Is A Scam?

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So lately I've been getting a lot of emails regarding the legitimacy of this company. So I figured let me see what this is about because apparently it's hot on the streets. But from experience I know that just because a lot of people are promoting a company, it doesn't mean it's on the up and up.

So what is is a brand new company that wants to start up a new online currency and payment system along the lines of PayPal. Let me mention that tons of people have tried to compete against Paypal. As of right now, none have been as successful. In any event is in a beta phase. That always makes me feel uncomfortable because it is hard to find cold hard facts about a company when they're still in this testing phase. What I usually look for is proof of payment and other factors. But when a company states they're in beta, it sort of gives them a pass. They always argue, get in now because when we go live this is going to be bigger than sliced bread. Unfortunately a lot of companies that are in beta don't ever go live and they end up getting a lot of free advertising. While others are left with just empty pockets. seems to be following the same path. They're doing a lot of recruiting of so-called Early Bird partners who will allegedly help fine tune the design of the program with their feedback, and how they use it. Signing up is free so you're not out of money if this goes belly up. The plan is to launch late in 2011 and phase in things between now and then. Personally the ambiguity of a launch date always makes me nervous. Again, I've been around the block a few times when it comes to this stuff and a fluid launch date is a nice way to keep stringing people a long. They claim the first thing to get up and running will be person-to-person transactions, which they are doing now. Then they will bring in businesses with shopping carts and payment options. Once all that is set, the plan is to get debit cards linked to the PayBox account and deal with foreign exchange.

How do you earn money with PayBox Early Bird Program?

First of all there is no REAL money. It 's all PayBox Currency. You get $50 in your account off the top, just to say Thanks for signing up. You will earn up to $20/day just for doing those phantom and unknown tasks. And they pay you $5 for each referral. Look I've always found it annoying when companies make up their own points or money system. But I've learned not to hold that against companies anymore because there are legitimate companies like MySurvey, Swagbucks, ICS, etc that have their own money system. But the difference is that money can actually be transferred into REAL hard cash. I've done it many times and so have people I have referred. They have a provable history of people that have gotten paid. makes me nervous because they're in beta and that doesn't mean they'll ever go live. So all that money they're giving you for signing up, breathing or whatever else means nothing unless they can launch this business.

Here's the other thing that's bothering me. To make this business a reality they need real money, so where is it coming from?Do they have any financial backing from angel investors or some other large corporation? Are they planning to make money with advertising? How exactly are they able to just randomly give you the amount of money they are claiming? I couldn't find any about us information that would help answer this question. All I can see is that we'll give you a lot of money but there is no explanation as to exactly how this will be backed up.

How and when do you get paid?

Good question! You would think they would make that easy to determine. But they don't tell you upfront. However, hidden in the terms of service is this statement:

"…If you are an EarlyBird user (a user who is active before PayBox services are generally available to the public), you may earn a variable daily rate which will be automatically added to your PayBox account balance. The conditions for keeping your account active will be posted within the login area. The rate paid may change at any time, and may be discontinued without notice.

All account balances are held in PayBox currency. PayBox maintains a currency that is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments. The PayBox currency is denominated in dollars and cents (similar to the currency of the United States and over 20 other countries). The PayBox currency is currently in a closed system, and cannot be exchanged or spent. Before long we plan to open our currency to be spent and exchanged just as you can with any other currency."

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed so maybe I missed this in the above statement. But were you able to find anything in there about when we can expect to be able to freely exchange or cash out this funny money? The time frame of "before long" doesn't sit well with me. I know with ICS for instance when I reach $2 I can cash out my money. I know with Swagbucks when I reach a certain amount of Swagbucks I can redeem it for money from paypal. There is none of this ambiguity. So that doesn't sit well with me.

More things that make me feel uncomfortable

The domain name. Most companies try to get a .com name. It's just a common practice because we as consumers immediately assume every company has a .com address. So the fact that they opted for a .me address is strange. But here's the reason why they couldn't get the .com. There is already a legitimate German company who has the .com, .net etc extension. If you visit you'll see it's a totally different company and website. There is a strong possibility that might be riding on the good brand name of to lure people into a false sense of security when doing their research.

If by chance does go live, I doubt they will ever be able to use their current name legitimately. Chances are may sue them. Something else that about the domain name that makes me uneasy is that it's only registered until August 2011. If you can't do the math, that's only about a year. Most legitimate companies that plan to start a business and be around for a while will register their site for a number of years. Spammers are the folks that tend to only register for a year because they know their sites will usually be banned or black listed by the time they're done with their dirty work of spamming or scamming people. Doesn't it seem strange that around the same time they should be paying people the site will expire? Makes you wonder huh? Maybe it was an administrative boo boo?

Mystery Money As I said earlier how are they able to afford to pay you the large amounts of money they're claiming? Money has to be coming from somewhere to cover these balances. The problem is these guys aren't really up front about where this money is coming from. On top of that they would also need to have establish some business partnerships with a whole lot of well known retailers to try to trade Pay Box currency for their goods. So right now the money has little value if any in my mind.

