RewardTV Review: Get Paid To Watch TV or a Scam?

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Is rewardtv legit or a scam?I'll be the first to admit I watch a decent amount of TV/Netflix and some shows I'm not proud to admit that I watch. (Enter my wife's smart comment here. Shut up Babe! lol) But binging on some Netflix is my guilty pleasure. It's my way to unwind after grinding hard and sharing ways to help you make money or avoid scams.

However I try to limit my Netflix/TV intake to a few hours per day. But most people probably spend more time watching the “stupid box” than they should. Either way, we'll see if we can turn this bad habit into a profitable one as we dive into my RewardTV Review. I'm always big on making money for things you already do for free. So well see if provides you this opportunity.

What is Reward TV?, an online company that pays its users for answering trivia questions related to various TV shows. They have been around for over 10 years and have an A+ Rating with the BBB aka Better Business Bureau. Their parent company is Nielsen IAG, Inc., which has a long standing of ranking TV shows and has been around for many decades.

How does RewardTv work exactly?

  • Watch TV shows like you normally would.
  • Then log into the website.
  • Answer short trivia questions about what you've watched.
  • Earn rewardtv points for your correct responses.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. You can also earn reward tv points by referring people and you get a signup bonus.

How Do You Join RewardTv?

You can visit their website directly.

Or if you're smart you can join and earn from it by looking for their company on sites like or These type of reward websites will often pay you for joining another website because they get a kick back that they share with you. So this is a little RewardTV Hack or cheat you may want to employ that is legit.

How much do you make with

Like most reward websites they have their own currency which are rewardtv points. But with all you can do with these points is redeem them for auction bids, sweepstakes ($1,000 – $10,000 cash) and prize entries. We'll get into my feelings on that later in the review and it won't be warm ones either.

You can also redeem your reward points for some gift cards.

RewardTV Complaints

Many of you know my stance about complaints. But just in case you don't here it is again for your benefit. All companies are going to have some level of complaints. Some will have more than others. Some complaints are just people being cry babies and others are actually very valid. Ultimately my job is to list them out so you can decide if the complaints are things that turn you off or not. So with that said, let me list out complaints against

Where's my money….?

I damn near stopped writing my review when I saw that my reward points are used for entries. Are you f'ing kidding me? Excuse the french. But in this day and age when you have so many other great reward websites like that will pay you rewards that can be transferred into real cash instantly, why the hell would have such a crappy reward program? In my mind the chance to win money when I can be guaranteed to make money with alternatives doesn't fly with this guy.

Limited Gift Card selection.

Okay so you may argue, Eddy they do provide you with the option to redeem your rewardtv points for gift cards. Oh that's cool with me except that I'm limited to the choices of gift cards, I'm only allowed to redeem them at certain times of the week and their costs are ridiculously high. I could easily go to and for the same amount of effort make more and cash out quicker with more selection and the option of real cash. Again this is “no bueno” on RewardTV's part.

Your Info is pimped out

Obviously since is a Nielson company they're in the business of gathering information and sharing it with companies that pay them big bucks. But you get little in return for this and people have complained about being spammed and the amount of ads they're barraged with. You endure all this for the chance of winning money. Personally I don't think it's anywhere near a fair exchange.

So is RewardTV legitimate or a time wasting scam?

Honestly it's not a scam per se. But it is a big waste of time and energy from my standpoint. However some people do enjoy the lottery, gambling and sweepstakes. If that's you, then may be for you because you could potentially earn money for something you'll be doing anyway.

But ultimately this isn't something that you can depend on for consistent income or enough to pay your major bills long term. If you're looking to make real money in time and not hoping for a chance of winning it, then you may want to check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

I can't guarantee you will make money right away. However I do know you will learn the skills and process that has helped me make a full time income for over a decade now. If it works for me, it may work for you in time. And you probably have a better shot at success with this company than you do winning the top cash prizes at

10 thoughts on “RewardTV Review: Get Paid To Watch TV or a Scam?”

  1. I was disappointed that I didn’t win on Reward TV Websites that I should have won like a gift card, But I forgot to put it in my final 7,500 points to win one. They closed it in January, 2017. This is the 2nd worst scam ever in my entire life and I am very disappointed.

  2. I enjoy RewardTV. I joined a while ago. Won a $50 weekly drawing and usually can pay for a birthday or Christmas present or two, throughout the year. It does take a little time and effort so if you are looking to make money without doing anything at all but breath, this is not it. I have won-Panera Bread cards, gas, Walmart ect.

  3. I am glad people have distance themselves from this company. Once I saw they were not BBB approved and did not have an a+ rating. They also ask for too much personal information on an unsecured site. It’s better to be cautious.

    • Hey just keep in mind that BBB approval or lack there of doesn’t automatically make a company legit or a scam. People forget that the BBB is for profit organization that makes money by charging businesses to be listed. The price they charge varies greatly depending on the company etc. So don’t be fooled by that. There are a lot of companies that are BBB credited that are shady. Read more about this here.

      Either way I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hi Eddy,
    I had tried the reward tv thing and it was a hassle and when I did do it at first it would also want me to join when i had already but didn’t like it so quit it as fast as I went on. I don’t think that it is a good thing. I found the fusion cash that you gave as one of the good ones and I like it very much. Reward Tv is not good I don’t think. I feel the same way as you do.

    • Hey Laura,

      It’s always good to hear from you. I obviously agree with you. I was very excited at first but then as I did the research, I thought this is a waste of time. And that says a lot because I’n involved in a lot of various ways to earn extra cash that people think are a waste of time. lol So that should say a lot. If their rewards would be better and consistent for your efforts, it would definitely be on my radar.

      Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it!

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