Paparazzi Accessories Review: Is This A Jewelry Selling Scam?

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I'm always amazed with the number of jewelry accessories that my wife, mother-in-law and daughter have in their possession. If costume jewelry was actually worth any “real money” we would all be rich! Well, I should rephrase that. Clearly there is a huge market for costume jewelry and accessories otherwise we wouldn't see whole stores dedicated to them at your local mall. Although it's probably profitable, I'm pretty sure it's expensive to have a physical store in a mall. But what if I told you, you could get in on the whole jewelry accessory craze right from your home?

Well, apparently you can and I'll cover how in my Paparazzi Jewelry Review. So sit back and relax as you learn how to turn your accessory hoarding ways into some money!

What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi Accessories” is a home based business that allows work at home seekers the ability to sell affordable costume Paparazzi Jewelry and accessories. Consultants are able to promote the products using online parties, home parties, word of mouth or many other ways that are totally up to the consultant. The company was started in 2010. They are headquartered in Hurricane, Utah. If you don't like the idea of having to sell anything to make money, you have other options such as

About the Paparazzi Jewelry Accessory Products

The lure of most costume or fashion jewelry accessories is that there are various types, styles and most importantly they're affordable. Well Paparazzi takes it a step further by keeping all “Paparazzi jewelry” and items at $5. I'm very surprised by the variety of the jewelry and accessories and how they can be so affordable without looking cheap. Check out some of the jewelry and accessories yourself.

How Do I Become A Paparazzi Consultant?

Chances are you're reading this Paparazzi Jewelry Review and thinking I can definitely sell these accessories especially if they're only $5. Well, that's exactly why Paparazzi Accessories has a home based business opportunity that anyone can join. You're known as independent consultant or Paparazzi Consultant.

Because this is a business and not a job, there are obviously expenses that come along with starting any business. To sell for Paparazzi Accessories you need to purchase a start up kit. The start up kits are priced at $99, $299 or $499. You're able to choose whatever starter kit works with your budget or needs. All the starter kits come with marketing material such as invitations to invite people to your home parties, sales bags, display hooks, receipts, Paparazzi jewelry repair kits, etc. If you don't like the idea of paying for a home business, you can start one for Free with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want another way to make some extra money, you may want to consider

How Much Money Do I Make as A Paparazzi Accessories Consultant?

Paparazzi Independent consultants earn 45% commission every time they sell Paparazzi Jewelry or any of the other Paparazzi Accessories at the retail price. Consultants are able to buy the Paparazzi Jewelry & accessories at wholesale prices and then resell them for $5 or more. Although $5 seems to be the sweet spot. The other way to earn with this home business is recruiting other Paparazzi consultants where you earn 5 to 10% from your downline or team volume.

Paparazzi Accessories, Jewelry Complaints

Not Listed With The BBB

A lot of people swear and die by Better Business Bureau ratings. Most of you know how I feel about that if you've read my BBB Work At Home article here. But if you are one of those that determine a company's legitimacy by that BBB letter grade, you'll be disappointed with the fact that Paparazzi Accessories currently have none. This could be a good and a bad thing because it means there hasn't been any formal complaints filed against this company at the time of this review. However, if you feel more comfortable working with companies that have a positive BBB rating, you may want to look into Wealthy Affiliate and

Hosting Parties (Optional Now!)

A lot of reps seem to sell the products using home parties. That part of the business would personally turn me off because I'm a hermit and barely enjoy having my family over let alone other people. LOL However, recently the company provided consultants with their own website. This allows reps to avoid the home parties and focus on doing online promotions which is right up my alley. They also do Facebook parties which are totally online as well. So although many people use home parties you're not forced to do this to be successful. But getting traffic to your site is important and fortunately Google can send tons of it to you for FREE with the proper training

Profit Margins

The company seems to suggest selling the product at about $5. However, you could sell it for more. But $5 seems to be the sweet spot as people will buy multiple items in a sitting as my mom did when she learned the price. LOL. That said, you're probably going to need to sell a lot to make some life changing money or will have to supplement some of your own sales by recruiting others under you to make some real money. But making “Real money” is subjective because everyone has different costs of living and income needs. However, given my experience, it seems like selling in volume won't be an issue with that price range and the quality of the products.

So Is Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Legitimate?