Phantom Owners Not only is the money situation a mystery so are the owners. They don't provide an about us page to let us know about the owners or company. That means there is also no address or phone number if something pops off. The company is basically a phantom. Look I'm all for privacy but if you're planning to get in the business of exchanging money, shouldn't we all know a lot more about you. After all paypal has an extensive about us page as they should considering all the money they handle.

Adsense Ads I have a love hate relationship with Google adsense and other advertising. As someone that provides you free content and job leads, it's a legitimate way for me to monetize my time without charging you good folks for it. Ads are a necessary "evil" on my site (although far from perfect) and works with my business model which is based on providing free information to you. So it makes "cents" for what I do. Magazines, TV networks, etc., work in the same way. But claims to be an upcoming business that is based on online payments and currency exchanges. So why the hell is it trying to make money by placing adsense ads on their site? This is very fishy and here's why. They literally have thousands of people advertising their website right now. This means their website is getting a ton of free traffic based on a promise of allegedly paying their members when they go live sometime in 2011. So while everyone else is hoping they do go live in 2011, is already making money with the adsense ads on their homepage right now. It may not be a lot given the ad unit being used and where it's placed, but the fact of the matter is they're getting free traffic and money. If they don't go live, they still make out even if the rest of their members don't. That sounds like a win win for not the members!


Based on the information I above, I honestly don't feel very comfortable with recommending this company even if there is no out of pocket investment involved. There are too many unknowns for my liking. If you've watched my scam video you already know that one of the things I always state is not to be a guinea pig for new opportunities. I take a Vulture approach to these money making opportunities. I wait for everyone else to get to the prey first and let them eat. If everyone is still standing pretty much unscathed after that, then I swoop in and get my share. Contrary to the beta and pre-launch hype, I have found there is still money to be made if you know what you're doing and have the right skills. So I never fall for it. My time and name are too important to risk jumping on a boat that is sinking and encouraging others to do the same.

In addition to all that, my team's research has found out that there was a scam that was exposed a couple years ago called GreenZap that was eerily familiar except some variations in the amounts being paid. You could literally replace word for word GreenZap with Pay Box and you get damn near the same story. Green Zap eventually got caught when the members were unable to exchange the funny money into money retailers would accept. I suspect that this may also happen with But I could be wrong and would love to be.

I know there are those who will say, ‘But Eddy, it is free to sign up, so what can I lose just in case it is legit?' Well it all depends on what you value besides money. Here are some possible scenarios where you can lose something of value.

If this turns out to be a scam you could risk having your email address being sold to scammers. But that's easy to avoid by using a throw away email you still have access to just in case this does turn out to be legit.

You could be losing your time. From experience I know people who complain about making a few cents or dollars from perfectly legitimate opportunities I have recommended. I can only imagine how nuts these same folk go if they got absolutely nothing from this company. Who could blame them? Even i wouldn't and I'm the king of optimistic perception of money making opportunities. lol

You could lose credibility. Some of you may refer an opportunity like this to your friends, family members, website visitors or facebook fans. Can you imagine what would happen if this turns out to be a scam or much to do about nothing. I've recommended companies that have had a few flaws or turned for the worst later on. Some folks aren't very forgiving and you could risk your good name. Then when you do recommend something legitimate they'll be less inclined to follow your lead. This may end up losing you money on some other things.

Based on the unknowns and how this could play out, I say pass on this opportunity for now. Until this thing goes live and shows some sustainability and money, there is absolutely no reason to be taking the plunge. Especially because there are plenty of already established companies that are actively paying folks. (See my recommendations page or work at home jobs page.) I say wait this thing out. If it does turn out to be legitimate, trust me you'll still be able to make money later. There are literally billions of people on the internet. The early birds aren't going to reach them all. So you have more than enough people to target if this does turn out to be legitimate.

That being said, you're a grown ass adult and take my review with a grain of salt. Do what you feel is best based on your opinion and due diligence. But be prepared to deal with the consequences whatever they may be good or bad. If any of you are a member of this company and have anything to include, please feel free to chime in good or bad.

We love to hear all sides of the stories. Let me know what you guys think. Am I off base here with this opportunity?

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  1. Omg, I know that buying .me domains aren’t that expensive and if I’m accussing you of misinformation, its because your post isn’t up to date. In the end, if this does turns out to be a scam, I won’t say it isn’t because I have my doubts as well, all you lose is an email address and some time advertising. It really isn’t a big deal, unless you wen’t ahead and bought one of their “promotional packages”. On the plus side right now, I haven’t recieved any spam in my inbox.

    • To each their own. Seems like an utter waste of time considering all the evidence. Even if nothing is lost, I’d prefer spending my time and energy working on something that is already established and paying.

  2. @ Theprophet007 Wrote me that my post was wrong because I said the domain was registered until 2011 but is now registered till 2016. Thats because they updated it on February 24, 2011 for 5 more years. Buying domains with the .me extension isn’t expensive. I’m sure they have been reading these comments and in order to save try to show credibility bought the extension for 5 more years. Please do your research before you accuse me of misinformation.

