Is (My Lot) A Scam?

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We all have various passions and interest. I personally have a passion for gadgets. I love my iPhone 3gs and all it's all-in-one functionality. I couldn't imagine watching TV without my Tivo and my Ipod might as well be surgically attached to my hip. You get the picture. Most of discuss our passions or interest with co-workers or family members. But many people also discuss their passions online in places dedicated to a given interest. There are probably hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to the show "Lost".

People gather at these websites and babble on about theories and feelings regarding a given episode or character. We do it for the love of our passions. But personally I would prefer to get paid to jabber on about my iphone and my favorite shows. Well now I can and you can as well!

How Does Work? is basically a glorified message board that pays its users a portion of the revenue they earn from ads placed on the site. A message board for those of you have never participated on one is as follows; It's basically a webpage where people post a comment or topic very much like you do with email. But instead of going back and forth sending emails to each other, the comments and responses are posted on the webpage. Anyone can start a topic or respond to one that is currently being discussed. But most message boards won't pay you for doing this. is very different in that it does pay you to discuss anything you're passionate about or anything you want to respond to. So if someone is talking about how a certain politician is a war monger and total idiot then you can chime in and give your two cents about it. Or let's say you just saw a great movie and want to tell the world? You just log in to and post your comment and get paid!

Here's a little video I whipped up for you showing you how it works and proof of my own pay:

How Much Can You Earn?

I'll be honest with you, you won't earn a lot of money participating in It really all depends on how active you are and how passionate you are about the things in your life. But even if you're not really much of a yapper, you can still earn some nice money just referring some of your other buddies and friends that love to be online and yap about their interest. You or many people you know are probably on Facebook or twitter. Well why not convince your buddies tthey should be on Mylot where they can get paid for the nonsense they yammer about. lol

In any event, how much you're paid is based on how much money makes on advertising revenue. So unfortunately there is no set fee per message you post or response you make. But it ranges from a few cents per posts, which doesn't sound like much. But it adds up really fast the more you participate. And if you don't want to participate that's fine. Just refer people and you'll still make money for their participation!


Is a scam? Nope, I've been paid a few times by That being said, they're definitely not my top money maker. However it's still nice to get a few extra dollars per month even if I'm not actively babbling about why my TIVO is the greatest invention since sliced bread. If you're one of those people that spend a lot time on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, message boards or even emailing people, then you really might want to consider! It's totally free and you can earn some easy money for something you're probably doing right now! However keep in mind it's not going to make you rich or be enough to support your family! But it's probably better than what you're earning now for chilling on facebook which is nada! So give that some thought. Either way, I hope you've enjoyed my review of

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