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Is Pink Zebra A Scam or Legitimate?I've been in this industry for many moons so I've tried a lot of different ways of earning money at home. Some I've really enjoyed and done well with. But then there are others that just weren't the right fit for me. For instance I'm not a big fan of MLMs or direct sales companies. I'm not hating on them but I have my reasons for why they don't appeal to me and I've covered them here. That said, just because I'm not a fan of something doesn't mean you won't be. You're a big boy or girl. So I'll give you the options and you make your own decisions. Sound fair?

Cool. Today I'm writing a review on Pink Zebra. Don't give me that look. I know the name sounds crazy, but don't judge a book by it's cover or in this case it's name.

What is Pink Zebra?

You can watch my Pink Zebra Review video here if you don't feel like reading. But Pink Zebra is basically a new direct sales company that sells various home fragrance (candles) and other home decor products. Their leadership and team have been in this business for over 20 years. The owners worked at another company for years and decided that it was time to branch off and do their own thing. Applaud them! I love people willing to take a risk on themselves and dreams.

The Pink Zebra Candles & Products

Apparently not all candles are the same. Pink Zebra have developed a “proprietary” blend of eco-friendly soy wax and paraffin wax candles which have numerous benefits over typical candles in the following ways:

– 30% longer burn time.
– Stronger fragrance
– Cleaner burn.

They also have a number of product lines which include soaps, lotions, reed diffusers, simmer pots and simmer lights. I may be missing a few more so forgive me.

How To Become A Pink Zebra Consultant?

Pink Zebra offers work at home seekers an opportunity to be part of the company as a business owner and not an employee. So if you're looking for a job, this isn't for you. But if you want to run your own business, read the following details. Since this is an MLM or direct sales company, Pink Zebra wants you to join under an existing consultant or sponsor. You can do this in one of the 3 following ways:

1. Contact your consultant (if you have one)
2. Call their toll free number 1.855.PINKZEBRA (1.855.746.5932) Hours: M-F 8-5 CST
3. Find a consultant on their website here.

How Much Is The Pink Zebra Consultant Kit?

Pink Zebra offers two options that are designed for various budgets.

  • The Starter Enrollment Kit

This kit is available to new consultants for only $99 and comes equipped with sample products, fragrance stickers, business supplies, and a special consultant box.

  • Deluxe Enrollment kit

The deluxe kit is offered for $199 and comes with over $375 worth of products. It also comes with business supplies such as brochures, sign up forms, party invitations, hostess sign up forms, and as well as product samples. Added to the deluxe enrollment kit is a special consultant purse featuring a zebra print design and accented with a pink lining and a well as a rolling bag also featuring a zebra print design with the Pink Zebra logo to carry all your product samples and business supplies in.

The Pink Zebra Commission:

You earn commissions on the products you sell and for signing up new Pink Zebra consultants. Pink Zebra consultants earn at the very least 25% on the sales they make. This can increase up to 35% as you hit other levels which is achieved by greater sales every month. You can also earn a 7% bonus on those you sponsor. There are other bonuses and commissions that can be earned as well.

What I like:

Unique Twist
Initially I thought how many damn candle companies do we need? What's your unique selling proposition? But as I read some detail on the product, I quickly discovered they have unique twist on candles that the competitors aren't doing. For instance, I was really fascinated with their Sprinkle product. Basically sprinkles allow you to create your own personal recipe of fragrance and colored candle without ever getting your hands dirty. I thought that was pretty cool. And they have some other unique ideas that definitely make them stand out.

Safety First
When you look at my 6'4 200+ frame, you wouldn't think I like fruity smelly things. But I do, especially candles. But unfortunately kids & candles don't mix like me and chick flicks. So I can't really use them now that I have 5 year old diva and my man child 10 month old son. Or so I thought! But Pink Zebra has that wonderful Sprinkle candle product that can have a room smelling great without the fire hazard. So I love the idea I can still have my home smelling like a pack of “now or laters” without the fear of burning the place down.

No Stupid Mandatory Home Parties
Unlike a lot of annoying direct sales/mlm companies, you're not required to trick or guilt your family and friends into a home party. That said, Pink Zebra does employ a party plan model. However you're allowed to run your business the way you want. So that can be focusing on online sales, one on one consultations or the dreaded home party. Fortunately it's up to you.

BBB Listed Company
If you've read enough of my blogs, you know how I feel about the BBB. If you don't know, you can read my article about it here. I'm sure it will enlighten those of you that swear that the BBB is the only way to determine the legitimacy of a company. In any event, they are listed with the BBB and have a pretty good score if that makes you feel confident.