  3. I believe is an elaborate advertising ploy to sell Internet business, affiliate promotions… I had challenged paybox to inquire why I could not use some of my now $2590 balance to use for one of their promotions. Of course there was no response. This will end another total sham. I seem to have found them all in the 12 years that I have been looking for something legitimate in the Internet. Having lost 10’s of thousands I do not see losing anything here, other than some pride and a minute or so for logging in each day…. Good luck to you all. Michael

    • Yeah I think that’s the popular consensus. I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost SO MUCH MONEY with these scams. Hopefully you’ve learned a lot from these expensive lessons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The fish is starting to stink. The clever folks over at are offering “training” on their site. Well the training they offer are actually clickbank products. Nothing against clickbank, I’ve made a ton of $ with them. My point here is that they are probably raking in the cash with these affiliate programs not to mention the rebills they are going to get.

    They have dropped the adsense so there is no chance of leakage off of the site. They are currently 832 in the world per Alexa so they have cracked the under 1000 site in the USA. They are getting free traffic out the wazoo so I,m sure they are getting decent sales from the newbies and the misinformed.

    Im going to leave it at that because Im going to be posting my findings and opinions in my own article on my own source. I do appreciate Eddy doing an in depth post here regarding this matter. I don’t know him personally but having 9 years in this business you can tell the people who get it, and Eddy gets it.

    Good job my friend… keep up the good work.

  5. Most of your facts are incorrect and pure “opinion” so the validity of your post is in question anyhow…so I am taking everything I an reading here with the same respect….no validity. When you get factual should retract.

    • Well good luck to you then BB. Enjoy your wasted time & efforts.
      If I was to provide you with the hard evidence that I am correct then I might just do myself out of a job that I do everyday on a paid basis.
      The scammers would see how I find them, then take the correct measure to avoid being detected.
      I would never kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
      My facts are facts, not opinions.
      I do have factual information, so there is no need for me to retract. (I dont get it??? Why should I retract when I have factual info??)
      So, like I said in a post here or elsewhere, Nilo will have his army of eggheads out in damage control now that he has been exposed.
      Perhaps you are just one of them??

    • If they are the truth they should come out to the light, the reason they hide in the dark is because they dont want to reveal their real identity. Total scam it’s been months yet tolerating the negative feedbacks on them and sittin’ still thats how tough their intestines are!!! I you are the truth what r u waitin for defend your self.

    • You’re welcome. I feel the same way but as you can read by some of the comments there are some people that are still on the fence which I find amazing given the evidence out there. It’s like the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water…

    • Exactly. Waaaay back in the day, I used to investigate and report scams. It’s amazing how you can point out red flags everywhere and people would remain willfully ignorant. “It’s different, this time.” “You don’t know!!” “THIS GUY is different!” *sigh*

    • Man it’s like you just described my day! lol Some people are just so desperate that it clouds their judgement. It’s sad. But what can you do? I just focus on the people that are willing to use that grey matter in their heads. I find it to be less frustrating this way. lol

  6. Trust me Eddy. It is 100% true.
    I am happy to have exposed him.
    Now, hopefully, people will see this, research him, & hopefully see that they have been had & take the necessary steps to protect their private details.
    Who is behind it, just reinforces the observations & evidence already discovered by you, me & others.
    The evidence I have, that this is the guy is solid as a diamond!

    • Boris the Investigator, don’t you see the irony in this? You are asking readers to trust you when they know so little about you as they do about If you have the 100% evidence, present it so others can look at it independently. According to you, the evidence is so overwhelming that it would be apparent to anyone who researches Nilo Bezerra. I investigated your claim and found no evidence, except that he is a marketer promoting the sites you listed. Perhaps I’m missing something.

  7. Nilo Bezerra is the man behind
    He promotes a whole lot of MLM opportunities in the main.
    He is from Brazil.
    Most of the opportunities he promotes have turned out to be scams beyond any doubt, & many others are scams in the making.
    Don’t think I would want this fellow holing my details

    You can see more in my post at

    • Honestly I don’t know if that’s true or not. To me it really doesn’t matter who is behind it. I just know the evidence is pretty clear it’s not something to be trusted.

  8. Thanks for making me clear about Paybox. I really trust this site, for giving informative posts, and especially About Wealthy Affiliate. This is where i started following this site’s updates.

    • You’re welcome! Glad you’re getting a lot of value from reading this blog. I’m confident if you continue to read the existing and new articles you’ll avoid more scams and find various new ways to make money legitimately you never knew existed. Good luck.

  9. @ Chonoss – First of all, you must know little about the currency system.

    The ‘Dollar Sign’ is a registered trademark of our American currency; hence, when they use it in respect to a number they are offering you, they are claiming that they are offering our currency. And, they have stated that, in several blog posts, you could literally earn ‘thousands and thousands of DOLLARS’ by the time Paybox launches – again, a relative indicator they are claiming our currency. The Dinar, Euro, Rupee, etc all have their own signage. So already they can, legitimately, be sued for libel.

