Part Time Self Employment Jobs For Stay at Home Moms and Dads

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part time self employment jobsToo often we as parents have to pick between finances and family. It's a horrible choice that we're all faced with. Sadly it seems like our families have to play second fiddle to finances which is unacceptable in my mind. No one should have to choose between spending time with your family or being able to feed them. Fortunately the internet is more than a tool for posting your inappropriate selfies or surfing sites you know you shouldn't. When you take a moment to stop “number signing” (or wait it's a called a hashtag now), there are a lot of ways to use the internet to make you money!

So let's discuss a few part time self employment opportunities where you can enjoy the flexibility of a work at home life to the fullest.

Top 3 Part Time Self Employment Jobs

1. Writing

Online writing opportunities is an excellent source of income because the internet is driven by content. After All when you're visiting a website you're usually reading some form of content. So there is always a high need for new content. Fortunately, you don't need a college or journalism degree in order to make money online writing.

The writing industry is wide open; as you can write for bloggers, website owners and columns, etc. Some reputable sites to find writing gigs include:, and just to mention a few. There are other sites that you can earn revenue income via views and ads, however, being paid a flat rate for each article written is definitely more ideal so you're guaranteed some income.

2. Transcription

When I came online many moons ago I was fixated with finding a typing job like most of you may still be. But I quickly discovered that there aren't many generic typing jobs. Let's face it, damn near everyone knows how to type nowadays. So I quickly got over that pipe dream. However I later discovered there are specialized typing jobs know as transcription. This basically involves typing audio such as doctor's notes, meetings, voicemail, etc. This sort of typing tends to be in great demand. So if you're looking to work at home part time typing then you want to become a medical or legal transcriptionist. You'll probably need to invest in training because you need to understand the terminology and have the proper equipment to do the job. But once you've done so and gained some experience, there are many opportunities for work online!

3. Customer Service

Personally I hate being on the telephone. I'd rather send you a text or email rather than rambling on the phone. This is ironic considering how much I love to babble in my articles but that's another story. For those of you that have kids that are in school most of the day or you've managed to figure out a way to keep them shut for a few hours then customer service jobs may be an option for you. If you've ever ordered anything from an infomercial or needed to call your cable or cell phone company chances are you've probably spoken to a rep that is at home. But you wouldn't know it because they have a quiet office which is usually a requirement. Can you imagine how difficult conversations would be if your toddler was in the background screaming Momma, Mommy, Ma? With that said, this is why customer service jobs aren't always ideal for stay at home parents. But if you do have a quite room and can free yourself from the kids, then it' actually a job in great demand as well.

Top 3 Part Time Self Employment Opportunities

So I've covered some traditional work at home jobs that you may want to explore up above. But now I want to provide you with some non job related opportunities that can also help you stay at home with your kids and make money at the same time.

1. Get Paid To Programs

This one is wide open; as there are many, many paid to programs to make money with. There are surveys, shopping online, playing games online, signing up for stuff, website surfing and more. Here are a few that I've experienced and make decent money with myself. Have a look at My Survey, Fusion Cash, SwagBucks, You can make a nice pile of cash if you sign up with enough of these and do them consistently. You'll make even more if you use the referral programs of these websites and share these legitimate companies with other people you may know that are looking to make extra money.

2. Home Based Business

You can make money in tons of ways when considering home based businesses. You can sell craft items, you can sell sewing projects, cookbooks, eBooks, jewelry and also your services. For example; you can be a virtual assistant, freelance writer, graphic designer and many other services. There are also so many established direct selling / MLM companies you can make money with as well. Some that you may want to check out are as follows Jam Berry Nails, Perfectly Posh and Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In my mind this is probably the best way to make some REAL money online. But I'll admit I'm biased because it's how I've been able to successfully make thousands of dollars every month and what eventually freed me from working for the man. That said it's not for everyone because it requires patience, hard work and leaving your employee mentality behind. For folks that can do this, this is one online opportunity where the sky is the limit. You literally determine how much you make not your boss. You get to choose when you spend time with your family and when. You don't have to beg anyone for the day off and worry about the backlash of doing so. So if that's the type of freedom you want, then check out:

#My #1 Free Way To Work From Home

That's All Folks!

I've given you enough to get started with some full or part time self employment opportunities. Hopefully it's given you some options to explore and go after. Let me know if you found this helpful!

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