Is a Scam?

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My Browser  Cash Scam Review is a site like others we've discussed here (Peer Gomez, Cash Gopher). In a nutshell you download software as an add on to your browser that lets them show relevant ads on the pages you normally visit while surfing the net. In return you get paid a percentage of whatever the advertiser paid The percentage is up to 45%. I wish I had more concrete numbers as to what that may translate into in terms of actual dollars but they were a bit allusive about this.

In general when dealing with getting paid for viewing ads opportunities such as My Browser Cash (Clixsense , Hits4Pay or ) you're not going to make a lot of money. I've heard some people bitch and moan about this. But as I've argued many times in the past, at least now you can get paid for something you've always done for free which is viewing advertisements. So how can one really complain about money you weren't even making before? It just doesn't make much ‘cents' to me. But I'm sure someone will proceed to complain. (You know who you are. lol) With that said, let's continue to dig into this opportunity.

How to make more money?

There are several other ways to make money with this opportunity outside of just viewing the ads which is great if you really want to up your income potential with this. The other options are as follows:

– You can get paid to try out offers very much the way fusion cash works. These offers can pay as much as $25. But you have to keep in mind the pitfalls of get paid to try offers and how to avoid losing money which we discussed here.

– Like Clixsense they allow you to use your earnings to buy ads to put in their system. So if you are an affiliate marketer or belong to other referral based money making programs it would be an easy way to get the word out and earn more money with the other programs you're part of.

– Like most non-traditional work at home opportunities you can also get paid for getting referrals to sign up for this free opportunity as well. You'll earn a percentage for all of your referrals earnings. I couldn't find the exact percentage but it is probably minimal. However if you're good at getting people to sign up for free stuff or are a trained affiliate marketer like yours truly you'll be surprised how much that can add up. I make a full time income like this.

However even if you're not a trained affiliate marketer or suck at getting referrals on your own, You can also buy referrals. Fortunately you can use the money you've earned for watching ads to buy referrals. They let you do that about once a week. Since you are using your earnings, you're not really coming out of pocket which is nice. By the way if you're a Gold Level member (which I'll explain later) they also have a Share the Wealth System, where people who sign up from the main website without a referral link are randomly assigned to a Gold Member's account. So even if you don't want to actively recruit new referrals they come to you as a benefit of being a gold member. Nice!

So are there any fees associated with this opportunity?

Well I just mentioned a gold membership which I'm sure sparked this question. Fortunately this opportunity has different options. One option allows you to be a member for free and add the ad software that pays you to your browser at no cost to you. However they have another option that they push which is an upgrade that is currently $12.95 which makes you a ‘Gold Level' member and eligible for free referrals and some other stuff in the members area. There is also talk of adding a Silver Level for lesser amount, that also gives you referrals. (It may already be an option.) I have no problems with upgrades provided they actually help a member make more money. However we've all run into sites where the upgrades added little value to you but sure lined the site owners pockets with more green. This doesn't seem to be the case here.

How do I get paid?

Currently at the time of this review the pay out threshold is $20. However there is talk about lowering it to $5 which would be great! They use Pay Pal and Alert Pay to distribute payments which is the norm with opportunities like this. I found quite a few cut and paste copies of payment records, but not photographs as proof, which is what I like best.

Recent Improvements

Here are some of the recent changes made in the past month or so of this review. I like seeing stuff like this because it shows the company is serious about being here long term and growth which is good if you're a member.

– They are considering lowering the payout to $5.

– They added an live chat.

– They added a way for you to contact your downline which is a nice feature that may help you keep them motivated and making you more money.

– They improved their earnings and referral credit tracking.

– They temporarily closed Gold Level applications until they could get caught up with the referrals distribution.

How do you sign up?

Click here to sign up.

What about the International Folks?

It seems that this offer is available everywhere, since they do use paypal and alert pay which combined cover damn near every country in terms of payments.

Okay now it's time for the part of the review that you all love. It's the dirty part where we pick at some of the common complaints and things to consider so you can make an informed decision.