    Next, of course they haven’t asked for your private info. They really could care less who or what you are. Because once the time comes, you will perform your transactions individually. You will be putting courtesy deposits into this account, and then – by their own TOS, you will lose it.

    Paybox is a well conceived scam. However, they are getting sloppy now. You do not open a blockbuster business as a ‘phantom owner’. Surely you would need to attract the attention of investors, media, etc…which are avenues to assist you in promoting your business. We are promoting them. We are contributing to their search engine growth. We are ultimately going to make them rich very quickly. I plan to NOT be around to see the cradle rock, per se. I plan to shut them down, albeit alone or with help.

  10. I agree with you totally. With this new training affiliates programs, 2 to be exact, and the mass money makers is deemed a scam, paybox has said these two companies are the best they found, yeah right for them maybe but not for the users!

    • Glad you can see where I’m coming from. I’m always skeptical of people stating that a given company is the best. What may be best for me may not be the best to you. So when people make that blanket statement it always puts me on edge. Furthermore why hasn’t the person that recommended the company joined, and showed proof of their success? So it’s good you question stuff like this.

  11. Being that they just announced that they’re forming an “Army of 10,000” and you will get paid via direct deposit or check, I’m beginning to get rather leery of this.

    • There was tons of evidence as laid out above that pretty much implied this company is full of it. So anything new supporting more of this is no surprise to me. A great welcomed surprise would be that they’re actually paying people and addressed the other issues we mentioned above. But I won’t be holding my breath on that.

  12. Hi, personally I do not agree with most of what you wrote.
    First, the most important thing is that NO-ONE who has a little bit of common sense would believe that a site like Paybox-me would pay in the stated currency WITHOUT (!!) any further proof-and there is none. And if someone believes that money can be made easily-grow up, please!!
    Here is the way I see it:
    I signed up one day after I’ve found out that there is ‘nothing’ that could endanger my personal details’ (there are more companies out there who have my details from online grocery shops to mobile phone shops etc……..)
    Fact is; Paybox me NEVER asked for my bank details.
    Fact is; when I went to their website I could NOT find any ‘written line’ indicating that the money they promised would be paid in US dollars!
    Fact is; it takes me less time to answer any of their surveys than cleaning my teeth or to pick up a newspaper and to read the first head line. (I do work from the computer, so switching the thing on and off is not included :)!!

    Fact is; I was careful enough to use a separate email address for Paybox me -and it never got spammed-not even the spam folder :).
    Fact is that I have nothing to loose on time by doing their quick surveys. (I’ve done surveys for major companies on the net and have earned nothing or more less ).
    It is VERY obvious that NO-ONE can make this
    amount of money for the kind of work done!!

    But if it turns out out that this company is trying to launch and to be better than Paypal and ‘fails’-I haven’t lost anything, as it takes more time to find an information—or even writing this few lines on your blog –than filling out ‘Paybox me’ surveys.
    And if they turn out to be what they could be (they are rumours that lead their website to Amazon AND paypal (!!)–YES!!) than I be laughing-even if they do not pay what they NEVER promised.
    In fact recent activities have stated that the money earned on their site will be paid out in their own
    currency-but I am personally NOT disappointed as If it turns out to be a company who is trying to launch and to be better than Paypal
    I personally do NOT understand the ‘fuzz’ about it as I have no security risk if I sign up, no false promises-in my opinion-and nothing to lose except a little bit of time which is less than opening my email account…
    But if they can launch and they succeed we all could do a much safer internet business and a safer online shopping-. I do EVEYTHING over the Internet and I had many credit card fauds in the past (with no major effect as my cards are being protected) but I would love to see a secure online payment processor. I use paypal as a seller as well, but they can’t protect ‘everything’ as I was told personally by them. Who else would be more perfect than an independent currency which might even help to save tax?

    • Look, I hear some of your points. There isn’t much risk here for users if this company turns out to be a flop which I did argue above. But until payments are actually made and I mean real money recognized by existing countries, than I personally think it’s a waste of time. Granted it’s not a lot of time, but I prefer my down time to be for something that is actually paying me with real cents or dollars that has been documented. When I have a few minutes to spare, I’ll visit sites like clixsense, ICS and make some money that I can actually cash out. So to each their own. If you don’t mind spending a little time and energy on this site and not making real money you can touch, that’s your business. It’s just not a great way I would spend my time. But to each their own.

      With all that said, you still haven’t addressed the key issues mentioned above:

      Why would a company that is trying to be the next paypal or better start off on the wrong foot and use a domain and company name that is already legally owned by an existing company that is already recognized. Does it make sense to begin a company in possible legal litigation?

      Why is there secrecy about where the money is coming from to pay people and start this company? Why isn’t there any information on the management or owners and their dealings with other major partners which would probably required to get this off the ground?

      Why is there adsense ads on the home page? It’s doesn’t make sense for their business model but it does make a lot of “Cents”/dollars for them because they’re getting free exposure and traffic from people like yourself betting that it may turn into something big. When is the last time you see adsense ads on alertpay or paypal? Never because they make money on the payment processing.

