Is (My Lot) A Scam?

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We all have various passions and interest. I personally have a passion for gadgets. I love my iPhone 3gs and all it's all-in-one functionality. I couldn't imagine watching TV without my Tivo and my Ipod might as well be surgically attached to my hip. You get the picture. Most of discuss our passions or interest with co-workers or family members. But many people also discuss their passions online in places dedicated to a given interest. There are probably hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to the show "Lost".

People gather at these websites and babble on about theories and feelings regarding a given episode or character. We do it for the love of our passions. But personally I would prefer to get paid to jabber on about my iphone and my favorite shows. Well now I can and you can as well!

How Does Work? is basically a glorified message board that pays its users a portion of the revenue they earn from ads placed on the site. A message board for those of you have never participated on one is as follows; It's basically a webpage where people post a comment or topic very much like you do with email. But instead of going back and forth sending emails to each other, the comments and responses are posted on the webpage. Anyone can start a topic or respond to one that is currently being discussed. But most message boards won't pay you for doing this. is very different in that it does pay you to discuss anything you're passionate about or anything you want to respond to. So if someone is talking about how a certain politician is a war monger and total idiot then you can chime in and give your two cents about it. Or let's say you just saw a great movie and want to tell the world? You just log in to and post your comment and get paid!

Here's a little video I whipped up for you showing you how it works and proof of my own pay:

How Much Can You Earn?

I'll be honest with you, you won't earn a lot of money participating in It really all depends on how active you are and how passionate you are about the things in your life. But even if you're not really much of a yapper, you can still earn some nice money just referring some of your other buddies and friends that love to be online and yap about their interest. You or many people you know are probably on Facebook or twitter. Well why not convince your buddies tthey should be on Mylot where they can get paid for the nonsense they yammer about. lol

In any event, how much you're paid is based on how much money makes on advertising revenue. So unfortunately there is no set fee per message you post or response you make. But it ranges from a few cents per posts, which doesn't sound like much. But it adds up really fast the more you participate. And if you don't want to participate that's fine. Just refer people and you'll still make money for their participation!


Is a scam? Nope, I've been paid a few times by That being said, they're definitely not my top money maker. However it's still nice to get a few extra dollars per month even if I'm not actively babbling about why my TIVO is the greatest invention since sliced bread. If you're one of those people that spend a lot time on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, message boards or even emailing people, then you really might want to consider! It's totally free and you can earn some easy money for something you're probably doing right now! However keep in mind it's not going to make you rich or be enough to support your family! But it's probably better than what you're earning now for chilling on facebook which is nada! So give that some thought. Either way, I hope you've enjoyed my review of

75 thoughts on “Is (My Lot) A Scam?”

  1. I have been a member for a good while there on myLot, but no longer am I going to participate in writing, because myLot love to censor posts, delete them and take the money you’ve earned on those posts. Example, I just wrote a post last week, The topic and question was a Traveling question about where someone would go if they had the choice to travel some where. I interacted with others on my post, then all of a sudden logged in, the post was gone and so was the money earned. I will never forgive them!

  2. So far so good. ย  I’ve tried most of the sites you’ve sent me but i think I’ll pass on this one. ย  Keep sending them, though. ย 

  3. Hi Eddy , I want to thank you for all your help so far. I have followed all that you have sent me.. It has given me hope that I will stumble on something that I can make enough money to live on someday. I am disabled and really need something to pay the bills but I am doing the smaller ones . Thank you , if you have advice on something bigger please let me know .

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and fixed it. But you’re going to find a lot more errors like that all over my blog. I like showing my flaws to people. Because it demonstrates that you don’t need to be a perfect writer to be successful online. But thanks again.

  5. Hi Eddy just wanted to point out that you have missed out the word ‘earn’ in the first sentence of the paragraph with heading- How Much Can You Earn?. Thanks ย 

  6. There is always reason but unfortunately online companies don’t always do the right thing by explaining what they are or giving us a chance to correct the behavior that may have got us in trouble. It sucks. But fortunately legitimate opportunities are like fish in the sea, they’re plenty more like the ones we’ve listed on recommendations page: Just move on to something better.

  7. I believe Mylot is pretty much open to all countries. So just visit their website, sign up and start participating in any discussions that are appealing to you or start your own. I’m Haitian so yes i know how expressive folks in the Caribbean are. It’s in our blood. lol

  8. I am a very passionate person and would like very much to participate in your discussions. I am from the Caribbean though, so I’m not sure if the discussions are open to me, however if you know anything about Caribbean people you would know we are very expressive people.

