Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam?

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Join Screenwise Trends PanelThe Screenwise Trends Panel is Google Market Research company that recruits people to be part of their internet research. It is now known Cross Media Panel now. Read the latest review here. The goal of the research is to discover more about how everyday people like you and I use the internet and mobile devices. It's run by a company called United Sample, Inc. (uSamp), on behalf of Google. You would think since Google has a gazillion dollars they can run it themselves. But I digress. Let's get back in to this Screenwise Trends Panel review.

How Does Screenwise Trends Work?

When you join the screenwise trends panel (which is free), you need to install Google's browser Chrome. Chrome is a great browser and better than Firefox and Internet Explorer anyway. So they're doing you a favor by requiring that it is your browser. Then you need to install a free application aka as a “browser extension” on each computer or laptop in your home that you own and use to browse the internet. If you have a tablet or smart phone, you install something called a “mobile meter” app.

Once you install this stuff on your personal devices, it will then track your behavior in the background. Google wants to discover user behavior such as what times of day people are surfing the net, how long they stay on webpages or use applications, and what types of sites and apps are popular, and which are not, etc. etc.

If you're a simple simon like me and enjoy picture books, this diagram may better explain how all this works.

Screenwise Trends Panel Review on how this works.

How Much Money Do You Make?

So for the privilege of spying on you…. I mean researching your surfing habits; you are paid as follows:

  • They give you $8 seven days after you sign up, download the Screenwise browser extension, and install the mobile meter.
  • Then they hook you up with an additional $2 every week for staying a member.

So in total that's $112 per year for doing nothing but installing some software and surfing like you usually would. I suck at math so double check my figures. This

How To Make More Money

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What are the requirements to join Screenwise Trends Panel?

To join Screenwise Trends Panel you must:

  • live in the US
  • be 13 years old or over
  • own your own computer
  • have Internet access
  • own a qualifying smartphone
  • be able to install software (such as a browser extension) on your main computer
  • be able to install an app on your smartphone
  • use Google Chrome™ to browse the internet.

Note: anyone who is 13-17 years old must have the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to participate.

How To Join ScreenWise Trends Panel!

Step 1: Click Here to join. (It's Free)

Step 2: Check your email (It may be in your spam folder) and click on confirmation link.

Step 3: Login and follow the rest of the directions.


Okay so let's talk about the good things about this company.

1. The company is effectively Google.

And we all know Google is a billion dollar company with a trusted brand. So there is no question of legitimacy here. I may not like everything Google does but I do know they are a legitimate company.

2. It's passive EXTRA income.

I love passive income which is why I became a blogger and affiliate marketer. Once I've created an article or video it will usually continue to make me money for years to come. Well, this is sort of like that but it's even easier since the work involved is just 10-15 minutes of getting set up. After that, the EXTRA money just rolls in. If you are interested in learning how I do what I do you can check out My Top Free Recommendation.

3. You're getting paid for what you already do!

That's always a huge plus for me. If I'm already going to surf the web and use my smartphone, why not make money doing it? That's a no brainer in that respect. This is why I also suggest joining other great sites like,,, and

This all sounds sweet but let's get really real…


1. Privacy concerns.

Look it's bad enough there are cameras all over the place and our activities are being monitored in the guise of “national security”. Big brother is already here and watching. But it still makes me feel uncomfortable that my activities are being monitored by one of the biggest companies in the world. I know what some of you puritans are thinking. If you're not surfing porn or doing anything shady what do you have to hide? That's true. But it still doesn't sit well with me that they monitor everything.

2. Allusive Pay.

Is anyone else confused about the pay? They say you'll get x number of dollars per week and when you sign up. But then I see some mention of gift cards as rewards. Which is it? And if it is gift cards, the choices are a very limited selection not like Is the cash paid by Paypal or check? They aren't very clear about all this. Or maybe I'm a bit slow. It wouldn't be the first time.

3. Downloading unknown software gives me the heebie jeebies.

We've established that the company is legitimate. But I know some people have an aversion to downloading software because it may be a virus or malware. I haven't read any reports of this. But I know it's a concern.

4. Is it worth it?

In terms of the amount of time it requires to set up, it's a no brainer and easy. But in terms of your privacy, it may leave you feeling uncomfortable and that may not be worth the $112 you get every year. If that's your thought process then you might be better off trying My Top Free Recommendation or one of my other suggestions.,,, and are not as intrusive and on top of that, they are likely to make you alot more money.