      So you really haven’t addressed the major concerns here. But again if you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time or there is a risk of your personal information being used, then continue to run with it. If it turns out to be a real company, that’s great. I’ll gladly join and get my share as well. But personally I won’t be holding my breath. There are plenty of legit companies paying now. So I’ll continue to spend my energy there.

      Thanks for sharing though. Hopefully you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. I would be happy if I was wrong because we’re all about adding new and legit ways of making money.

  13. I read your review bout, and I trie to prove it by googling the site of One strange thing is that it cannot be accessed using google chrome. However, it can be accessed using other browsers like mozilla FF or IE. What do you think? Does google has something to do with it?

  14. I read your review bout, and I trie to prove it by googling the site of One strange thing is that it cannot be accessed using google chrome. However, it can be accessed using other browsers like mozilla FF or IE. What do you think? Does google has something to do with it?

    • I have no idea. I just know this is an opportunity to be avoided which was the point of this review. Thanks.

    • I have no idea. I just know this is an opportunity to be avoided which was the point of this review. Thanks.

    • I have no problems accessing this site using Chrome. But my major issue with Paybox is the total lack of communication with whoever is running the site. There is no ‘contact’ link to speak of anywhere on the site.

      And as has already been posted, where is all of this money coming from? Paybox claims to have over 100,000 ‘early bird’ members. As of this writing, I have over 1500 ‘dollars’ in my account. At the current rate of $40/day for being ‘active’, members could have thousands of dollars by the alleged launch. By my math and provided that no more people join, that would be MILLIONS of dollars being paid to early bird users.

      There are actually cyclers and traffic exchanges that are using them as a payment option! Since the recent copyright infringement buzz, see here: I have not logged in to the site. I joined out of curiosity and used a throwaway email address.

      Personally, I do not expect to see a dime.

    • Skeptic,
      Great points. Thanks for the link and additional information it basically ties into the point I mentioned above about the legality of their name. I think the verdict is pretty much out on this company. There will be no money made. The numbers just don’t add up. I appreciate you chiming in.

  15. I read your review bout, and I trie to prove it by googling the site of One strange thing is that it cannot be accessed using google chrome. However, it can be accessed using other browsers like mozilla FF or IE. What do you think? Does google has something to do with it?

  16. I read your review bout, and I trie to prove it by googling the site of One strange thing is that it cannot be accessed using google chrome. However, it can be accessed using other browsers like mozilla FF or IE. What do you think? Does google has something to do with it?

  17. I read your review bout, and I trie to prove it by googling the site of One strange thing is that it cannot be accessed using google chrome. However, it can be accessed using other browsers like mozilla FF or IE. What do you think? Does google has something to do with it?

  18. Hello,
    firstly Thanks to post this article.
    I have registered before 2 month ago and have earned more than $ 1500.
    but , i have doubt , im Googled and found your site.
    anyway i think is SCAM. See Alexa Rank . they have a huge traffic, also earning Adsense money.
    but no problem,
    Noting Cost to Join.however Dont work hard promoting and reffering others.

    thanks Eddy Salomon. you doing great job.

  19. I just would like to stress that still can’t prove itself as a legit site because they are still far away from realizing their goals. I’ve been through sites like this and now they’re the most used websites in the web around today so I would only put a little speculation of such infos that might disturb other people. Since time and money won’t be an issue, I suggest you check out the site first with a dummy account and observe things out and then comment again on this discussion or rather my own comment for some corrections or justifications.

    Thank you. And thanks also Eddy for sharing that very informative blog about a new site now being speculated as a scam and may people be enlightened with this.

    And to all people out there: Speculations are proofs that we are curious, that we are thinking. However, too much of it will never lead you to a truth. -Rue Vermillion PAX

    • Rue,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. We appreciate it but most of the feedback is based less on speculation but more on facts especially what we’ve listed in the article above. It’s things that can be verified such as hiding their contact information, not providing any information about the owners of the company, having adsense ads on their homepage, no consistent payments if at all. So unless all this changes, the writing is pretty much on the wall about this company. It will be worth it for someone to sign up when they have established themselves as legitimate. Until then it’s pointless to sign up and RISK your personal information to a company who has yet to prove their legitimacy.

  20. Hello Eddie,

    Thank you for your review on I’ve been asked a few times about this site from my excited friends who are eager to make good cash online without doing all the hard work. This review by you will certainly make them think long and hard on what’s real and what’s not in cyberworld. Not all business is legit especially when the company is brand new and shady.

    Best regards,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  21. @xfirestorm:

    So the Sepulveda address is used for many whoisguard customers? And the phone number, likewise? I guess then, there\’s no point for me to pay attention to those things. Wild goose chase! Perhaps someone can be a \”legitimate contact,\” for: \”We don\’t cut off legitimate contacts by passing on valid mail and emails. [Email forwaring mechanism]

    Note: I do not see \”Email forwaring mechanism\” on the site (are they trying to say \”forwarding?\”) but it came with the copy-and-paste that I did, here.


