Is A Scam?

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Get Paid To Search on iRazoo

If you've read my review about Swagbucks, then this company is pretty much like it. If you liked that site then you'll like iRazoo and you can skip through the review below. Just sign up and start making that money. lol For everyone else, read on so you know how this works.

So What is

iRazoo is basically a search engine like Google that rewards you for doing searches. In other words you get paid to search!

How iRazoo Works.

Step 1:

Visit & do a search for something into the iRazoo search bar. It doesn't matter what it is. Just conduct a search like you usually would do at Google or what ever site you use.

Step 2:

A winner is randomly picked to win points. If you're lucky it's you. Winners tend to get 75 points for their search. (Don't worry, the points are actually worth something real.)

Step 3.

Log into your iRazoo account. Click on the RAZOO Rewards Catalog. From there scroll through the prizes and redeem your points for a prize of your choice. You can redeem them for things such as ipods, Cameras, Memory sticks & Video Game systems! But I think most of you will opt for the cash like I did since it requires less points. At the time of this review it only took about 3,000 points to get a $5 Amazon Gift card. (It may change.) Unfortunately they don't have a paypal option but the amazon gift card option is basically like cash.

You can also watch the video below where I walk you through the process and you see social proof that this works. By the way you can make the video full size for better quality.

Not bad huh?

How To Earn More Rewards with iRazoo!

If you're a loyal subscriber you already know where I'm going with this. This company has a referral/affiliate program as well. I know, what a surprise. I keep telling you affiliate marketing is every where. Might as well get on the boat. lol In any event, their referral program is free and easy. Here's how it works.

iRazoo provides you with your own free personalized url/website. This site is basically an exact copy of their site except it has some code attached to it that lets iRazoo know that any referrals that come from this site should be paid to you. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the technology. You don't need to. Just know that it works and gets you paid. lol Here's an example of my personalized site for iRazoo:

Like most referral program websites, you can't edit the site or anything like that. This doesn't matter. All you need to do is promote this site around the web, to your friends, strangers or who ever you think would be interested. Considering that everyone searches the web, your audience is wide open. Who doesn't want to get paid for something they already do? If you want an easy way to do this, read my free affiliate marketing guide.

In any event, anytime someone joins iRazoo through your free iRazoo website, you will earn "50" points. Better still your referral gets '50' points as well just for joining! That's obviously a win win for everyone. Currently there is no limit to the number of points you can earn this way. You have no daily limit on referring new people. So the number of points you can earn are unlimited!!!

I hate to sound like an informercial but wait there is more. lol You will automatically earn matching points each time your friend earns points. For instance, if your referrals wins 75 points while searching, you will also get 75 points added to your account as well. However there is a cap of 1500 points per friend. Any points after the first 1500 they earn won't be matched to your account. (Yeah I know that sucks.)

So let me recap, you get paid 50 points when someone you refer joins and you get matching points for every time their search results in a win up to 1500 points. Do you see how easy that can add up? I'm not really great at math but I think even Helen Keller can see the potential here.

By the way you can keep track of your friends and how many points each of them have earned for you by going to the "My Account" page and clicking on "Points earned from my referred users"

Is This Opportunity International?

Well, it's somewhat international. At the time of this review, only users from the United States, Canada and UK are eligible to earn and exchange points. I know that sucks for my buddies outside these countries. You know if it were up to me, I would hook you guys up. But I don't make the rules, I just report on them. Don't fret. Just visit my international page for options for you.

iRazoo Tips & Advice

Since the concept is pretty much the same as Swagbucks, I'll basically repeat what I stated in that review here:

1. Take advantage of the referral program.

I know I sound like a broken record & you may be tired of hearing me mention internet marketing, but yet again this another company with an affiliate program. The proof is in the pudding. 99.9% of companies have affiliate programs and that's not going to change. It's an industry that is recession proof if you know what you're doing. As I've said many times, it's not easy but that's more of a reason to succeed at it. Because most people won't and that's more money on the table for you to pick up if you're properly trained and have the right mindset. That being said, I think this program is a much easier "sell" for even newbies and aspiring affiliate marketers. Why? Well who doesn't use a search engine to find information online? Who wouldn't want to make a few bucks every month for something they're doing for free anyway? It's the same logic I argued for Clixsense which many of you have taken advantage of and made money with. Even if you just referred family and friends you could probably make some decent change with their activity and your own.

