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Is Perfectly Posh A Scam or Legitimate?I'm not a pampering type of dude; you definitely won't catch me in some spa getting facials, a “mani” or “pedi”. It's just not how I roll. It's “The Bronx” in me but I'm not judging you metrosexual dudes. Do whatever floats your boat. But the idea of being rubbed in products called “Mango Marshmallow Body Butter” just doesn't do it for me. Although I don't participate in the pampering industry I know many people do and it's a very profitable business. With that said, I'd like to discuss how you can turn this pampering craze into some money for you. So, let's dig into this Perfectly Posh Review and find out if it's legit makes “CENTS” for you and much more.

What Is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh was started in October of 2011. This MLM company was created with pampering in mind…and no, not diapers! They sell pampering beauty products such as body lotions, bath salts, face scrubs, etc. They also have men's products available, again just a reminder; I'm not that dude! LOL.

Perfectly Posh Home Business Opportunity

As a Perfectly Posh Consultant for the company, you sell the pampering beauty products using various ways. This includes home parties, online parties, your own website, and word of mouth. You earn a percentage of sales, and you also earn a small percentage of your downline's sales.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can join by clicking the link Here. There will be a $99 requirement for signing up at that time. Website fees include $10 for each month except for your first month of hosting.

Perfectly Posh Pay Structure

First off, you are required to have a bank account to join Perfectly Posh.That's because the company pays via direct deposit on the 10th of each following month. You earn commissions from 20% on up to 31% for each sale you make. Since this is an MLM paid structure, you earn up to 6% from your downline's efforts as well. Your direct commissions go up 25% whenever you earn $1000 worth of products in any given month.

Perfectly Posh Complaints

Let's face it, no work at home business is totally flawless. They all have their fair share of flaws and things people just won't like. It doesn't make it a scam but there is no sense in dusting these complaints under the carpet. I prefer to make you aware of them so you can make an informed decision based on the good and bad. So let's dive into them.

Start Up Costs

The start up cost is $99 plus shipping. There is also a $10 per month fee for your own website to promote the Perfectly Posh products. However, the first 3 months are free. Unfortunately many people assume that a work at home opportunity is a scam just because a fee is charged to get started. If this were a JOB, that might be the case. But this is a business. You need to remember it takes money to make money with any business. But some people don't understand the difference and will write off this opportunity because of the start up costs.

Poor BBB Rating

At the time of this review, Perfectly Posh does not have a good BBB rating. You will find their BBB rating details Here. Does that make it a scam? Not at all. A good BBB rating does not necessarily make a company successful or legit. You need to look at other things that make a company a great one to join, such as on time payments, consultant's customer service, quality of products, etc. You can read why I never depend on the BBB ratings in my Better Business Bureau Approved Work At Home article.

Minimum Sales Requirement

The company requires that you earn $300 every 6 months. However, there are no requirement of sales for the month that you join as a Perfectly Posh consultant. So it takes a bit of the pressure off you initially. But after that grace period is over you need to produce. I've scanned their site and looked high and low and damned if I can't find what happens to your consultant account if you don't meet the sales requirements! So that's something to be aware of. Trying to make a business successful is hard enough and we all put pressures on ourselves to succeed. So I never like when MLMs place these additional pressure of sales requirement.

Only Available In US

The Perfectly Posh consultant opportunity is only available in the United States. So my international brothers and sisters are pretty much excluded from this opportunity. But you can always check out my international work at home section because Eddy got love for you too. LOL

Lack of a USP

Even though Perfectly Posh has excellent products, I can head on down to my favorite Bath and Body Works or Trader Joes and get practically the same products for less money. In my mind they don't really have a strong enough unique selling proposition (USP) that will make consumers pick their products over something local and probably cheaper. It's not to say their consultants won't be able to compete but I think it's a lot more difficult when you consider the other options consumers have. But competition is part of any business.

It's an MLM

Now, you know what I think of the MLM home business model right? Most times they have a complicated pay structure that you need a translator to decipher. Furthermore so many of MLM reps are just too damn pushy! That type of stuff just turns me off. Let's face it many of us have been burned by MLMs so it's left a bad taste in our mouths. That's why I moved away from them in favor of …

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So Is Perfectly Posh Legit?

