PrizeRebel Review: Is it Real or A Scam?

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prize-rebel-realThere are a lot of great reward websites out there that pay you for various things you do online. So I'm always on the look out for new ones to add to the pot because I like getting paid for things I do for free. But I'm crazy like that. Earning some money for something I'll do anyway is better than not getting paid for it in my book. Recently I ran into a few Prizerebel Reviews and decided to dig deeper to see what the fuss was about.

What is PrizeRebel?

Prize Rebel is basically a website where users are rewarded for various online activities. This includes:

  • Downloading smartphone or tablet apps.
  • Doing online tasks
  • Signing up for product trials or services.
  • Taking surveys
  • Referring other people
  • Filling in your profile
  • Liking a facebook page
  • Taking a tour
  • & More.

This is a free opportunity is international and open to everyone.

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How Much Does Prize Rebel Pay & When?

Like many of these online reward sites they use their own monetary system which are based on points. But don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet. You can exchange these points for real things such as:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Other Gift Cards
  • Online Game Codes
  • Cold Hard Cash via Paypal

Obviously certain activities that require more effort or a greater commitment on your end will earn more points than others.

Once you've reached the minimum payout of $2 you can cash out and your reward is usually processed within 24 hours. This may change by the time you read this review. Complaints

You can't please people all the time folks. One way or another someone is going to get pissed off about something. But it doesn't necessarily mean the company is a scam. There may just be things you want keep in mind or consider before joining.

The Offers Can Bite You In The… Get paid to try free trials can be very profitable. But you need to be very organized because if you fail to cancel before the trial is up you may have your credit card auto charged for more than you were paid. Fortunately they're optional and not required to do. But you'll probably make more money doing them. But you can stick with the free ways to make money with this site and do fine.

Spam Sort of… Obviously advertiser are paying companies like to recruit you and in turn they're sharing this advertising money with you. But that means these advertisers want to hit up your email box in the hopes you may buy or click on something that makes them money. That's fine. So just be sure you have a separate and valid “freebie email address” for this type of stuff so you can check it and still earn. But you don't flood your normal email address with sponsored offers. However you need to do your part and earn your keep by allowing them to contact you and clicking on what they send you.

Where's my money …? Apparently there are some scattered reports that when folks tried to cash out their money their accounts were shut down. I take these reports with a grain of salt. A lot of people might be engaged in some PrizeRebel Cheats or Hacks. Obviously they can't pay you for screwing them over. So I think some of the complaints come from these cheaters. But I also think there may be situations where folks unwittingly violate some rules when they failed to read the terms of conditions that we all ignore. Later because they have violated the rules their accounts are shut down. Its unfortunate but you can't call a company a scam because of your ignorance but many people do anyway. Either way it doesn't happen a lot and it's something I've seen on damn near every reward site. Just follow the rules and you should be fine.

So is Prize Rebel Legit? definitely seem to work for folks. People are getting paid and earning some extra money. But most of that seems to be from doing offers. So if you want to make some decent “real ” bill paying money with it consistently you'll need to be willing to try products. That means entering your credit card information with various companies and you better hope that PrizeRebel has enough offers regularly if you hope to depend on this for consistent real money.

The other option is referring tons of people and just banking on their efforts which I'm pretty good at because of what My #1 Free Recommendation has taught me.

Ultimately I think it's still worth a shot to make some extra money because you do have totally free ways of earning with them. It's just not an opportunity you could rely on to pay your rent, mortgage or any major bills. For that I would recommend you look into My Top Free Work At Home option where you can eventually earn a real full time life changing income like I do. But you need to be willing to work hard and be patient. It's worked for me and may work for you.

What are some alternatives to Prize Rebel?

If you're looking for other FREE programs that are similar to prizerebel to make a little extra change, you might want to consider, or as well. I've used them all successfully to make some extra cash. They're not bill paying opportunities but they are a little something something.

Well that's all for me folks. Let me know your thoughts on this company down below. It's always good to hear from ya'll.

Thanks for reading!

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