There is no About Us or information on the owner of this site. The domain Whois information is locked. The Disclaimer page is a 404 error page. That could all be nothing or it could be something. Either way it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

As discussed before, this is not going to be a big money maker where you can support your whole family. But they are up front about that which is nice. As I always I view these type of opportunities as one more addition to my multiple streams of income approach. Those of you who have read my blog and follow it have actually made money and those that don't are still trying to find a way to earn money at home. The results speak for themselves.

This opportunity is still pretty new (a couple months old) and with that in mind their longevity concerns me. So far it's been all good. However I've always liked to play it safe and wait for a few months to see what happens with an opportunity. Because once the honeymoon is over that's when the true colors come out in a marriage and the same applies for work at home opportunities. Personally I have no problem being patient and coming into something like this after the fact it has proven staying power. I never want to be in a position to personally recommend something that turns out to be a ‘wham bam thank you mam' type of operation because I got caught up in the all novelty. I don't buy into the idea that an opportunity will get saturated and you won't be able to get referrals late in the game. The Internet literally has billions of people and no one person will introduce a given opportunity to all of them. So that means I'll still be able to get my share of the pie when the dust has settled. I really do hope it has the staying power but only time will tell that. I'm more inclined to wait.

If you're like me you're probably very uneasy about downloading things onto your computer especially when they're from unknown site owners. The fact of the matter is there are tons of viruses and spyware software out there that can really mess up your system. Earning a few bucks may not be worth that risk when it may cost you hundreds to fix your PC or you end up having to get a whole new one. I haven't really read anything that has alluded to this but it's still a concern in the back of my mind.

$20 is a high payment threshold especially since most people will be a free member and focus on the viewing ad option only which doesn't seem to pay a lot. With that in mind, It could take several weeks if not a month to see the fruit of your surfing labor. Personally I would like to see the amount at $5. Folks will probably be less inclined to give up and will refer more people. But the $20 minimum is totally doable but you need some great patience.

So Is My Browser Cash Legitimate?

My Browser Cash seems to be in limbo in my simple simon mind. Again they're still too new for me to be totally conclusive either way. Most of the feedback has been good which is a big factor for me. They have been around for several months and are gaining a lot members rapidly. So much so, they have upgraded their system twice to handle the volume and added new back room support features. This is all positive stuff to me.

The company seems to be making moves for the long term! That being said, I still hesitate to fully recommend it until I can see a more consistent evidence of actual payments beyond the initial honeymoon months. However, since the sign up is free, I would not discourage you from trying it out. That is assuming that the whole downloading software from an unknown source doesn't bother you. Even if it doesn't, I wouldn't do the upgrade until this thing is proven for at least a year. In any event, I will be looking forward to hearing from those of you who have tried this opportunity. Feel free to update us on any changes or correct me (as I know you will be) if I got anything wrong in this review. Maybe if this thing proves itself for the long term we'll revisit it later in the year with an updated yeah or nay post.

As always be sure to check out the opportunities I do personally recommend here. And if you're more interested in a traditional work at home job with a higher salary visit our work at home jobs page which is updated daily. If you want to know if something is a scam be sure to watch our scam video. Thanks for your continued support as a loyal subscriber to this blog or as a fan of my facebook fanpage!

36 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  1. Final update:

    Pretty much abandon any information you knew before. This opportunity has been losing money (poor choice and poor design) and it’s reflected in members not being payed.

    They’ve completely removed rented referrals, though the regular system is still in place (they actually fixed an issue I had with it before where the pop-up window couldn’t be closed if the site had a toolbar like on WordPress).

    This is basically now just a PTC with a browser plugin, like how it started. I have a feeling that it won’t be turning around either and will crash from all the older members leaving. They no longer display certain statistics that they used to flaunt (which is just stupid) and are generally going about everything the wrong way.

    Maybe they’ll turn around, but maybe they won’t. I personally don’t care since I just lost $200+ of possible revenue (thankfully I didn’t really lose anything) and don’t want to intentionally expose myself to annoying ads when I’m not being payed for it.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to proceed only with extreme caution. I doubt they will resurface and I doubt any newcomers will get more than a couple cash-outs before they get the months of waiting for a minimum withdrawal.

    Any company thinking of emulating this style should really consider keeping things simple and functional. Something more like TopLine in that you get paid only for ad views and referrals. Just as long as they don’t copy the ‘overlay preexisting ads with our own’ thing that TopLine does. Examining how it works shows that the original ad still gets ‘viewed’, but it really gets in the way of the company who payed for it if the potential customers can’t see the ad.