Yes, it is! As you read above, I don't really see a lot of cons with the Paparazzi Accessories Work At Home Opportunity. Although you don't neccessarily have to join it to make money with selling jewelry. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to do it without Paparazzi or help you get FREE leads for your existing Paparazzi business.

My mother-in-law makes jewelry accessories all the time and she's definitely made some money. People are always asking her and my wife where they buy their jewelry and once they find out she's made it, they want to pay her to make them some as well. So I know it's a business that can be successful and easy to get into.

But you have to treat it as a real business and work hard on it. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law is more of the creative type and is less interested in making the money. I always wished I had her skill because I'm the business type. But now I can get into this business without having to make the jewelry because I've decided to become a Paparazzi Consultant as well.

Update: Within a week of joining Paparazzi Accessories, I made my first sale of $40 purely by accident. I was excited about this new venture and just wanted to show my mother, my starter kit and the products that came with it. But she immediately wanted to buy multiple pieces when she learned the price and tried on the jewelry. Now obviously I can't make a living selling to my mom. But it proved that the product does really sell themselves without any high pressure tactics which I love. Oh yeah, Later in the week I also signed up my first consultant as well! Great start!

In any event, I hope you've liked this Paparazzi Accessories review. If you enjoyed this article and want more like it, then become a subscriber by clicking here. You can also follow me on social networks like, Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

As always I'd love to hear from you regarding this company or your thoughts about this business. So chime in down below so I'm not yapping with myself. Lol If anything you read doesn't appeal to you about this business, there are other options such as my Best Work At Home Recommendation or

Speak to you soon!

Eddy with a Y.

162 thoughts on “Paparazzi Accessories Review: Is This A Jewelry Selling Scam?”

  1. I LOVE this site! Came across it looking for reviews on another MLM but I am a Paparazzi consultant. As with all endeavors…it takes time, information, education, support and most of all desire. Paparazzi is my fun distraction for as long as it makes me smile. If you have any Papa questions, I’ve been with the company for 2 1/2 yrs and full of info lol. I wish you all well with your businesses and future businesses. Eddy, thanks for all the useful info you have about all these companies. Cheers!

  2. Paparazzi founders. You need someone to check Tracey Rose Holliday on Facebook. She has been fired for selling other jewelry then lying about it. Then she signed up under her husband ss # but someone turned her in and you fired her again. Now she is ordering paparazzi under someone else name that was under her and selling paparazzi jewelry under Holliday Hazit. I just saw video she did live Nov 5th at 8pm central time. Thank you so much. I don’t know how to get in touch.

  3. I’ve had a horrible experience with paparazzi, not the company but the people who sell it, they reel you in and then you end up on your own, I have been signed up for 5 months and my upline judge me and always say I’m the bad person Everytime, my upline was depressed she wouldn’t talk to me so I asked my other team members, and she went off and said to come to her. So pretty much she’s mad because I was worried… I dont get it. But I will admit that if u sign under someone please know them don’t do it off that back, because you will probably get pushed to the back burner after u sign up. Paparazzi needs to know the people the have, because their going to loose a lot of customers if this continues. My upline blocks everyone who doesn’t buy, even though on her live she said no need to purchase just play games and talk. It’s a lie. But please don’t fall for it. Some people just think of money and it’s horrible

  4. I sold paparazzi for about eight months. The final straw was when it took three months for corporate to answer my email. My jewelry would often arrive broken. I was told by customer service. I would have to pay to ship it back.
    My advice is run. They are a pyramid scheme and only time they care is if you’re not making your personal volume every month.
    I hope that there is a class action lawsuit for their shady business practices.
    I will probably throw my left over inventory in a garbage bag and take it to Goodwill. No offense to the garbage bag as a garbage bag is too good for this mass produced stuff.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Olivia.
      I definitely experienced broken pieces on arrival as well. The quality isn’t the best but I don’t expect it to be at that price point. But I would hope they have some quality check process before shipping the items to a rep. Clearly people love the company and are making money. I don’t know if I would call it a pyramid scheme. They have a real product that you can sell. They’re not just making money by signing up reps.

    • OH NO, I apologize for the bad experience you have had. If by chance you didn’t waste a good garbage bag throwing the jewelry away, would you be welling to just get rid of it and ship it to me??

