Receipt Hog Review: Is it legit or a waste of time?

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Many of you have read my Ibotta Review and liked the idea of getting paid for going grocery shopping. If you happen to be one of those people, you will probably going to want to sit back and read my Receipt Hog Review. Because it's the same concept. But is it worth your time and does receipt hog work? Well, that's why you need to read the article silly. So let's dive into it.

What is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog ( ) is basically a free smartphone app that is used to collect research on customer spending habits and preferences. This app is owned by InfoScout. InfoScout is a market research company that has developed a few apps that collects research information for companies using people's smartphones in return for rewards.

How Does Receipt Hog Work & Make You Money?

First, you need a smartphone, then you need to download the FREE receipt hog app at the Google Play or Apple App Store. Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps like this and taking surveys on Now you do! Once you've done that you're ready to earn rewards. You basically need to take pictures of your shopping receipts using your smartphone and the receipt hog app. In return you earn rewards known as coins that can be redeemed for real cash via Amazon e-Gift cards or PayPal. I'll get into more details later about how the rewards work. But now you have the basic premise of the receipt hog opportunity. 

How Do You Earn Receipt Hog Coins Quickly?

You earn coins in various ways. But it all depends on the type of receipts that you are snapping pictures with the app.

When you snap a picture of a qualified receipt using the app you can earn a sweepstakes entry for their monthly drawing. Their monthly sweepstakes drawing could earn you up to 5,000 coins!

You can also earn spins instead of coins, depending on the retailer on your receipts. If you earn a spin you can use it in the receipt hog app's Hog Slots area, which is like an online slot machine. When you use the spin you earned there, you have a chance at even more coins and 1 lucky winner each day will win the value of their last shopping trip in coins.

Receipt Hog rewards their active users by providing them additional ways to earn rewards including short surveys, barcode scans, and even more spins on the Hog Slots.

How Much Are Coins Worth In Real Money?

So you've read all the ways you can earn coins and how they can be redeemed as real cash using PayPal or as Amazon electronic gift cards. But you're probably wondering how the coins translate into real money. Well, let me break it down below. Just keep in mind that the values were presented at the time of this review. It may change by the time you read this and you may need to visit their site to get the update values.

The app gives coins based on how much was spent on the receipt. Here is the breakdown:

  • If you spend $10 you can earn 5 coins
  • If you spend $10-$50 you can earn 10 coins
  • If you spend $50-$100 you can earn 15 coins
  • If you spend $100+ you can earn 20 coins

Now in terms of actually redeeming the coins for cash, here's the breakdown:

  • You need 1000 coins to get $5 (which is the minimum needed to cash out).
  • You need 1800 coins to get $10
  • You need 3200 coins to get $20
  • You need 4500 coins to get $30 works in the same way, but offers more ways to earn rewards quickly. just pay you in straight cash if you don't want to deal with points.

How Soon Do I Get My Rewards?

So, assuming you have racked up enough coins to redeem an Amazon e-gift card or cash via PayPal, you may be wondering how long will it take to get my money. Well, it doesn't look like you have to wait long. Once you've requested your coin redemption for real cash, receipt hog will usually send it out within 7 days.

Receipt Hog Cheats & Hacks

So if you're a naughty boy or girl looking for a receipt hog cheat, here's one that you may want to try that probably won't get you in trouble.

Apparently some have suggested that you “break-up your spending at stores into smaller individual purchases. This way you can have more receipts to snap. More receipts at a lower total spends will allegedly bring in more coins than less receipts of a higher total spent. I'm not sure if this is true or not. But it might be worth a shot.

Receipt Hog Complaints

So far this all sounds pretty good. But nothing is perfect and neither is Receipt Hog. There are definitely some complaints or areas of concerns with this opportunity. They may not be deal breakers for you, but they're worth noting.

You're Can't Make A Living.
A lot of people that look to work at home are looking to replace or supplement their income so they can pay their bills. If that's you then Receipt Hog isn't designed for you. It's really more of a way to make a bit extra money on things you may purchase anyway. But you can't quit your job and depend on this app to support you. If you're looking to make that transition to a team then you may want to check out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

No Dumb Phones Allowed
In this day and age, most people have smart phones. Even my parents have them. But there are a lot of folks that don't have them for whatever reason. These folks still use things like a flip phone, typewriter and a VCR. If you don't know what any of these things are then I've aged myself. But regardless you need a smart phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to use the receipt hog app to make money. If you don't have a smartphone, you can earn money using &

You ain't reading my emails
Apparently Receipt Hog has an Email Connect Program so users that receive email receipts can still earn coins. But to participate you need to allow the Receipt Hog program to read your e-mails to collect information from e-receipts. Receipt Hog claims they only read the email of certain retailers with this program. But I think some people would be concerned about the privacy aspect of engaging in this program. Fortunately, it's not required to use receipt hog.

You better be active.
Apparently, after 3 consecutive months of inactivity,Receipt Hog may freeze or eliminate your account. I'm not sure if you receive an email before this happens. But it would really suck if you racked up coins that you were saving for later and they shut down your account.