2. Use for ALL your online use.

For instance let's say you use yahoo for email. Just log into, search for yahoo email. Then click on the search result for yahoo email that way. If you do you may earn some iRazoo points. Repeat these steps every time you need to visit any site. It may improve your chances of winning iRazoo points.

I followed the steps listed above and was able to earn points quickly enough to redeem my amazon gift card. So if I can do it, so can you.


It's all good and dandy to discuss what's great about iRazoo but you already know how I do. I have to give you the negatives as well. So here there are.

1. Prize Selection Sucks

I think they're a fairly new company so maybe that's the reason for this. But the fact of the matter is their prize selection is very limited. If you're already a member of swagbucks this becomes glaringly obvious. Personally I would like to see iRazoo offer more prize options that are easier to obtain. At the very least add a paypal option. Some folks would like to use their points to pay bills & not buy stuff. lol

2. Site Can Be Sluggish

Maybe I just have some lack of delayed gratification. But when I do a search on a site I expect the results to pop up in a millisecond. But this site can take a lot longer than that to load. It's a minor inconvenience but I had to note it.

3. Comments on the results page are annoying

Depending on the search results there are comments on certain sites. They can make the page scroll down really long. Most of the comments are also useless and provide little value. So all and all it's just annoying to see them. Nothing major that you can't ignore. But I had to point it out.

4. Search Results aren't the best.

This is something that is across the board for many search and win sites including Swagbucks. You have to keep in mind the business model of most search and win sites is to make money when you click ads or fill out offers. So they purposely have sponsored ads that are mixed into the results. Sites like Google do a better job of making this clear. But search & win sites like iRazoo don't. Sure they mention sponsor under the listings but we already know most people don't actually read anymore. So I can see how folks will think the results may not be good especially if they happen to click on some of the crappier ads. However it's pretty much easy to work around this. Just use iRazoo in conjunction with whatever site or search engine you already use. Problem solved. lol Ads are just a part of life especially when most work at home seekers are skeptical of paying for stuff (as you should be.). It's a nice compromise and one I follow on my sites. So keep that in mind when using sites like iRazoo or any other site that provides free information.

5. Referral Points Cap

As you read above iRazoo puts a 1500 cap on your referrals. So let's say your mom who you referred via your Irazoo site is an internet searching junkie and ends up racking up 3000 points in a week. Well because of their annoying capping policy you'll only earn the first 1500 points. Swagbucks has the same lame policy. From a business perspective it makes "cents" because it encourages you to keep getting new referrals which helps their company grow. That being said from a user perspective it stinks and why I have to hate on it and mention it as a con.

6. Restricted Countries

You know "Eddy" loves all people. But apparently iRazoo doesn't. lol Well not neccessarily. They're just not open to all countries. Most of the time this is purely because of administrative reasons and cost. It's nothing really sinister. Although I've heard there appears to be a lot of online fraud that is more pervasive in some countries than others. So many companies just avoid them all together just to keep their lives simple. Whatever the reason maybe be if you're not part of the "in" countries, this opportunity isn't open to you. So that's definitely a con.


I'm not psychic or anything but I'm pretty sure you have questions. If so, then click here to visit iRazoo and click on the contact us link at the bottom of the page. You can direct any questions to them directly. What I've listed in this review is pretty much the extend of my knowledge about them at this juncture.


In general I think iRazoo is a winner and highly recommended. It may not be as a robust as Swagbucks in terms of tools, prizes, etc. But at the end of the day it pays and it pays pretty well. I think it's actually easier and faster to earn an amazon gift card with iRazoo than it is on Swagbucks. Either way I think this company is legitimate and should be added to the mix of various multiple streams of income I recommend.

It's like I always say. You might as well get paid for things you already do for free. The other thing I would like to drill into the heads of those that are sticking their nose up in the air at this opportunity is the following: some income is always better than none. There is absolutely no reason why you can't make money with iRazoo while continuing to pursue traditional work at home jobs or building your home business or career.

