Is A Scam?

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Is My World Plus A Scam or legitimate?

Have you ever bought an Entertainment Book for some fundraiser or another where you pay for the book and then for a year you have coupons to use for all sorts of things? Well MyWorldPlus is kind of like that, plus a way to earn extra $$ by getting others to join the program. So this is advertised as a combo thing, you save money with discounts and make money by getting others to join you in the fun. One of my loyal subscribers is a member and asked me to do a review. So my crack research team and I got to work. So lets get going and see what the ins and outs of this program are.

So how does MyWorld Plus work?

Once you pay to join up, you instantly get a ID number as well as a "Discount Card" in the mail. This number keeps track of all of your activity in all aspects of the business. There is a sign up fee and monthly membership fee. For the discount part of the program it can be used three ways:

– You can print out about $80 worth of manufacturers coupons each month to use at any grocery store that accepts coupons. These pretty much include anything found in a grocery store, good, cleaning, paper products etc. There is list of local stores that offer 10-15% discounts, ‘buy one get one,' ‘buy this we give you that,' or free one week memberships. This is the Entertainment Book side of things. I suspect they somehow have tapped into the same system Entertainment Book uses.

– They give you access to your own portal to use so when you (or others using the portal) buy things online at certain stores you automatically get cash back. These are stores like Target, Sears Macys and Gap and like the credit card rewards it is a minimal amount, but a discount nontheless. It seems very similar to one of my new favorites, One of the problems with Entertainment Books is they really only work in large metropolitan areas. So one of my researchers lives in a place that is not a big city and at the same time it's not an ‘if you blink you miss' kind of place either. But apparently there were plenty of discount offers listed for all sorts of different stores in her area like the company claimed. So that's good to know.

– You also get a "discount card" which could allegedly be used at some of your favorite offline stores. We'll discuss why this option is a bit misleading and not as effective as one would assume.

So what is the Plus side, the part where you can earn money?

You guessed it, like most other things, it comes down to referrals. At the time of this review My World Plus, gives you a $25 credit for each person you sign up under you as well as commissions for their monthly payments. You also get $8, for anyone those folks sign up and it goes down two more levels to $5 or $3 credit for people who sign up under your downline. (This may change by the time this review has been read.)

What is skinny on the MyWorld Payment plan?

Ok, I will do my best here to describe it to you because of course explaining it all to you is more complicated than how it works. You can always go here and read it for yourself If my mumbo jumbo doesn't make sense.

To make this a home business you will have to join at the top membership level (they have three options) which is $50 plus $19.95 a month. (Again this could be different by the time you read the review.) As usual anytime you deal with referral there is some kind of matrix, or layers system. They call theirs Vertical Acceleration. Don't ask me why companies need to make up these fancy names.

Anyway let me see if we can give you a better analogy of how their compensation system works. Think of a chain hanging from the ceiling with four links. You sign up, you become the 5th link. The person who signed you up gets $25 for signing you up. The person above them gets $8, the next one above $5 and the top link gets $3. Now if you sign up someone, your down line starts, they become the 6th link. You as the link above them, are the one that gets $25. It keeps going from there. You get $25 for each person you sign up and then the $8, $5 or $3 for the people down the chain from you. The $25 is a one time deal, so you have to keep getting people signed up who also get folks signed up to keep this stream going.

There are also bonus plans that frankly make my head spin, but it looks like there is a chance for commissions on the monthly fee folks pay at about 2%, or 40 cents per person. You can work your way up the levels in the business to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars. The more stars the better % perks you get from your downline. Trust me that is the best I can do with this, go to this link to read all about it yourself if you are interested.

How do I get paid?

The main way is by check in the mail if you're a US member. Checks are cut weekly. In addition, they offer payments via a debit card from GlobalXChange. I don't know much about this payment company. But I read that some people had trouble signing up for a card, so they opted for the check option.

As I implied earlier if you live outside the US borders, including Canada, commissions are only paid via a GlobalXChange debit card. Unfortunately paypal isn't an option.

How do I sign up for My World Plus?

You can only sign up through a link from a current member, which I have one here for you. (From my loyal subscriber Nichele)

From the surface this appears to be a legit opportunity. Furthermore I have one of my loyal subscribers vouching for it and has actually been paid. She showed me the proof and you know that goes a long way with me instead of the hype I usually get from reps. But as always with any opportunity I also have some reservations. So I wouldn't be doing my job if I did not point out some things to think about before you jump in. The fact that one of my subscribers has had success carries a lot of weight with me, but what works for one doesn't work well for all, so here are some things to think about before you go and jump in.


– Ideally the cost of the membership at the highest level should be offset by your regular discount savings and hopefully your referrals. But there is a chance you won't save the same amount each month because some months you just don't shop as much as others. Also, when you have a discount offers like this you might be tempted to spend more than you usually would ‘to get your money's worth' (which of course is what the advertisers want). So you need to be mindful if the math adds up in the long run for your. Otherwise you may actually be losing money.