Pink Zebra Complaints

Now it's time to get into the stuff that may not smell sweet to some of you. Please understand just because a company has a few complaints here and there, it doesn't make it bad or a scam. Crap happens and you're not always going to please everyone. It's part of life. So if you're a Pink Zebra consultant don't get your panties in a bunch. Just understand it's my job to give folks the good and the bad. Going off on me ain't going to help your cause. Some of these complaints may have changed or been resolved. So just keep that in mind. I'm sure the Pink Zebra consultants will chime in and use their big words to clarify anything I get wrong and we welcome that. So let's dive in!

Where's my stuff?
There have been a few complaints of people ordering products but not receiving it because it was on backorder. It makes me wonder if the company lacks a way to let their agents or customer know what's in stock. In this day and age, that feature is a must. I can go to Amazon and before I place my order I'll know if something is out of stock. So hopefully Pink Zebra has something like this in place. If not, I can see how this could be frustrating to customers and the consultants who are selling the product.

Need A $150 worth of sales to be “active”…
To be considered an “active” Pink Zebra consultant you need to have at least $150 worth of sales within a rolling 6 month period. That doesn't seem too crazy. But it makes me wonder what happens if I don't hit that number. Will I lose commissions? Do I have to buy another kit to join again? I don't like being pressured to hit numbers unless they come from me. But I get their point of view. The assumption is that you signed up to make money and you need to work your business. Either way, I know this may rub people the wrong way. It's things like this that make me appreciate my #1 rated business because it doesn't require minimums to be considered active.

Monthly Website/Back Office Fee
I'm always the first to say that you need to invest money to make big money. So I have no problems doing that for a business. A business isn't a job. I don't expect to pay for a job. But I do know it takes to money to start and run a business. So I don't take issue with this. But some people may not appreciate having to pay an OPTIONAL & additional monthly fee for their own Pink Zebra website and “back office”. People expect that the initial kit prices cover all the tools that one needs. So I can see how that rubs you the wrong way when you discover there are additional tools that you would think is included is an additional cost. But as a business owner sometimes you have to expect that you'll need other tools, services, etc., to help grow your business or make it run more efficiently. The great thing about those additional expenses is they're a tax write off so it does work itself out one way or another.

Social Security Number Required
So apparently some people are turned off with the fact that your social security number is required when you join Pink Zebra. Here's the thing, you're running a business. So guess what? Uncle Sam wants their cut. This is why any legitimate company will ask for your social security number. At the end of the year they will report your earnings to the Feds and you'll be expected to pay taxes on income you earned after your expenses. I totally understand the fear of identity theft. So you don't want to just run around giving that private info to anyone. But with an established and legitimate company, it is expected that you will need to provide this information for tax purposes.

As you can see there aren't many complaints here. I had to really dig just to find those. LOL So that's a great sign!

So Is Legit?

Despite my bias against MLMs & Direct sales company, I definitely think that Pink Zebra is a legitimate company and work at home opportunity. Is it right for everyone, definitely not. But nothing is. You just have to be comfortable with the type of business this is. If you're passionate about candles and home decor, then this might be for you. But if you're not I don't think it's wise to join any home based business just because it can make you money. Chances are you won't enjoy it and won't make any money either.

The reality is that building a business can take a long time and you're going to hit walls. If you're not passionate about the business you're in, you'll give up very quickly at the first sign of an obstacle. And trust me you're going to run into many of them. But if you're working on a business that is based on your interest and passion, then you're more inclined to stick with it. So my suggestion is to build a business around your passion if you can't find one to join.

For example, if you're the crazy cat lady, you're obviously passionate about the little kitties. So you might want to build a business around that. Because even if the business doesn't succeed right away, you're still going to be the crazy cat lady…I mean you'll still be a passionate cat lover. LOL You'll still enjoy working on building your business because it's about something you would be doing for fun anyway. Hopefully you see the difference about building a business on a passion verses joining one that may make you money.

If you're passionate about the candle industry, then definitely give Pink Zebra a shot! But if you're not and want to build a business around an interest or passion you have, then check out My #1 Recommendation. It's totally FREE to join, you get two free websites, training, videos, and live support from other successful marketers who have built online businesses on what we love. And you'll get personal one on one consultation with yours truly, Eddy with a y. LOL My online business has given me and my family a lifestyle that most people can only dream of. No work at home job could have provided this to us. And I know there are many of you who want more and chasing after jobs that will never pay you what you and your family deserve. So if you want more, you need to invest in yourself. After all no one values you more than you do! So then invest in yourself via a business.

Either way, I think you have a great options here. Let me know your thoughts below. Feel free to share you experiences about Pink Zebra in the comment box below this article. Or chime in with any questions or comments you have. I'd love to hear from you either way.

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Until next time,

Eddy with a Y!

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