  9. I’d like to participate in some of the discussions. Also, thanks for the heads up on not making a lot but still useful if you do a lot of internet shopping and just need a little extra.

  10. Sarah,
    You’re welcome. You can make a steady income if your participate a lot in discussions in terms of starting them, responding to them and the many other activities that mylot now pays you for. Referrals are key too. But it’s not something you’ll be able to support your family with. For that you need a real work at home job like the ones we list here daily: or try some of the other higher paying options I’ve listed on my recommendations page: Good luck!

  11. Thanks Mr. Eddy! ย  Do you have to write a certain amount of articles on for a steady amount of income? ย  Are there any other sites that are legitimate that operate in the same way?

  12. I want to say thank you for your hard work in creating your web site and the help articles you write. I work at a job, but have been trying to get enough business at home to stay and work there. I do all kind of desk top publishing (business cards, flyers, wedding invitations, etc) along with vinyl lettering of signs, vehicles, etc. There is not enough work to stay at home with this right now because of the economy so your articles are very useful in trying to find other ways of making money from home. There are so many scams and its nice to see someone else without taking advantage of them. Good luck with what you are doing and I will be coming back again and again to read what you have going on. If you have any good ideas to pass along, I’d appreciate them.

  13. Hey its nice for all the info you post about earning a little more money but what can i do if im not from the us some pages don ยดt accept foreners ( ๐Ÿ™ thats countrism and like rasism its baaad.) whell thanks for your help.

    • Some of it’s really just based on administrative limitations and liabilities and less about hate for a given country. That being said some options just aren’t available in other countries and it’s just how it is.

      However I’ve thought about people in other countries and have created a page for international options that maybe available to you:

      Hope it helps. Good luck.

    • Some of it’s really just based on administrative limitations and liabilities and less about hate for a given country. That being said some options just aren’t available in other countries and it’s just how it is.

      However I’ve thought about people in other countries and have created a page for international options that maybe available to you:

      Hope it helps. Good luck.

  14. Hey its nice for all the info you post about earning a little more money but what can i do if im not from the us some pages don ยดt accept foreners ( ๐Ÿ™ thats countrism and like rasism its baaad.) whell thanks for your help.

  15. Hi Eddy,

    I’m sure glad I stumbled on to this site because I have been searching and searching for legitamite ways to make money online. I lost my job of 20 years in 09 and have been low paying jobs ever since.I am quite frankly tired of working for a some else.I’m not trying to be filthy rich(although that would be nice lol) I just want to be able support my family and not worry about if I’m going to have a job from day to day.


    • Mark,
      I’m glad you stumbled on our site and found us too! I’m sorry to hear about your unemployment. Given how many years of your life you’ve given to this company it’s just sad to hear that they let you go.

      I obviously can relate to your feelings of working for others. But at the same time, you’re very blessed to have any income coming in given the job market. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t aspire for more.

      I’m confident as you read more of the articles and information you’ll find a path that will lead you closer to your dream. If I can do it, I know it’s possible for others.

      Just to help you along I would encourage you to read the following pages:

      Hope it helps.

  16. I don’t know what survey companies you’ve tried and if you’ve tried every single one to make such a claim. But the reality is there are many legitimate survey companies that don’t charge you a dime. I think you’re confusing the middle man sites. We described this confusion here:

    Here is just a few legitimate surveys that don’t cost a dime that many of us have made money with:

    Hopefully you’ll soon be enlightened.

  17. I think all “paid surveys online” are a scam. You’re always required to purchase or subscribe to a service or product. I happen to know that in Market Research, the respondent NEVER pays one cent for anything.

  18. Hi Eddy,

    I just want to say thank you for all your information! I have spent I dont know how many hours, days, weeks, months looking for something to do to make money online. I am not sure what link I clicked to get your email but I am very happy I did! I have tried a few of these and some from the job lists that you offer too. I have a notebook with all the sites that I like wrote down and information on them like what I have to do to make a penny, nickel, dime ect…LOL I really appreciate all your help and look forward to hear about what you come up with next!!!! I will def. be giving this one a try also!

    • Lena,

      You’re quite welcome! I’m happy you can appreciate all the various ways I send you to make money whether little or small because at the end of the day they all add up.
      Keep taking action and you’ll eventually see the benefits. Enjoy and thanks for the continued support!

  19. i am one of those happy and satisfied members of mylot. and i also affirm that mylot is one legitimate site. i have been paid for many times already and what;’s good about it is that they are always on time when paying members.
    i love the lively interaction between members and its great meeting great people in there. nice place to hang out, have fun and learn and of course earn.
    nice review. ^_^

  20. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks a lot for the insight!

