New Work At Home Leads For 11.20.09

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Hope everyone had a great week. If not I would like to end it with the following quote:

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France

If you follow this simple quote you'll be surprised how far it can take you in terms of work at home and all other areas of your life. It's not enough to want to achieve your goals but you really have to act on the opportunities presented to you whether small or not. Then you must actually believe in your mind that these goals are attainable and that you are dedicated to achieving them. Don't talk just talk the talk, walk the walk. Don't blame others for your lack of success, take responsibility for your actions because ultimately your success falls on your shoulders. It's easy to blame everyone and everything around you. However a true measure of a man or woman is their ability to look in the mirror, acknowledge their weaknesses and work towards beating them. You have a lot more power than the world and you give yourself credit for. If no one has told you that, I'm telling you this is the case. Take it for what it's worth and run with it.

End pep talk here. lol

In any event I've found some new work at home jobs. But before we get to them, let's get some housekeeping items out the way to prevent any confusion, hateful comments, threats, demands, etc… You know who you are.


– The leads have been screened to the best of my ability. But when in doubt, head over to our scam section by clicking here. Then proceed to follow the simple steps of our scam video & read some of the existing scams listed on that page. Within that vast information you should be able to easily determine if any company is scam. And remember scam artists don't always ask for fees. (See Package Forward, Check Cashing, & Cash4Gold Scams)

– Please keep in mind I CAN'T make jobs magically appear to fit your needs or locations. Although I wish I could. But what I find, is what I list! This will change from week to week. So as long as you're a loyal subscriber & stay faithful to me, you'll be the first to know. But if you decide to stray & leave me for a younger & hotter site, then you risk missing out on some good leads.

– It should be noted we're a U.S. based site, so most of our job leads will be in America. Look, It's nothing personal against you or your nation. I don't believe in drinking "hatorade". (Eddy loves all people.) So that's why I've created an international work at home job page for people that live outside the U.S. Click here to visit it now.

– I'm not personally affiliated with the employers or companies listed below unless otherwise noted. So any question or issues should be addressed with the companies directly.

– And finally, some of you may be visiting this page all after the fact. This may mean the jobs listed below are no longer available. Again, there isn't anything I can do about that. If you're subscriber, just patiently wait for my next job lead post. Or you can visit my other site to see if we've posted similar jobs there or check out our work at home companies page.

Good luck either way! If you like what we're doing please show your love in the comment field below the jobs or share this page with others. By the way if you do land a job or start making money because of what you've learned on this site, then shout it out in the comment field so we know folks are succeeding. Hey, even I need a little encouragement sometimes too.

Work From Home (Telecommuting) Job Leads

Home Based Customer Service Reps Wanted!

Home Based Customer Service Reps

Freelance Writers Wanted for Online Magazine

Artwork Wanted (All Media) for Publication

PC technicians (Inland Empire, Orange county, LA)

Artist needed to paint realistic looking aircraft (Harrisburg, PA)

eLearning Instructional Designer

iPhone Developer

Medical Reviewer

SR Internal Auditor

Technical Support Representative (Level I)

Article Contributor Wanted

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Data Entry, Typing, & More

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9 thoughts on “New Work At Home Leads For 11.20.09”

  1. Thanks for the information Eddy.I lost my job July 1 of this year and couldn’t find a job until I stumbled across your site.I found a job working for Sprint from home and I also do and Mturk.My question to you is how viable of an option is medical transcription and what programs do you recommend I take? What do you know about the company Training Alternatives? Feel free to respond to my private email with the information? Lastly I wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to us out here that want to work from home and experience freedom. The information that you provided has empowered me to never go back into another office unless I really want to. More importantly my eyes are wide open to the influx of companies that desire and have a remote workforce.I hope to follow your model and work hard for the independence that I desire. Thanks a lot.—-William J.

    • Hi William,
      Thank you for the kind words. It feels good to know that I’m an inspiration to folks. But more importantly it makes me feel even better when I hear folks like you who are actually taking action and making money. It’s the best thanks I receive every day.

      In any event you’re quite welcome. Wow you’re an amazing story! Congrats on all the work at home jobs you have. I like your drive and the fact that you’re still looking for more ways to make money. It’s always great to hear from go getters like yourself. Thanks for sharing your success with us. Hopefully others will be inspired to take the same action.

      So in terms of medical transcription, it’s definitely a viable option and there still seems to be a large number of jobs available in the industry. In terms of recommendations, I’ve mentioned a few in the following article so be sure to read it: I’ve listed a recommended training company in there as well.

