ReceiptPal Review: Is The App A Scam or Legit?

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ReceiptPal Scam ReviewI've been in this make money online business for many moons. One thing I noticed is that companies tend to just copy off each other if a concept has proven effective. That sucks from a creativity standpoint. But when it comes to making money it just means there are more options for us to join. So if you've already read my Ibotta App Review, you'll think this ReceiptPal Review sounds very familiar. Either way it may be another way for your smartphone to make you some cash. So read on if you like the sound of that!

What is the ReceiptPal App?

Launched in December, 2013 by the NPD Group, the ReceiptPal app is one of the many, many, many shopping apps around.

Basically, you go shopping pretty much anywhere, get a receipt for your purchases, and then submit a clear picture of the receipt to your ReceiptPal app.

Yes, I know there are a million apps just like this one (Ibotta, Checkout51), but what's wrong with one more way to earn extra cash? At, you will discover a new way to earn! So, how exactly do you earn money?

How To Earn Money with ReceiptPal

So, the way this app works is that you go shopping virtually anywhere, even online, and once you check out and get your receipt you just snap a picture and earn your reward.

If you shop online, you will receive an e-receipt and these can be forwarded to Pretty easy, right? There are a few rules, however, even though some of them should not even have to be mentioned.

1. No Duplicates

You can NOT submit the same receipt more than once!

2. Clear as Crystal

You need to make sure the picture is as clear as you can get it. The purchase date, merchants name, and the total price amount must be clearly visible! Even if it is just a little blurry, it will be rejected, so this is very important.

3. No one likes getting Bills

Another one that is kind of a “duh” is that you can not submit bills. That's right! No utility bills, no cell phone bills, no mortgage bills, no bills period!

4. Don't be Sneaky!

You can NOT find a picture of a receipt online, take a screenshot, and then send it in. You will not get away with it, so just please don't try!

5. Printed Receipts Only

They will reject any handwritten receipts. Period. No exceptions.

6. No Outdated Receipts

Last, you can't submit a receipt that is over thirty days old. So, if you went shopping a month ago and you download this app and then you try to submit the receipt from a month ago, it will be rejected.

How & When Does ReceiptPal Pay?

Unfortunately you won't receive actual money for your receipts. ReceiptPal uses a reward system to reward their app users. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a 150 point sign up bonus.

You can cash out the points you earn for gift cards or donations. Every four receipts equals 100 points. It would benefit you to let your points add up for a while before cashing them out, though. S

ay that 350 points equals a one dollar amazon gift card. If you save up to 17,000 points you can cash it in for a one hundred dollar amazon gift card.

So, your points end up being worth more the longer you save them. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to submit twenty receipts per week. So, it will take some time for your points to add up.

Usually your receipts will be processed within twenty-four hours. Once you cash in your points for a gift card, the gift card will be available to you almost immediately.

How to Sign Up for ReceiptPal

If this is sparking your interest, you can easily sign up by going to and downloading the app. Obviously you need a smartphone to do this.

The app is available to Iphone users as well as Android users and it is FREE! The download process does not take much time at all, and as soon as you get it downloaded you can get started by submitting your receipts.

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ReceiptPal App Hacks and Tips

Submitting photos of your receipts is not the only way you can earn rewards with this app. When you sign up, you need to be sure that you register your e-mail address. O

nce you register, each receipt that you submit will be automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes. They hold sweepstakes draws every Monday and the winner receives 250 dollars! So that's another way to earn a little extra something.

Complaints Against ReceiptPal

No company is perfect and you're not going to be able to please everyone. So it comes as no surprise that some of the users aren't too happy with this app for a few reasons.

At first, all I read was good reviews. Then, as my team dug deeper, they found quite a few negative reviews.

Out with the New, In with the Old

Apparently, the company is changing up the rewards system and the users of this app are not happy about it. Some of the reviews said that they are making it harder to earn points. Others said that the new system is confusing and have uninstalled the app that they once loved.

Time is Money

In this case, money takes time; a lot of time. Users of this app say that even though they do receive their rewards for their receipts, it just takes way too long to collect the points. But you can smarten up and have multiple ways to make money in a similar way. Sites like, and will pay you to shop, watch videos, read emails and more. But then again, if you're looking to make real money working part time or full time online, you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Weekly Limits Suck

Because of the limit of receipts that you can submit per week, relying on the app for cash-back can be frustrating. They said it is not even worth having the app.

No Referral Program

In a referral program, companies reward you for referring other people. Unlike what they have at, ReceiptPal limits your income streams because you can only submit a certain number of receipts. Whereas if they had a referral program in place you could have potentially earned on the efforts of many more people.

Points Won't Last Forever

Although it would benefit you to save your points up, you can only do this for about two months. Unfortunately, points will expire after just 90 days. To keep your points, you must stay active by logging in periodically and submitting receipts whenever you can.

Is ReceiptPal App Legitimate?

Even though it does receive a few negative reviews, this app does reward you for your receipts. Because of this, it is definitely not a scam per se. As long as you're okay with the potential income limitations the company imposes, then knock yourself out!