  5. I make jewelry but I can’t sell it for what I have into it so I have thought about selling this myself so glad it is there

    • I also make and sell my own jewelry. I recently came across a Paparazzi Consultant at a Arts & Craft Fair and couldn’t believe their prices. I’ve tried MLM businesses before and the only way you can make real money is having other consultants working for you. However, I do question the quality of their product over my own. Also, my jewelry is like my signature, it’s original. I haven’t seen too many people who have copied it.
      From my experience, I am skeptical of MLM’s. I don’t have to go to any rallies and listen to a lot of pep talk. Or read any self-improvement books. I do it because I enjoy it.
      I can’t see the sense of investing at the ‘least’ another $300 to get started when I already have an inventory over $1000. What am I suppose to do, cut my own prices and take a loss. I’d be cutting my own throat.
      MLM’s are not for everyone. It takes a certain personality, a lot of tenacity
      and hard work. I’m just too old for that game.
      So, for name sake and do yourself a favor. Do as much research on MLM’s and the company before you leap. Do not judge a book by its cover.
      For you doers and shakers, I wish you all the best.

  6. I was give earrings as a gift from paparazzi accessories and read a lot of the comments about the company and since I am a big fan of shopping local and found out it’s not made even in America! I bet the people who make this crap for people to sell for $5 maybe get 10 cents or less for their hard work and also dealing with metals and hazardous fumes and chemicals so for me I will buy local their are a lot of people I can help to live a better life and benefits my community

  7. How does Amazon sell papa jewelry? I saw it sold by “lots” of 20 pieces, 40 pieces, etc. I won’t buy like that. Can you please tell me how Amazon gets to do that? I thought it was suppose to be sold by a consultant not another company. I’m alittle confused by this.
    Can you explain please?
    Thank you,

  8. It stinks that there are some who seem to have had a bad experience with Paparazzi. The potential is there. Does it take work? Absolutely! Are you going to get rich overnight? No! But with persistence and consistency, you can achieve success. I signed up under a brand new consultant who expected instruction from her personal sponsor. She did not get any support or useful guidance. I have made it to where I am by doing my own research and am looking forward to building my business now that I have more time on my hands to invest in my business. I have passed on things that I have learned to other consultants who aren’t even on my team. Paparazzi is a company that believes in building each other up and I will uphold that to the best of my ability.
    For those stating that you can sell the jewelry for more than $5.00 if it is a fundraiser, please consult your handbook or call compliance. You cannot sell for more than $5.00 and if you are caught, you will lose your consultant ID and all that hard work is down the drain. I wish you all well. If you are looking to purchase or join, look me up on facebook! @SassyNClassyBling with Laurie. Wishing anyone who reads my comment all the best. Thank you for your review Eddy with a y! 🙂

  9. I’m a big fan of Paparuzzi, however, I’ve been dealing with one of your consultants, I order, I pay for my jewelry and she keeps sending me excuses for not sending me my jewelry or just doesn’t bother to get back to me, when I confronted her about my jewelry. This is illigeal and she needs to be reformended for doing this to her customers! She owes me a $50.order presently. She just sent me another order I ordered and paid for over a month ago! This needs to be made right.

  10. You can’t please everybody, I Love everything about it. I’m meeting with one of your Paparazzi Consultant on MondayApril 22, 2019 here in Macon, Georgia. I have purchased alot of it and will continue to buy and sell for myself this time,I’m so excited finally find someone that will get me started. I can’t give her name just yet but she’s a beautiful, spiritual,loyalty young lady that solded me completely after watching some of her videos. I Love everything about it. Thanks for the gorgeous Accessories at an affordable price.

    • I don’t think it is really about pleasing everyone. It’s just a matter of acknowleding that no company is perfect and will have some areas for improvement. It can still be a great company. But it’s good for folks to know the good and bad so they can decide for themselves what they want to do. Clearly it’s been all great for you and that awesome.

  11. I would not recommend it. At first it is ok, but then you realize, you really it is not worth your time. It is good for a hobby but nothing more. I left and would never recommend to anyone to waste their time. The jewelry arrives broken sometimes. The customer service is horrible because you can Never reach anyone and NOONE writes back via email correspondence.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. It should be interesting to see if the reps come after you in their comments or acknowledge some of the short comings you experienced.
      Clearly there are a lot of folks that love the jewelry and business. But I experienced broken pieces of jewelry as well when I purchased my kit. Hopefully the quality has gotten better. But given the price point,
      I don’t expect the best of quality.

