Is Nerium International A Scam or The Real Deal?

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Is Nerium International A Scam or Fake?Today I'm going to discuss another MLM known as Nerium which is always fun because it tends to bring out the various crazy type of MLM recruiters I've discussed in the past here.

But let's hope it's different this time. If you've struggled to actually find an honest and real Nerium International Review you're not alone. I found it damn near impossible to find a real unbiased one too. Well your search is finally over. This Nerium Review is written by someone that isn't actually trying to get you to sign up for their opportunity or product. So you can sit back and relax. But if you're in a rush, you can watch my Nerium International Review on youtube.

What is Nerium International?

Nerium International is a multi-level marketing company that sells a beauty product using independent distributors called “Brand Partners”. The company is is led by Jeff Olson and listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). (This means nothing and you can read why here.) I know what you're thinking, how many more beauty products do we need? But beauty is a billionaire dollar business so it only makes sense to pursue it. And who doesn't want to be pretty?

What is the Nerium Product?

Their beauty product is called the NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment which is basically a glorified night or day cream developed from their company's “patent-pending” Nerium oleander extract. Apparently this little plant is important because “third-party clinical trials” of NeriumAD yielded cases of reduced fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall improvement in the appearance of damaged skin. They make it seem like they found the fountain of youth? But did they really?

What is the Nerium Brand Partner Business Opportunity?

Like most MLMs, nerium products are exclusively sold and distributed via independent consultants known as “Brand Partners”. Nerium Reps are allowed to choose their own methods to sell the Nerium products. You're not forced into doing home parties, you can sell face to face, online, or even through events. If you don't like the idea of sales, you may want to check out Fusion Cash &

How much does it cost to become a brand partner?

Nerium provides three types of start up kits for brand partners, ALL starter kits include a plethora of marketing material and tools to help you launch your new business.

Depending on your needs, you have 3 starter kits options:

  • Success Pack for $499.95: It includes 5 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Premier Success Pack for $999.95: It includes 12 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Brand Partner Launch Kit for $99.95: It includes various marketing materials but apparently no product?

If you don't like the idea of having to invest in a starter kit, I can totally appreciate that. So you may want to look at Fusion Cash & which are free work at home opportunities instead.

What is the Nerium Brand Partner Commission Plan?

Nerium brand partners can make money from selling the product, recruiting other people and performance bonuses. You can earn 10%-25% selling the nerium beauty products. You can also receive a weekly customer acquisition bonus for every new auto-delivery order you receive. You can also receive bonuses of $16 for one bottle up to $60 for two bottles, depending on your current leadership level.

If you recruit other people to become brand partners you can earn a “coaching” commission of 5%. As you sell more product and recruit more people you move up in the company and receive extra promotion bonuses and recognition for your work.

What are the Nerium Complaints?

MLMs tend to get bad rep and usually have numerous complaints. But please understand that every company has complaints even the good ones so it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. However it's usually hard to find complaints against Nerium because their reps do a great job of burying them in the search results with various positive webpages created by other reps trying to make money. But fortunately I dig deeper and I was able to find the real truth about Nerium International. Check them out down below.

It's not a Work At Home Job, it's a business.

Let's face it, most people just aren't interested in starting a business. It's probably why most of the population are employees rather than employers. Starting and running a business takes a lot of patience, time and effort. Some of us lack many of these necessities. Some folks are just in situations where they prefer and need a work at home job right away. If that's you then Nerium isn't for you. You should probably look into something like Fusion Cash & instead. So that may be a complaint some people have against Nerium but it's actually more of a preference than a real complaint.

Damn Monthly Purchase/Sales Requirements.

Updated: I've decided to update this section because of some clarification by some of the Nerium Reps. (Thanks guys!) That said this is still probably a con to most people. Apparently to qualify to earn income with Nerium International you have to remain “active” each calendar month. Being “active” means you need to do one of the following:

Produce “200 PQV” in Sales to Personal Customers


Sign up to receive “80 PQV” from a Personal Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) .

So what does this mean in plain human english? You need to maintain a certain dollar amount of sales to customers or you have to sign up to have a certain dollar amount of product auto shipped to your home even if you don't need it that month. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out the exact dollar amount because like most MLMs Nerium doesn't just speak in plain dollars. Instead they have a convoluted compensation plan that you need a PHD or a translator to decipher. Starting a business is hard enough, so who needs this external pressure from Nerium? And what happens if you're not able to remain active? Seems to me if I pay my start up costs, I should be able to promote the product or business opportunity. Why add the additional layer?

This is another reason why MLMs never really appealed to me and why I gravitated towards My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. There are NO autoships or forced monthly required sales requirements. You can build your business at your pace without any additional pressure except what you put on yourself.

Expensive Start Up Cost

There are always folks that are under the misconception that if you have to invest money into any work at home opportunity it's a scam. This is just ignorance and misinformation pumped out on the web. Many folks are just too lazy to explain the difference between a job and a home based business. I'm not. No you shouldn't have to pay an employer directly to work for them. But with a business there are cost involved in running and promoting your business. Can you open a McDonald's right now with just your wishes and hope? Of course not, you need to come up with that money to pay for rent, employees, supplies, marketing, etc. Well a home business is the same way but it's usually a lot cheaper than a brick and mortar business. Now that's out of the way, people may still find the start up costs to be expensive and out of range.

Discover My #1 Free Recommendation That Requires No Start Up Cost!

The Suspect Product

There have been many reports of people receiving serious rashes and allergic reaction to the Nerium Beauty Cream. You also had many people who saw no major or any improvements after using the nerium cream. There have also been whispers that many of the before and after pictures are just photoshopped which isn't far fetched since so many magazines and products often do this but usually have a tiny disclaimer pointing this out. That said some folks swear by the product and the results. It's a toss up and at about $100 per bottle, it's expensive to find out. I wouldn't feel right about myself if I promoted something that physically hurt someone so it's not a risk I would be willing to take.

The Pushy Brand Partners

I was contacted by a family friend about Nerium a few months ago. I really like this person and I respect her hustle. So I did my research immediately after she contacted me and decided that I wasn't interested. I let her know this but she was very persistent about sending me a sample, etc. She even implied it might help my skin. So I explained that “black don't crack” and I still don't look my age, but thanks for the insult. LOL It was fine. I applauded her resolve but it did come off as very pushy which I hate. She reminded me of one the MLM People I described here. You should never have to badger people to get a sale. But it seems that some of these tactics may be passed down by leadership. You can lose a lot of friends and family members engaging in these activities. So that definitely doesn't sit well with many people.

Better Nerium Alternative?

I don't think Nerium is a bad MLM or the worst I've seen. However it may not necessarily appeal to you. Maybe you want to build a business around a passion you have? Maybe you don't want to harass your family and friends and prefer that people come to you every day via your website. If that's you then you may want to give my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation a shot. It's how I make a full time living online and I'm confident in time you can as well.

I'm not going to sit here and make ridiculous claims that you'll be making thousands within a few weeks or months like some reps. You're going to need to work and it's going to take time. But it does pay off in the end as it has for me. So check it out if you want to explore another type of business that is based around your own passion. It's totally risk free unlike Nerium where you may end up losing money and some friends and family along the way if you decided to be pushy.

So is Nerium A Big Fat Scam or Legit?

People are making money and the product is hit or miss. So I wouldn't say it's a scam. Legally they aren't doing anything crazy. But would I personally recommend this product or opportunity? Probably not. Many of the cons listed above would be deal breakers for me. However that may not be the case for you, so you can run with it if you like.

I'll stick with My #1 Free Recommendation which allows me to build a business about anything I passionate about. I don't have to be pushy and harass my friends and I'm not pushing questionable products. I can literally work with trusted companies like Amazon, Google, etc. So I encourage you to Visit My Top Recommendation if you're looking for another option.

Thanks for reading this Nerium International Review! Hopefully it gave you more a balanced view of the company which I know is harder to find than the remote in the couch. LOL

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Feel free to chime in below in the comment box. I would love to hear about your experience with Nerium. So don't be shy, I won't bite!

Talk to you soon.

Eddy with a Y!

124 thoughts on “Is Nerium International A Scam or The Real Deal?”

  1. What’s not talked about is the financial success Nerium International has received already generating 1 billion dollars in revenue, or that they are the third fastest startup in U.S. history. Or that the antiaging market is 197 billion dollar market. Nerium has raisen faster than Avon, Mary K and Maybelline.

    • Daniel,

      That’s all great. But it doesn’t mean we can ignore the other complaints highlighted in this review. It’s something folks should also take into consideration. Too often reps just want to paint a pretty picture without providing the negatives.

    • Daniel, The fact that the company is a financial success and continues to grow means that the company itself is making a lot of money. It does not mean that the “partners” are making money. Of course they have an Army of sales people that work on commission and provide for free advertising for the company. I would not invest a cent or waste a second making more money for this successful company while I get nothing.

    • Is Nerium or Neoro or whatever they’re calling themselves, still doing business in the US? Seems like they’ve had to take the show around the world to keep the pyramid scheme going. Hard to believe people get involved with scams like this and even harder to believe the government hasn’t done anything to shut them down. Jeff Olson is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Hey Jo,

      I’m not sure. Their reps have been real quiet all of sudden. And the people I knew who personally recommended their company have stopped all of sudden. So maybe it’s no more.

  2. Like many successful people and companies, Nerium is being attacked by its competitors and naysayers. Nerium products work. They work better for some. They work faster for some. They even work differently for the same person. The night cream works much faster on my neck than my forehead for instance. My before/after pictures are not doctored. The people I know who use Nerium products see improvements. Their pictures aren’t doctored. The business opportunity, like many organizations in the world is pyramid in shape. Churches, schools, governments, businesses are as well. Pyramid shape does not equal illegal. Amway proved that in court decades ago. Nerium is a company that has quality products that really work and are competitively priced; seven times more customers than brand partners; over a billion in sales in less than 4 years; a 30 day money back guarantee on everything; an excellent customer loyalty program; a program that enables customers and brand partners to get their product free; a commitment to self development and giving to our communities; and, a great business opportunity that is not hard to do but does, of course, take effort. Nerium does not promote itself as get rich quick. Nerium has solved many problems other companies have which is leading to their success. Your start-up cost information is outdated. One can start their Nerium business for $50 or $500. Obviously one is faster and easier than the other. Finally, Nerium’s products and business opportunity aren’t for everyone but they are a great fit for many.

    • Valerie,

      It’s not so much Nerium is being attacked. There are short comings that the company has that reps like to ignore or sweep under the rug. So pointing these things out isn’t an attack. It’s just bringing these weaknesses to light so people have a complete picture. And every company has weaknesses and areas of improvement. When reps act like Nerium doesn’t then it’s going to give people doubts and negative feelings. As I said in the review some people swear by Nerium products and the opportunity and others don’t. I’m sure there is truth to both arguments. So with that all said I agree with you in that Nerium isn’t for everyone.

  3. Hi Eddy,

    Thank you for this review. I have read every single comment on this thread and have found many things to think about in my own journey. I was recently approached by a friend, who has been a BP for a year, to try the product. So I told her I would (who doesn’t want better skin, right?). I’ve been using it for 3 days and am keeping my mind open. If there are results great, if not, no worries. She has also started trying to “quietly” recruit me. She, thankfully, is not pushy nor overbearing but she invited me out to an “ice cream social” at a friend’s house that ended up being some kind of Nerium meeting where I was the guest of honor (surprise!). Again, no worries, I wasn’t all that disturbed. I did notice that they talked more about the benefits of being a rep than the actual product. I started to become curious, so got on the internet to do my own research and thus ran across this thread.