These type of opportunities are too easy to pass up. The fact of the matter is you already engaged in these activities. Stop making other people rich without getting your share!

In any event, what do you folks think? Have any of you tried this opportunity? Let me know what you think either way. By the way if you want to stay up to date with content like this, be sure to become a loyal subscriber by clicking here.

37 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. irazoo has gotten worse over time they are not growing just the opposite they are removing rewards and not replacing them. The search use to be quicker granted the reward was small but you could always get a couple small rewards now you can spend all day on it for what ?? I am saving up for the visa irazoo of course they go from a $5.00 to $50.00 if they had a $10.00 one I would cash out and that would be that I would not use it anymore. swagbucks, points2shop, zoombucks, and earning station I make a $100.00 in visa cards and $100.00 in Lowe and walmart cards a week I do not need the drama of irazoo when these other sites help me remodel my house and buy everything from video games and toys for my son and grandson to my k-cup coffee which I have not paid for with cash in almost 2 years fact !! Ask me if you want to earn easy gift cards but Irazoo not easy and takes time or you have to buy stuff with my other site I never buy anything

    • Thanks for sharing Gray! I haven’t been on that site for years so I’m sorry to hear they have gotten worst. You might want to look into instagc as well which is a better alternative. I also find them easier to earn with than swagbucks. I use like swagbucks a lot but they’ve made it so much harder to win by searching which is how they started. But they do give a lot of other great ways to earn. So if you like SB you’ll like InstaGc as well.

  2. Hi Eddy, I would like to know more about the Online Profit System How do I make money with this system and what do I need to do to make money. I would like any info on this

    • Marie,

      I don’t know anything about that system. But you can research them following the steps in my scam video here. But if you want to know about legitimate ways I personally recommend to make money you can find them here. And my top way is here. So if you trust my opinion then you might as well go with the things I’ve personally recommended already and keep yourself safe. 😉

  3. Irazoo has really gone down hill lately. There is no survey site one them, they keep saying there’s going to be and they’ll be a second one also. But, none so far. Searches aren’t working right you either don’t get the points or there’s no place to enter the captcha. I’ve gotten where I don’t leave any amount of points there but, turn them in as soon as possible. Eventually, they’ll be gone and everything with them.

  4. Nope sorry but SwagBucks is way, way better. I made $200 so far this year at SB (1,395 away from another $50 Best Buy Gift Card). iRazoo, only $10 in Amazon Gift Cards (2,600 points away from another $25 Amazon Gift Card) And I do the same things at each site just the points system is not up to par with SB (SB $50 Best Buy Gift Card 5,999 SB Points > $50 Amazon Gift Card 30,000 points) You Tell Me who is better….?

    • Keep in mind this review is older. So I agree when you look at the virtual money distribution SB appears better. But I have found it’s easier to earn with iRazoo in terms of searches and other activities than it is at SB. There are definitely things that have gotten worst about them over the last couple of years as we discussed here and other folks have chimed in on:

      That all being said, SB is still good and so is iRazoo. The more options of earning money online, the better!

  5. I believe you only get credit when your referral is active and searches.
    In terms of offers it can take a week or as much as a month to get credited it for it. All of these things take time to see money but they do work. I was just paid an amazon gift card by them 2 weeks ago. So I know they do work. They seem to have cleaned up their act. But they’re still not at the level of Swagbucks which is still my favorite and I have cashed out thousands of dollars with. But every thing adds up.

  6. I just started doing irazoo on Monday. I have 1 referral, but it didn’t get credited. Also, the searches i’ve done for the last few days topped out at 15 points. At this rate, it’s going to take forever to get to 3000 points. I must be missing something since I have only 539 points AND I’ve done offers. I cashed out at Swagbucks yesterday (Tuesday) and will probably be able to do so again tomorrow or Friday.

  7. they used to give an amazon code for points now they give you a myegiftcard site to go to and i can’t figure it out i need just a regular code like from before was easy now inpossible

  8. Don’t worry about your voice Eddy!! 🙂 I think you sound very nic!! what a sweet guy. Yeah two year olds what fun, 🙂 well actually I wouldn’t know my daughter is only 9 months old, but I am about to try iRazoo right now!