    I’m truly happy I found this blog of yours. I’m searching for more reviews about MyLot as I have yet to register. Wish me luck XD

    • You’re welcome. Trust me, just take action. You have nothing to lose with this website since it’s totally free.
      Keep in mind you’re probably spending a lot of time on social network, message board or on email for free. The same discussions you’re having on those mediums you can have on Mylot
      and actually get paid for it even though it’s not lot. But so what? You’ve been doing it for free all this time. Any money coming in for something you already do is a good look. Think about it
      and take action. Good luck either way.

  21. Hi Eddy!

    On your recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided to join and because I babble on about a lot of things, join in discussions,etc, I have earned $0.46 in 2 days which doesn’t sound a lot but compared to ClixSense is a small fortune lol! I am based in England too which does not seem to be excluded from this due to PayPal ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two questions for you…the first is this:-

    Where is MyLot based, do you know? There seems to be an awful lot of people on there from places like the Philippines and India which is putting me off doing the tasks, if I’m being honest. So I’m just concentrating on the discussions. Getting paid for this is a dream come true for me because I’ve so much to say lol (typical woman you might say hehe)!

    Question regarding the tasks. I am a bit dubious about this section as it seems to be full of scammers. I cannot understand why these aren’t banished from the site but I suppose if I avoid them at all costs then I shouldn’t really be worrying about it!

    Thanks again for recommending this site…and I have also recommended YOU on MyLot, it’s the least I can do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Jane,

      Glad to hear you’re making some money on Mylot. But always remember every penny counts in this industry so even though clixsense may not pay a lot when you couple it with the various other companies, it adds up. So always keep that in mind.

      I have no idea where is based. I just know that they have paid consistently. lol

      I’m not familiar with the tasks you’re referring to. Maybe it’s a new feature that Mylot has added since my review. But you’re in total control of the type of opportunities you want to do. So if something isn’t jiving for you, then follow your gut. Just focus on the things you’re comfortable with and you’ll do fine. That’s what I do for any given opportunity. In essence you’ve pretty much answered your own question. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hope this helps. Continued success to you!

  22. As for Mylot,I just became a member my account has 8 cents in it lol. To be honest I don’t expect to make very much money on this site,but thats ok. I love discussion boards and starting discussions as i know other people do as well. Now since theres tons out there to choose from why not choose mylot and make a few cents for having fun and learning some interesting things. Or go posting crazy and make some money. Thanks once again Eddy for bringing up this site.

  23. hello eddy my name is alicia and i’ve just joined your website and i just wanted to let you know that you have alot of amazing oppertunitys to offer people

  24. I have been using MyLot and you can earn money. If you don’t have people to refer you don’t make a whole lot but it depends how much you put into it.

  25. As for the person who said that they never got paid and couldn’t log in, etc. Are they in a country that MyLot is unable to pay? MyLot has also added a “stimulus” thingy called “Tasks.” I have completed a task, and it took roughly two days to get approved. It paid $3, but I have yet to see the money updated into my account. It shows when I click on “Earnings” and look at the total, but it doesn’t show that it has update (at the top of the page) when you’re logged in.

  26. Hi Eddy,
    After reading the details here in your site I actually tried four of your recommended work at home. One of them is myLot. And i’m enjoying it very much.
    Your site is a great one. It’s been a great help to me personally in avoiding those scams out there. And I would like to thank you for your ideas here and your good service.
    I’m new with blogging actually and don’t know anything about that but i’m trying to learn.This is my blog , just starting, and hoping to learn more here in your site. And I guess it’s up to me because you have already shared your experiences and ideas and that becomes my stepping stone.


  27. Hello Eddy,
    Wow, Thanks for the reply, I’m really happy to hear from you. I’ll take your advice on your recommended sites so I wont go astray.
    Keep up the good work and more power!

    Best regards from the phils.

  28. Hi Eireen,

    Our personal recommendations for work at home opportunities are found on the articles page:

    If you don’t mind investing some money, you may want to consider getting trained to be an affiliate: It’s one of the few work at home careers where it doesn’t matter if you live outside the U.S.

    There are no such things as email processor jobs. Avoid the temptation to find them because you’ll probably run into a lot of scams or people misrepresenting opportunities to get you to buy something. Visit our scam section so you know what to look for and how to avoid scams:

    You may want to consider email reading:

    In terms of typing jobs there aren’t many available. Most of the stuff you’ll find is people trying to sell you products that misrepresent the opportunity. So avoid this or at the very least do your research using the advice in our scam video. The only real typing job I know is available in large numbers is Medical transcription:

    In any event, I’m happy you’ve been having success with the freelance sites we’ve mentioned in our international page:

    Honestly I think your best bet is to continue to use those sites. You more likely to find work there than anywhere else because they are open to people in various countries.