    Personally, my red flag, and why I’ve decided not to get into this business is that some of the questions I asked, I got very vague responses. Like, what kind of income are we talking about here, ballpark? I got the “it depends on how much you put into it” line. I also asked about a typical work day, what does working hard mean? What do they train you to do? And while she answered that question, it also seemed a little “off”/vague and I started to wonder if they’re getting trained for something other than just selling the product. I understand now that it is true, they are being trained to recruit. I don’t like that. I’ve never done any of these MLM businesses, but if I did I think I’d want to get credit for the product not managing/mentoring a team of people in order to make my money.

    I feel much better educated after reading this thread and particularly have found the user Jennifer’s input very enlightening. Thank you.

    • Hey Bria,
      I’m happy you found this post useful. That’s always been my issue with most MLMs its really about the recruiting of other reps rather than the products. That said there are some people that swear by Cerium products. So depending on who you’re talking to some really find it very useful. So maybe it depends on the rep you’re working with. I suspect that most are trained to just recruit people rather than push the product. It would be great to hear from people that actually make most of their money promoting the product.

      In terms of the answers to your question about the income, I don’t think they’re being vague. When it comes to a business it’s very hard to product how much money a person can make because it really falls on the business owner and how they apply what they’ve learned. So no one can really predict that for you in any business. It’s part of the risk of being a business owner and it’s why most people aren’t business owners. And that’s fine. But when it comes to income claims or guarantees that’s always a guess when it comes to starting a business. Either way, I appreciate your comments.

  4. I’m not here saying Nerium works or doesn’t work. Playing devil’s advocate — even if it does work, most Americans do not have the extra income to be lathering $100 on their face to slightly change their appearance. I take major offense to the pushy tactics used on friends when that $100 would be doing most American’s more good in their 401K accounts. Just saying.

    • Hey Kelly,

      Thanks for sharing your views. I don’t pretend to know what most americans budgets are because I’ve seen a lot of folks spend a lot of money on things I consider to be nonsense. So with that said if people really want something, they tend to find the money for it. But with all that said, I personally wouldn’t spend that type of money on this product especially if I’m being pressured into it. So I agree with you there and how that money can probably be invested in other ways.

  5. I was a Brand Partner, but stopped the business for a few reasons. One is I am not a salesperson and I actually don’t want to be one. I have tried other businesses like this and I did not like them either. But I thought this would be different. I was told everyone helps each other, but that was not true. I was also advised that this product is on Ebay for a lot less. I don’t like the push approach and I definitely did not know about the cost monthly if I don’t make my “quota”. I lost a lot of money and I was told I can do this on a part time basis. But apparently when you want to take your time and do this on a part time basis, you get nagged about how you are not getting anything done. I WORK A FULL TIME JOB for a living. Nerium is not a part time, in your spare time type of job. It’s a business. I also found too many inconsistencies. In order to get the car, you have to keep recruiting and making sure your recruits are recruiting. Then when you do “become Lexus qualified” it’s just that. You are qualified to get a car. You had better not have another car payment because they just won’t take your car for a trade in for the blue book value and you just added another loan to your life. And as long as you get those recruits, have those parties, do that marketing strategy, etc, then they will pay for your car. I’m sorry but it’s just not worth it for me.

    • Hey Andrea,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You’ve brought up a lot of the concerns and issues I have discovered about this company. There is way too much focus on recruiting vs selling the products which is a bad sign and what pyramid schemes do to stay a float. Legally they are not that type of scheme because they do have products. But the fact you’re pushed and pushed to recruit more people instead of the products is telling.

      Again I appreciate you sharing your experience and keeping it real.

  6. I am learning a lot from all of the conversation about Nerium, I was considering becoming a brand partner but so many points that were sitting in the back of my mind have been discussed by others on here leading me to think it may not be for me, thank you everyone for your input!

  7. We have a long-time acquaintance that sells this product. The problem is, she is EXTREMELY pushy about it. She even sent out Nerium literature with her CHRISTMAS CARDS. That is beyond tacky. Not to mention the emails, the badgering at social events, the gatherings at her house. She had a ‘get together’ at her home that everyone thought was just friends hanging out and turned out to be a ‘learn about selling Nerium’ party. It was horrible. I feel really sorry for her husband because now, no one wants to be around them. My spouse works for a well know beverage company but he does not go around to friends endorsing their product at social gatherings!! And when you tell her you aren’t interested she does not let it go. I am sorry, but this is not Tupperware. This is something that is absorbed into your SKIN. And I shouldn’t have to explain to her my medical history to get her to leave me alone. After our latest assault/encounter with her I am beginning to wonder if she is in WAY OVER HER HEAD – why would someone who is successful in their business seek to alienate their friends this way? I will never use this product on principal alone. Their sales tactics come across as rude and invasive, not to mention that it checks ALL the boxes of a Pyramid Scheme.

    • Hey Melanie,

      Thanks for chiming in and sharing your experience. Unfortunately who ever recruited her probably taught her these tactics. I’m still unsure if this type of high pressure sales comes from corporate or not. Either way I find far too many reps behaving as you described and it’s definitely a turn off to this product and company. Even if you were interested you probably won’t be if you feel like you’re being harassed. So I can totally appreciate your feelings. It would appear some reps don’t behave like this but you know how the saying goes. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch. Business doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be conducted like this which is why I’m not in that type of business. I never thrived in it because I don’t like the idea of chasing people down. I’d prefer to promote a product or service that people actively want. At that point you’re just getting paid for helping people and giving them what they’ve already expressed an interest in.

      I think that’s the best way to conduct business but to each their own. Sadly a lot of Nerium reps that resort to this high pressure sales tactic are going to find themselves losing a lot of friends and even some family members.

    • I wanted to tell you I’m sorry that your acquaintance is so pushy about “selling”. I thought you should be informed that pyramid schemes are illegal and I’m fairly certain Jeff Olsen (the millionaire Maker), MD Anderson, Signum Bioscience, Princeton University would not align themselves in something illegal. Not to mention all the tv shows like The Doctors CNN and others, and Magazines that Nerium has been featured in. The only people who don’t see results are those that don’t take before and after pictures. And if your not interested in looking and living better that’s your choice. You should tell your “acquaintance” that. “I”m sorry i’m not interested in looking and living my best. If you’ll excuse me and let me get on with my life. Thank you. Goodbye.” Polite to the point.

    • Tiff,

      I get you’re part of this company. But let’s not be ridiculous. Not everyone that tries this product will see positive results. You nor your company can guarantee results like that. And if someone decides they don’t want to use the product doesn’t mean they don’t want to look or live their best. They can achieve this with regular exercise and proper dieting. So let’s not make it seem like Nerium is a cure all. It’s not. It’s these type of responses that turn people off to this company.

  8. Recently someone I know (a hairdresser) got involved in this and is now posting all over social media trying to recruit new members. I recognized this immediately as a pyramid scheme! This will eventually go by the wayside just like Koscot – remember that? I hate that so many people are getting sucked into this, spending ridiculous amounts of money to sell a product one can find at any drugstore for less than $10. But it’s not about the product – it’s about recruitment. Recruitment = money = PYRAMID SCHEME. Sooner or later the pyramid will collapse and people will be left with many bottles of useless cream and no money in the bank, except for the chosen few who started this crap.

    • I agree there is a lot more focus on recruitment than the product. And I’m not a big fan of their pushy sales and recruitment tactics. But some people swear by the products and the company. But I guess time will tell. Either way thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it.


    Hate to bust your MLM bubble, but here are some hard financial facts from Nerium itself. Only 1.4% of brand partners gross over $10,000 per year. Of 75,000 brand partners in 2014 the average gross income was $1,222.20.
    This company is a financial cult that sells the promise of riches, as all MLM companies do, but only delivers to a few top people. I know this is a waste of time because you’ll delete this comment, but I feel an obligation to make sure you are informed with hard financial facts.

    • Peter,

      Clearly you haven’t read my body of work or my thoughts on MLMs. I’m not a big fan of them at all and I’ve clearly laid out many of the complaints and weaknesses of Nerium above. So you’re not bursting my bubble buddy. You’re just re-affirming my feelings and apprehension.

  10. I love the internet because it is the great equalizer. Face it, you can’t get a bad cup of coffee at Starbucks without someone posting it to the ether in a few minutes. That being said, it also makes everyone feel like they are an authority or in this case, an investigative reporter.

    If I may, I’d like to share a few facts that anyone, including the author of this blog could have discovered if he/she were interested in actually reporting factual data.

    First, Nerium International did not discover or invent Nerium AD, the product that we “Brand Partners” sell. Nerium AD was developed by this company: – There is much information about the company, the people behind the research and the multitude of Medical Centers and Universities who have contributed and benefitted from the research on Oleander and other natural botanicals used in clinical trials of various kinds.

    Second, Nerium Biotech is not the first group of researchers to study the plant. It has been used and the history of it’s use dates back to the 1500s. Only now, scientists are learning to unlock the potential for healing contained in the plant.

    I found it interesting that part of the focus of this blog was to scare the reader by talking about how dangerous the plant is and how 2 deaths are attributed to products derived from Nerium Oleander. One would have to live in a complete vacuum to miss all of the advances in the world of medicine today that are the result of experimenting and testing from some of the most unlikely sources. Just today, this article appeared online from FOX

    The fact that scientists haved dedicated their entire careers to the study of snake venom or toxic plants shows that in order to find cures, all reasonable efforts should be made to find answers.

    Nerium International is the direct beneficiary of over 20 years worth of research by some of the most respected medical researchers in the world. Anyone serious about either selling or using this product can do reasonable research and find out for themsleves whether the product is for them or not.

    Concerning the attack made against the distribution method that Nerium has chosen to get this product to market is amazingly uninformed. More products are moved into more hands globally by word of mouth than by any other method. Whether the internet is the mouthpiece or door to door, products gain momentum when people tell others about a product, movie, restaurant, car, vacation spot, etc.

    Big Pharma, pays their direct agents a commission to go out and sell their medical products. This model works for them and that is fine. Insurance companies pay their agents a commission to go out and sell their policies and that works for them.

    But there isn’t a company, anywhere in the world, that wouldn’t love to be able to brag about the explosive growth that Nerium International has already achieved in just it’s first 3 years of being in business.

    Year One: $100 million in sales – No company in the direct to market sales industry has ever done $100 million in retail sales in it’s first year. It took Microsoft 10 years to get to that volume.

    Year Two: $219 million in retail sales and all in one country with one product.

    Year Three $403 million in retail sales and still with only one product.

    Find any company in any industry which has done so well, so soon.

    Finally, if the company is based on great research, has already proven that it works with millions of customers, why would you be afraid to try it?

    Certainly not because of the bias of one ill informed blogger!

    Thank you,

    Stephen Wood, Brand Partner and happy participant in the explosive growth of Nerium

    • Agreed I love the web as well because it allows for multiple sides of the story and not one just pushed by the brand partners who just want to recruit you and nothing else.

      That said let’s address some of your points.

      1. I never claimed Nerium invented anything in my review. That said who backs this research company. It’s common knowledge that research studies can be influenced depending on who’s funding them. The fact this research company is named pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It’s not like it’s some 3rd party research firm that doesn’t have a tie to the parent company.

      2. I agree that in the process of finding cures and medicines there has been collateral damage that leads to death and other sickness.

      3. That’s great that Nerium is making millions. Considering how aggressive some of their reps are I’m not surprised. But I’m pretty sure it’s only because of the efforts of a few top people. It would be interesting to see the average income of all the reps to see how those millions have played out among them. Bernie Madoff was making millions too but it was a very elaborate pyramid scheme. I’m not saying Nerium is one because they do have a “Real” product. But a lot of companies make millions it doesn’t mean it’s still right for everyone.

