Points2Shop – Is it Legit or A Scam?

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I've covered a lot of online reward websites over my many years of running this blog. I love reward websites because they usually pay you for online activities you do for FREE anyway. They may not pay a lot but they do add up and fit right into my multiple streams of income philosophy. So with that in mind let's dig into my Points2Shop review to determine if you need to add this to your mix of income. Because if it's not then what's the point? Come on you gotta love how I made that corny segue.

What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop.com was born in 2007 when a couple of friends (Mat M. & Janna L.) put their noggins together and wanted to create a “baby” lol … a fun, enjoyable GPT (get paid to) program for U.S. members as well as worldwide membership. Points2Shop rewards/pays members for completing a variety of online activities. Like any parents raising a “baby” can tell you, it's a lot of work lol. Matt and Janna are no exceptions because both are kept pretty busy tending to Points2Shop's shoutbox and forum making sure their 13 million+ membership base is well cared for. So if you are making some money with free programs like Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings you're in for a treat!

How does Points2Shop work?

1. To earn points for free stuff, sign up free on the Points2Shop website. At the time of this review, receive 250 ($2.50) bonus points! You may also sign up using your Facebook account.

2. Earn random credit points for each of the following online activities:

  • Completing surveys and offers
  • Finding/using coupons
  • Downloading and using apps
  • Playing games
  • Shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Entering contests
  • And more!

Install the Points2Shop mobile app on your smart phone and earn rewards on the go! It's available for both iPhone and Android users in their app stores.

How and when does Points2Shop pay?

At the time of this review it's safe to say that most cash-outs are fulfilled within 2 business days. Some may take longer pending account verification, etc.

Currently, Points2Shop offers these 2 cash-out options:

  1. Amazon merchandise – Millions of products available from their wide category range: Apparel, Baby, Books, Charitable Causes, Cell Phone & Services, Gift Cards, Groceries, Health & Personal, Home Garden, Music, Office Products, Tools, etc … whew, and the list goes on lol. Most Amazon merchandise is delivered within a week of request.
  2. PayPal

The Honors – Points2Shop has graced it's program with an honors system consisting of 7 different levels, all which has it's own different milestone achievement requirement; for example:

  • completing a certain number of offers
  • requesting payment at least once
  • referring members, etc

The 7 Honor levels are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite, Diamond, Legend. Each level comes with it's own set of benefits. For example: The eligibility to cash-out every 24 hours when Gold honors level is reached.

Special honor levels are also available for those who love to promote, or those who have referred a large number of members!

Points2Shop's Hacks, Tips, or Tricks

So if you want to expand your income with reward sites like Points2Shop wants you can make some great cash via their referral program that works something like this:

  • U.S. members will receive up to $1.00 for every U.S. or UK member referral: $0.50 upon email verification and another $0.50 when your referrals first offer is completed
  • Receive up to 15% of what your American referrals earn on the site!

Unfortunately you may not have a lot of people that you can refer. Let's face it our family and friends think every work at home opportunity is a scam. Shoot, you may think so as well. But that's obviously not the case and Points2Shop has a decent program that you can refer people to. I literally make thousands of dollars introducing people to FREE legitimate work at home programs and these people come to me. I don't have to hunt them down. If you want to do the same you may want to check out my course here. It will help you get referrals for this program or any other FREE reward program you may want to promote. This way you're working smarter and not harder like your boy Eddy with a y does.

Points2Shop Complaints

Well its your favorite part of my review where I get really real. On the surface this company may sound all sweet but like every company they have sour spots that you need to be aware of. It doesn't mean it's a flat out scam but you have to know the complete picture so you can make the right decision for you. So I gotta do what I gotta do and tell you about the complaints against Points2Shop.com

a, b, c, d, e … F!

Unfortunately, at the time of this Points2Shop review the BBB rates them with an F. Keep in mind they have over 13 million members so clearly the program can't be that bad. But this is exactly why I take BBB ratings with a grain of salt and have discussed this here. When you dive deeper into the BBB complaints against Points2Shop, the numbers are actually low considering their alleged membership base of 13 million. And at the time of this review all complaints have been closed which is important to note when reviewing these ratings by the BBB.

App Issues

Mobile apps can be downloaded for Points2Shop which makes it even easier to keep up on your daily online activities, building rewards. But when there are regular issues with the app that prevent it from working properly it's like what's the point, right? Pun intended. Hopefully Points2Shop's tech team and app developers are working hard to improve the usability for members who would love to use their mobile devices. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Stop being a block head!