    Anyway, we’ve at least learned something from this and hopefully didn’t lose anything.

    • Thanks for the final update. I’m sorry to hear this company has gone downhill. It seems to be a reoccurring theme with many of the companies in this industry nowadays.

  2. For any new people considering using MyBrowserCash, know that it has changed a lot over the past few months. So much, in fact, that much of the review isn’t relevant anymore.

    There’s so much change that I don’t even feel like writing about all of it. The changes to the system are all neutral or positive in nature though, so there’s no reason not to approach it with the same caution previously suggested.

    While they have still been working on the system (and even the site itself), things haven’t been all fun and games. Since more people started to learn about this site, people inevitably started to bot and try to cheat the system in other ways. One of the consequences of this is that they are severely delayed in paying legitimate members due to the illegitimate members. I’ve been waiting since May 24 for a payment (today is June 16).

    Also, because of the illegitimate users (bot users, multiple accounts, etc.), the number of Rented Referrals available is far lower than it used to be. Though, I managed to restock most of mine today, so maybe this is being fixed.
    (I’m obligated to add that Rented Referrals are not, nor have they ever been, a sure investment. They are variable in nature.)

    In light of the payment delays, I’ve thought of something I’d really like to see from them: payment from my account. If I’m going to shell out money every month to pay for this, I’d prefer to have the option to pay straight from my account so the rest of my (meager) income doesn’t take the hit. I don’t see how this would be difficult to implement.

    Hopefully I’ll get my payment soon and that these issues will blow over, but…

  3. In order to have a Fair and onest oppinion, should update some info about MBC.
    1st. For Free Member
    You have to sign in one time a Day   and to see at least 10 Ads(PTC &/ or Interactive ads).
    This gives You the right to earn from referral Shares and is mandatory.
    2nd. Also, is mandatory for Silver Members to View at least 10 Ads, but is not a must to Sign-in one time a day. The Silver member Do Not Receive Referrals. In Fact, Neither receive any Referrals.
    Instead of Buying referrals They Upgrade their Soft to the Newst Feature:
    1 Referral Share = Share= Investment Position = 5$
    and produce 2% per Day/ share = $0.11.  
    A Share is Active 60 Days, after that you receive back 3$:
    1$ in account balance(that means it can be withdraw)+ 2$ in purchase balance(You Can Buy share or advertising).
    Let`s do the simple Math:
    5$ production after 60 days = 0.11x 60 = 6.60
    In percenteege is a ~96% additional income after 2 months.
    You Can Double Your Earnings after two months

    • Not quite right anymore.

      They recently changed referral share prices to $5.50 (fifty cent more than it used to be), so it’s only 175% of the money you put in now.

      It’s a bit of a mixed sign for me. On the one hand, they are having to increase prices (suggests that they’re losing money); on the other, they are actually raising prices (they’re not hiding any possible problems until they crash). So I’ll keep cautious as I continue.

      It’s hard to tell exactly why they are raising the price, but you still get quite a bit of profit for doing almost nothing, so it doesn’t have me too worried.

      After being in Silver for a while, I can say it’s worth it. I already have 26 referral shares and I’m going to cap it at 200 (even though that’s not the limit anymore). Unless you are already paying income tax (because you’re employed) it will take a lot of shares for it to be worth it. You don’t have to pay income tax until you reach $9,500 in yearly personal income. Capping at 200 shares will give you about $8,000 gross a year (not including money you receive from referrals or ad views, which can add up to a lot).

      So, since I don’t have to pay income tax (as I’m unemployed and my income from the few jobs I do gets nowhere near that amount) I’ll stop at 200 until I amass enough earnings to make a big jump. Of course, as supplementary income, that $8,000 gross (turns into about $5,500 net [$12.99 a month for Silver and $2.50 for repurchasing shares {I didn’t add the three dollars from maturing shares into my calculations, as I wouldn’t use it on anything other than keeping my shares where they are}]) is quite nice, so I may not go any higher than that for now.

    •  Well, I’ve been paid (that’s what my post talks about, but I edited it to add payment proof, so it can’t be seen now).