      4. There is a difference between referrals and MLMs. If I believe in a product, company or service, I’ll happily refer it to my family, friends, etc. Fortunately I make a great full time income doing that and proudly tell people that all over my blog. And there are definitely people in MLMs that would probably refer others anyway without the commission incentive because they do believe in the products. But the problems with MLMs is that things like auto purchases are imposed on their reps to qualify to earn a commission. In my business I’m not forced or encouraged to prospect my family and friends as a source of commission. I have people coming to me rather than having to chase people down. There is also the issue with convoluted compensation plans that need to be deciphered. And say what you will but some MLM reps have been trained very poorly to be overly aggressive and belligerent. You can see that in the comments by some of the Nerium reps below. Fortunately not all of them are like that.

      So I’m not misinformed about the power of making money by word of mouth and referrals. I’ve made a full time income for nearly a decade doing just that. But I don’t have to attend meetings, push over priced products, decipher convoluted compensation plans or engage in pushy sales tactics to make that income. The companies I work with don’t require that I’m on some autoship program. And most of the companies I promote and have made money with cost my users nothing. So I know all to well that business model can work. But it doesn’t have to be using an MLM.

      And finally trying to discredit me as a misinformed blogger because I lay out some of the complaints regarding your company doesn’t help legitimize your company or help your efforts. I’m established in this industry as someone that has helped thousands of people avoid scams or make money online legitimately. Feel free to read the hundred comments here from people i have helped or you can watch some of new media coverage here.

      It’s one thing to debate the merits of your company but trying to discredit someone that has been at this for over a decade isn’t helping you my friend. That said, I wish you continued success. I guess Nerium has removed the gag order because I see more reps are chiming in again. And that’s great as I enjoy these little debates. Keep them coming!

  11. “This Nerium Review is written by someone that isn’t actually trying to get you to sign up for their opportunity or product. So you can sit back and relax. ”
    Well now that isn’t true at all.. I saw many things saying to go to “My #1 Recommendation”. Which made it feel like another sales pitch, using the same pitch politicians use to get votes. Lets tear down our opponent instead of building up what we offer.
    That being said. I am Not a Nerium Rep, but I am looking into the product. I do skin care for a living and if this product works for me I will retail it to my customers, I don’t care about building a business with it. I currently spend over 200. a month on my skin care for myself and that is at my cost as a Spa owner, so to be on an auto ship of 140. a month to keep my skin in good condition and looking young, is worth it.
    On an average women spend 125. to 300. a month on skin care for there face and body and men are on the rise, as they are seeking better skin as well.
    Every facial product on the market, at some point, has had an adverse reaction on someone somewhere. And why is that? Because not every person’s skin is the same, we are all different an will all react different. It’s just how were made. I retail facial products almost every day of my life with my job, but if I were not not sell to my customers because someone somewhere had a reaction to the product, then I would not only lose money, but most importantly I would not be able to help my clients keep the good skin I worked so hard to get them to.
    My sister had a reaction to certain foods, I guess now that means I better not eat them either?? So now you see how crazy that statement actually sounded when you said it.
    The people who make it in the MLM business are the ones who have the most drive and determination. And the reason not everyone is making 100,000. a year is because the bottom line is every person is different on how they go into any line of work, business or profession. If we all went at everything in life the same way it would make for a boring world. You cant think that every person will work the same way or perform in life the way you do.
    That is why some people make good sales people and some are happy to sit on the sidelines and just cheer them on.
    Nerium, like so many other products, is either something you like or you don’t. And not everyone will like it.
    Just like not everyone want to be a boss or do the work required to be in charge.

    • Sigh…

      1. I’m not selling Nerium so my statement was true. But yes I am giving people an alternative that is FREE, legit and has worked for me. And if breaking down the complaints is tearing down the competition, then so be it. But most people that aren’t Nerium reps have found the review very helpful and those are the folks that I’m concerned with so they can make an informed decision.

      2. It’s great you spend so much money on skin care and can afford to. That doesn’t mean other people can or want to. So forcing an autoship will still suck for those folks and that’s a valid concern and complaint.

      3. I totally agree with you in that anyone can have allergic reaction to a number of things. But the great thing about making money at home I get to pick and choose what type of business I want to be in. And for me I don’t like promoting products that may have some adverse health effect. It would make me feel horrible even though I know that anything can give someone an allergic reaction. My personal reference is to stick to things that are digital in nature. It’s just a preference and other people share it. So again it’s a valid concern but you’re right it’s not unique to nerium.

      4. You’re preaching to the choir about why people are successful or not. I’m always the one stating that for any business to work you need to be able to work hard and have the patience to see it through until you are successful. There are no short cuts. That said MLMs just aren’t an appealing business model to me. And obviously there are tons of people doing well with them. But it’s just not my cup of tea because so many of them are based on over priced products and harassing your family and friends. I’m not saying all of them are bad and behave like this but too many do which is why it often leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth. As soon as you mention you’re part of an MLM people run for the hills and that says a lot. Again they’re not all bad but I just feel there are many other ways to start a business. But at the end of the day we both agree the people that do succeed work hard, have patience and are building a business around helping others solve a problem.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  12. I just returned from a friend’s launch party and wanted to share my experience.


    I attended the meeting not because I was interested in the product or the “quick success” but because I have nevered been to this type of thing (direct sales) before and being that I hold an MBA from an Ivy League school, I was curious how these businesses work. Also, it gave me a break from the kids.. but I digress 🙂

    Arrived and my friend’s whole lineage was there… The person who signed her up (2 months in), the person who signed her up (1.5 yrs in), and this “head” person who has been a rep from the beginning (3 yrs ?). Then there were the two prospects..myself and another lady.

    The head lady asked us our background, what we do, etc. (I answered vaguely)

    The lineage shared their stories of why they joined.

    The video.

    Passed out a flyer with products and prices.

    Product rubbed on the back of our hand.

    The head lady asks.. ok, any questions?

    The other guest said she would like to try the product and so the middle two reps zoned in on her…whipping out their iPads.

    Me..oh I had plenty of questions. And here is the “Yikes” part. None were answered.

    1. If you look up the product on EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Skin deep database, the products are rated “Yellow, score 6). One ingredient listed listed is a formaldehyde releaser. I understand a lot of products release cancer causing ingredients, but how would you respond to someone who brings this up?
    Head lady and the other reps – (Blank stares.) What site is this? I have never heard of it.
    So, I bring it up on my phone.(
    Head lady (now sitting next to me) – Well, such and such has done tremdous research.. and they make sure the purest ingredients are used….(more words unrelated to my question) and if you ever have a question you don’t know how to answer, just contact us and we will help answer them. Or call the chemist, they will be happy to answer the question.
    Hmm, well obviously they were not prepared for that. If I were the sales person, I would begin with something along the lines of…”the formaldehyde releasing ingredient is only x% and it will require y amount to be at toxic levels.” Or something. Instead I received what seemed like a canned answer for another FAQ.

    2. Who are your biggest competitors and how does your company differ (I.e. what’s your core competency)?
    Head lady – well Rodan and Fields isbreally ProActive and to achieve the same results you’ll need a bunch of products so you will save money. (Eye rolls up as to help recall other canned answers). And our products work so well (goes on to tell me about her HS reunion and how great she looked in comparison to her former classmates).
    Ok, so what are the core competencies again?

    3. I heard the success stories in the video.. tell me about the not so successful ones and why they weren’t successful. What did YOU do to help them through it?
    Head lady – you know there are many who buy the product because they like it so much but never bother trying to share them. (Then tells me story of how some friends were mad at her for not sharing the product with her sooner)
    Ok.. so what happens when someone in your team hit a low spot again?

    4. You mentioned the fields that grow your nerium plants and biotechnology labs… Do new members get to visit tvise places for training and hands on knowledge?
    Head lady – no, they keep these secret so the fields remain pristine and the scientists can focus on their work. But we have videos.
    Really? It’s classified? Of all the places I’ve worked (including classified areas), employees are able visit plants to learn more about their products in order to better sell them to customers. Sure not everyone gets the privelege..but the answer still didn’t sit right with me.

    5. So the video also mentioned global expansion. Can you tell me more about that?
    Head lady – Canada, Mexico, and Asia is next.
    Oh really? Which part?
    Head lady – it hasn’t been announced. But isn’t it exciting?! They say it’s a huge market!

    Head lady continues to tell me about the great bonuses you get, the iPad, the Lexus. How great would it be to drive a Lexus…join now!

    I quit a great company (with a six figure salary, a 5 figure annual bonus, and awesome benefits) to be a stay at home mom. My kids attend private school. We eat organic 80% of the time and use natural products when available. I already drive a luxury car (it’s European though).

    Sure, it’s nice to have extra cash, to have free time, etc.

    But I just heard the same superficial things over and over – “It’s a great product, let me show you the before and after pictures. You will love it.”; “You will earn so much…and the bonus ‘re huge!” (And the Lexus… Don’t forget the Lexus.)

    It’s not my intention to slam the company. In fact, I find it very intriguing.

    I know several people who entered these types of businesses and are doing “ok” And of course I wish my friend success with her business (she did manage to sign three people up during her launch).

    I just wanted to share this so in case someone else had the have the same curiosity. If you attend(ed) a launch party and ask(ed) a similar question…I’d be curious to know what the answers are.

    • Well played FM! You asked some great and real questions. I’ve noticed the same thing with some of these MLMS where they’ll gloss over real concerns or valid questions. So it’s not unique to Nerium only. But once you ask something that doesn’t fall into the coaching or “scripts” its like watching a deer in headlights. And granted I don’t expect that reps will know everything about the company or product. And that’s fine. All they need to do is say let me check up on that and get back to you. Instead of trying to distract you with something else.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It was very enlightening and amusing.

    • You are smart to stay away from getting involved with this company or any other MLM for that matter. The reason that no one at the party could tell you much about the product is because as Brand Partners in this company, we are taught almost nothing about it.

      Our “Trainings” are about recruiting only. The product is never discussed and that was red flag for me when I first began with Nerium. It becomes a waste of time and money for many who sign up and pay to become part of it and then they’re made to feel like they “failed” or they are “unsuccessful.” The losses of these individuals who “fail” are reported as profit by Nerium as are the profits for all the overpriced sales tools people buy, the monthly fee for the their website, for the events they pay to attend and the additional product they purchase. The book, “False

      Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes” is an eye opening resource for anyone involved in an MLM. For someone who is ok with their life’s relationships to have an ulterior motive for money with their only dream in life being materialistic things than it’s a perfect place. They also brainwash their members into thinking that anyone who questions this business model or product is someone who is just trying to “tear down their dreams.” The company doesn’t want the members thinking critically about what they’re doing. It’s the closest thing to a cult I’ve ever witnessed. Who decides when this is no longer a “ground floor opportunity?” The same propaganda circulates social media over and over.

      It’s amazing that the government allows these “businesses” to operate. The book I mentioned goes into why this happens. Fascinating stuff. Problem is most people who get involved don’t stop and think, they just “believe” and do. Doesn’t mean they’re bad people, I had my own Nerium Launch Party (embarrassing), they just get excited and believe what they’re told. Your friend will soon see or she’ll get so brainwashed she’ll dedicate the rest of her career to this MLM. Thanks Eddy for being one of the only blogs who presents a critical look at Nerium.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks for the valuable input. You’ve definitely hit it on the head and I think it speaks volumes coming from a former rep. I agree there are definitely some cult like qualities about this opportunity or members that act like they’re in a cult. It’s always a telling sign when the focus is recruiting reps rather than selling the product.

      That said some people clearly seem to be making money and love the product. So that’s why the government wouldn’t touch this. They aren’t doing anything illegal per se. I’m not a big fan of the MLM model either but it is legal if you have a product to sell. Whether the product is overpriced, good or not is subjective. So that’s why these business can continue to thrive.