Given what I've read and the research I've done, It seems like Perfectly Posh is legitimate opportunity. If you're into these pampering products and think you can promote them, then you should definitely give this a shot. But if you have another passion and would like to build a business around that, you can do just that! Check out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation where you can learn how to create an income around whatever you love or have a passion for. I've been able to do it for years and so can you.

In any event you know, I always look forward to your feedback in the comments below. If you have any updates on the company, or you have had personal experience, I welcome your comments. They are very much appreciated! 🙂

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Until Next Time… 🙂

Eddy with a Y

40 thoughts on “Perfectly Posh Review”

  1. This article is severely outdated. I have been with Perfectly Posh for about 3ish years. We have no minimum sales requirements any longer, we have instant commissions (usually within the hour), we have 2 different kits one is $99 and it comes with products and business tools, the other kit is $30 with no product. Shipping is $5.99 always. It is a great opportunity for someone who loves the products and wants to share. If you want to know more feel free to reach out to me.

  2. Hello. I noticed this article is 5 years old. So much has changed with Posh I for one know we Influncers do not have to pay any fee when it comes to our websites 🙂 I love how this company has grown.

  3. Your article mentioned that you weren’t sure what sets Posh apart from another skin care company like Bath and Body Works. The answer is chemicals. I have searched for years for skin care that didn’t contain harmful chemicals. I used to be a loyal Lush customer but eventually went broke. Perfectly Posh’s products are naturally based and they’re much cheaper than Lush. Bath & Body Works products smell amazing but they also contain harsh chemicals.

    • I guess that is a big USP for people that worry about their chemical intake. The reality is harmful chemicals and other things are all around us. But I guess buying a product like this is a step towards limiting that exposure. So thanks for sharing your insight.

  4. I realize this is fairly old, but a lot of things have changed since this was posted, most of which have been addressed in the comments. I just wanted to come here and say that I signed up December of last year. I did struggle, to the point where I all but gave up. Then last month I decided to jump back in after having my third baby (I was still an active consultant because I did make my $300 requirement for the 6 months prior). I opened a party for Hurricane Harvey relief where 100% of my commissions were donated to the Houston Diaper Bank. That party was open for 24 hours and did $500 in sales and pushed me over in to that 25% commission. Since then, I’ve done an additional $300 in sales and it’s only the 7th day of the month. I got motivated and started working it more, and it’s paid off. My newest team member used to sell It Works and has been shocked at how different Posh is in terms of commissions and not requiring customers to order for 3 months in a row to get a certain price. You’re right, you can go elsewhere to get products. But not B&BW. Maybe Lush. But you’re gonna pay $20 for a bath bomb haha. And as far as “propaganda and marketing script,” there is no such animal. Posh doesn’t teach us what to say.. we say it because every Posh consultant I know fully stands behind the products. But I just wanted to say that I’m one of those who struggled and definitely did not do $1000 in sales my first month. I wasn’t trying hard enough. I’m making up for it now and I glad I decided to stick with it. It’s definitely not going to make me quit my day job, but being able to pay an extra bill each month or take my family out to a nice dinner is a definite perk.

  5. Great summary of the benefits Eddy but you will want to update your blog because some of the facts of Perfectly Posh have changed.
    -There are no website fees. In Nov 2015 Perfectly Posh made this change.
    -Shipping is only $5 no matter how much the order is.
    -Posh has 4 distribution facilities (Utah, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas) now and are working towards faster and more consistent delivery. When you originally wrote this blog we only had one.
    -Posh offers tons of free training!
    -Posh offers 2 Conferences a year called DayAway which cost $49 to attend but we get personal volume from the cost that counts towards our sales and leadership requirements plus FREE product and training materials valued over $94. It is a steal.
    -Posh now has a men’s line that is awesome!
    -Best part of Posh is the Perks reward program!
    I have been with the company since March 2014 and have reps in 22 states (and growing) who love Perfectly Posh Company because their freedom, flexibility and fun atmosphere.

    Bottom line. Perfectly Posh has come a LONG way. Anyone who would like to know more is welcome to contact me or ask for a sample.

    • Obviously you’re a rep and that’s fine. I appreciate the updated information. It sounds like the company has come a long way so that’s good to know.