  9. It’s not that I feel that iRazoo is shady, it’s that they really don’t have their act together. The animals aren’t running this Zoo – no one is. They need to show a lot more responsibility and respect to the people who make their business possible.
    One thing I like about iRazoo that the other sites don’t have is the guaranteed 100 points a day for recommending and commenting on two search results. As their prices are so high (in points per prize) compared to Swagbucks, it’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me coming back. And as I really doubt that people really read the “reviews” for anything but amusement (people write some pretty ridiculous stuff), I’m wondering just how long this feature – or iRazoo – will last. If someone doesn’t take this operation in hand and make it function better, not long. As you said, it’s a good thing we don’t have money invested in it!

  10. I’m using iRazoo and I’ve earned three $5 Amazon gift cards. Earned, but still waiting – and it’s been over thirty days now for the first one. What takes so long? It’s not like it actually goes through the mail. I get my cards from Swag Bucks in about ten days, and I got one from a survey site in about four.
    But what really angers me is that I wasn’t credited for a referral I made, the only person out of all my referrals to Swag Bucks who has actually stuck with it and earned for me, and she’d be earning iRazoo points for me too if they hadn’t botched things.There was some confusion initially because I used her computer to show her how to use iRazoo, which they apparently thought meant I was opening two accounts. I cleared that up with them, which took almost two months because they keep changing their address for complaints. But it was resolved that if she initially opened her account on another computer, then she could use her computer to access the account from then on. (Don’t ask me what kind of sense that makes.) Now she has been using iRazoo for about a month, which is great for her, but – guess what? No credit for me. And there doesn’t seem to be a real person anywhere in the operation to talk to! My messages get bounced back to me unanswered, with different addresses to send them to, with the same results. Nobody seems to be monitoring the Facebook group – unlike “Vik” on Zoombucks and whoever “The Swag Guy” is. At least I get the impression that there are real people behind those names. But iRazoo – nobody home.

    • Miriam,

      I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been experiencing. Honestly I’m starting to feel shady about them as well. I was able to cash out at one point a few months ago. But recently when I cashed out again, I still haven’t received my amazon gift card. So I don’t know what’s going on. I saw a recent facebook update about some issue they had. Either way I’ll be monitoring the situation carefully and will update my review accordingly. Thank goodness for swagbucks though. They’ve been consistent and fast. That’s the good thing about being in this industry. If one company starts to flake, there is always another one to replace it. Fortunately this isn’t one of those situations where I lost any money invested. So ultimately that’s how I’ll see it if this turns sour.

  11. Hi,
    I recently got addicted to finding any way to make money online and I want to know what you think is the best FREE way to make money online. Every site i find tells me that its free until it\’s time to sign up then they slam me with the sign up fee and all that. I\’ve tried a lot of those survey sites but they just spam my email. If u could help that would b great.

  12. Well I can tell you this about that! I’ve been out of work since December of 2008. I think I was searching for an at home job for a year before bumping into this site. When I (the doubting thomas) finally started to take this site seriously I started making money. Since March 25th I have made $5. True, not much. But it’s $5 more than I had. But keep in mind I have a restricted schedule. About 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. Travel gets in the way of work. I know, cry me a river. But before I start rolling in the dough (?) I’m actually having a little fun. Clixense and Mturk are my beginning. I agree with Eddy. You gotta start somewhere, who knows?

    • Applaud you Cathy. I think hearing from a doubting thomas really hits home to people who may be on the fence about giving opportunities like this a shot. I’m really happy to see that you’ve appreciated the $5 that you made online. It’s like you said, a lot of the stuff is fun. I don’t need to click ads on clixsense or do hits at Mturk but I still do it because it is easy and fun. Furthermore every cent adds up to me. So I’m glad you’ve taken action.

      I’m confident if you had a bit more time, you would definitely see your online income increase. But $5 is a start! So you go girl! lol

    • I totally agree with you Cathy. I am a stay at home mom with 6 kids, 3 of whom I home school. I’m a scout leader and run part of my homeschool co-op. I also don’t have much time. However, every minute counts. Since finding this site back in March, I’ve turned my spare time into about $2000. I relied heavily on Mturk, where there aren’t referrals. On the other sites, I’m starting to get referrals, too. Once I get going, I’ll be doing pretty well, I imagine.