      In any event, thanks again for the great feedback. It should be interesting to see if one of the reps will react to your comment as you detailed. LOL

  13. It seems like this “review” is more of an advertisement for the “work at home business” which is fine but it doesn’t make it unbiased. Also yes, I am a brand partner of Nerium. In my opinion the Nerium culture has made me a better person because of the confidence the training and personal development the company leaders suggest. I’m black and I use it, and not for wrinkles. Nerium is a cosmetic used for discoloration, uneven skintone, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and aging or loose skin. I have my own before and afters and those of friends so I know it’s real. But don’t take my word for it try it and I could care less if it’s from me which is why I won’t add a “go to” link. The company has a 30 Day money back guarantee on all products even if the bottles are empty. So if the worry was wasting money the customer could get their money back if they decide it’s not for them. As for losing friends and family, I told ALL of my friends and family about Nerium. Not one joined or bought a product. All of my business has come from people I don’t know. That’s just how life is. Strangers will listen to you more than friends family and neighbors. The reason, because they know you, you’re not an outsider. I haven’t lost not a single friend or family member relationship. Being “pushy” is up to the individual brand partner. I have never been pushy and my upline has never encouraged me to be. The “lotion” as that one comment said was foolish to believe it would make FAT disappear should know it is NOT for fat. That’s what the gym and a good diet is for. The “lotion” for your body is for the improvement in appearence of cellulite and loose or sagging skin. For example women with loose belly skin after having babies use it. Body builders use it to enhance the appearence of their muscles. Ingredients are listed on every website from the company as well precautions. We also have a scientific advisory board including dermatologists and microbiologists. They say accidental discovery because they were testing the product for skin cancer treatment before the network marketing company was ever thought of. I suggest asking for and getting ALL the facts before joining any Relationship Marketing company to find out if it’s for you. Any MLM is not a lottery ticket buy in. It’s a business. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get paid like it’s a hobby. I enjoyed this “review” as it gave me insight on what details and information I need to give people in order to make an informed decision with all the facts.

    • Hey Courtney,

      Thanks for chiming in with some additional information. I do appreciate and welcome it especially coming from reps like you that don’t seem brain washed or pushy. It’s good to know the company does stand by it’s product and offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So from a financial standpoint a customer has nothing to lose. It doesn’t guarantee the product won’t have adverse affect on your skin but that can be said about any skin product.

      Clearly you had an upline that didn’t teach you some of the crappy in your face techniques that many of us have experienced with Nerium reps. As you can read by the comments many of them aren’t like you and don’t carry themselves as you have. So unfortunately these experiences will cause people to judge the company as a whole in a negative way. It may not be fair but that is the reality. Fortunately folks have your comment to read and it may change some of that perception.

      I’m happy you haven’t lost family and friends and again I don’t think that will happen with everyone that promotes Nerium or all MLMs. But some people will because of the pushy tactics they were taught. We all know that one family member or friend that became part of some wacky MLM and is now known as THAT person. That’s just real talk. Fortunately you aren’t THAT person in your family because you didn’t try to shove Nerium down their throats. So I applaud you for that and totally agree with that. It’s unnecessary and clearly you’ve been able to find success without resorting to that. So have I. So in that respect I agree with you as well.

      In terms of the products effectiveness I’ve already argued that some people have had great success using it. But some haven’t. Again that can be said about any beauty related product. Results will vary. So we’re in agreement there as well.

      I appreciate like me you’ve explained that any business will require a full commitment of energy and time to make it work in the long run. It’s not something where you’re going to make life changing income right away. Unfortunately many reps just sell the pipe dream of the exception to the rule and make ridiculous income claims to attract new reps. We all know that just pumping this to new reps is a disservice and doesn’t set real expectations. So again we’re both in agreement.

      I know you’re implying that because my review doesn’t just sing Nerium praises and I’m promoting an alternative that has actually worked for me, that somehow I lose some credibility. By their very nature all reviews have some bias to them. But at least with my reviews I’m also giving people the complaints and things that other reps like to hide. But because I’m not totally biased as you’ve implied. I welcome and have posted comments from Nerium reps that are in total disagreement with me. Now if my “review” was really only about bashing Nerium and promoting the company I believe in, great comments like yours wouldn’t see the light of day. I would just paint a one sided story like so many of the positive Nerium reviews out there. I wouldn’t give people the option of reading some great feedback from reps like yourself.

      I think many of the people who visit this page see that and do appreciate it given the comments I have received. People want to be able to know some of the bad things about a company. And as I said many times over knowing the bad doesn’t mean the company is a scam or totally bad. It helps people make informed decisions so the folks that should avoid this company will. But there will be some people that will read the complaints I’ve laid out and great comments like yours and determine, that they want to join the company. These people will probably be better reps because they’ve already gone in knowing the good and bad. It’s not popped up on them because some rep just wanted to make their commission and hide stuff.

      So in my opinion this is a good review because it provides a fuller picture because I have comments from reps like you in it as well. In any event, thanks for chiming in. I’m really happy you’re doing well with the company and you’re not resorting to the crap that some of your counterparts are engaged in. You’re a testament on how Nerium reps should conduct their business and more importantly how they comment on reviews that they may disagree with. As you can see by some of the other comments other reps don’t necessarily come off in the best way.

      Thanks again for your insight Courtney. It was appreciated and totally welcomed.

  14. I just wanted to give my input from both trying the product as well as living the Brand Partner experience. After a meeting with 2 Brand partners, before signing up, I stated “I wanted to try the product (Nerium) first and would get back to them in a couple weeks.” One of these brand partners was also my boyfriends cousin. Well my boyfriend signed up as a brand partner that evening and said to me the next day “congratulations we are business partners” I was in disbelief and actually felt very disrespected that even though I had told the Brand Partners the night before I wanted to try the product etc they called my boyfriend that night and convinced him to sign up. I actually have more business sense and operate my own business so probably why they called him lol Anyhow now a year and a half later, my boyfriend who now never goes in public not even on a date night without a shirt and hat with the name nerium all over it, (quite embarrassing,) we go to dinner and yes he has to try to sell it then as well, what use to be driving and listening to music in the car has turned to having to listen to Jeff Olson on CDs and when I ask him if we can listen to something else he gets mad, he has recruited his brother, his nephew, not to mention has spent a ton of money going to nerium conventions etc, one is coming up in April 2015 actually where Nerium will be introducing more new product for the brand partners to buy and sell! I have lost every ounce of respect for him, this product is awful first of all, they show before and after pictures of eyes which the product says don’t use close to eyes! Lets also mention the lawsuit by Ray Liotta kinda makes you wonder whats real or not in any of the before and after pics nerium posts… I have done in depth research on nerium in the past year from the product, ingredients, research to the business itself as I have tried to remain pretty open minded about it. I would say after being with my boyfriend for close to 5 years, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to call our relationship quits a month ago because he has NOT become, “a better version of himself” as their “servant leader” Jeff Olson ” tells them. In fact far from the person I thought I knew. It is very sad however I am glad to see my boyfriend is more driven by money and greed rather then just being a good person….this Nerium family or as I call them “cult” is just as poisonous as the product itself, people have lost their common sense and become so obsessed with making money that they believe anything and everything they hear… all it has done is make our life hell… anyone with a moral compass or even a little common sense wouldn’t buy into half of what Nerium tries to sell from their products to the brand partner…it is mind boggling people actually believe that a lotion will do all the claims this product states not to mention nerium firm, heck again only a complete idiot would believe they can put lotion on and all their fat and cellulite will go away, intelligent people know the difference. I would highly suggest next time someone approaches anyone with Nerium whether it be to purchase the product or become a Brand Partner do some research, remember Jeff Olson has been involved in Many MLM companies, he is not a GOD as all his nerium family wants to believe, and remember not to believe everything these brand partners tell you about any of it they will convince you to just try it, go to a nerium party where they will spend 2 minutes on the product, never be able to answer any of your questions about how the product actually works other then it was discovered accidentally as well as all the nerium bio labs lol…and then they will spend the next 2 hours showing you the things you will earn like an ipad, Lexus, big house, cruises and so you think there might be a reason they focus more on becoming a brand partner vs the product itself? so my advice anyone with a moral compass, integrity, good character do not get involved with Nerium !!!! My boyfriend who was once very respected by many of my friends has become nothing more then the brunt of jokes since he became part of this Nerium Family ..very sad

    • Hey Destiny,

      Thanks for sharing your story. This is exactly the type of stuff you don’t want to see happening. It makes Nerium seem damn near cult-like. This guy end up losing a relationship because of this and I’m sure people may lose friends and family as well. I just don’t see the need for all the heavy in your face tactics that reps are trained to use. It’s troubling to say the least.

      I’m just floored reading your comment. Thanks again for sharing. It’s crazy.

  15. I have a friend participating in the nerium project. He has been told you can make upwards of $8000.00 a month after the first 4 months and then after a year you could make $25-40k a month. This just seems a little unreal to me.
    Could a person in this situation make money close to this? Or are the people teaching him just ripping everyone off?

    • Hey Fred,

      Any business can make any amount of money IN TIME. That’s the benefit of being a business owner vs an employee. With my own business I’ve made money like that but it didn’t happen within 4 months. I find that time frame very hard to believe but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s just highly unlikely. Some shady MLM reps like mentioning the exception to the rule as if it’s something that happens regularly. It doesn’t. They dangle this type of carrot in your face to get you to sign up so they quickly make their commission. I doubt they’re thinking about keeping you long term because they would set proper expectations for you. So I would take these income claims with a grain of salt and consider the source and their motives.

      You want to work with a person and company that keeps it real with you about what you can expect. The first couple of months for any business is building a foundation and getting into a groove so you know what you’re doing. Then months later is when you MAY start seeing some results and it may not be something extraordinary yet. But it’s a start. It’s all a marathon where you get closer and closer to the finish line but its a long journey. So I don’t care what business it is, always keep that in mind.

      If it were easy to make that type of money within a few months we’d have a lot more business owners than employees. But it’s not and not everyone is built for it. Reps do folks a disservice when they don’t keep it real. I hope this helps. And if you and your friend are looking for a business that is built around your own passion, not hype and you want to “test drive” it for free as long as you want, check out my Top Free Recommendation. I think when you compare the two you’ll see the night and day difference in how we approach business.

    • Yes, you can make it. I do. It is extremely possible. This entire thread is absolutely obnoxious and has clearly been poorly researched.

    • Really? If it’s extremely possible why isn’t everyone that joins Nerium making that kind of money? As I said above any type of money is possible with a business. But most people won’t make that ridiculous amount this person is claiming. Selling people pipe dreams isn’t helping anyone. Set realistic expectations and if the person smashes it, that’s great.

      The only reason you would label this thread obnoxious is because people actually have descending feelings about Nerium and aren’t sipping the koolaid. No company is perfect and every company has flaws. Trying to deny that or criticizing people that point it out doesn’t help you recruit more people.

    • Alana, can you please elaborate? Support your comment or honestly and factually support the product? I would love to hear this as I know a person who has joined and has been unable to provide actual facts.

  16. I was approached recently, and very randomly, by an old friend speaking about Nerium. She hasn’t actually tried to recruit me yet other than sending me a video, but I can just tell it’s coming… I became curious so I did a little digging only to find biased reviews of how absolutely amazing this product is…or…how Nerium will rob you of your $$$$, life, and career. I really appreciated your fair review and every comment gave me another thing to think about. In short, I’m not interested, but I’d like to thank you for giving me much to think about in order to come to that conclusion. Cheers!!

    • You’re welcome Ashley,

      I’m glad you found this review helpful and balanced. As you can see many of the Nerium reps weren’t too fond of it. LOL But I’m glad it allowed you to make an informed decision. Obviously there are people that use the product and love it. There are also people that are making money but this opportunity may not be for everyone. It’s up to the individual to decide and not be pressured into it. That’s what I like about my business. It’s based on your passion and not being pressured into it. Thanks for chiming in.