    • Well, well, well… What do we have here? Just joking. To be honest, your experience is your own. I’m a consultant, and would tell you, that I am NOWHERE nearly as successful as a lot of the Consultants I know. But due to their success, and monthly checks, I could argue with you that it is NOT a “waste of time”.

      I’d also argue that you either had a bad “sponsor”, or you didn’t like that work, and expected a “get rich quick” scheme.

      The customer service has NEVER been horrible. Trying to reach them is annoying as hell sometimes, but to say that the CS is horrible, is a bit dishonest. Especially due to the fact you admit to being able to reach them. How can you judge something, you rarely or have never seen?

      Yes, the $5 jewelry arrives broke sometimes. For the last 2 years I’ve been in, I’ve had maybe 10 or 15 broke pieces. I’ve ordered THOUSANDS! And I’ve had NO issues getting it resolved.

      You had an opportunity to make a good situation great. And for whatever reason, YOU didn’t capitalize on it. It’s not worth YOUR time. Please make that clear, before you destroy someone’s chance of possibly becoming something better. You’re not speaking “facts”, you’re speaking anecdotally.

      I’m not a big money making Consultant. I don’t like a lot of the jewelry personally. I think the Meetings they have (especially Vegas) is lacking. BUT!!! I will NOT deny the fact, that it’s a good way to change your financial situation.

  12. I did have a close friend that I referred to sell paparazzi jewelry for extra money. She was having problems from her present job. After I helped her get started; she started avoiding me so I stayed away.
    I watched one of her lives and ordered alot of pieces plus I won 2 free pieces with one of those being a ZI piece. I paid for the jewelry online and she sent me a receipt. On the following Friday I received a call from an agency wanting me to give a reference on her. I gave a good report. Then by that following Monday she blocks me.
    Today she sends a message to my daughter telling her to tell me to check and see that she has reimbursed me and that she wasn’t going to give me my free pieces because I had “been so mean to her.” The deadline to pick it up is today and my daughter was going to pick it up at Ginger Brewers husband’s place of business Phone Probs in Scottsboro Alabama. Can she do this legally. I want the merchandise and she charged me tax when she didn’t charge any of her other customers tax

    • Sharon, I am SO SORRY that you had thus experience!! I am a new consultant and would love for you to join my FB lives and VIP page (Jessica’s Gem Boutique 73)! And…you might even win some free jewelry! 🙂 for real this time!!

  13. Hi Eddy, Thank you for your review. I am an independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and have been since 2016. I’ve found the jewelry to be of the same quality as any retail chain or department store. I find the women who buy the jewelry are smart shoppers looking for cute products at an affordable price. The compensation plan is effective for generating a realistic income comparable to standard weekday employment, with a generous product commission of 45%. I’ve enjoyed meeting various women who are looking for friendship, trendy, affordable accessories and find the company to be ethical, and a positive venue for reaching professional goals. As a college graduate with a medical background, I value quality, efficiency, and integrity and find Paparazzi is worth my investment and time. As a Consultant interacting with Paparazzi, I’ve always felt the compensation was fair and generous and their communication honest and quick to respond. I find the jewelry to be intact, well made, and varied to suit trends and classic tastes. I am a capable leader and appreciate my hard-working team and find that the overall response to becoming a Consultant is positive. With so many misleading ideas regarding direct sales and thousands of people who have tried and failed- Paparazzi for many others and I has been a resounding success.

    • You’re welcome. You sound like you’re from the company headquarters. lol That said, thanks for sharing your experience and insight. Everyone has different experiences with the company which is what you see in the comments. Some would argue the quality isn’t the best but considering the price point it’s still a good buy. The company clearly cares for their consultants and tries to help them grow. So like any company there are good points and bad points. And there is no denying that and people should be aware of the good and bad.

      Too often I see reps of direct sales and MLM companies try to paint a perfect picture of the company and opportunity. And that’s an insult to people’s intelligence. So I think it’s great to hear positive feedback like you have provided. And some of the negative ones as well so people can come into these opportunities with a realistic expectation. So I appreciate your comments and the others.