Apparently some members accounts are can be blocked or disabled if they notice you're logging in from multiple locations, using a proxy, or a different ip address from where you usually are. I suspect this is some fraud prevention to stop people from gaming the system. Either way it seems to be frustrating some users but to be fair Points2Shop explains this here.


Some of the get paid to try offers are allegedly FREE but then you learn you have to pay for shipping which obviously doesn't make it FREE anymore now does it. So obviously members take issue with this especially if this is popped up on you after you spent the time to complete the free offer. So it's really Points2Shop's fault for not making that more clear so members can make an informed decision before hand. That said it's always good practice to read the terms and conditions BEFORE joining a program. Specific questions may pop in your mind while reading and better understanding how a program works.

An alternative to Points2Shop

Now that you've read some of the complaints above you may be thinking no thanks for me. That's cool. The great thing about the web is there are a lot of other options out there to consider. With that in mind you may want to look into my My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. It can teach you the same skills that helps me make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. It's really designed for people who want to make real money at home but have the work ethic and patience to make it happen. Because yes it does involve some hard work but the rewards are a full time income and total freedom to do what you want with your time. So you may want to consider that.

So is Points2Shop scam?

Despite the poor BBB Rating which I always take with a grain of salt, I don't think Points2Shop.com is a scam. Like many reward websites there are certain elements of how you can earn money that won't appeal to everyone. For instance you can make a lot of money with get paid to try offers but you have to be diligent about reading the terms of conditions, willing to use your information or credit card and have to pick the right offers that make sense for you. If you do they pay well. But this doesn't appeal to everyone. The other methods they offer probably aren't going to result in life changing income but they can add up.

So this is one of those opportunities you may want to couple with some other extra income options like I cover here. Well that's enough from me. Now it's your turn to chime in down below. Please leave a comment on your way out. I would love to hear your thoughts about this company. Don't be shy, I promise not to bite.

Speak to you soon,

Eddy with a y

13 thoughts on “Points2Shop – Is it Legit or A Scam?”

    • Uh, if you’re being banned there is a reason.
      Try using a different machine outside your home and email them to find out what you may have done wrong that caused them to ban you.

  1. I was a diamond member on the site for about 6 yrs but active for only 3 and have earned over 6,000$ and complete thousands of offers/surveys, I don’t recommend p2s. I was banned for completing too many offers and earning to fast, when they said I would have my account reinstated if I slowed down of course I said sure, but its been over 3 months and no reply from support.Afew other diamond+ members also have been banned for that same reason. Instagc is much better!

  2. I am answering this for future people who want to look into this site. I was a member for five years, and never had problem.. I was an elite member, almost to diamond level.. Followed all the rules.. Then i moved reported the move and the change of IP address. I went to redeem a simple $20 for a gift for my niece and to my surprise it was declined.. It said I had violated rules and I thought it was over the change of address, as they are real strict about not having two accounts, and this was definitely a recycled IP address. I wrote seller support and they asked for proof of identity. Then when I gave them that they pretty much tried to say that I did offers wrong, and when I answered all their questions honestly< I never heard back from them. I did open a BBB Complaint, but I am sure that will not make a difference. I did not loose but $25 in earnings, but if you have ever used this site it can take a while to earn that, so that was wasted time which ticks me off. This site worked well for me for quite a while, before they screwed me.. If you use it then don't leave much balance in case they turn on you, earn enough for what you need and then redeem and start again. Don't use the chat box as it brings trouble.. If you ask a question and no-one answers and then you ask again, then they can and depends on who is working, they will ban you as asking more than once can be considered spam, even though the chat box is suppose to help people. If you have a problem expect a two day wait time or longer for it to be resolved. Don't make to many friends as they will turn on you to get a better status.. Reviews don't lie and there are many reviews like mine out there if you look for it and google it… No the website is not exactly a scam, but don't trust it either.

    • Rose,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It sucks that this happened to you. You would think after you explained the situation they would have believed you. Unfortunately many of these reward sites keep things very black and white because of the abuse of scammers. So then innocent people like yourself are lumped into the aftermath. Fortunately there are many other reward sites you can try. But either way I can appreciate your frustration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This isn’t for me. It is a red flag when things are not clearly explained or revealed. Also I would like to have a wider choice of product options. I am not a big shopper and when I want something I will look for it. But unless I am looking for something I rarely shop. Not something I would try. Robin

  4. Hey Eddy, 🙂

    I’m giving this one a try. I love Shop Kicks and am up to almost 3000 kicks. In your review I saw Paypal with this one. So that’s a plus. =)

    Thanks for all your reviews! <3


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