  17. I feel like I lost a friend to this business. Initially I was supportive and did the trial sample, but experienced a reaction both with itchy irritated skin and a tingly tongue sensation. That, however, is not my main source of contingency. When discussing my concerns, I felt brushed off and directed to review the website to understand the safety of the product. It was like, never mind that small detail…if you sign up you will be on your path to riches. She kept trying to push my signing up to peddle a product I wouldn’t even use! I declined. Now she is on fb shaming all of her friends for not being bright enough to see that this is the next big thing, get in now! Why don’t you get it? When not shaming us, she is inviting us to endless meetings where BP are charged and fresh meat gets in free. She hosts her own parties, raving about all the fun we are missing out on. Following up with pics of her family and maybe a friend, a group of 4 or 5 sitting in a pizza joint looking rather bored.

    I miss my friend, but can’t bring myself to engage with her anymore.

    • Damn, unfortunately your friend sounds like a drone and one of the MLM reps I’ve discussed in the past. I’m all for people being excited about their business and a product. I know I am as well with my business. I share it with others. But I don’t try to shove it down their throats or shame them if they have no interest.

      We’re all different so there isn’t such a thing as one opportunity that everyone will love and do well with. It’s that type of lie that drives me bonkers. Everyone has to find their path and we shouldn’t judge folks that won’t follow your path or shove it down their throats. The rep I discussed in my review above recently tried pushing Nerium yet again within a facebook discussion I was having with friends. It was so contrived and pushy. It baffles me how reps are taught this is a way to market to people. Sigh…

      In any event, I’m sorry to hear about the reaction you had to the product. It’s definitely hit or miss. Some folks are loving it and having great results. Then there are folks like you that have a bad reaction. But I guess you can say that about any skincare product.

      Either way, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I hate seeing friendships or relationships ruined by the peddling of business opportunities. It’s unnecessary. If you’re trained properly as I have been business should come to you. You shouldn’t have to harass your friends and family.

    • Eddy, I failed to initially mention how much I appreciate your fair points regarding this product and business tactic.

      I too, am all for those being passionate and successful in their goals. Of course one must network and share their product. Who knows, it could absolutely be a great fit for someone in the right place. I think where my friend is failing, aside from alienating folks, is in totally relying on us as her customer base. There just aren’t enough of us and judging by the crickets in responses to her posts lately, about the business or otherwise, her personal network is rapidly depleting.

      Regarding your experience with a rep budding into a convo to push the product, is baffling. I think nerium is doing a gross disservice to their people by promoting this excessive borish behavior. Even some of the response comments to other forums re this business makes me cringe. Who wants to do business with those people who respond to objections in such an unprofessional manner? It’s like kids on a playground reading the exchanges in defense of nerium. This does little to lighten up my darkened opinion around both the product and it’s business structure.

      Let’s just say, if I were choosing a car to purchase from one of two different salespeople, I would opt for the one who provided enough quality information in a calm intelligent manner over the person who isn’t answering my questions and rushing to push the sale in a frantic way.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I try my best to keep things balanced. But of course for some reps it isn’t enough. They just want me to review their companies without talking about the cons. Fortunately there are more people like you that like getting the full picture.

      In any event, I totally agree with your comment. Every time I see a rep go off the handle in the comments I think to myself you’re definitely not doing yourself a favor resorting to name calling or attacking me. I really want to believe the parent company doesn’t condone or encourage this behavior. But I’ve seen too many instances of reps doing this. So who knows. Either way there are definitely some folks that seem to like the product or do well promoting it. So all the best to them.

      But this opportunity definitely isn’t for everyone. And thats the case for any opportunity. Again I appreciate your thoughtful feedback!

    • Not my circus, Nerium BP’s get immediately defensive because they are taught that anyone who questions this business or this product are just people trying to tear down their dreams. It was actually sent out in an e-mail from Nerium the other day. We were told to not engage in conversation about this because it makes it searchable on the internet. Nerium is trying to control the information that their brand partners are exposed to. This is just down right scary and a red flag for me that something is very wrong here. Their mission is to keep everyone “believing” and “dreaming.” Keep the money machine churning in new paying believers. The CEO of this company is an MLM master mind and he’s running the show. Very Dangerous.

    • That is very interesting stuff Jennifer. Thanks for sharing. I still never understood how asking legitimate questions about a business is an issue. It only makes sense that people are curious. And if the company has nothing to hide they should be able to answer said questions without getting defensive or making people feel bad. Clearly Nerium is starting to realize it looks very bad to have their BP’s out on the internet attacking people as they have on this blog. I’ve definitely seen a decrease of that over the last couple of months. And that’s great. What the company should encourage is that reps engage in open discussions that don’t resort to name calling or attacks. Some of the reps have been able to do that here. Hiding under a stone isn’t the answer. They just need to de-program some of the reps that were taught that this type of behaviour some how benefited them and the company. Hopefully this is the start to a kinder and gentler Nerium from the online interaction aspect.

      Thanks for sharing either way Jennifer.

  18. I’ve been using Nerium night cream for 8 nights now and have had terrific results. There is a world of difference in my skin. The biggest result for me has been my diminishing acne scars. I had to cover them with make up until now… They are barely noticeable. I’m a believer so far 🙂

  19. Hello Eddy,

    I liked your report on Nerium. I am not affiliated with the company, and haven’t used their products, but my brother is a BP. I’ve changed my name in this post to protect him.

    I make no claim on the effects of Nerium. I have not used it, bought it, sold it, or otherwise dealt with it.

    You mention not wanting to market something that may harm people. I appreciate that. What concerns me further, is that no one in the Nerium organization can tell me how the product works. I have asked at all levels, and the responses I get are either some form of, “it’s science,” or a personal attack for being a “hater” and trying to drag down a good name.

    I think the answers of the second form are at least intelligent, even if ignorant–they recognize that their business is built on something that they don’t understand, and they attempt to defend their business.

    So, I did a little digging. One of the “it’s science” responses I got pointed me to the (in)famous Nerium video about how they prove the product works. (Please note, I make no claim that the product works or doesn’t work.)

    I watched the video, and attempted to contact the research facility that sponsored the research–you know, the one that uses computer technology that is used to measure faults in computer chips. It turned out, that facility doesn’t exist. There is no such company registered by that name in California or Nevada (the two locations that I’ve been given as where that company is). In fact, the Nevada address, which I got from the FDA after a little more research and some glad-handing, points to an apartment complex in Nevada. A second address found on their own website was actually a real estate agency in Nevada.

    I also called the number I was provided. I would expect a high-tech medical testing facility to have, at the very least, a receptionist, or a phone system that had some options. What I was met with was an answering machine with a message similar to, “If you’re calling regarding ST&T Research, everyone is unavailable. Please leave a message. BEEP” I made multiple attempts, across multiple days, at various times of day, and never received anything other than the automated message.

    As I said, I make no claim on the veracity of the effectiveness of the product. But, I believe how it works is an important step in understanding if someone should use it.

    Realize, smoking can help you lose weight. But, I think we’d agree that while that is true, the side effects far outweigh the benefit gained.

    • Hey Ismial,

      Thanks for sharing your research and this information. I must say it’s very interesting to say the least. It should be interesting to see how Nerium Reps respond if it all. Hopefully it won’t be with attacks but real rebuttals with solid information. But you’ve definitely given folks something to think about and fact check for themselves.


    • Hi Eddy,
      I saw in your comment where you believe the nationwide known company ST&T Research Intl that did clinical trails for Nerium Intl doesn’t exist. To help you further in getting the answers you are looking for here is their website:
      I hope that helps you in your research. Note: Nerium is a cosmetic and not a drug, it does not need to be approved by the FDA just like lipstick or foundation doesn’t.

    • Hey Courtney,

      Good to hear from you again.
      But someone else made that comment about ST&T not me. That said it’s well known that depending on who pays for a study, the results can be interpreted or skewed in any way that fits a need. WebMD discusses this here:

      So I always take clinical trials and studies with a grain of salt especially because I know they can be sponsored by the company that’s trying to validate their claims. But thanks for the additional info.

  20. Hi Eddy,
    I am a BP with Nerium. I signed up because I love the product and my mom’s results were remarkable. I believe in the product and I like sharing it with others. I’ve grown a good customer base and get my Nerium for free. I’ve made about $1,400 but about $1,000 of that I have spent on sales tools (magazines, brochures, more day cream for my samples, etc.) Nerium reps will tell you, it’s a one time investment but that is not true. Also, many say you can do this business with 5 hours per week. That is also false. If you’re “plugged in” to the system, you’ll spend 3 hours a week just on training calls. People who do well in this business work non-stop.

    My dilemma is that this business is not selling the product which I didn’t realize when I signed up. The business in Nerium is Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. It makes me feel weird going out into the world each day and seeing every person I meet as a potential prospect. I don’t like it at all. In the system that we follow, you’re supposed to “share” Nerium with 2 people per day. I don’t feel like starting a conversation with the check out lady at the grocery store so I can tell her about Nerium. I’ve been to a few Nerium trainings and the presenters have all to said, compliment someone and then tell them about Nerium. “Oh hey, I like your sweater, have you heard of Nerium?” It just feels so unnatural to me and rude to do to someone in a public place. I would be pretty annoyed if I was grocery shopping and some stranger started trying to sell me something. You could argue that direct sales has ruined the personal relationship & the personal social media page. My FB has been over run by direct sellers posting about how much money they’re making and how amazing this opportunity is with their company. There are some things I refuse to do, exploit my personal relationships for money, recruit strangers out in public, post about my paycheck or materialistic things, and compare aging women’s necks to “turkeys” to sell skincare. Maybe I just don’t love money that much. I plan to continue to sell the product because I don’t have a moral dilemma doing that but as for selling a dream to people (most of whom waste their money and time), I just can’t do it.

    You are right, if as a BP, you don’t have 3 customers, you have to pay for your Nerium. Once you have 3, your Nerium is free. The product really is good. The business however, just not for me. According to Jeff Olson (who is not a bad guy), “Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t’ willing to do.” I guess that means according to this company I’m an “unsuccessful” person.

    Thanks for your review. I’m really digging in for anyone who has had an experience like mine.

    • Jennifer,

      You’ve probably been the most balanced and real Nerium Rep I have run into! I applaud you for actually believing the product and having great results. That’s definitely important and makes it easier to recommend to people. And I thank you for keeping it real about the amount of effort it takes to make this or any business work. It’s not easy and does take a lot of effort. It drives me crazy when reps misrepresent that fact about any business.

      Their training tactics are a bit disturbing and I can’t say I’m surprised given what I experienced first hand. It just comes off as contrived and pushy. I would feel uncomfortable using them as well. And it says even more coming from you given that you actually love the product and benefit from it. But it shows that you’re a good person. I’m sure there are better ways to sell this product and it sounds like you’re on the path to do that. I don’t think you need to employ some of the pushy tactics being taught. Continue to drive in your own lane and I’m sure you’ll find the right balance. My only concern is that some of your potential prospects will run into one of the pushy Nerium reps and lump you in with them. Either way, I wish you the best! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate such a real and balanced comment from a Nerium Rep! I’m sure others will appreciate it as well!

  21. I’ve been pretty impressed with the discussion about this product. Eddy has done a good job of presenting a thoughtful pro/con discussion and, overall, the comments sound similarly thoughtful. I am in the consumer protection business and have learned a lot from this particular blog about Nerium. Well done.