  6. Hi, I am a consultant for Jamberry Nail wraps, and I agree with your review. It does take money to make money. I my business I really don’t need inventory unless I want to do a vendor event. Posh is pretty much the same. Love my Jamberry business and I’m considering selling Posh too, it really is a great product; all natural and made completely in the USA. They do have a rewards program so you can earn discounts on future purchases or save those points to pay for a complete consultant kit.

  7. I happened across this as I was researching another company. I know it’s over a year since you posted this, but I just wanted to say that, YES it does cost for us to attend company events, but your registration fee is returned to you in products you can sell or a credit toward your next inventory order. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it does help. Yes you still pay for travel and hotel, but you basically get reimbursed for your registration. That helps

    • Thanks Kelly. It still sucks they don’t pay for that. I guess I’m spoiled with Wealthy Affiliate because they pay for their top reps to fly out vegas for their conferences. This includes airfare and the hotel. We only have to pay for our meals and even then we usually get breakfast or dinner for free. Either way I don’t think it’s a big knock on the company.

  8. Thanks for all your comments everyone. I am trying to find a good company to join for a part time business. I was with Lia Sophia jewelry for the past year and a half and they just closed their doors last month. All your comments helped. Thanks again

    • Maria, I am still with Perfectly Posh and Totally Loving it. My Sales are still going strong every month and everyone I have sold to just Loves their Products! I can’t say enough about how fun and amazing this Company is! They treat us so well and are so great with communication! We are Growing fast and would love to have you! [self promo link removed by site owner] And this month there is a special where you get to pick your starter kit, super awesome! Hope to have you on the Posh team on day Maria!


  9. Hi! From my personal experience Perfectly Posh has been a wonderful experience. I joined just over a year ago and I just want to touch on a few things. Thank you for this review by the way. I loved it. 🙂
    1) The $99 dollar “startup costs” gets you over $300 in products and business tools. It’s a pretty good deal! And they often have a double kit where you could sell one of each product, quickly earning back the cost of your kit. You still have one of each plus the business tools to get your business going and already earned back the price of kit.
    2)Posh now pays weekly. 🙂 which means I have 3 more pay days before Christmas!
    3) If you do not hit $300 in sales in the 6 months (which many of us do that in one week) you become inactive. You do not have this your first 6 months. So if you joined in January you have no minimum until the next 6 month period which would be July-December. If you don’t sell 300 during those 6 months you can still call and request to stay active! And no, you do not have to pay any start up fees again! But if you choose to stay inactive (maybe you want a new kit or want to sign up under a different sponser) you would have to be inactive a full 6 months before purchasing another kit as a new consultant.
    4)Comparing our products to Bath & Body works is offensive. It’s like comparing McDonald’s to the farmer’s market. Mickey D’s is local, more convenient, and cheaper. But it is not good for you. Perfectly Posh uses only the best ingredients and is very proud of their ingredient label. And that is not sales propaganda, it is the truth. It only takes 26 seconds for anything you put on your skin to enter your blood stream. Your skin is the largest most important organ in your body. Before Posh there was not much out there that was good for you AND affordable. But I don’t expect you to “get it” since you are admittedly “not that guy” and I don’t mean that offensively at all… My dad is the same way.. If he can get a lotion at the dollar store for a dollar it’s good enough for him. But if you one of our chunks you would never buy another bar of Irish spring. The difference IS noticeable.
    5)I also sold $1,000 in my first month and it was not difficult at all. 🙂
    This is all coming from someone who joined this company because I fell in love with the products. I’m certainly not making a dime off of this post. Just a single mom with a side hobby business that I love!

    • Hey Erica,

      Thanks so much for chiming in. Clearly you love the product and you’re doing well. So I applaud you and I’m happy for you. I love seeing folks that are self employed and that’s what this blog is about.

      I really appreciate you giving us some updates and clearing up the whole sales requirement aspect. That’s great news for anyone considering this opportunity. So thanks for the input.