So Is Google's ScreenWise Trends Panel Legit & Safe?

It is legitimate in that will really pay you the money they claim. It's safe in that your computer won't have some shady virus or malware installed on it. So if that's your only concern, then you're good money and you can join by clicking here. However, if you feel your privacy isn't for sale, then this may not appeal to you. I'm not mad at ya either way. If this is you then you can…

Check Out My Top Free Recommendation

We all have different comfort levels. So you gotta roll with what works for you. I'm a big proponent for adding multiple streams of extra income because it all adds up. This is especially the case if you haven't had success landing a work from home job or still getting your online business off the ground. Easy wins like this will make you feel like you're making some headway especially when you combine it with my other extra income recommendations.

Well I've babbled enough. Now it's your turn to ramble on. Please post a comment below. I'd love to hear your experience, views or concerns. By the way, if you like articles like this and want more, be sure to subscribe using the form below this post. And if you're really a stalker… I mean fan, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon.

42 thoughts on “Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam?”

  1. Hello,

    I just received a request to join the panel in the mail today. Was wondering if this money is taxable. Also, Does a tech actually HAVE to enter my home for installation of a router? I’m currently disabled, but used to work as an IT Pro… router configuration is something I can practically do in my sleep, and I’m leery of allowing unknown people into my home. I can definitely use the extra cash, though.

    I’m glad that I found your site today – you have tons of great information, and I’m looking forward to surfing ALL of it!


    • Hey A.J.,
      All these type of online opportunities are taxable assuming you make enough to be taxed for the year. So this isn’t an off the books type of opportunity. I’m not sure about the installation aspect. You would probably have to visit their site and email them about this.
      I’m glad you found my site as well. I’m sure as you read more of my reviews, you’ll find them useful. Be sure to check out my top recommendation since you’re looking to make some extra money.

    • I love screenwise panel, but if you get 800 a month, do u get penalize by the IRS, like me. How do u pay tax on cards and they say this is a job, I disagree because i’m Not working.

  2. I have been on screenwise panel for over a year now and got terminated due to me being away in January and not well the month of February and was unable to get onto the panel…they suck…nowhere do they say that vacations and illness should be reported to them as to why one is unable to use the panel…therefore you can never rejoin their panel again…policy..well, I want to see that policy…discrimination I say…but unless you plan on not missing a beat I suggest you do not join screenwise….don’t get sick and don’t go away…BTW I was in foreign internet access…thanks screenwise…NOT..

    • Sorry to hear about that Marilou. Sometimes companies bury this stuff in their terms and conditions and most of us don’t read those fine details. Either way they should make an exception.

  3. Just letting you know that I read the Google research article you have posted and it has a missing link after the part in yellow of how to make $500 per year. It says, [wpsharely id=”5769″³].

    Also, you mention alusive pay in your article but never make it clear. Are you getting paid in check, direct deposit, or gift cards? I know you have been doing this for awhile and should have some viable info by now. I read some of the reviews, I would just think it better to update the story. Hope this helps.

  4. I am a member of screenwise excellent pay much better then stated.The company must have changed. I get a choice of gifts ,Visa gift card or online gift card I have no issues with them.The pay has gone up significantly.As for router I have own on system yes takes about 2 weeks to recieve card but more than worth it.

  5. Its not a scam. I installed it months ago and completely forgot about it and i checked it and had like 50 soemthing bucks that i redeemed for amazon codes which worked.

  6. Getting the router and software set up has been a long drawn out nightmare. after trying several times to instal it myself, then with help from the help desk, I had to have the guy come out. My son finally set up his user profile but I was unable to set up mine. So they dropped us from the program. Yeah have not tried to collect the router like they said they would so I think they just stopped paying us and are just collecting data. Now I have to go rough the hassle of getting my old router back from my provider and having it set back up.
    This has been hugely inconvenient, they rewards have not come as promised, and the software is a pain to use because I have to re log on all the time.

    These guys are incredibly incompetent and unethical.

  7. I have been using screen wise for a while now and received my $50 gift card to Walmart yesterday. I was so excited, went into Walmart this morning only for them to tell me my card had a zero balance, they printed off the activity for my card and it showed the card had been issued over a month ago and then someone went shopping a couple of times and then left me with a zero balance. I am really really not happy right now, it was embarrassing and seriously inconvenienced me. I will be contacting them to find out why they would send me a used card.