    • Hey Michael,

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. As you can see some of the reps disagree with your assessment of how I presented the information. But I guess that’s to be expected if you don’t just paint the pretty picture. lol

  22. I am apparently friends on FB with a random who works for Nerium. He sent me a message which I didn’t respond to because…lol no. Knowing how all of this works, I Googled out of curiosity to see if I could find any negative reviews (that is how I landed here). Who in the world falls for this?! LOL… If this product was so fantastical then why have I not ever heard about it? I must have missed the article in Harper’s. I feel like it’s just the uneducated ignorant leading the ignorant. I’m sorry if I offend (wait, no I’m not) but this is stupid. Thanks for your article but you were being much too nice. hehe

    Instead of risking their money, the people selling this “product” should go back to school and get their MBAs…

    PS- The products I use are Estee Lauder, Chanel and Clinique for different things (although Estee Lauder is my favorite).

    • Kay thanks for sharing your tempered opinion. lol

      But I respectfully disagree with you. People aren’t ignorant, I just think when you have really good or pushy salespeople and if you’re dying to make money at home your decisions may be clouded. That said there are some people that really do believe in this company. In terms of a company’s legitimacy being justified by magazine or TV references that’s a very limited view such as relying solely on the BBB for research. There are tons of legitimate big and small companies you may have never seen on TV or magazines. So I don’t think that’s a big factor to determine legitimacy.

      Either way, thanks for sharing your two cents.

  23. Hi Eddy!

    I couldn’t help but notice that Mary Jo from July 2014 or other Nerium reps reply to your posts/questions. Yes, what if you lose your three customers and not gain new ones? I WAS a BP and I’ve encountered a squirrel rep who WAS an old friend. Weell, they wanted me to join them at a conference that A. Was inconvenient for me to attend anyway as I have little ones to care for and B. I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING! Yes…meals, meetings, obviously the trip itself but this company brags about taking care of their people, bonus for doing little and charging BP to attend meetings… then when the squirrel loses their nut, its YOU as the hater.

    I’m not a hater, but I hate being lied to and losing money AND friends. I lost a lot of money, time with the kid’s and a so-so-called friend from this company. I’m telling a different friend right now not to join as she has TWO special needs kids and is behind on bills and is seriously considering joining Nerium.

    • Hey Susie Q,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s definitely very telling. But you’re right you’ll probably be labelled a hater or someone that didn’t work hard enough promoting the business. sigh.

  24. It seems like you just brought up Nerium just to promote some other money making scheme called “My #1 recommendation” or whatever. What a joke. So hard to find real information on the internet…

    • Uh, I’m in the business of making money with my blog. That means writing content on different topics and companies. In the process of that it’s my job to provide people recommendations that give them other options while also making me money. It’s something I very proud of and transparent about. If your idea of “real information” is just reading all praises about a company and none of the complaints then you’re in the wrong place. Every company has weaknesses even the ones that I promote and make money with. It’s my job to point these things out so people can make an informed decision. And yes I’m going to include recommendations that I know are solid and happen to make money. I’m not ashamed of it because anyone reading this blog is hear to make money as well. So if in your mind that makes me lose credibility you’re a hypocrite.

      And finally, if my information wasn’t “real” I wouldn’t allow comments that disagree with me and yet your comments and many other visible here on this blog. Interesting…

  25. Hi Eddy: I’ve been bumping into Nerium Reps all over the place. I always get suspicious when fabulous opportunities suddenly appear “overnight”. I also get very sad, because in all of my decades of networking I can’t tell you how many people & dear friends have committed months and sometimes years of their life and gosh knows how much money they couldn’t afford to have spent based on a huge promise by the MLM originators. My business in in helping people get divorced amicably and money is still #1 reason for divorce. There is a recent article in a well known newspaper recently citing that many times a partner has given up a great job to become wealthy doing MLM business. Just so I’m not mis-quoted or misunderstood, I am not…I repeat NOT saying that MLM partners WILL get divorced. What I am saying is if you are going to do it, do it with the full & honest disclosure. Disclose to your partner the risks….and I mean the truth about the commitment you have to make every month, what happens if you don’t meet that commitment, how compensation works. Beating around the bush with your partner and hiding from the truths about the business opportunity will only hurt your relationship. It will be a bumpy road financially with your partner if you don’t. Look at the opportunity honestly, discuss it and put a property business plan & realistic forecast for the business together before you commit to getting involved in the MLM. Some may not want to do this and I can understand that as they may be caught up in the emotional high that the MLM’s marketing team has drummed up to rally people together and rope them in. A marriage survives with honesty and hard work, not minimum facts, a hope & unfounded promise.

    eddy…I could go on, but as you can tell I get heartbroken when I see shattered dreams and broken relationships at the hand of MLM’s. The owners do not know, nor do they care about the damage they do to the financial and emotional lives of their recruits. They take zero responsibility.

    Having said that…peeps if you are going into business, MLM or otherwise….know this, there is no easy road to success, it always involves time and hard work. There is no point in buying into a dream that it will be otherwise.

    The proof as my mother used to say is in the pudding. In 2 years from now, how many of the people you know now as Nerium Reps will still be in the business and claim they earn enough to live on.

    From an ethical standpoint as far as the product goes. Try the product and make sure you believe in it before you sell it to someone else. If a customer has a reaction, then do the right thing and take the product back for full refund.

  26. I will stick with being an Avon Representative. 15.00 to join, NOT 500 or 1000, Free web page, NOT 29.95 a month, Upfront commission structure, NOT 14 confusing ways to make money, and finally you make money, NOT get free product.

  27. I am a Nerium Brand Partner in Canada since April 2014. I am making some money at it but like every job under the planet, you have to work at it, you can’t just buy a kit and hope you make money. Those are not the issues I want to address. There are a few comments you made that I would like to address.. “The fact is you’re required to hit a minimum like I said. If a person is lucky and/or skilled enough to refer “3 preferred customers” every month then this isn’t a concern. ” As a brand partner you do have to have an active Auto Delivery every month, you are required to buy a day and night cream combo pack which costs me $138.00 CDN. The supply is a one month supply. I do wash my face every night and every morning so I do not get overloaded with product. As a BP I can “choose” to find 3 preferred customers which will give me my night cream for free ( $92.00 Cdn Value). So it is not a requirement it is an incentive to find 3 customers to buy it. I would like to mention that I have no problem finding customers to buy it, the product works. Which brings me to the second point I would like to address, you stated that “The reports of people getting rashes and allergic reactions using this product. I know it works for some people but not all and that’s not a risk I’d like to take especially since you’re encouraged to share this product with family and friends.” I would like to say that there is NOT a product in the WORLD that will guarantee not to cause an allergic reaction to someone! In my experience there has been a couple people that have gotten a reaction from Optimera and I have instructed them to quit using it immediately and we got their money back. Thats the difference between every department store product is Nerium gives a 30 DAY money back guarantee. You can use the whole bottle and return it for a refund! If you don’t want to put out the money initially every Brand Partner in Nerium would be willing to trial you the product for 5 days FREE without a credit card or cash before making a decision.. If we didnt believe in our product or thought it was harmful would we do that? How many companies back their product that well. The short version is Optimera / Nerium AD is certainly worth a try. They have amazing results, I have seen them personally and with many family members. As far as pushy salesman, I find that there is always some whether it be Network Marketing or Future Shop, Car Salesman, or any business anywhere that’s selling something. I believe in sharing the product with people and allowing the bottle to be my salesperson. If someone is interested, great, if not that’s great too. I can’t expect to win everybody over. I Eddie would be willing to send you a free sample so you can try it for yourself and then you can have an informed opinion. You don’t have to be old and wrinkled to love this product. I have 3 daughters that are between the ages of 19 and 27 all using the product and they absolutely love it.

    • Hey Karen,

      Thanks for chiming in with your detailed and useful response. If only all reps were like you. lol

      I agree about your assessment of any business. It requires a lot of hard work and doesn’t happen over night or just hoping or giving it a try for a month or two. So no arguments there as it’s something I preach all the time. People go into businesses as if they’re jobs and that attitude won’t work.

      I’ll have to disagree about the whole incentive thing. It’s just a play on words. The fact of the matter is if you don’t hit that 3 customer per month, you’re coming out of pocket. And the whole auto-delivery thing is still just not appealing. You can try to dress it in flowers and febrez, but it’s still a policy that is going to turn some people off like myself. But if it doesn’t bother you and you can meet the minimum then more power to you. So it’s just something I’m not going to agree with most reps on and that’s fine.

      I agree that any product that you consume or put on can lead to an allergic reaction. You’re absolutely right. That said, it’s why I deal with informational products. It’s just my preference. However I wasn’t aware of the money back guarantee and return policy. That’s great and it really does show the company stands by it’s products. I’m not sure why the other reps didn’t mention this. So that’s actually huge and refreshing to hear. So thanks for enlightening us there because that makes it less of a risk at that point.

      In regards to the pushy sales tactics, yes you can find them in any line of work that involves sales. Unfortunately it seems that you find many in MLMs. But you’re proof that not all reps are pushy which I did express as well.

      Again I appreciate you coming here and clearing things up without getting on the defensive or shooting attacks like some other reps resort too. It’s very refreshing. I’ll pass on the sample. I have great skin. lol

      But thanks again!

      By the way, It’s Eddy with a y. 😉

  28. Hi: I am currently a Brand Partner. Have been for a little less than a year. I have used the night cream, the day cream, &’ their other product,,”Firm”. In the beginning, I thought there was a difference. But now after almost a year, no, I don’t think so. In fact, it made my skin break out in tiny blackheads. Something I have NEVER had in my life. And I am 65 yrs old. I do have facials every 6-8 weeks, & the girl spent 30 min just trying to get rid of the many “bumps” on my cheeks. I really wanted this to work. I was a total sun worshiper in the 60’s, & then used a tanning bed in the 90’s. Not a lot, but enough to do its damage. I was trying to avoid having any kind of surgery, even microdermabrasion scares me, lol. But it does not seem to be doing a thing. I only joined at the $99 level, thank goodness, but was only told AFTER I purchased, that no matter how many customers I bring in, I would not get any commissions. You must buy the $499 pkg in order to get paid anything. I am now going to just quit entirely. I can’t afford to keep paying $156 a month (because I purchase day & night creams), for something that is not doing a thing to help me. It may help some, but I don’t believe that the SAME product can help everyone. And I am one of the ones that it didn’t help.

    Plus, after almost a year, I have NOT signed up 1 customer of my own. They make it sound as if once people try it or hear about it, that customers will be flocking to your site to join/purchase. Not true. At least not in my case.

    I wish I had seen your article about Nerium before I started this venture. But I guess, better late than never. Thanks for listening/reading…..

    PLEASE do not post my email address.

    • Hey Helen,

      Thanks for giving your honest opinion about this company. I’m sorry that you were mislead about how easy it would be to succeed with this business. Anyone that has been in business knows it takes a lot of work, patience and effort before you see success. But some reps are just more interested in signing you up then really providing you realistic expectations.

      I’m sorry this didn’t work for you but you may want to try something else. Eventually you can find the right business for you. Thanks again for sharing. Don’t worry your email isn’t being shared here.

    • Hi, I too was a BP and i really wanted this to work. I did get 3 other BP,s to join me and I had 3 customers so my product was to be free however I was informed that the free product was only for preferred customers , not Brand partners. I also found that I could purchase nerium/optimera online for half the cost. I could not continue to try to solicit people , nor could I not inform my customers that they could get it for half the cost online so I chose to terminate my relationship with Nerium/Optimera. I have only been using the product for 6 weeks so results are not great just yet.

  29. After doing some research I have found that Nerium is in fact not healthy for you. The greatest thing they have going for them is that it seems like it shows fast results. That is because it is inflaming your entire face. It isn’t getting rid of wrinkles. Think of it like this. Say you have a balloon with very little water in it, you can still see the wrinkles in the balloon. Well when you fill the entire thing up, there are no wrinkles. That is exactly what this product is doing. Not only that it is destroying the cells on your skin in the same way a chemical peel would. A chemical peel every now and again is okay, BUT not everyday. This stuff is very dangerous.
    The fact that people stop seeing results after a month or two, then some developing rashes should speak for itself. There is no fast cure for wrinkles/skin issues. It comes from within. Eating the proper foods, staying hydrated and maybe a little sunscreen is all that is needed for most people to help with their skin issues.