      In terms of comparing the product to something you can find locally, It wasn’t meant to be offensive. I think if you’re very conscious about what you put in or on your body then Perfectly Posh has a unique selling proposition that folks will appreciate. But then you have folks like myself and your Dad that are perfectly buying similar products in my local store. As long as they’re not killing me, I’m fine. But then opens up the whole argument about the various toxins we’re all exposed to in our food, air, etc. So that’s a whole other conversation. But I can understand the benefits you’re arguing and I think it does appeal to certain people. Clearly it does as you and other reps are doing well. lol

      So congrats and keep up the good work! Thanks for coming here and being professional even if you may have disagreed with me. Too often reps of MLMs take this stuff personally and come here to attack. But you did a great job of clearing some things and adding value that I think we all can appreciate. Hope to see you back here.

  10. If you think you can go to your local bath and body works and buy the same products, you’re crazy! Posh products are paraben free, sulfate free, paraffin free, lanolin free. If you’re worried about all the chemicals you put on your body you would know that bath and body works products are not free of these chemicals. As another person commented above Lush is the most comparable product because their products are also free of all of those chemicals. Lush’s price point is much higher however. We have a saying, “if you can match us on ingredients, we’ll beat you on price”

    I’ve been with posh for a little over a year. I started to get a discount and then started selling via Facebook and I have an average of about 500.00 a month in sales and now a team of 8. I’m not quitting my job, but it’s nice to have some extra cash each month. I live in a town of 1,800 (no I didn’t miss any zeros) and I maintain those sales monthly. People love the products.

    As far as the 300.00 every six months…. If you have researched other direct sales companies you would know that this sales requirement is extremely low. I have a couple customers who purchase 300.00 worth of stuff every 3 months.

    I love Posh and it’s growing extremely fast! You would be crazy to not jump on the opportunity with a new company and be the first person in your area!

    • Kara, Clearly you’re a bit excited about the company and that’s fine.

      That said the monthly sales requirement will still be an issue for most people and it’s an annoying requirement. And no you wouldn’t be crazy for not joining. This is opportunity isn’t right for everyone and no opportunity is. Everyone must weigh out the pros and cons and this company has cons just like all companies do. But when reps try to paint a one sided sweet picture, it’s the reason folks get turned off. But thanks for sharing your propaganda… I mean experience.

  11. I just read your review and checked out all the comments. I’ve been selling Posh for about 4 months now. I haven’t been majorly successful at it but have had decent business. I think it may be due to where I live as well as my circumstances. I live in Mississippi where a lot if people aren’t so concerned about health and what’s in a product. Just not a very health conscious state if ya know what I mean. Also, I’m an at home mom with a very small social circle. All I do is keep kids all day and go to church. My biggest obstacle right now is trying to break outside my circle to reach the masses. With that being said, the people who have bought from me have fallen in love with the products just as I did when I tried them. I’ve had quite a few success stories about how much the products worked compared to a lot of store bought things. I do love this company and all the fun things they do. I am getting a little frustrated about branching out though. It’s hard when the company is new and no one has heard of it. But the way I see it is that everybody and their momma sells Avon and Mary Kay. It’s nice to know that I’m the only one who can offer these awesome products in my area. Whereas you can go shake a bush and 45 Avon reps jump out!! Anyway that’s my take on it all! Thanks, have a blessed day!!

    • Hey Jess,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this company. That is definitely tough if your business is dependent on your inner circle so hopefully it expands past that very soon so it stays sustainable and can grow. But it’s great your family and friends do love the product because it could the opposite way with some of these companies and we end up losing important people over money. Fortunately this wasn’t the case with you. So that’s great. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  12. Hey there…I’ve been a consultant for Posh for about 6 months. To answer your question, if you do not hit the minimum sales requirement of 300 in 6 months, your consultant status is deactivated. So you get fired lol. My personal experience with selling Posh is positive. I have a full time job so Posh is more of a hobby/supplemental income. Really I started so I could get free products since I was buying them anyway. Also, just an fyi, we dont get marketing scripts. Posh is nothing like avon/mary kay etc in that aspect. Its pretty low key, or I wouldnt have signed up. Thanks for your review!