– Once you've tapped out your pool of immediate friends and family to join, you will probably need to move on to the Internet to reach more people. The company does give you the basic tools to use, an email address, website url and other promotional things to promote the business and discounts. But that all means jack squat if you can't attract people to your site. With that said I'm not sure how much training this company provides you in the way of getting traffic from things like search engines or social networks. Most companies are very limited with this type of information. They just tend to provide you with links and places you should advertise. But they don't really teach you about how to get people to visit you from search engines or other places. So you may need to invest in further Internet marketing training if you want to take full advantage of the millions of people that visit Google or facebook.

– One thing that really rubbed my research assistant the wrong way about the process to get further information was the fact that she had to provide her telephone number and email address. Like her I personally don't want to be harassed via telephone or have my information sold to others if I decide this isn't for me. At least with email I can use a separate email address that won't clutter my main personal email address with marketing messages. So that was annoying.

– As expected after I did provide my email there was a lot of hype in the follow up emails where they made a lot of claims. One was that they have all these people who have been placed under you already. I don't know how this is possible and from the research I've done they have argued this is actually misleading. As a marketer I know the importance of follow up emails, people forgot because of their busy lives. So sending them a few reminder emails does really help sales. I just don't want to be mislead or hyped in these emails because it makes me more skeptical and less inclined to join.

– The owner of the company is Ben Glinsky and I recently reviewed another of his programs before, Skinny Body Care. His reputation in this business is mediocre at best. There are many praises on the scam forums from members of his programs. However there are others do not have much good to say. You can read one thread here from As usual, you have to weed through and look for a pattern. The bottom line is that his things seem to follow the same pattern, have something of minimal value to offer, charge a sign up fee and monthly membership, focus on getting other people to sign up.

– This business seems to rely heavily on getting referrals to make money. It doesn't seem like you can make a lot of money on your own efforts alone which may turn people off. So if that's true you then maybe you should focus on the savings aspect where there is an obvious benefit if you shop regularly or have a large family you shop for regularly.

– The coupons you receive as a member can most likely be found on your own with various websites ( ) or on the manufactures own sites. But that can be argued for a lot of information that you find in books, magazines and newspapers. Despite this folks still buy those products for the information. Let's face it, some of us aren't really talented at finding free information like this or just don't have the time necessary to do all the digging. If that's the case then a service like this may benefit you. However if you're great at research and digging through the web this may not be worth it for you.

– They need to change the promotion of the discount card. For the most part the card itself is basically worthless. If you present it at one of your favorite stores most of them have never heard of MyWorld Plus and don't accept the card. However if you read the fine print you soon realize to use the card you basically have to go to one of the sites provides and print out the coupons and such. You hand that to the stores and that actually works. So what's the purpose of the discount card? Damned if I know. Maybe someone can better explain it. This probably causes confusion for prospects and new members. So they should make this abundantly clear.

So Is My World Plus Legitimate?

Despite the minor cons, where I stand the company seems to be on the up and up. It has been around since 2007 which is a huge plus. I've actually seen proof of payment which is another biggie for me. Ultimately I think this is probably worth joining if you're ready and willing to drum up business and get a pile of people to sign up under you each month. Then the discounts would be icing on the cake. But keep in mind sites like and even one of my favorites has a coupon section that's free to access.

Of course as usual I am interested in hearing about the experiences you all have had with this company. Is it worth it? Have you saved enough each month to justify the cost of the membership? Are you making money from the business end of this company? Any insight you can provide is welcomed. Feel free to correct us on anything we got wrong.

If this home business opportunity didn't really get your juices going and you're more of a job type of person, be sure to check out our work at home jobs page which is updated daily here. I also have a personal recommendations page that may be worth a look if you want to know about opportunities I have personally tried and recommend. If you like what you've read and want to know when we post another article, job leads or scam warnings be sure to become a subscriber. It's free and painless.

As always you can catch up with us on facebook as well. Thanks for reading this article and shout out to Nichele for bringing this opportunity to my attention. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your comments below.

4 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. Hey John,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and honest assessment. That is always appreciated when we’re trying to figure out whether a company is worth a shot or not. So thanks again for the insight!

  2. I was with MyWorld + for well over a year, and can vouch that they are legit.   This is not a ponzi scheme as some would believe because you actually recieve benefit for your investment immediately in the form of the discounts.   They offer training teleconferences at least weekly, and have a fair amount of training material on their website.   My problem with the company was with my upline.   I had several questions and after getting no response from my immediate upline, went directly to the next level where I received the same treatment of no response.   They recommend that you post on free and social sites using their prepared text and banners, and will offer to sell you leads.   Unfortunately, the major sites, such as craigslist which is the most popular, frowns on MLM and related types of postings.
    All in all, it is very easy to recoup your monthly costs by using the discounts, but that means you have no income, per se., and most of the coupons can be found with just a small amount of searching online.   My favorite was the discount coupons from where you can purchase a $20 coupon for $2.   I found out later that I could get the same coupons just by signing up for the newsletter, without being a member of MyWorld+.
    The monthly issue of the Supercuts coupon did aid me in keeping my hair cut on a regular basis!

  3. Thanks Eddy for the review!!   My World Plus is working for me but I plan on checking ebates as well. There nothings wrong in saving money!!!!


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