    Oleander is poisonous, even deadly to some people if swallowed. And the fact that this company is touting that it is giving you antioxidants from this cream is a joke. You get antioxidants by what you eat, not what you put on your face. Their so called doctors and scientists some who have only worked in labs and never on people is a bit scary as well. And ask them to show you the research they will not. If you have nothing to hide you would show people the science behind the work.

  30. Hi Eddie. I am a Nerium brand partner and I understand your doubts about mlm companies. But I encourage you to truly check out Nerium and Jeff Olson. As far as the 3 customers you do not have to have 3 new customers every month. It can be the same customers. As long as you have at least 3 customers ordering each month your product is free. You also get free product every time you get another customer and every time you sign up a brand partner. I would love for you to pm me and I can send you more actual literature of the real science and real facts on Nerium. Looking forward to hearing from you Mary Jo

    • Hi Mary Jo,

      I have no interest in the company. But thanks for the offer.
      What happens if your 3 customers leave and you aren’t able to acquire 3 that stay on or can’t find 3 new ones for a given month?

      What happens if you lose your active status? So many reps makes it sound like it’s going to be very easy to keep 3 customers or get new ones. But no one wants to discuss what happens if you can’t meet that goal and don’t want to do the autoship.

      What happens if the product hurts your clientS skin as reported by some people? Who’s responsible for that?

      I’ll wait for the responses to these questions.


      Eddy with a y.

    • As a person who worked in public relations and journalism for years, what is upsetting to see on my Facebook news feed weekly is all the promotion of Nerium placements in magazines like “Success from Home ” and “Beautiful You.” Both these “magazines” are published, printed and funded by Nerium. Nerium is a partner owner of the company, Success Partners, that prints and publishes these magazines, and this same company partner produces all the Nerium marketing materials and branded clothing sent to Nerium Brand Partners, and runs all the Nerium national conferences and special events. When Nerium brand partners post on Facebook – look we just made the cover of this amazing magazine, it is just plain fraud not to be honest that this “magazine” is actually a paid-for Nerium sales product. On my Facebook feed reading all the Brand Partners posting a million “Congratulations to Nerium for making the Cover” posts, I want to scream – your company pays for this magazine, this isn’t celebration worthy, but a paid advertisement. Nerium even sent out a press release (they are posted on PR Web) promoting their amazing placements in these magazine without disclosing it is a paid placement and Nerium published publication. As a pr professional, when someone posts news about a new magazine, I check out the details to see if the new publication can be added to magazine press release distribution list. It only took 5 minutes to discover that these were “in house” publications. What is upsetting is to see these magazine cover stories used to convince people to be Brand Partners, because it is presented like an objective credible beauty or business magazine loves our product so much they put us on the cover. Nerium even hosts celebration “Magazine Cover” parties – Look we made the cover again of this great beauty magazine so let’s celebrate this amazing accomplishment, without telling the public or Brand Partners that Nerium prints the magazine through Success Partners. All of this is so misleading and unethical. Reputable magazines – Fortune, Lucky, Gamour, Women’s Day…will include “paid by advertiser” if the editorial copy and story presented was paid for by the corporation. Nerium neglects to do this in their own paid-for publications. It is sad to watch friends being snowed by deceptive marketing tactics each week on your Facebook newsfeed. The product may be fabulous, but I can not support a company that operates in such an underhanded manner to market their product. If the product is successful and effective, it will produce credible news and story placements and even cover stories that can be applauded. Buying them and printing them yourself in the meantime and using your Brand Partners to use it as a tool to vouch for the credibility of the product is flat out fraud.

    • Hey Julie,

      We’ll I’ll be damn’ed that’s news to me and that is very shady. I’d love to hear the Nerium’s rep on this. It should be interested to see how they explain this practice. Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. I first heard about Nerium a few months ago from my sister that lives in the U.S. She sent me a link to her BP website that she got when she had recently joined. She proceeded to tell me how wonderful this product was and said it was just coming into Canada…under a different name…Optimera. The reason it has a different name, she explained was because they had to change one of the ingredients to get it passed to be sold in Canada. Canada has stricter guidelines for consumer products than the U.S. does, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I checked out the information on her Nerium website and politely declined when I saw the price for a 30 ml…1 oz. bottle, and she had no problem with me declining and thanked me for checking it out. A few weeks ago, the lady that had signed her up mailed me a bottle of each of the day and night cream to try for 5 days to see what I thought of the product, so I did. On the third morning I woke up to puffy eyelids that felt like they had been sunburnt. I washed off the night cream and applied my regular moisturizer. When I called my sister to tell her my results she felt terrible. The lady that initially signed up happened to be visiting her and got on the phone with me. Her solution was that I should keep using it because my body ‘just needed to get used to it’ Are you kidding me! I thought. That’s like eating a new food, finding out it makes you sick, and someone telling you to keep eating it until it doesn’t make you sick anymore. I’m not a scientist, but if something causes a negative physical reaction, you don’t keep doing it. I could tell she was trying to get pushy with me and kept cutting me off in mid sentence to try to convince me to keep using it, so I got aggressive back and made it clear that I wasn’t interested and that was the end of the discussion. All she saw me as was a potential Canadian BP that could make her a lot of money if I signed up under my sister, and ultimately under her. I feel sorry for my sister that she has been sucked into using and trying to sell a product like this, but she’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions. The BP’s that try to bully people into buying this or any product should be ashamed of themselves for putting their own potential profits ahead of anyone’s physical well being.

  32. Hi Eddy,
    I used to be an Amway distributor years ago. One thing I did learn about MLM and pyramid schemes. If someone you recruit into starting their own business and selling the product is able to surpass your own earnings, it is not considered a pyramid scheme. Amway is one such company, as was proven by the FTC. Can this company claim the same?

    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks for chiming in. Usually something is a pyramid scheme when the only way to make money is recruiting other people to pay the upline. There is no real product. MLMs tend to avoid this because they have a product to sell and recruiting other people is just another option to make money as well. It’s not the only requirement to make money as with a true Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.

      I think people like throwing that term around because they don’t understand the true definition. So with that said I don’t think Nerium is a pyramid scheme. They have a product that some people like. As long as an MLM has a product (even if it isn’t really good or overpriced), they’re not a traditional pyramid scheme. You can see how the government defines a pyramid scheme on the SEC government website.

    • I would like to make a reply to “dave.” YES in Nerium they can make the same claim, “If someone you recruit into starting their own business and selling the product is able to surpass your own earnings, it is not considered a pyramid scheme,” as Amway does. It happens every month someone(s) doing it. Since you mentioned Amway which I also believe is not a pyramid and is a reputable company, here is a link from Business From Home, with the news of Jeffery Dahl, President of Amway Latin America joining Nerium as Co-Chief Executive Officer, International Handling. An executive doesn’t leave the #1 Direct Sales Company for a company that is not legitimate nor sells a product that doesn’t work. That would be total suicide for his reputation! There is also a link from Yahoo News with the announcement:

      I would also like to reply to “dawn.” I am sorry that there is a Brand Partner that is using “bully” tactics. That is NOT the training nor the ways that Nerium believes in. Honestly, my advice to you would be to complain to the customer service at Nerium. That do not believe on forcing anyone on the product nor the business opportunity.

  33. I see you were unable to rebut Jennifer. That says quite a bit about you, along the lines of how you said MLM people don’t answer questions. I’m not affiliated with the product but do not like when people publish things that they know are wrong. Again, you don’t have to spend $200, yet you don’t update your article to change your lies/bias. And to answer “why should you be required to buy a bottle?” Well, buying a monthly bottle once a month makes sense. If you don’t want to buy it, then you’re not a user of the product. I have no problem with a company that doesn’t want its sales people if they themselves don’t use/believe in the product.

    • Hey Frank,

      Thanks for the reminder. I should have updated that part of the review a long time ago. So I appreciate you calling me out on it. That section has now been updated.

      Either way it doesn’t take away from the fact that you either need to be on some forced autoship or must meet a certain sales requirement every month. The fact of the matter is some people aren’t going to like this type of pressure and that’s why I’m pointing it out.

      It’s hard enough getting a business off the ground without this external pressure. And not every sales job requires that you purchase the product. However I do agree you’ll probably be better salesperson if you know the product because of first hand use. However couldn’t that be handled when you purchase your starter kit? Free samples should be included for the rep so they can learn more about the product. But it shouldn’t be a forced requirement every month if you can’t make personal sales. For instance a BMW car salesman isn’t required to own a BMW to sell it. They’re not told you have to purchase a BMW every month if they don’t make a sale. So this isn’t necessarily a common practice or a good one.

      The reason it’s done with most MLMs is because the company needs to be able to pay your upline and make their profits. It also helps make the argument that the company isn’t a pure pyramid scheme. So let’s not insult people’s intelligence. At the end of the day some folks are going to take issue with this policy. Trying to deny that is pointless.

      Again, I haven’t claimed that Nerium is a scam. In fact I’ve said folks should give it a shot if some of these complaints doesn’t bother them. But having some complaints shouldn’t get reps in a tizzy. Every company has some things that will rub people the wrong way. The difference between this review and the ones you’re reading online is that I’ll actually point them out. Heaven forbid!

      Thanks again Frank. I doubt you’ll read this because of that witty email address (, LOL) you used to leave this comment. But I do appreciate you chiming in!

    • Chiming in means to share your opinion about this opportunity. I don’t work for Nerium so I wasn’t trained to do anything.
      That said, if you want to “chime in” and share your opinion about this company, feel free to do so. I’ve already expressed my feelings about the company above which I hope you actually read.

    • Eddy,
      I am a proud Brand Partner with Nerium and am having success by sharing our product with friends and family. This is a company with integrity. Did you know our CEO Jeff Olson doesn’t pay himself? Did you know that we are the biggest contributor to Big Brothers/Big Sisters? Did you know that 30% of profit goes back in to research for skin cancer? Did you know our compensation plan has changed several times, each time making it more beneficial to the brand partners? If you are going to claim to do your research, make sure you include everything. And please do not give incorrect “facts”… Brand Partners do not have to buy $200 worth of product each month and several people have commented on that. Yes, they do have to be on a NeriumAD autoship at a cost of $80, but as several others have said, you are able to earn that free if you have 3 customers. Why not fix your comments in your article to reflect the facts about that point since several people have pointed it out?
      Thank you!
      Jennifer –
      PS – please do not use my email address that you require I give in order to make a comment to send me your propaganda. Thank you!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I see I struck a nerve. I’m glad you shared all that other stuff which is nice to know but I noticed you forgot to address the other things I’ve pointed out such as:

      The reports of people getting rashes and allergic reactions using this product. I know it works for some people but not all and that’s not a risk I’d like to take especially since you’re encouraged to share this product with family and friends.

      The pushy and “kool aid” drinking reps that only paint one side of the story. The fact of the matter is there are a lot of you reps that use high pressure sales tactics and only want to paint one side of the story like Nerium doesn’t have any flaws. It feels like everytime I read a comment from a rep it’s like you guys are using the same script. If a product is great you won’t need to be pushy about it and attack other people that point out some of the shortcomings.

      Being on an autoship is still a bad thing regardless of the amount. Why force your reps into having to buy the product if it’s so great and it stands on it’s on? And what happens if you can’t recruit 3 customers for a given month, you still have to pay that autoship costs and get more of the products you probably have piled up in your house as you try to grow this business.