  14. They do have BBB complaints and they go unanswered. Realistically speaking you do not make 45% commission when you are paying tax on retail value of things you pay wholesale. Its $2.75 plus .45 cent tax per piece and to recoup they tell you to tax your customer and pocket that tax. Also. You forget that you lose 2.9% plus .30 cent on PayPal fees. Not math genius but you don’t profit when paying those fees.

    • Hello,
      In answer to the comission break down. 45% is the comission that would be made if sold at the base price of $5. Since you are a business owner and this is your “store” you would charge tax. If you have a brand through Paparazzi Acessories that is a business and not a hobby then there would be business choices made as with any other businesses to recoup cost. So the $5 collection would be $5 plus tax. Zi Collection $25 plus tax. When a person walks into any store the price listed does not include the tax. The shopper expects to be charged tax, shipping (if applicable), etc. This is not different. Nor is it a problem with customers.

  15. I am a loyal customer and can say I love the products. For $5 I feel I’m getting better than what I may find in department stores! Not every piece is perfect but I can fix it and it’s usually the free earrings that sometimes come damaged. The rings can’t always be worn on the finger I would like but the designs are amazing. It’s definitely addicting as mentioned in the article women like variety!

  16. I love how cheap the accessories are, and love the look of a lot of them. I know several people who are consultants, and usually buy from them, as well as other people. The jewelry is advertised as great quality, great materials that won’t cause allergies, at a great price. One of those is true, I’ve bought several pieces that have broken as I take them out of the packet, as well as the frist time I’m putting it on. I’ve had two pairs of earring that have caused allergic reactions as well, they were both “copper”, I don’t know if those are made differently, all the others have been fine. I am savvy when it come to manual stuff, I used to make jewelry myself, so I’ve been able to fix what has broken, but not everyone can do that. Their rings are advertised to fit anyone who is a size 5-10, I wear a size 5 on my ring finger, 6-7 on middle and pointer fingers and most rings fall off, again, I am able to redo the stretchy band, and make them fit, but it is a major pain. To me it’s not a HUGE deal, $5 would be around the price I pay for materials to make one piece, so this just saves me a bit of time, and not every piece breaks, they are not great quality, but what do you expect for that price. I am always asked to join teams, and become a consultant, but I just don’t feel I can advertise something that has been false to me.

  17. Just bought some Paparazzi jewelry over the weekend from the sweetest Saleslady. But unfortunately I get allergic reaction to certain metals and that is exactly what happened to me. Although the jewelry looked nice it is poor quality. Lia Sophia line never irritated me.

    • What is the jewelry made from?
      Paparazzi uses a blend of metals to make all our jewelry. The products are primarily made of iron, but do include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy or either zinc, steel, aluminum, or copper.

      Is there any nickel or lead in the jewelry?
      No. All of our pieces are completely nickel and lead free. However, they are not classified as being hypo-allergenic.

  18. This was a great review and good comments, thanks. I just signed up and I should be receiving my start up kit in a few days. I’m really excited about getting started. I’ll update you Eddy on how I do. Thanks again

  19. Paparazzi is real!!! My distributor has zoomed in her sales this summer. Ive helped her ($5) a lot!

    Women like vareity and at this price, we can have it!!

  20. What kind of wages do the women how make the actual jewlery earn? I know it’s from China, so how are the working conditions in comparison to those in the states. Is this an ethical and fair businesss to the women producing the jewlery?

    • I worked for a Paparazzi warehouse fulfilling orders for like a month or so, I tried to stick it out, but they treat their employees terribly. It was summer in Southern Utah and they wouldn’t even turn on fans or AC because quote “it would ruin the jewelry to cool it down”???? Also they were rude to their employees and fired people with little reason (a girl once brought her supervisor the wrong size box, the supervisor didn’t specify so the girl grabbed the medium size, she was fired on the spot). I honestly cried because of how terribly they treated people myself included and I don’t cry easily. I thought of reporting them but figured it wouldn’t do much. I would be shocked if they treat their manufacturers ethically. They treat people as if they are disposable, super old fashioned and I’d say there were questionable practices. Just one persons opinion, but a lot of my co-workers agreed they were just more desperate than me. Also this was in the States so I imagine that it’s probably much worse wherever they are sourcing the jewelry.