Receivables Processing Specialist Job Scam

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It amazes me how many variations of the fake check scams that are out there and how often they are sent out. Well I just received another one in my email box and I wanted to share it with you guys. I know everyone is always trying to find legitimate work at home jobs and these scams tend to appear very legit.
But the fact of the matter is they are just another scam to be avoided. Don't be another victim of an elaborate work from home scam. People don't just email you randomly with job offers especially if you haven't posted your resume online. In any event, I've listed the email below so you know what to look out for.

Email Subject: Receivables processing specialist – part-time position with a foreign investment company

I am writing to inquire if you might be interested in part-time
employment in the field of accounting/clerical services.

Our firm is a major Russian investment bank
and asset management company, is looking for responsible and determined
individuals to fill the specialist and associate positions within the
Receivables department of our Transactions/Finance group in the United
States. As a specialist or associate, you will be in charge of
monitoring and processing funds transfers initiated by our US clients
and reporting to the Receivables department manager in Russia. We are
looking for numerate individuals who are also capable team-players,
preferably with some college education and/or previous
accounting/clerical experience.

The position is entirely home-based, and no relocation is required
from the successful candidate. This role does not involve any fixed
working hours and is suitable for senior citizens or self-employed

Our company is a leading Russian asset manager and investment bank
located in Moscow (Russia) with a subsidiary office in Vilnius
(Lithuania), and a local representative in Nicosia (Cyprus). Our
mission is to provide investors with reduced emerging market risk and
superior returns through broad diversification and conscious

The position on offer is commission-based. Typically, you will be
expected to dedicate up to 8 hours per week to your duties, part of
which should be regular business hours. Your core responsibility will
be to receive investment funds from our US clients into your
designated bank account, reconcile the payments and obtain the
transaction documentation from your supervisor, and transfer specified
funds into our managed investment accounts as instructed. You will be
in charge of contacting your bank in order to obtain transfer status
information, confirmations and account activity reports, as well as
handling daily communications with your bank.

You will receive a flat-rate 2% commission from the gross amount of
each transfer that is remitted into your designated account (for
instance, if $10,000 is credited into your account, you will be
retaining a commission of $200), plus we will cover any funds transfer
fees. Your commission is available immediately, so there is no need to
wait for the payroll check in the end of the month.

It should be underlined that all monies that you will receive will
come from verifiable entities within the US. The funds that you will
handle will comprise of stake purchase at our managed funds, funds
given into trust management and various fees that are charged on our
clients. You will receive funds via secure electronic Wire transfer
used by major US banks for funds and securities settlement. This means
that no funds will be deposited into your account unless the
transaction is reviewed and confirmed both by the remitting and
recipient banks. Thus, there is no risk on your end. You will never be
required to cash a check, make a remittance before the funds are
cleared into your account or engage in any other financially risky

It should also be understood that being a foreign entity, EncoTrust
is not subject to the US IRS supervision. You will be the sole person
liable for reporting the commissions that you receive as your personal
or business income.

In order to qualify for the position, you must be a permanent US
resident aged 21 and above and have an existing personal/business
banking relationship with a US bank. Since most communication with
your supervisor will be via email/fax/phone, you should have access to
these facilities and be reachable during regular business hours.
Business owners utilizing business bank accounts will be subject to
higher receivables turnover, and thus, higher commissions.

To apply for this position and for more information on our company,
please fax your resume and (optionally) cover letter to:
(267) 316-5784. Don't forget to inclued our email address.

Please note that only applicants under serious consideration will be

What a big scam!

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