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Is Perfectly Posh A Scam or Legitimate?I'm not a pampering type of dude; you definitely won't catch me in some spa getting facials, a “mani” or “pedi”. It's just not how I roll. It's “The Bronx” in me but I'm not judging you metrosexual dudes. Do whatever floats your boat. But the idea of being rubbed in products called “Mango Marshmallow Body Butter” just doesn't do it for me. Although I don't participate in the pampering industry I know many people do and it's a very profitable business. With that said, I'd like to discuss how you can turn this pampering craze into some money for you. So, let's dig into this Perfectly Posh Review and find out if it's legit makes “CENTS” for you and much more.

What Is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh was started in October of 2011. This MLM company was created with pampering in mind…and no, not diapers! They sell pampering beauty products such as body lotions, bath salts, face scrubs, etc. They also have men's products available, again just a reminder; I'm not that dude! LOL.

Perfectly Posh Home Business Opportunity

As a Perfectly Posh Consultant for the company, you sell the pampering beauty products using various ways. This includes home parties, online parties, your own website, and word of mouth. You earn a percentage of sales, and you also earn a small percentage of your downline's sales.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can join by clicking the link Here. There will be a $99 requirement for signing up at that time. Website fees include $10 for each month except for your first month of hosting.

Perfectly Posh Pay Structure

First off, you are required to have a bank account to join Perfectly Posh.That's because the company pays via direct deposit on the 10th of each following month. You earn commissions from 20% on up to 31% for each sale you make. Since this is an MLM paid structure, you earn up to 6% from your downline's efforts as well. Your direct commissions go up 25% whenever you earn $1000 worth of products in any given month.

Perfectly Posh Complaints

Let's face it, no work at home business is totally flawless. They all have their fair share of flaws and things people just won't like. It doesn't make it a scam but there is no sense in dusting these complaints under the carpet. I prefer to make you aware of them so you can make an informed decision based on the good and bad. So let's dive into them.

Start Up Costs

The start up cost is $99 plus shipping. There is also a $10 per month fee for your own website to promote the Perfectly Posh products. However, the first 3 months are free. Unfortunately many people assume that a work at home opportunity is a scam just because a fee is charged to get started. If this were a JOB, that might be the case. But this is a business. You need to remember it takes money to make money with any business. But some people don't understand the difference and will write off this opportunity because of the start up costs.

Poor BBB Rating

At the time of this review, Perfectly Posh does not have a good BBB rating. You will find their BBB rating details Here. Does that make it a scam? Not at all. A good BBB rating does not necessarily make a company successful or legit. You need to look at other things that make a company a great one to join, such as on time payments, consultant's customer service, quality of products, etc. You can read why I never depend on the BBB ratings in my Better Business Bureau Approved Work At Home article.

Minimum Sales Requirement

The company requires that you earn $300 every 6 months. However, there are no requirement of sales for the month that you join as a Perfectly Posh consultant. So it takes a bit of the pressure off you initially. But after that grace period is over you need to produce. I've scanned their site and looked high and low and damned if I can't find what happens to your consultant account if you don't meet the sales requirements! So that's something to be aware of. Trying to make a business successful is hard enough and we all put pressures on ourselves to succeed. So I never like when MLMs place these additional pressure of sales requirement.

Only Available In US

The Perfectly Posh consultant opportunity is only available in the United States. So my international brothers and sisters are pretty much excluded from this opportunity. But you can always check out my international work at home section because Eddy got love for you too. LOL

Lack of a USP

Even though Perfectly Posh has excellent products, I can head on down to my favorite Bath and Body Works or Trader Joes and get practically the same products for less money. In my mind they don't really have a strong enough unique selling proposition (USP) that will make consumers pick their products over something local and probably cheaper. It's not to say their consultants won't be able to compete but I think it's a lot more difficult when you consider the other options consumers have. But competition is part of any business.

It's an MLM

Now, you know what I think of the MLM home business model right? Most times they have a complicated pay structure that you need a translator to decipher. Furthermore so many of MLM reps are just too damn pushy! That type of stuff just turns me off. Let's face it many of us have been burned by MLMs so it's left a bad taste in our mouths. That's why I moved away from them in favor of …

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So Is Perfectly Posh Legit?

Given what I've read and the research I've done, It seems like Perfectly Posh is legitimate opportunity. If you're into these pampering products and think you can promote them, then you should definitely give this a shot. But if you have another passion and would like to build a business around that, you can do just that! Check out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation where you can learn how to create an income around whatever you love or have a passion for. I've been able to do it for years and so can you.

In any event you know, I always look forward to your feedback in the comments below. If you have any updates on the company, or you have had personal experience, I welcome your comments. They are very much appreciated! 🙂

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Until Next Time… 🙂

Eddy with a Y

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