    Murray, it\’s nice that you have contributed here. But you are making a claim that is not substantiated in your post. Anyone can say they spent PayBox dollars to get x-y-z, but that doesn\’t make it reliable information. If you want your statement to carry any weight, you have to provide some manner of verifiable data. For all we know, you could be someone with a vested interest in the popularity of PayBox, for example, and this is merely one way of spreading the hype. So post a link to the transaction you made with the silver or with the phones, something we can check to verify it is true by an outside source, not merely relying on your word. Would you believe me if I told you I bought a pizza with PayBox dollars? Where are the transaction details, you would ask? That\’s all I\’m asking. Where are the details?

    • Okay guys, Thanks for chiming in. I think we’re pretty much all beating a dead horse now. I don’t think people need a lot more convincing that something is fishy here. If folks were really doing well with this they would have already chimed in with real PROOF that is verifiable such as screenshots, videos, etc. Obviously none of that has been done here or other sites.
      Thanks for all of you that have chimed in though.

  22. You claim Paybox Dollars have no value, however, when Paybox Shop was open, I traded 2/3 of a Troy Ounce of Silver for $16,500 Paybox. I then bought 19 Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mobile phones for $14,250 Paybox. There currently selling on Ebay for $400 US Each. That works out to 53 cents on the America Dollar. Just thought you might be interested in some positive aspects of Paybox.

  23. is all free. They have nothing to sell for money, and no way to collect payments from anyone, so nobody could complain about being cheated there. The “money” they pay for logging on and going “BOO” is not real money. So nobody can complain that they can’t withdraw their money.

    But even if they were cheating someone, there isn’t any authority which could do anything of much use, because any such action is far too expensive, and the lawyers and the courts collect everything first, so there would be nothing left for the guys complaining. This has been the case for long before the Internet came around, so it should be no surprise.

  24. @Eddy Salomon:
    Glad I could “help”.

    I’m not from the states, I live in Europe and calling that number would quickly fill up my phone bill, so I’ll leave this part of the “investigation” to you. 🙂
    Just wondering, what kind of “anti-scam” organization you guys have there across “the lake”? I could notify the local CERT, but I doubt that will go very far, since it’s in a foreign country and is not causing direct damage to anyone involved.

  25. Hey, Eddy (and readers)!
    I just read the post by xfirestorm, above, and followed the link he provides to find the following:

    …Registrant Organization:WhoisGuard
    Registrant Address:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732
    Registrant Address2:
    Registrant Address3:
    Registrant City:Westchester
    Registrant State/Province:CA
    Registrant Country/Economy:US
    Registrant Postal Code:90045
    Registrant Phone:+1.6613102107
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+1.6613102107

    This is something I can look into. The address on Sepulveda (8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732, Westchester, CA 90045) is not too very far away for me, and I expect to be passing by there within the next week. So I\’ll leave early and allow a few minutes extra time to check up on the physical location. It could be a commercial mail drop, or, which often happens in these kinds of things, it could be an unrelated business address where someone unidentified has rented some space on the wall to post their logo or their name. Mapquest does not allow directions to or from this location, which tells me there is no registered address there. It might be an address that would occur between two other addresses, such as 8937 and 8941, or whatever. If that is the case, then \”#110 – 732\” would be utter nonsense. We shall see.

    Another thing that\’s interesting is, the phone number, 661-310-2107, shows up as a land line in Castaic, CA, which is a location 42 miles north of the physical address on Sepulveda. Land line means it is a physical location. But it obviously has nothing to do with the Sepulveda address. I tried calling the number, and it is answered with a recorded message, the voice of a man, probably in his 20\’s, and typical of locals from this area; although this man has an accent that sounds a bit like he comes from Atlanta or perhaps Texas. But he has been here in California for a few years, I would guess. I have lived here for over 40 years and I grew up not far away from here, so I know what voices of our neighbors sound like. He says, \”Hello. You have reached ( ?) none of us are available at the moment so please leave your name and number and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much.\” Anyone can call this number and hear the message for yourself. He\’s speaking rather fast, so I can\’t be sure of the name he says, \”,\” or perhaps it\’s something else. I looked up and found nothing of interest using google.

  26. I regret to inform everyone, but indeed is a scam/spam/whatever bad.
    How do I know. First of, the site is hosted on Amazon Web Service. Someone making their own “bank” surely has enough money to come up with their own server room, servers etc. Proof of this: 512 IN A
    And whois of this IP:

    Maybe not so convincing. But lets try to whois the domain itself,
    Nothing special, WhoisGuard blocks the organizational name etc.
    If I’m the owner of a company, I will not hide it, I want to show it, to the public, so everyone can see who I am, not hide away. And you might think, this still doesn’t proove anything. Alright.
    etc. All scam sites.
    Because those sites are already down, unfortunately we can’t check their live whois records(we can, but domains are already owned by other people/companies), but this site, contains something interesting:
    Be sure to take good note to address and phone number in all whois records here, and on the whois record of

    I’m sorry, but it just seems that we are going to have to work. 🙂

  27. hey eddy, thanks for the review. me too, i have signed to that and im wondering on the legitimacy of the site.. thanks for the review. do you know some online job, working at home, that’s not a scam.. i’m searching the net and i have also a doubt on the other site.. thanks. can you give me a site lol.