Don't You Want Me To Share?
Unlike Ibotta, Receipt Hog doesn't have a referral program. Talk about dropping the ball. As many of you know I make a great living sharing companies I have researched that can help you make money. Most companies want you to share their opportunity so they can get more people in. The smart ones reward their existing members to recruit others. Setting up a referral program usually means everyone can win. But apparently Receipt Hog doesn't. So that sucks.

So Is Receipt Hog A Scam?

Receipt Hog does seem to work and people are making money. Even with the minor complaints I mentioned it may still be worth a shot because you can get paid some extra money for something you're already doing. But you definitely can't look into this as a way to make some real money. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this company. So please leave a comment down below.

What's A Good Alternative?

I've already mentioned Ibotta is a similar program you can try as well. But it still has the same limitations of not being able to make you real money and you still need a smart phone. Now if you're looking to make real money that can be used to supplement your current income or replace it totally, then you may want to look into my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. It's what helped me earn a full time income online and it's also the reason you found my blog. So you may want to consider it, especially since you have nothing to lose.

If that's not up your sleeve or if you want multiple streams of income, I would also encourage you to check out and

86 thoughts on “Receipt Hog Review: Is it legit or a waste of time?”

    • I received my Visa card but cannot locate. Was supposed to be in my wallet but it’s not. Any one know how I can locate it

  1. I have been using Receipt Hog Since 2016 I have cashed in $90.00 and about to cash in another $40.00. No you are not going to get rich off of it, but its free cash and it takes me no time to upload receipts. I’m not going to complain about a little free cash for really not a lot of time or energy spent. I sometimes forget or get busy and don’t do it for a while or would have a little more.

  2. My first Cash out was in April of 2015.
    I use the app weekly and since then I have Cashed out $250 to my PayPal account. So No I can’t quit my day job, but if someone handed you $40 bucks for the time it takes you to snap a few photos on a weekly basis, It would be silly not to take it. I have realized, because I have tried to turn family members on to this, that most people are lazy and won’t do any extra work.

  3. I haven’t cashed out yet, so I can’t say whether or not it is a scam. No matter how legitimate this app truly is, I would never recommend this to anyone. I’ve been using this app for over 15 months, and I haven’t even racked up $25. I upload around 3 receipts a week, with them all averaging from $15-$20. All this might be worth tolerating if they had a referral program, like Ibotta or Fetch. Unfortunately, they don’t. This app is in no way worth the hassle and privacy loss.

  4. oh what the hell???? I’ve recently started to use this app and I thought all seems good but now I read on here not so, I found another app though called Shoppix that’s looking good I think, anyone with experiences with that? I’m just doing it to get a bit extra money for Christmas etc

  5. I cashed my coins in for three 40.00 Visa cards. I have never received them and it’s been over a month. On my hog receipt account it says they sent me 3 of them so I keep telling it to resend me the email link. I have also emailed them 3 times with no response so I think receipt hog is a hoax

  6. I got to level 13 and redeemed for $40 Visa Gift Card. Received the gift card via email. Tried to use it on line at 2 national retail chain stores and was declined both times. Receipt hog takes no accountability and says to contact their provider. The provider shows a $40 balance and never responded back to me about the problem. Very shady provider. Don’t redeem for the Visa gift card.

  7. I agree with Joe’s comment.

    I have been using Receipt Hog and Fetch for about 7 months or so. I have earned $45 on my phone and another $5 on my husband’s phone. I’m currently at level 10 and worked really hard to reached the amount of coins needed for $40. But, when I was about 200 coins close to the amount required, they started to evaporate my coins right on my eyes. As I refreshed the page I saw the balance dropping multiple times. It was 15 and 20 coins at a time. When I finally got enough to cash out at $40. I cashed out and it’s been 3 days that payment has been processing. I uploaded several receipts since then and I had 55 coins. I came to check my balance and again a saw the number going down to 35 coins as I refreshed. I have contacted them and it’s been 5 days and no response.

  8. Been with R Hog since August of 2018. I been uploading my receipts left and right, and so far I ain’t even close to making squat!! I been wondering,”how long does it take to even make any dollars anyway??” I mean, geez, it’s not like I have one dollar receipts each time. Goodness but I’m beginning to think this app is a total waste of time. Week after week and months, I can’t even get close to making $5?? I’m going crazy. Plus them, win free coins? Sure is a rip off!!

  9. Ive been using R-Hog for almost a year and have only netted $25 total. My biggest complaint is the dumb scam drawings! No one ever wins those and its a way for the app to slow users down from making any real progress or cash. They also cap you at a certain number of receipts each week then only give you 5 coins for receipts worth 10 or 20… Yet another way to slow users down. Inbox dollars is the worst of all! The two best are fetch and ibotta! I’ve consistently made lots of extra money effortlessly. I still use receipt hog bc it only takes a second to snap the receipts and even $5 every 3 weeks is still free money. Bottom line Ibotta and fetch are the way to go.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s always interesting to read how one person loves a company like ibotta or inboxdollars and then another hates it. That’s why it’s important for people to try things out themselves to see what works for them or not.