      So you can tap dance around all this but they’re still real complaints people will have. I don’t know why reps get in a tizzy when you point out negatives about their opportunity. No company is perfect but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam or bad. But every company has bad points and you guys trying to glaze over it or deny it just makes you lose credibility. There are enough reviews out there which do a great job of painting that one sided story of how great Nerium is. Folks can easily find that stuff. But what they can’t find is the other side of the coin which people need to know to make an informed decision. Fortunately we handle that here.

      At the end of the day denying the company has bad points doesn’t serve you well. Prospects will eventually run into the things I’ve pointed out any way. And then they’ll drop off like flies because you failed to inform them of some of these pitfalls. But I guess that doesn’t matter as long as you were able to make some commission off them until they do realize some of this stuff.

  34. Thank you for your objective review Eddy. I must say that I have been on the fence about becoming a brand partner for the past year and a half. I know two people in the business and have never been harassed or pushed to become a partner. I was given a free bottle by a friend and he just told me to keep it because the company gives it to him for free. I’ve used it, LOVE it and he has not once asked me to join his team. He says if I like the product, then I can make the decision myself on whether to invest or not. I know MLMS get a bad rep, however my experience, as a curious consumer, has been just fine 🙂 I think I may sign up as a brand partner. I already spend $80 a month on skin care and I have invested way more than $500 over the years in different business ventures. Your review is refreshing and objective and I appreciate your integrity 🙂

    • You’re welcome Jessica! Sounds like you’ve had a positive experience with the product and didn’t run into the annoying pushy reps I’ve seen with the MLM business model. If you decide to pursue the business aspect of this company, I wish you the best. Please come back and share your experience once you’ve been in it for a few months. Thanks.

    • Well at least you made some money which is probably more than most reps usually make with this company. That said it’s unfortunate that the business didn’t work out for you and you were pressured into it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  35. Thank you Eddy. I believe your article just saved me money that I don’t have to invest in a “disguised” pyramid scam! I have my resume on Craiglist in Phoenix and was contacted today by one of Nerium’s reps. As soon as he said I would be able to make at least 6 figures within months, I became suspicious. Keep up the good work.

    • Dollie, you’re very welcome. I don’t know any people that were able to start a home business and make 6 figures within months. It took me a few years to get to that point. That said it doesn’t mean it’s impossible but it’s highly likely for most people. I hate when reps try to sell you on the best case scenarios in their business when they know damn well most people will struggle and it will take time.

      At least now you know both sides of the coin with this business and can make an informed decision. Thanks for chiming in and the support.

  36. Ronnie give it up you sounds like the MLM vulture talked about on here. My Facebook friends list is totally oversaturated with nerium reps. Most don’t give a crap whether you make it or not they just want their residual. How anyone could depend on this for income is beyond me. Like most MLM’s most reps do not turn any profit. My ex is actually a pharma rep who got suckered into this and of course lost his butt and quit. asking your friends to join an MLM is a really good way to lose friends.

    • LOL. Unfortunately what you’ve described is too often our experience with MLM reps and why the business model and their reps turn me off. And I agree MLMs are probably the leading cause of breaking up friendships. lol Thanks for chiming in “K”?

  37. Hi there. There is a minimum requirement – $80 for the night cream monthly to stay active with the company, but as one of the respondents mentioned, if you have 3 customers, you get it free for life (and that’s for anyone buying the product, not just brand partners). And, if you have more than 3 customers, you earn even more free product. For example, I get 2 bottles of night cream and a day cream for free every month because I have more than 3 customers.

    Unfortunately some people are pushy no matter what product they are selling, and it’s too bad you had that experience with Nerium. The company’s philosophy is to share the product, not sell it, and honestly, I’ve never once asked anyone to actually buy it from me. I share it, take before/after pics, and if they like it and are impressed with their results (which most are ecstatic!) they can get some, if not no big deal.

    And as for Photoshop – I was skeptical too. But luckily Nerium doesn’t have to use those tactics because our patented (it’s not patent-pending anymore) extract does really work. I have pics of my friends and family that are amazing and they are living, visual proof that the product works.

    • Cari,

      Thanks for chiming in. You’re definitely better than many of the other Nerium Reps I’ve run into that sound like cult members.
      I think we’ve already beat the minimum requirement thing to death already. It’s still something people need to be aware of and prepared to pay if they can’t meet it which is a very real possibility.

      In terms of the pushy sales rep, I totally agree with you. There are always “tools” in all walks of life, professions, race, cultures, etc. So no argument there. Unfortunately it’s like the saying goes, a few bad apples can ruin the whole barrel. But that’s why it’s good to hear from reps like yourself that aren’t being pushy or doing self promotion in their comment here. It will give folks a more balanced view of the company. So I appreciate how you’ve conducted yourself here.

      It’s great that you have had great results with the product and selling it. I have no question that it does work for some people but I don’t think it will work for everyone. And there are definitely reps out there using photoshopped pictures. But again it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it and that the product doesn’t work. Either way, thanks again for chiming in.

    • A friend is a 1 star national marketing director and has received her 50k bonus, Lexus and says to be making 6 figures. She is also out 4 nights a week talking about the company and recruiting. No more try the product instead it is all about being a brand partner. She said that the more people that join under her the less product she has to worry about selling. She keeps asking me to join. While I see all her posts on Facebook and it sounds great I also notice how much “work” she does. Sure she says she loves it and so it isn’t work but I did get some hours a week out of her. Last week was the big convention in Dallas. Sure it looked like a party but she had to pay to go even at her level. She travels about 2 times every other month so 12 trips a year. Then there is marketing which she does about 25 hours a week. The the nightly speaking 3 to 4 nights a week which last 3 hours each so another 12 hours. And then delivery which is another 7 hours. I was so glad she was upfront with me about her time . I told her no because I too love my job but can’t not work and don’t have an extra 40 hours a week to give. All her team were either retired or stay at home moms with the time needed to do this. Just wanted to provide the insight my friend gave me. Yes you can make big money but it is a job and business so it won’t be just 10 hours a week to make big bucks

    • Hey Steph,

      Thanks for sharing. Yes when you run a business your hours tend to be more than a typical job. But the beauty of a business is that you control those hours. You put in as much or as little as you want unlike a boss that dictates that for you. As someone that runs a business myself I’ve never really counted the time because it doesn’t feel like work and I see the direct benefit so she is right in that respect.

      If you love your business and are doing well with it, it really doesn’t feel like work. What’s interesting about your friend is her focus on recruiting vs promoting the product which is why a lot of people have issues with MLMs. You would think there would be more of a focus on the product. The recruiting aspect should be secondary but for most people that’s the driver of their income and that’s where folks starting lumping this with a pyramid scheme. Even though technically its not because it does have a product but unfortunately it’s usually not the focus of the promotion.

      In any event I appreciate you setting the record. I find it very annoying and disrespectful when people make it seem like a business isn’t a lot of work. It is especially when you’re getting it off the ground. Yes in time it can get to the point where you’re not putting in as many hours because you’ve built up a great foundation. But when reps misrepresent the work required to see real money, it’s just detrimental to everyone. Because it doesn’t set realistic expectations. Then people going in thinking its one way when it’s really another. And next thing you know they’ll be calling you and the company a scam because the rep failed to keep it real. So it’s great you have a friend that did.

      Thanks again.

  38. Thank you for your article. My cousin is a partner and I was thinking about it but my first thought was is this a ponzi scheme. Everything you have written was in my head. I’m not into pushy sales stuff. All I wanted was to help my aging face:) Thanks again.

    • You’re welcome Donna,
      Legally they don’t seem to be a ponzi scheme because they do actually have a product that they’re promoting.

      But from the pushy sales stuff, I’ve yet to run into a rep that wasn’t about pushy about the product or opportunity.

      That said the product may still be worth a try for you. Like I said some people swear by it and there are some people that had a bad reaction. So it’s a risk you’re taking either way.

      Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it.

  39. Nerium doesn’t force you to buy $200 worth of products monthly. They give it to us for FREE every month just for having 3 preferred customers. Since the product works as well as they claim it does, this is a no-brainer. i have NEVER paid for my monthly auto ship. If you’re going to write an article, get your facts straight.

    • Sigh…

      What happens if you can’t refer 3 “preferred customers” for that given month?

      How do you meet that minimum requirement they have?

      I’ll wait…

    • As leaders, that’s the first thing we help our new Brand partners do, so it’s never come for me or anyone in my organization. BTW, what do you do for a living?

    • You still didn’t respond to the question. You’re doing exactly what I’ve argued about some of the reps who want to just put blinders on people and not give them the full picture.

      The fact is you’re required to hit a minimum like I said. If a person is lucky and/or skilled enough to refer “3 preferred customers” every month then this isn’t a concern. But most people won’t and that’s a reality. This business is about sales and marketing. Most people will suck at it at first or never succeed. That’s a reality.

      I’m sure there are some upline “partners” that try their best to help you reach the minimums but let’s not twist the reality that you need to hit minimums whether it’s via your own purchases or being skilled enough to recruit 3 “preferred customers”.

      And that was my point. But unfortunately there are reps out there that don’t want to tell it like it is because they feel it will scare people away. And it should. The people you have left over will be the ones that will succeed because they were already provided with the complete picture and still decided to join.

      And if you plan to try to discredit me by asking what I do for living feel free to read my about me page. I’ve been in this industry for years telling it like it is and helping people avoid scams or at the very least informing them about the pitfalls that reps try to hide from a given opportunity.

      Best of luck to you.

    • You totally read into that question. I am curious about what you do. That was all there was to that. I’m interested in people, always have been and always will be.

    • If you don’t have 3 Preferred Customers, you get billed the $80 for your product. Which is totally fine in my opinion, because I am still receiving a product that I love! I get mine free, personally, but I would have no issue paying for it. So it really isn’t a “cost to stay in the business”, rather the cost of the product IF you aren’t earning it free! =) Also, our CUSTOMERS can earn their product free as well. THEY just have to sponsor 3 PCs as well. And there is no cost to sponsor. You just refer three people, and the customer now gets theirs free! I really LOVE this company. Brand Partners also receive a FREE $80 bottle for each PC they sign up.
      Also so far in 2014, Nerium and it’s BPs have donated over $455,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters!
      It really is a caring company.
      Thanks for the review! =)

    • Stephanie,

      Yes there is a cost to stay in this business. I find it very misleading with reps try to make it seem like there isn’t just by referring 3 customers. If you’re not able to refer the customers, you will have to pay. There is nothing else to say. You guys can try to sugar coat it in whatever angle or way you want. But that’s the reality and to some people that is a con. Trying to twist it like it’s not a concern just insults people’s intelligence. So let’s stop that. If I were actually interested in this opportunity reading comments like this from reps would make me totally second guess giving this a shot.

      It’s like all the reps are reading and using the same script. It feels cultish.

  40. I have always wondered about Build My Income Daily like you said above all the reviews are all people trying to promote it I really jus want an honest review of the company……

    • Hey Ronda,

      I may have to look into that company. I hate when I can’t get objective information about a company. The more people try to shove it down my throat the more skeptical I am.

  41. I have had no luck with these things and I don’t like that you have to buy a certain amount to keep as an independent seller of their product, but I am not the best salesperson. It might be great for someone else. I did Paparazzi $5 Jewelry for awhile and lost a lot of money and time trying to advertise on various social networks, etc. just to come out broke from buying the starter kit, not selling hardly anything because everyone is broke like me, and I had to buy a certain amount to remain an active seller.

    • I hear ya Elise. I haven’t done well with MLMs either. I’m not a salesperson either. But I’ve made a great living “selling” but it’s because I don’t approach it the way many of these companies teach it.

      I just present people information and solutions and then let them make a decision rather than trying to pressure people. Marketing comes with any business but there are better ways of doing it when you have the right training.

      But I agree with you, that minimum amount nonsense drives me crazy. Thank goodness for other options.

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