  8. I’m a member of Screenwisetrends since September 2014. I have redeemed lots of Amazon gift cards since. Granted, it takes a little while to receive your money but for something which is given to me for free I have no complaints.

    I have a question though. I would like to accumulate $50 and cash it out via PayPal. Does my PayPal email address have to be the same as my Screenwisetrends or do I have the option to send it to a different email address? My PayPal email is not with gmail but I can change it if it’s necessary. Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Andrea,

      I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with them. You would need to ask them regarding your paypal question. But I imagine like most companies they allow you to use the email address that is associated with your paypal account which could be different than what you signed up with for their company. But just confirm by emailing them directly.

  9. I’ve been “pending” for 4 weeks now and only need $2 to receive a reward. After multiple support tickets going unanswered I am extremely disappointed and ready to cancel it altogether. I’m really trying to build up my amazon account by Christmas and could use the $25 :/
    “Scam” in my opinion

  10. I requested a 50$ paypal gift card and I recently got an email saying it’d come within 7-10 days. It’s been over 10 and still nothing. I emailed them several times and have not received a response yet.

  11. I am UK based and have had the Install today, painless enough.
    A TV monitor connected to the Television ans a new router connected to my existing router.
    £5 gift voucher when we accepted the invite to join
    £5 in gift points when it was installed today
    2x £10 when Internet and TV data are first sent
    £25 after first month
    £5pm TV and Data
    £5pm for app
    £60 after 12mnth

    And the router the left behind is a pretty decent Linksys E4200 worth a few quid if i get jitters about privacy.


  12. I have been using Screenwise Since the end of March. I just checked my account last night and have accumulated $70. A $50 visa card is a reward option, which I selected. The down side is that it can take up to 4 weeks to receive the reward, but this is money I got for doing nothing other than letting Google have access to information that everyone seems to have access to anyway (Google, Facebook, Verizon, etc.).

  13. On Friday, February 27, 2015 9:24 PM, data wrote:

    here, i have completed the said steps and accepted the terms.
    Thank you for accepting the updated Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

    the result is still the same.

    We apologize, but it appears your Screenwise Trends Panel account has been closed. If you were unaware of this change, please contact

    the bush you beat around is a bush on fire.
    please send my amazon card.

    On Friday, February 27, 2015 6:35 PM, Support Mailbox wrote:

    Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply
    Subject: dirty shit
    FEB 27, 2015 | 03:35PM PST
    Joanne Santy replied:
    Dear Jason,
    We are sorry to hear that you either did not receive or were unable to complete our previous requests to review and approve our updated Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
    Legally, we are required to obtain your consent anytime these policies and terms change. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to close your account since we did not receive your response.
    If you would like to reactivate your account and existing reward balance, you must click the survey link below to review and accept the updated Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions:

    Please do not share this link with anyone else, it is unique to your account.
    Please be sure to complete the entire survey – you will first be shown the Privacy Policy and asked to agree to it, then you will be shown the Terms and Conditions and asked to agree to it. You must agree to both and complete the entire survey in order for us to be able to reactivate your account.
    If you choose not to review and agree to the updated Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, your account will remain closed and you will forfeit any existing rewards balance.
    Thanks for your cooperation!
    Screenwise Trends Support
    FEB 27, 2015 | 05:53PM PST
    data replied:

    now you say you sent me an email that i didnt respond to. what does that have to do with a swag bucks account? you can close my account but dont jew me out of my amazon card.

    On Thursday, February 26, 2015 6:18 PM, Support Mailbox wrote:
    FEB 26, 2015 | 03:14PM PST
    Joanne Santy replied:
    Dear Jason,
    Your account has been permanently closed, and we are unable to re-open it at this time.
    We sent multiple notifications to the email address you provided when you registered with the Screenwise Trends Panel requesting that you review and agree to the Panel’s updated Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions by February 13, 2015. It was clearly stated in those notifications that failure to comply with this request would result in the closure of your Screenwise Trends account, as well as the forfeit of any rewards balance.
    We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
    Screenwise Trends Support
    FEB 25, 2015 | 02:19PM PST
    data replied:
    i may have a swag bucks account, but i dont use it. you can tell by the fact that not earning anything via them. i dont see any reason to email swag bucks. please send my 25 dollar amazon card.