    • Dj Mod,
      You’re welcome. I actually mentioned my work at home jobs page in the article above and linked to it. But I’ll include it here: I also mentioned my recommendations page as well:
      There is also links to the job section on the left hand side of this page. So be sure to read the site carefully so you don’t miss any more information that can
      help you make money or avoid scams. Everything you need to succeed and avoid scams is on this site. You just need to read it carefully to get the most out of it. I hope this helps.

  28. Thanks, ES, much obliged! If I have made any contribution, it’s the least I could do, for your informative blog has a lot of food for thought in it.

    I have posted this concept on several forums, and I’m still waiting for anyone to come up with a reason that it is NOT the case with What’s most interesting is that nobody from PayBox has come forward to refute it.

    But notice another factoid (I’m a factoid freak!): NOBODY EVER IDENTIFIES HIMSELF FROM PAYBOX. (That means woman or man or even child, when I say “HIMSELF.”) All the updates, messages, postings, emails, cheerleading, etc., etc., is faceless, nameless, and cloaked in anonymity. So, even if someone from Paybox really, truly WANTED to have an honest conversation with someone like me who questions their motive, he would not be able to prove that he is really from PayBox, as he has no name to go by. This no-name phenomenon is a form of deception, and if there is anything that crooks really like to do, it’s _deceive_.

    • BGT,

      It was definitely a great contribution. So thank you.
      In terms of the lack of feedback from, I’m not surprised. I rarely even see it from legitimate companies. But usually the reason the legitimate companies fail to chime in is because their supporters usually do. Either way don’t hold your breath waiting for these guys or anyone else regarding your theory. I think the verdict is pretty much out on them. It would be nice if we were all wrong though.

  29. Hi, ES — I’m not looking to start rumors or anything like that, but I’d really appreciate hearing any discussion of this theme. Does anyone have reason to believe that what I suspect is [i]not[/i] happening? You say, “based on the research,” but I’m not familiar with the research to which you refer. Can you describe it? Can you provide a link to it? Thanks for the blog! I wish you much growth and prosperity!

    • I don’t think you’re trying to start rumors. It definitely sounds feasible to me. At the end of the day, even if your theory doesn’t turn out to be true, there are other warning signs we’ve discussed above that make most people feel wary. I just think your theory is just another factor to also consider that could play out badly if it turns out to be true. With that said, do folks reallu want to take that risk? I know I wouldn’t. I just think you don’t hear much discussion of this possibility because no one probably thought of it. But now because of you it’s something that they will consider.

      By the way, the research we do for any of the reviews including the one listed above is basically following the steps in my scam video:
      It usually turns up many sites that may discussing a given company, person, etc. Feel free to try it your self for this company or any you have doubts about.

      In any event, thanks for the kind words. I wish you the best as well. I’m sure you’ve given people that visit this review even more to think about if they didn’t already.

  30. Interesting article and comments here. I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the one thing that can explain the real MOTIVE behind all this hype. Why would PBM be going to all this rigamarole in the first place — just to get a credible email list? I don’t think so. It seems to me that all the little surveys you are provided play a key role. For by your answers to these questions, not only does PBM collect your email address and an ever-tightening description of who or what you are, they also could be collecting all your survey answers, which tells them numerous things about how you think, and what your ability to buy is — perhaps how vulnerable you are to being scammed!!

    Bottom line, by answering their surveys, you provide them with a data file that describes to them what is going on inside your head, and that might be attached to an email list that gives the list all the more value when PBM goes to the open market to SELL THEIR HOT LIST. Of course, they have no obligation to pay you anything for all the answers you have provided for free, since their “paybox dollars” have no real value, and all they’ve ever promised you is valuless, paybox dollars. In other words, they have not promised you anything of substance, but you have provided them with real value in the form of your survey answers.

    Isn’t this rather obvious? But if it’s obvious, why isn’t it being pronounced anywhere? Hmmm…..

  31. Definitely. Now, PB blog is sending updates to my inbox and like you – I’m also wondering why there are some ads by Google on the feeds. Because it’s really unusual for companies like PB to put Adsense before the official launch. Anyway, thanks for the great insights…

    -Bert Padilla

  32. Oh, no… I just realized through this detailed review that there’s something fishy behind this new company….
    I just signed up a few hours ago before looking for reviews; and after reading your article, I ask myself – do I still have to continue?

  33. Good thing I lost my password, because now I can’t login and they’re going to ban me for inactivity!!!!! Eddy you been around the block for a while what is the danger of having your full name all over the net? And how do you have the courage to let everyone know your full name on the net? Do you have expensive lawyers?

    • Kevin,
      I hate when sites do that and don’t email you beforehand to warn you. Neobux did that to me once and I lost money because of it. In terms of courage, I don’t know what you mean. There are a lot of bloggers that have their names out on the web. I’m not doing anything to harm anyone. So I don’t really feel I should be worried. But I do have a great team of people in my corner for various areas such as legal, accounting, etc.