  13. Hi Eddy.

    This sounds just as good as swagbucks. I have been using swagbucks for about 2 weeks now and I have 281 swagbucks. I am just letting it build up. If you use swagbucks everyday to do your search instead of Google, you will win points the first time you do a search that day. At least that what happens for me. Thanks for adding this review. It’s just another opportunity to win prizes… effortlessly. I’ll be signing up for it soon through your referral link.

    Best Regards,


    • Hey Shannon,
      I agree. Although SB has some benefits over iRazoo as I described above. I tend to let my SB build up as well. When I knew the ipad was coming out, I stop converting my SB points into paypal payments. I ended up racking up enough points to get 2 $300 apple gift cards which I recently redeemed. As soon as the come in, I’m heading to the apple store. lol So these SB can really add up. The same pretty much applies for iRazoo.

      I definitely use these search and win sites every day as you described but I also still use Google in conjunction with them because obviously the results are better.

      In any event, you’re welcome for the introduction. I appreciate you’ll be signing up under me. Enjoy the easy money and thanks for seeing the potential here.

  14. Unfortunately, this sounds like it’s more trouble than it’s worth…you don’t really make any money on things like this. It’s kind of like “getting paid to read emails” and things like that. There are much bigger ways to make lots of money online, you just have to learn how! 🙂

    Very thorough review though, you’re providing clear and concise information. 😀 Thanks!! Your readers appreciate it!

    • Cheri,
      You’re welcome. I definitely think you should give SB another shot. It’s very easy money.

      Thanks for your feedback but I have to respectfully disagree with you. I’m a perfect example that starting out small leads to bigger things. One of the first ways I made money online was by reading emails. I made a few cents and I was ecstatic because it demonstrated to me that money can be made online. Then I thought to myself now how do I magnify the few cents I just earned for reading emails? This eventually lead me to affiliate marketing and getting paid to refer people to legitimate opportunities. But if I would have taken the attitude you described and looked down on opportunities that paid a few cents, I may still be working full time for the man instead of getting paid to be home with my child writing to you.

      It’s like one of my loyal subscribers pointed out it out in another article. Last I checked you can’t make dollars without cents. lol
      A lot of folks are using search engines right now and aren’t making a dime. Why wouldn’t someone want to get paid for something they already do? It doesn’t stop you from pursuing the higher paying opportunities out there. If anything, it just adds some income into your pocket until you’re able to secure that. Snubbing an easy opportunity to make money for something you already do is just like leaving money on the table. And I have no problems picking it for you if you don’t want it. lol I earn thousands of dollars per month and I’m still doing these type of activities. Why? Because every cent still counts to me. I imagine folks who aren’t making anywhere near as much as I do feel the same way.

      So that’s my two cents, literally. lol

  15. Hi Eddy! Thanks for the great review as usual! I have a question though. I signed up for Swagbucks last year. However, after I did a search or two, I stopped using them for seaches. I have AVG Internet Security (paid version) on my laptop and it uses a link scanner to scan every search result link to make sure its a “legit” link..I was saddened because I am afraid to use the Swagbucks search engine because it doesn’t check on the links and I’m not trying to get any trojans, viruses, etc. Any suggestions or hints on this??

  16. Eddy is right making a few extra bucks is better then doing nothing
    At least you got some changes in your pocket

    I mean hey it’s a great start…

    Great Video for people to get start it Eddy

    Another fantastic Job networking, Keep up the good work !!

    guess the rain never stops but it will be sunshine…

    • Thanks Lee!
      Obviously we share the same mindset about these opportunities. lol

      Thanks. I’ve never heard or read of anyone having virus issues with SB. The fact of the matter is every search engine will have a few search results with websites that have questionable downloads or links. But that’s what virus protection is for and yours is obviously working. As I said in my review, you can continue to use what ever search engine you currently use in conjunction with SB. I do and have never had any problems with these viruses. Shady downloads, spam, etc are just part of internet life. But as long as you have the proper tools and always do your research you avoid a lot of this nonsense. So that’s my advice.

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