    • Amanda, thanks for clarifying what happens if you don’t meet the minimum sales. Do you know if a rep has to pay the start up costs again to become active again?
      Any way, It’s great to hear you’re having a positive experience with the company. Have you made any money yet? How are you promoting the products? I’d love to hear more about your experience with the company.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  13. @Tiffany, Thanks for sharing your experience with us and success. I’d say the more outgoing you are and if you have passion for what you’re selling, you’ll do great with this opportunity. Sounds like they are great products. And congrats to you, and keep us informed on how you are doing! 🙂

  14. Hey Eddy, great review on Perfectly Posh I do want to comment on a couple of things that were or were not said 😉 First of all Perfectly Posh is a pampering line that is All Natural, no parabens, paraffins, no gluten or Soy and no Lanolin! This is very rare in skincare although becoming more popular with other companies such as Lush. But Lush sells those same products at Twice even triple the cost! All of our products are made locally in the US as well. Next I would like to make sure it’s understood to stay an active Posh consultant you have to make $300 in Product Volume sales not Commission! So realistically sell $50 a month! That’s easy and if you can’t do that with all the tools they provide and such amazing products this probably isn’t the company for you! We have an amazing Home office team who is there to help you with anything and they like to make sure we know it! They interact with us daily through social media holding contests and posting special offers! I personally won a contest for $25 in product credit just for posting a happy birthday video to our founder! They make our jobs fun and most importantly easy!! Another fact I would like to make sure is clear, when you sign up you start at 20% commission the day you hit $1000 in product volume sales you promote to 25%! That NEVER goes away, you don’t have to hit $1000 every month! A lot of new consultants hit that $1000 in their first month and never see a 20% check! The best part about Perfectly Posh is it’s still a new company we just hit our 10,000th consultant in May! So the market isn’t saturated with consultants the way Avon or those other companies are! That means there is a lot of room for growth and a big opportunity to make a lot of money! I love working for this company I have fun with it and I personally use and Love all their products! I hope this also helps in your choice of new venture. I can tell you this, Find what you love, what you can be passionate about! I personally love skincare and making others feel good about themselves and the products they use, I don’t care about smelly wax that’s why I’m not working with scentsy! But there is a match for everyone and if the Pampering life is for you then you will love Perfectly Posh! Thanks again Eddy for your honest review, I do hope some of you will give Posh a try! -Tiffany Cook

    • Oh Tiffany,

      They’ve trained you well. LOL Thanks for sharing your experience and some of the Perfectly Posh propaganda/marketing script. 😉
      How long have you been with the company now and how much money have you made so far? I’m more concerned about your personal experience and less about the “fluffy” stuff reps are told to share. So let’s focus on that since I think most people would want to hear a personal perspective of how you’re doing rather than the exception to the rule of a few reps that hit $1000 their first month which definitely isn’t a norm.

    • Well honestly my 60th day with the company with be on July 27th and as of today I have sold 1,800, I made $1,000 my first month! That’s with me living in a new town and not knowing anyone but a few people. I have already held 4 parties my smallest being $250 and biggest being $500. My Team mate who started down in San Diego the exact same day has also just hit $1,500. These are amazing products and I wasn’t quoting out of my marketing script, which I don’t have one… I have studied my business and it’s my passion! Everyday we all share success stories with each other and yes several people struggle at first and get discouraged but they keep pushing and they have their success stories too! And like any company we have some people who try it and it’s just not for them. But we support each other and sell an amazing brand that even a lot of husbands start to enjoy!

    • Hitting a $1000 your first month was a great start and very lucky. Hopefully it’s something that will something that will continue every month and grow even more.
      I’m happy you’re honest admit that not everyone has been successful and they do struggle too because that’s probably the closer reality for most people in any business and not limited to this. Too often reps make it seem like just because a few people were successful and have a great “team” everyone will be. And we all know that’s not the case. Sometimes even if you have great support and a wonderful product, you may not be cut out for business and that’s fine. So as long as we don’t just paint an unrealistic picture that everyone is going to earn $1000 the first month and everyone is going to succeed because the product and support team are great, I’ fine with that.

      I applaud your success and look forward to hearing more about YOUR experience and how you’re doing with the company. So thanks again for sharing your wonderful opportunity with me. I definitely think it’s worth a shot for people that have a passion for this type of business and go in with a realistic expectation that it will take TIME to build this business and success doesn’t happen over night for everyone.

  15. Hey Eddy, 🙂

    The minimum sales requirement would definitely be a concern for me if I was interested in this opportunity. Awesome review, as always! =)

    • Thanks for chiming in Tammy.
      I agree with you and not knowing what happens would give me a bit of pause. But other than that it sounds like a good opportunity.

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