      I don’t know anything about Training Alternatives, but just follow the steps in my scam video and it should help you:

      In any event, I hope this helps.

  2. Hi, Eddy.

    Your site has been an inspiration to me. So I was hoping you could help me. Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone claiming (key word there) to represent Hikari Furniture Company in Japan. Here’s part of what it said:

    “We need someone to work for the company as a Representative/Bookkeeper in the USA. This is in view of our not having an office presently in the USA. You don’t need to have an Office and this certainly wont disturb any form of work you have going at the moment.

    Our integrated furniture manufacturing operations use state-of-the-art equipment from the world’s leading suppliers. Order processing, production monitoring and process flow are seamlessly integrated through a company-wide computer network.
    * The average monthly income is about 4000.00 USD.
    * No form of investments from you.
    * This job takes only 1-3 hours per day

    Unfortunately we are unable to open Bank Accounts in the United US without first registering the company name. Presently with the amount of Orders we have, we cannot put them on hold. For fear of loosing the customers out rightly.

    Secondly we cannot cash these payments from the US soon enough, as international Checks take about 14 working days for cash to be made Available. We lose about 75,000 USD of net income each month because we Have money Transfer delays* your task is to coordinate payments from customers and Help us with the payment process. You are not involved in any sales. Our Sales Representative makes direct contact for sales of products. Once orders are received and sorted we deliver the product to a customer (usually through FEDEX). The customer receives and checks the products. After this has been done The customer has to pay for the products. About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified cashier Checks and Money orders based on the amount involved.

    YOUR TASK we have decided to open this new job position for solving this problem.

    Your tasks are;

    1. Receive payment from Customers
    2. Cash Payment at your Bank
    3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed
    4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to.(Payment is to be forwarded by Western Union Money Transfer or money gram transfer).Local Money transfers take barely hours, so it will give us a possibility to get customer’s payment almost immediately.”

    Now, I’ve heard of scams where someone contacts you claiming to be from an established overseas company–Hikari Furniture IS in fact a legitimate company in Japan–but are in reality just using you to launder money for them. But they seem to have thought of that, too:

    “IS THIS LEGAL? Yes it is. As a matter of fact, our legal department checked all legal provisions to ensure if there is any domestic or international law against businesses or deals in this manner and also money laundry acts, also it complies with USA Patriot Act Section 314(b)”

    Sure, anyone can SAY that. But the difference between this one and the money-laundering scams seems to be that, instead of receiving money from “the company,” and sending it to “clients,” it seems to be the other way around.

    This e-mail talks a good game. And it avoids most of the warning signs that you’ve provided over the years. So why do I have this nagging feeling? I figured I’d consult you and the folks here before I stepped into deep soup.

    Thanks from Dave.

    • Hi Dave,

      See the scam section I referenced in this post. This so called opportunity is just one of the check cashing scams we’ve already covered there:

      So your gut was right and usually is. So go with it. But I strongly encourage you to read that scam section from top to bottom including watching the video, reading the articles and comments. That couple of hours will save you from a lot of nonsense in the future. Because as you can see, the scams don’t always ask for money. Good luck and enjoy the reading.

  3. That was a great pep talk. Hi I’m Ryan and I live back at home with my parents. I’m 24 single and have a 2 1/2 year old. I have been collecting unemployment for about 4 months now. I do not have a license and I am not able to get a license due to 2 DUI’s. I wouldn’t want to make much more than just 3-5 grand for now. I just want something simple easy to do and doesn’t cost anything. I am in no hurry to make the money fast. I could probaly work for maybe 2-4 hours a day. I have been researching your website and there is alot of great information. I am telling you all this because i thought maybe you might know of a work at home job that suits me. I want you to know that men like you are inspiring to everyone who is in a struggle to make it in this life thanks for being inspiring. Your friend Ryan 🙂

    • Hey Ryan,

      Glad it helped. Sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully as you read the site you’ll find a job or some other opportunities that will help bring some income in. In terms of your question, I don’t know of any specific jobs to help you because I don’t really know your skill set. But that being said you may want to check out my work at home companies page as mentioned above: Maybe you can find something there. As long as you’re subscriber: you’ll have access to any of the new jobs I find. Hopefully one day one of them will meet your needs and get you back on track. But in the mean time there are a lot of non-traditional opportunities at your disposal so feel free to give them a try. Bringing some money in is always better than none even if it’s not 3-5k at the moment. Good luck to you and have a happy holiday!

  4. You need to put for the company VIPdesk that they are not accepting anyone that lives in California. So all california residents can not apply for this job. Even though i think it sucks that if we live in California we can’t even be considered.


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