  10. This app. is now available in Québec. As you may or may not know, french is the official langage here. And so are the receipts we send. With the date in the french format which is: DAY/MONTH/YEAR.
    You can imagine how they read it, wherever they are in the US. So, one after the other, they refuse them, and I have to write to them that their reading of the date is incorrect. I am still trying. 367 coins now…

  11. I’ve used Receipt Hog, Wal-Mart Savings Catcher
    and Ibotta. Savings Catcher is totally effortless, as you just take a picture of the bar code at the bottom of the receipt. Then you can use it at the checkout once it has applied to your account. Receipt Hog is pretty effortless as well (just take a picture of the receipt and rate the business), but since I cashed in, it’s taking forever to rack up coins. Ibotta seems to be the time taker for me. You have to go through screens of eligible products, which we don’t use that many of anyway. They tend to discontinue some we actually do use regularly. Alcoholic drinks on the other hand, seem to be plentiful on that app. You also have to be careful to pick the exact name on the product, or it won’t count (such as the pork loin roast we bought once that didn’t show up). Once you select the item(s) you bought, you have to scan in the bar code on the actual product. If you don’t record it right away, and you already threw away the packaging, you can’t use it. So for me, Ibotta is the difficult app to use

  12. I love receipt hog. It is extremely easy to use. My account has not been cancelled as others have mentioned. i Have been a memeber for about year. I upload receipts every week and get my huundred coins. I believe receipt hog might be closing accounts for low volume users, since it does cost to have people on there there platform. Once again a great app to get some money back

  13. Receipt Hog is just what it says it is a HOG!! I made enough points to get $60. I tried to cash out and they deleted my account. Emailed them 5 times with zero response. TOTAL SCAM, DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

  14. I’ve earned five times as much from ReceiptHog as I have from SavingStar, iBotta, Snap by Groupon (old grocery version) and Checkout51. Why? because every receipt is worth points. All other grocery receipts offer rebates on specific items only. It takes no time to upload a receipt and recycle it. I’m just a money-saving mom. Plus, you’re earning on stuff you buy anyway. Unless you don’t buy groceries, gas, coffee, clothes, ink, etc.

  15. Since Nov. 2014 (3-years) I’ve made $260. I make sure and upload every receipt, which is great as then I have a photo record of what I’ve spent. We shop for fresh produce quite daily and earn at least 100 coins a week, on organic produce, flour, milk, dried beans, a few canned goods and other grocery purchases, plus more for hard goods and surveys the app has… $80-$90 a year isn’t much but it’s not zero either.

  16. I was with receipt hog for about 3+ years at the beginning was GREAT racked up coins fast but the changed everything I received around 80.00 all together but then they dropped me about 5 months ago

  17. It is a scam. As soon as I had enough points to earn a reward, they deleted my account and said they would let me know if they could allow me to “join” at a later date. I spent time doing this stupid thing and didn’t get what they said! Don’t trust them.

  18. Odd…….I read many,of the reviews above and see they are dropping people left and right. Yet, I signed up about 2 months ago with no problem and have not yet received the drop email. But, I have also not cost them anything as far as a payout, yet, either. Does not sound like it will be worth the effort to continue with this one.

  19. been with them for a while. it takes a year or more to make that $30 tier for 4500 points, and worst of all, they just lowered the pay to $25 for 4300 points. whats next, upload receipts for 10 years for $5 or no pay at all?

  20. I have been with receipt hog for over a year. They just decided to dowin size their participants. I am highly unsatisfied with this app. Stay away is my advice

  21. Its really an easy app to use that doesnt take much time or effort to use. Combined with apps lime ibotta, and uploading receipts in my free time, just easy money to me, even if it takes a while to add up.

  22. Receipt Hog is dropping me as well. I’ve used it faithfully for a couple years & have only made about $40. Not with the effort, but I enjoyed using the app. Guess they want to drop those that use the app to save money.

  23. Aaaanndddd they dropped me. They are terminating my account because they are losing money! Seriously!!?!? They said they are doing it to a lot of people. I GOT $1. Message is below:

    The time has come, sadly, for us to part ways. It’s not you, it’s…us.

    What you need to know:
    Next Monday, March 27th at 11:59PM Eastern, you will no longer be able to log into the Receipt Hog app. (We’ll help explain why further down in this letter).

    If you have 200 coins or more, you WILL be able to cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift card before March 27th at 11:59PM Eastern. You will be able to redeem the exact amount of reward that you have earned, to the nearest dollar that you have earned. (For example, if you’ve earned a coin equivalent to $8.05, you will be paid $8.00, even though you have only reached the $5 cash out tier.)

    At this time, your receipts and any answers you may have provided on surveys will no longer be used by Receipt Hog.
    Why are we breaking up?
    All jokes aside, we are disappointed to have to let you and a number of our Receipt Hoggers go. The Receipt Hog community has grown exponentially in the past couple years (a great thing!), but that has resulted in us no longer being able to afford paying all of our Receipt Hoggers (not a great thing). As you know well, we pay a reward for each and every qualifying receipt that someone uploads. Too many people uploading receipts = danger of no more money.