    Take care.


  29. Hey Ed,
    Can you recommend sites that pays well? I don’t mind paying one time fee of $50 as long as the site is legit. I’m looking for email processor, or a simple typing job or forum posting anything..
    Thanks Ed.

    I’m from the Philippines by the way, and been getting jobs from

    Thanks again
    More power, great site!

  30. Hi Cassie,

    Thanks for chiming in. You’ve hit it on the head, the willingness to do many non-traditional work at home opportunities is ultimately how many will earn money now rather than later.


  31. I’ve been using mylot for about 6 months now and I’ve been paid several times by them. So far i think it has totaled about 82 dollars and change.

    It is a lot of work for “little” money but it seems the norm for making anything online…little for lots of clicking etc. And theres beena few that claim to pay and never have and you do alot more for them than this.

  32. Hi Keith,

    I’m in the same boat. lol I’m just too busy with other things and make more money with other opportunities. But I think it’s great for someone that wants to get their feet wet and are really frustrated with not being able to land a work at home job. By the way I created a video on mylot:

    That you may want to check out.

    Thanks for your input. You’re totally right, it takes a lot of work to make money but it’s better than nothing for some folks.


  33. Hi minx0r,

    Thanks for your comments.
    The reason I hate data entry jobs is because just don’t exist in great numbers if it all and so many good work at home seekers waste your time searching for it when you could be making money other ways. Furthermore it causes people to get desperate and to buy products that feed into this desperation but end up leaving you short of what you want.

    So that’s why I’m so anti-data entry and typing jobs with the exception of medical transcription:

    So when you’re reading my articles, I will continue to beat in everyone’s head that chasing after those jobs is pointless. But at the same time I always provide you guys alternatives. So as long as you’re open minded and actually want to work at home, most people will take action on the other options I provide.

    Now in your situation it’s more difficult because many of the things I recommend are U.S Based with the exception of the following two opportunities:

    But in your case, you may want to visit the following section:

    It should help you get started.

    If you have have further questions, try reading our ask us a question page:

    I’m sure it will help.

    Good luck to your Minx0r. I wish I had a magic cure for your situation but honestly I don’t because of the geographic barriers. I have enough problems finding companies looking to hire americans. So I’m sorry if I couldn’t be of more assistance.

    We appreciate the fact that you’re actually reading through all the material and taking action. I’m sure it will help you succeed in the future.


  34. Heya Ed

    Im living in Egypt at the moment and have spent close to all night browsing through your recent posts on finding work from home to data entry (which, I realise, you hate). Im at a complete loss as I am considerably poor and yet feel I have alot to offer! At the moment Egypt doesnt pay me much at all and so I thought I could lend my hands on the net to see what I can come up with. Ive been scammed! was narrowly avoided 15 times and I really am starting to give up hope ๐Ÿ™

    A very disgruntled netoid!

  35. Hi Ayotollah,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’m sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Did you contact them to see if you violated some rule unknowingly?

    I’ve been paid by them multiple time in the last few months. The most recent was for $26.35 in May of this year. I finally felt confident enough in them that I created a video showing some of my recent earnings:

    I know there is also minimum payment amount so that could be it in your case. I just logged in and I was able to change my payment details with no problems. So this sounds like an isolated issue and not the norm as you’ve implied. With every company there are always seems to be a situation where someone experiences issues like this so I don’t necessarily think it’s a red flag.

    If I wasn’t paid every month for the last several months I’d be concerned about what you described but it seems like they may have singled you out and it may be for something you’re not aware of.

    So I would try contacting them directly to see what the issue may be. Don’t make generaliztion or assumptions based on this because it doesn’t mean that everyone else will experience the same thing.

    I can go to best buy and have a bad experience where I’m having problems getting a refund and then 100 others can go in and have no issues. So we all have to be mindful that there are always exceptions to the rule with any company you will work with.

    In any event, I hope you can work out this problem with Mylot. As always there site is a little slow but keep trying to contact them to see if you can get some insight. Don’t be accusatory when you do contact them. Just let them know you’ve been experiencing issues in.. and you’re hoping they can help you.


  36. Be careful with this mylot i have $12 in there and now i am unable to post anything nor i can change the payment information details. It is a sign of a bad luck for everyone in there.

    There’s gonna be a lot members will be disappointed after they find out they won’t get paid for a single penny. Beware don’t waste your time.


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