      One of the things I said is that you have to have extreme patience with this opportunity. I started a little before November (I said December before, but I went back and checked) of last year and only recently got to where I was comfortable withdrawing.

      It’s too bad you had a bad experience, but I can’t understand what went wrong for you. What happened?

    • Well, if it helps more, I just got my second payment!
      This should be a good place to start on Silver, so expect an update in a couple of months.

  4. Alright, like I said before, I’m going to make an update on my experience with this opportunity.

    I’ve been paid! $20 minimum withdrawal to PayPal with an $0.88 fee (from PayPal) for a total of $19.12! It took around 3-5 business days (can’t remember exactly) to be verified and sent, which is well within the seven business days promised by the service.

    I’ll prepare my proof of payment in case you want it, so please tell me how you want it sent (in the comments, email, however).

    I had my doubts as I got closer to the day where I could cash-out, so I’m quite relieved to be payed. I’ll probably build up my money from this and try the Silver account (which can now have 400 shares) and post another update.

    After a bit of tax study, I found that your earnings are simple income and should have no other taxes associated with it (which I figured, but it’s good to verify).

    As for my earnings, I currently make $2.20 a day from referrals and $0.10 – $0.20 a day from ads (depending on how much I’m on my computer, how many ads are available, how I’m surfing the internet that day, etc.).

    It has taken me several months (I started before December if I remember correctly) to get here though. With only a $10 outside investment (I wanted to check the pay through PayPal) it is definitely not a quick cash thing. It is easy cash though, once you get a couple of shares. So, if you feel comfortable making an initial investment, you can start getting shares faster.

    I hope these people can keep this opportunity afloat. It’s a nice way to make money. It shouldn’t be in too much danger though, since it’s basically a PTC with a browser plugin.

    I’ll update again in a couple of months after I’ve been in the Silver for a while.

    • Thanks for the update! This has been a very useful comment. Feel free to include a link to your payment proof. I’m sure it’s something we all want to see.

      Thanks again and please continue to keep us updated.

    • Alright. Is there a format you’d prefer it to be in? I can’t use my good computer currently, so it will be a while before I can post anything.

  5. Hello, I have really made money off some pay per click sites.   I won’t put the link up unless you say it’s ok. I can show you proof. However, I really like your site because I was thinking about getting involved in BrowerCash. Thank you I will rethink this site now.

  6. I am also using BrowerCash .. but just started not long ago, I got a FREE accont, 1 share and 1 not very active refferal and I can make up to $0.012-0.3/day.

    I guess the trick is to get shares (when you hit $5) or simply upgrade(but is expensive). Else, get active refferals.  

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. It would be nice to hear someone actually got paid and has proof of this. But many of your questions is what concerns me as well. I guess time will tell.

  8. Haven’t been paid yet, but, by my calculations, I will be making a steady $15.40 gross a week by March from referral shares alone. I’ll be sure to update when I have enough to test the payout.

    They have changed how they show ads; now, as long as your browser is open, the small window ads will show. So you don’t have to be surfing constantly, though you will still make more money that way.

    I haven’t had any viruses ‘directly’ from the program, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got them from some of the ads. This is a rare occurrence, though, I didn’t get any until they started getting a lot of new ads. So you can probably get by with the same routine you’ve always used.

    There is one thing I see that seems too good to be true, though. If you ever manage to max out your referral shares as a Gold Member (1000) you will earn a gross of $110 a day, assuming the value per share stays the same.
    How do we get that money? Will it be taxed? How does the site stay afloat once a few people reach that?

    That is why I am working on this program without using any money outside the program. Of course, my opinion might change if I get paid.

  9. MBC works great now. Earnings from purchased referrals shares has been stable at 2.2% for 3 weeks. May lower over the time but at current rate earnings is real good.   Payment proofs are shown in site.

  10. Jill, Sounds good. We we would love to have you back!
    Your experience with CG is what concerns me about my browser cash. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk especially when there are other ways to make money online legitimately. So I totally agree with you.

