MobileXpression. So here are some of the complaints against MobileXpression. 

Privacy Concerns 

As much as MobileXpression claims they don’t monitor exactly what you do online, you’re never really sure what personal information they are after. Skeptics call the MobileXpression app too vague with regard to privacy, while others say the company hasn’t done a good job at convincing them that their personal information is safe. Fortunately there are better ways of making money with your mobile device doing what you normally do online daily without worrying about your privacy. You can get paid to watch videos, read emails, play games and more at and You can also check out to make money taking online surveys. That said, ultimately I bet you prefer a sustainable way to make real money online. If so, then definitely check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

Your Internet Speed May Drop

Apparently MobileXpression may affect your internet speed when it’s running, with users reporting a significant drop in data transfer. Others say the apps that are internet-dependent failed to work as normal.

Unclear Rewards System

So the MobileXpression app rewards users with gift cards and sweepstake entries at the end of the week. However, they haven’t made it entirely known the rate at which you earn your credits. They just say you’re guaranteed a $5 gift card if you’re in the United States, for example, but it’s not clear what you need to do to earn more than that. 

Payment Problems

There are several complaints of MobileXpression members not getting paid even when they’ve done what’s required. Some had to follow up with customer service after experiencing delays while others had to verify their identity first before getting their dues. 

Negative BBB Rating

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review, the MobileXpression app has an F rating on their Better Business Bureau page. So it’s up to you to determine for yourself whether that’s the final nail in the coffin. 

Is MobileXpression Legit Or A Scam?

The MobileXpression app is definitely not a scam. We came across several payment proofs during research in addition to MobileXpression being a subsidiary of Comscore. It’s a valid way to earn a little passive income using your mobile device. However, there are privacy concerns among users with regard to what information MobileXpression is collecting. So whether the app is worthwhile or not is up to you to determine based on the facts you’ve read about. 

At the end of the day, it never hurts to explore other options as well. You can pile up your earnings when you add other ways to earn like, and . But if you’re seriously looking for a sure way to make money actively or passively online that will pay the bills, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

I hope you found our MobileXpression review helpful. If you have additional questions about the app, you can visit their FAQs page. Would you use the app? Let us know in the comments section below!

Until next time 

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  1. I’ve been using it about 4 months now and I am in the U.S. Now it is set up to where you get 5 points every Monday. 30 points gets you an Amazon card for $5 and if you choose to keep building to 50 Points $10. If you want an app that takes time to earn on or get a pizza with save it up. Papa John’s is who they have as well besides Starbucks. If you don’t mind it running and taking a bit to accumulate it’s a good app to use. It doesn’t bog my cell down or anything.


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