  34. I’m skeptical about myself. I actually signed up for this company like a jack ass and then got a few referrals but I definitely regret referring this site to others without actually getting paid or seeing legit results. Anyway great post! I’m a work@homenoscams junkie. lol

  35. i do agree with you that it is probably a scam but i look at it as i dont refer anyone to it and it takes just a second to login everyday so i do that but thats the only thing they gain from me is the fact that i login everyday so i personally feel that they arent gaining anything from me and if they do go live then hey i made some money even if it ends up being just a little bit depending on how there exchange rate mite be … i do like your site very much as i am trying very hard to learn how to replicate your sucess due to the fact that i will be wheelchair bound in 10 years or less and wont be able to work at a traditional way so i look to you as a life coach …

    thank you for all that you do


    • Mike,
      You’re quite welcome buddy. Thanks for chiming in.
      I totally agree with you. At this point I don’t really worry that people that are already members are going to lose much if this does turn out to be a scam. The effort you’re putting is so minimal that it won’t really hurt you either way. It would be great if this turns out to be legit. Time will tell.
      In any event, I appreciate the kind words about my site. I’m a bit troubled that you’re preparing yourself to be wheelchair bound in the future. I don’t know your business so maybe you know something I don’t in terms of your health. But excuse me for saying, prepare yourself for the best next 10 years of your life. A lot of things can happen between now and then that are in your favor. So stay positive even in the face of whatever news you may have received. Well let me stop my preaching. Thanks again for sharing your opinion about this company with me and thanks for your continue support!

  36. Hi Eddie, I just want to say i think your site is brill there is loads of people out claiming to help you avoid scams but yours is the only genuine site i found (trust me i checked loads). I would never sign up to anything without checking out your site first. Thanks for all the e-mails for geniune job leads. Keep up the good work Eddie and thanks again.

  37. Thanks for looking into it, Eddy. I’ll have to remember your “sit & watch, and swoop in after” philosophy, and adopt that position myself. As I am already in it, I’ve been mostly watchful, and as there hasn’t been “real” money required, if all they are is an email farmer & free ad-click gleaner, then I’ll count this lesson one that thankfully didn’t cost me much. I have put the referral link on my FB, but now I’ll be removing that. I have had concerns, and quit actively promoting it, and your article confirms those concerns. You’re appreciated, Eddy! Love your good sense.

    • Lyn,
      I’m glad you appreciated the review. After you asked me about this particular company I got tons of emails about it so I figured it was worth reviewing. So thanks for bringing it to my attention. At the end of the day if this turns out to be a dud, you’re right. You wouldn’t have lost much. It will be a great learning experience. But I guess time will tell how this pans out.

      You’re welcome. Trust me I’ve seen the so called sites you’re referring to. But if folks do what you have which is actually read their “content” and then read what I actually write, you can usually tell the BS from the real. So I’m happy I’m in the real column to you. lol By the way my name is spelled Eddy Not Eddie. lol Thanks for the continued support.

      Thanks. I agree. Time will tell about this company’s legitimacy.

    • Hi Folks,

      I know that this thread hasn’t had a post since October but I would just like to thank all you diligent ‘websters’ out there for the intel. I am new to IM and when I was sent a solo ad a couple of days ago I signed up. It wasn’t until I went to post on a TE and the URL came up as banned that I started to have doubts.

      To be honest with you all – I have only been involved in IM programs for a week and I am already totally fed up.

      The way it seems to go..

      1. You join an internet business opportunity (IBO)
      2. Your upline tell you to join at least 3 more (IBO) to promote the first (IBO)
      3. You are promised that if you do this, that and the other…you will get guaranteed sign ups…just follow the plan they say.
      4. So you follow the plan and discover that you haven’t made any sign ups but what do do have is an ever depleting bank balance.
      5. You email your upline looking for assistance – ‘read my blog/website’ they reply….this advises you to join more IBOs in order to promote the 1st IBO. Oh and don’t forget to upgrade so that you can earn commissions.
      6. You ask where are my guaranteed sign ups then..silence or you didn’t fulfil the criteria of 1 million hits to our website in 24 hours. (I know I am exaggerating but I think you get the picture).
      7. You discover that the IBO ‘product’ isn’t even used by the high end upline – so the ‘product’ is just to stop the owners from being accused of pyramid/ponzi schemes.

      So your website has made me stop and evaluate the IBOs that I am involved in. I will go back to the drawing board and thoroughly research any IBO.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Don’t let this garbage get you down. There are tons of great work at home opportunities out there. Its just a matter of always doing your research before joining anything which we’ve made easy with our scam video listed here:

      You should always look at any one recruiting you with a skeptical eye. They should be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Meaning if they’re trying to get you to join their opportunity ask them to show you proof they’ve made money with that opportunity and not money just made from recruiting people either.

      In any event, keep pushing forward. As long as yo do your research and work with trusted people, you’ll be fine. Doing research saves you a lot of heart ache. By the way you can find some of my personal recommendations here: and pre-screened job leads here:

      Good luck.

    • I was victimized by certain elissabeth toure from avijan ivory coast so i’ve got feeling of trauma on this internet money involved transactions.

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