  11. I have just come across your site and wow! I shall definitely be back again!

    Thank you for your balanced review of My Browser Cash. It’s also been interesting to read the comments of others about it. I joined Cash Gopher a while back but ended up removing it from my computer after it infected me with a virus and slowed my computer down almost to a halt. I haven’t as yet come across any comments suggesting people’s computers have been infected by MBC but from all the research I have done it seems to be attracting a luke warm reception, so after my experience with Cash Gopher, much as I am a fan of free money programs I am going to err on the side of caution and wait a little longer before joining.

  12. I’ve recently refurbished a laptop computer and put a fresh install of XP on it, and added MyBrowserCash (along with CashGopher, which I already use on another part-time machine) to it just to see how it works out. It’s been about three days as of this writing, and I’ve supposedly made close to $1 off MyBrowserCash already.

    There are two important things I want to emphasize about my trial conditions. First, I wanted it on a separate machine from the one I do my most important things on, because I really don’t like popups and too many things running in the background. Second, I wanted to use a laptop, because of the lower power consumption; if I can make more than the $4 or $5 a month that the machine would cost to run continuously, then I’ll know I’m on to something useful.  

    MyBrowserCash demands active surfing to earn money, so I do a little here and there on that machine just to record activity. CashGopher, by comparison, is always doing something or another, whether I’m actively surfing or not, so that’s why I have it set so I can leave it running continuously.

    I think I’ll wait and see what a month’s activity gets me before I start trying to get referrals, and even then, I’ll try to find a way to communicate my recommendations with my promotion, because I don’t really want to lead people with only one main computer to install something that might appear more disruptive than useful. I’ll let you all know.

    • OK, it’s been a month, and on that spare computer (and another spare running part time) I’ve made about $3.50 from MyBrowserCash itself, in addition to about $1.50 from CashGopher and $1.10 from 20$2surf, all with zero referrals. So it looks like I’ll either need to get referrals or make sure I get other use from any spare computers running those programs, because I’ve only just covered the cost of electricity. I’ve actually sold the laptop in the last few days, but because I refurbish and resell computers on a regular basis, I might have another one set up to do the same things soon. In the meantime, I’ll have them running occasionally on part-time machines I use for other purposes, anyway.  

  13. Before giving a certificate of approval to such programs you must be aware of the fact why people complain. Its because of two reasons mainly, first the earning factor and secondly the malware or spyware factor.  
    Firstly considering the earning factor, just because I am getting it free that doesn’t allow somebody to occupy my PC space in exchange of a pittance. As a matter of fact they don’t disclose their earning which means they have things to hide from people. If they had come clean about their earning I don’t think many people would have discarded it then and there. So I don’t agree at all with your point.
    Secondly most of such things contain malware. Previously my PC got infected by the malware from CashGopher and destroyed it basically. So from then on I always view these things with suspect. As a matter of fact I have seen that most of these kind of sites are red-flagged by the ‘Site Advisor’. So these programs are basically from untrustworthy and dishonest sources. I don’t know why you support them unless these dishonest people are your friends!

  14. Hi Larry,
                          I have been looking for work from home but haven’t had any luck,and I spend way to much time surfing the   internet looking for a legitimate site.I was laid off two years ago this past May,I have heard if any of these sites ask for money then they are a scam,and all the sites I have viewed all want money,so I would appreciate any help from you because I need to find work ASAP,thanks.

    Debbie S.

  15. After reading your article, there are a few things that are raising a flag for me… First is how the site is handling unattached members (ie members that do not have a sponsor). On the one hand, you said you can rent referrals, which is usually from a pool of unattached members. On the other hand, there is the Gold Member level where you get a chance to get a referral for free (similar to Inbox Dollars’ Gold Member status). I guess it doesn’t have to be an “either / or” situation — I could see 65% going to the rent-a-ref pool and the remaining 35% get distributed to their Gold Members — but it does make me question how they are working those unattached members.

    I’m also a little concerned that they may not have a solid business plan. It has only been up for a few months, yet they are making changes that would seem to have been covered with a solid plan and/or through a beta-phase of the project. Not having a stable cashout threshold, and having to shut down new gold member sign-ups for a time to catch up on referrals are both things that I think should have been thought thru and fixed before going live. Still, it may just be the massive amounts of new members since going live that is causing the headaches for the admin team.

    I think with this one, at least, I’m going to hold off just a little longer to wait-and-see how it all develops…


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