    On Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:28 PM, “” wrote:
    FEB 25, 2015 | 01:27PM PST
    Josh Robert replied:
    Dear Member,
    Thanks you for the email. I have checked your account under email address and you are registered in Swag Bucks panel site with us. You need to contact Swag Bucks panel site for the same. Please let us know the correct email address associated with the panel site so that we will look in to it.
    Should you have any more questions please feel free to email us at
    Josh Robert
    Customer Service
    FEB 24, 2015 | 03:58PM PST
    Original message
    data wrote:

    i let you guys spy on my activity since october of last year. i order my 25 dollar card, and before my card arrives you close my account. thats fucked up. i expect better from google.

    This message was sent to in reference to Case #: 376660.

    • Jason,

      It sounds like you failed to do a couple of things here.

      1. You didn’t accept the new updated terms and conditions which was fine because
      they gave you another opportunity and were still willing to reinstate your points.

      2. You’re cursing at them in the subject of your email which is never going to make any rep or company
      very motivated to help you.

      3. It sound like you’re confusing the two companies. If you joined screenwise via Swagbucks to get rewarded points. Then you needed to contact Swagbucks initially not screenwise. So looking at the chain of emails, I don’t necessarily think these guys are in the wrong 100%. There seems to be some fault on your end as well my friend.

    • I have many emails similar to Jason’s, I’m so tired of the run around from these people, at this point they’ve stopped replying to my emails. I’ve uninstalled their software, and don’t actually expect to ever receive my $25 Amazon Gift Card. I’ve filed a report at Jason, please consider Media Insiders Mobile. I’ve had awesome results with them, and their support staff is totally awesome, unlike Screenwise, MI mobile is NOT a scam, plus they have more gift cards to choose from! Best of Luck,to anyone reading this stay far away from Screenwise trends panel.

  14. Doesn’t Facebook look at our browsing anyways? Why not just get paid for something that fb does for free?
    I’m thinking about doing screen panel but I’m still on the fence, any last advice on it my friends?

  15. I have been with Screen Panel for over two years. I enjoy the surveys. They can make me think of things I haven’t thought of, can be products, behavior, and as far as their tracking me, I have nothing to hide. I have the freedom to go incognito if I need to. They have asked my opinion on politics, environment, how do I clean, medical products, travel etc.

  16. I WAS happy with them until recently. I have the app on my mobile, tablet and laptop and had been getting paid for all 3 until recently. For the last month I haven’t received credit for my mobile even though it’s installed and I have not been able to get any help with them. On top of that I am not getting my rewards. I got my first one quickly but now I have been waiting 7 weeks for my 2nd one and I keep getting a canned response telling me to wait another 2 – 3 weeks. 9 weeks to get an Amazon gift card? Ridiculous.

    • Hey Michelle,

      Thanks for sharing your recent experience. Hopefully this is just a anomaly. But if it’s not, that’s stinks.
      Keep us posted and thanks for sharing.

    • I’m having the same issue, Michelle. My rewards didn’t post this week for laptop, phone, or tablet. I also requested my first cash out of a $25 amazon gift card on 6/9/14. It said it would take 4 weeks when I cashed out, and that has come and gone with no GC in sight.

    • I always just request my reward as a virtual visa gift card and it is received almost instantly in my email. And then if I want to use it for amazon, no problem, and no waiting 4-6 weeks for something to show up in my mail box either.

  17. They’re terrible, payments are always wrong, they remove earned money, and when you email they only give automated responses, there’s never a person to help you and fix the problem.I keep out my end of the deal and give up my privacy but they don’t keep up their end of the deal

    • Sorry to hear about your experience Bi. It never seemed worth the money to give up my privacy and given what you experienced, it just reaffirmed my initial thoughts. Thanks for sharing your experience. Fortunately there are other less intrusive ways to make money online. So view this as a lesson learned and move on to some of the legitimate ways to make money online.

  18. Finally eddy is back,keeping me in the loop with how to make money. Man I missed reading these posts for like the past 2 years. Would’ve never known about this screenwise stuff without you bro

    • Well I’m glad I was missed and you like this post. Dude you have a crazy name or you just typed in gibberish for your username. LOL

      Either way, thanks for chiming in and the support!

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