At the end of the day, ReceiptPal only works if you spend money. It's not a way to actively make money online. If you're looking for ways to make extra income online, you can make money taking surveys at You can also make money doing what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, visiting websites, playing games and more at, and

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Either way I would love to hear your opinion of this app. So feel free to leave a comment down below before you leave this page.

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30 thoughts on “ReceiptPal Review: Is The App A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I’ve had the app for months I have a lot of points on their over $10 the app wasn’t working on my phone I uninstalled it to try to reinstall it and now it won’t let me I’m really upset please help

  2. I have accumulated many gift cards and tried to cash one in as a test. Does anyone know how I get the Visa Card? Do they mail it to you? They sent me an email to login to my account but it doesn’t work and I have emailed them several times and don’t get a response.

  3. I like the app except when I get notices back that say a receipt is invalid for a missing purchase date. In the end it really does have a valid purchase a date on it !!!! The last time I emailed one time and they took care of it, this time I’ve emailed four times over The last 10 days I received a ticket number but no other response or resolution !!!
    It’s so frustrating to ask them to do their job properly and communicate with us .

  4. They reject receipts if not from well known stores. Four of my Cape Cod vacation receipts were rejected One from Reed Books as not a receipt and three from the popular vegan restaurant Jbar as store name missing with the name at the top of the receipt. No response to my emails to customer service

  5. I used to love this app. I must have come aboard after the $100 and $50 rewards because they were never an option for me but I was able to cash out 2 $25 rewards in a year. Not bad for taking 5 minutes a week to snap pictures. Then they came out with the newest version in June of 2019 and it fell apart for me. It used to be so simple to take pictures. I’d say 95% of the time 1 snap was all it took and the picture was good to send in and it was accepted almost all the time. After installing the “upgrade” all of a sudden every snap I took was rejected. I would snap the picture and it wouldn’t give me the option to submit, it just took me back to the card without registering the picture. On my last card it took me 24 snaps just to get 4 good ones to submit and every one of them was rejected as unreadable after I submitted it. Strike 1. Then they required an email to redeem the largest reward ($25) I tried to register but I kept getting a message saying it wouldn’t work and it kept taking me in a circle between two pages. Finally I was forced to take 2 $10 rewards even though I had built u enough for the $25 one and I essentially left points on the table. Strike 2 . I contacted them and after a week I did get a reply basically saying they knew about the email issue and didn’t know when it would be fixed. he asked me a few questions about the picture issue and I answered them but several weeks went by and no response. Strike 3. Uninstalled the app. Prior to the upgrade I had given it 5 stars but with the current issues it is 1 star and gone. If it works its a great app. Unfortunately it no longer works for me. I don’t know how current users can redeem rewards in a month with the 300 point a week limit but maybe they are special. It will take a while to build up the points but I never had an issue redeeming them (aside from the email thing recently) and I had the 2 $10 cards within minutes. If they would fix it so I wouldn’t have to take 24 pictures just to fill a card I’d probably stick around even for the $10 rewards because it is that easy but I’m not going to spend that much time hoping I get good pictures that are accepted. I don’t think its a scam its just doesn’t work for me any more.

  6. I’ve signed up, but am hesitant to give them my email password, which is REQUIRED to be a part of the sweepstakes and reward program. Shouldn’t people be concerned about that?

  7. I am trying to connect my email to this site but it states that my email is not supported. What email sites do you support?

  8. ReceiptPal was great until a couple years ago. Maximum 12 receipts per week, = 300 points per week. It takes 47 weeks to earn a $50 Amazon card! Usually, by the time I get close to cashing in my points, they raise the required number of points needed for a reward. Used to give bonus cards on holidays, but that too went away long ago.i have been doing this app for many years & have never won the supposed “sweepstakes” of $250, nor have I ever known of a winner.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and insight Nana. It sounds like you haven’t had the best experience of late. In terms of a sweepstakes, it’s purely luck. So it’s very possible that many people you don’t know might win it.

  9. I downloaded this app today but every time I try to register my email address I get an error that the app stopped working. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have an android phone. Disappointed!

  10. Took me a whole year but I finally reached the $100 gift card in 2016. I noticed in January that they had reduced the maximum reward to $50. Here it is almost September of 2017 and I’m almost to the max which they’ve again reduced to $25. It’s no longer worth my time.

  11. Did hey remove the $100 options? I have over 18,000 points but I don’t see a $100 gift card option anymore…only $25 gift card for 7500 points.

  12. I’ve been using this app for a long time, I’ve already redeemed 2 $100 Amazon gift cards!! It is legit and yes it does take some time to build up the points but this is free money! All u have to do is spend 10-15 mins a week sending in 12 pics of receipts or forwarding ur email receipts, how hard is that?! I love it!!

    • Hey Rhonda,

      It’s great you’ve made some decent money. Again, this is cool for some extra money. But for people looking to make some real income to replace or supplement their income, this isn’t ideal. But I agree it’s definitely legit for what it offers.

  13. This is a great app!! I don’t know why people are complaining about it!! They did change it a bit but your points still add up and u don’t have to buy anything special!!! It takes a bit to rack up your points but sooo what!!! I got 100.00 Walmart card last year and am just about at enough points to get another… Free stuff for me …


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