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plumchoice_work-at-homeAs many of you know I'm gadget and technology “whore”. If it's new, shiny and deals with some cool technology, I probably have it or had it. This love of gadgets is a gift and curse. The gift part is that my family and friends tend to get my “left over” computers, laptops, smart phones, etc. The curse side is that the same people look to me for tech support! Anything goes wrong with their computers and I get a call or an email. Arrrggg!

Well if you're like me and act as the “tech support” in your circle of people, you might be able to turn that curse into some money. In my PlumChoice Work At Home Review, I'll show you how to make money providing remote tech support from your home.

What is PlumChoice? is a company that provides remote tech support for small businesses, individual consumers and large corporations. But unlike a Geek Squad type of service, most of their tech support agents work from home.

Customers can schedule computer repairs that can be done remotely. PlumChoice has been around since 2011 and has a pretty positive rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) if you depend on that to gauge legitimacy. (You shouldn't and here's why.)

What does a PlumChoice Tech Support Agent do?

PlumChoice support agents will work from home engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  • Getting rid of nasty viruses and installing antivirus software.
  • Blocking annoying pop-ups and removing adware/spyware.
  • Fixing email and software problems.
  • Fixing printer, scanner, digital camera and other peripheral problems.
  • Helping customers to learn how to use their MP3 players, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Speeding up the performance of your slow ass computer.
  • Performing the updates that you ignore or don't know how to do.
  • Installing, configuring, and training on new software and hardware.
  • Setting up wifi so you can surf the web around your house.
  • Much more.

What skills or equipment do I need?

If you want to work from home as a tech support agent for PlumChoice, here are some of the skills and things you'll need:

  • 3 years desktop or call center support for Windows-based computers.
  • Mac experience is a plus.
  • Strong technical skills with Microsoft Windows OS, applications and networking.
  • Must be competent in resolving common computer problems.
  • You should have excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Must be able to work independently.
  • You should be able to follow through to a resolution.
  • Certification(s) including but not limited to: A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Net+.

Potential candidates should have the following remote setup:

  • High-speed Internet connection.
  • Dedicated Windows-based computer with Windows 7 at a minimum
  • Must have a quiet & private workspace. (Translation you can't have your bad ass kids screaming in the background!)
  • You need a dedicated phone line-No VoIP

How Can I Sign Up To Work At Home with PlumChoice?

PlumChoice hires remote workers at different times of the year and have their postings all over the web. But you can visit their career page here to see the latest posts or to contact them directly.

PlumChoice Complaints

Now we get to the interesting part of our “show” where I keep it real. In other words I'm about to go in and tell you some of the complaints against PlumChoice. Please keep in mind every company has complaints so don't jump to any conclusions. But it's always good to be aware of some possible issues so you aren't sucker punched out of the blue. With that in mind, here's some of the dirt:

New Management

I read some reports that PlumChoice had new management put in place and apparently the change wasn't welcomed by existing reps. Some felt that the new managers were incompetent or set unrealistic expectations. I've also read where managers would harass agents for taking bathroom breaks or taking too long to get back online. I'm sure some of these complaints have some merit but at the same time there are always two sides of the story. So that has to be taken into consideration as well.

You Better Be An Octopus!

There are a lot of complaints from agents that PlumChoice demands that their reps handle multiple customers all at once. From what I've read you should expect to juggle 4-5 customers or more during a given call or session. I know we all multitask at our jobs, but their expectation seems a bit excessive. From a customer standpoint I don't want my customer service rep chit chatting with another customer instead of focusing on my computer issues which are very limited because I have a Mac. Yes I went there. LOL

Unfair Compensation Rate

Considering you're expected to do the job of 3-4 people you would think the rate would match that level of effort. Well according to some of the reps, it doesn't. Some have argued the compensation is damn near minimum wage or sweatshop labor type of pay. But I've been in this work at home industry long enough to know that most employers won't pay the same rate they would offline. The logic is you're working at home you're saving on commuting and other costs that are usually associated with working outside the home. Ultimately when you work for someone else they dictate what you're worth. If you want to get paid what you think you're worth then you need to find a different job or become your own boss!

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So Should Your Work From Home For PlumChoice?

It seems to be a mixed bag for me. There are definitely some people that liked working for the company but there were also a good number of complaints as well. So it's hard to lean one way or another. The only thing that seems to be at risk here is a bit of your time. It's not like you're investing any money to work with this company. But it's also been argued that time is money. Ultimately you have the make the decision if it's worth working for PlumChoice or not. I've given you some of the complaints and you can find some others online. Try to weigh the information out and make a decision based on that.

In any event, I hope you've enjoyed this PlumChoice review. If you liked this article and want more of it, consider becoming a subscriber by clicking here. You can also follow me on social networks like, Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Well that's all from me folks. Let me know your thoughts about this company and opportunity. Have you worked for PlumChoice? Would you consider working for this company? Chime in down below.

Speak to you soon!

Eddy with a Y.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I think as long as the pay is enough for what you need and you like that kind of work, then its good. Right now I’m looking for remote desktop support employment as well and have not found 1 that you can start without paying a membership fee.


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